Exclusive: David & Shannon Beador Getting Divorced? David Tells Shannon He’s Moving Out Of The House


Shannon Beador joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Orange County this season and her marriage has become a topic of conversation and confusion among viewers. It seems like Shannon and David are constantly arguing, which has everyone wondering, ‘Are the Beadors headed for divorce?’

Turns out, the drama between Shannon and David is just beginning. An insider EXCLUSIVELY tells us that tonight’s episode will shock everyone.

Our source reveals that tonight on RHOC, Shannon receives an e-mail from her husband David, telling her he’s moving out of the house. In a preview by Bravo, Shannon is shocked and emotional and says, “Divorce is NOT an option!”

So what does this mean for the couple’s future?

Our insider EXCLUSIVELY reveals, “Shannon insists she and David are still together despite what happened during filming. But the word around town is that they have split.”

Shannon has also been sharing photos on her Instagram account of her family, attempting to put divorce rumors to bed.

“Happy Fathers Day to an amazing dad and the love of my life! XO”
“Doing press with the family today! Can’t wait to hang with Andy tonight on #WWHL!”

As we previously reported the Beadors listed their Orange County mansion for sale for $13 million because they were forced to “downsize.”

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31 Replies to “Exclusive: David & Shannon Beador Getting Divorced? David Tells Shannon He’s Moving Out Of The House”

  1. I like Shannon. I hope she just gets happy regardless of what that means about her marriage. I feel bad for her that her first season her marriage is bad.

    1. Can’t imagine she didn’t know that her bad marriage was going to play out for all the world to see. It had to be bad before they agreed to go on the show. Nothing like imploding in public.

    2. I think Shannon is an idiot, she brings up the same things over and over. If she was invited to Heather at a certain time and knew she would be late, why didn’t she say so in the first place.

  2. I find Shannon to be an abrasive and unpleasant person. I am not a fan of either she or David and can certainly understand them divorcing. They have no relationship, chemistry or even respect for each other. As far as her “friendship” with Heather, with friends as nasty as Shannon who needs her. She and Tamra can ride off into the sunset. I think Eddie isn’t too happy with his marriage anymore either. He SO doesn’t want a child, move on Tamra.

    1. Do you find her more offensive than Heather? I think Heather is ridiculously condescending and aloof. At Tamra tells everyone’s business and then lies about it.

    2. Shannon is a shrewish wackadoodle. Totally insane. The one show where they went on a trip alone for a weekend and in the hotel they hugged and fell onto the bed was just painful to watch. She is totally a cold fish. No wonder they don’t share a bed. He’s better off moving out and finding a responsive woman. Life is too short to live with an icicle.

  3. Sounds like David’s taking a clue from Kelsey Grammer – maybe he encouraged the Housewives gig so Shannon would have ‘something of her own’ to fall back on when he ran for the hills??

  4. Dave and Shannon remind me of Donn and Vic. I liked Donn and I like David, but I wouldn’t put up with these two witchey women. I don’t like the
    I don’t like the way Heather treats Terry either.

    1. Agree! Heather is mean to Terry and he’s so understanding and willing to yield. Eddie seems meaner and jerkish towards Tanea after they married– seems like he liked life better as a bachelor- he clearly is not ready for fatherhood.

  5. It takes two to make a marriage and it takes two to end a marriage…………….

    Life is tooooooo short people. 🙂

  6. I feel Shannon has had to become a very strong woman on the outside in order to keep the heartache she has been suffering covered and still being able to handle daily life.
    Her husband never seemed to give her the real love and attention she needed to feel she is the apple of his eye.
    But I think if they both got their priorities straight about what matters most in life, it would lead them straight to each other’s hearts.

  7. I like Shannon even though I agree she doesnt treat her husband in the best way. Neither does Heather or. Vickie when shewas with Donn. I think some women take their marriages for granted and don’t bother. Being nice anymore. There maybe a reason Shannon acts this way to David but really when you talk crappy to your spouse it just makes ypu look bad. I say a real woman either makes it work or gets out. The passive aggressive routine is a waste of ones life makes everyone miserable for nothing. Shannon isn’t making David a priority if she doesnt change to be a nice wife to come home to. How else to know if they can be good again.

  8. I hope they work this out marriage is not always easy. Some things you should not talk about on camera. I enjoy both Shannon and David on the show so I hope they get some counseling.

      1. If Shannon wants her marriage to bloom, she should give David head any time he wants it and any time he may not think he wants it

  9. I really like Shannon! I hope that stay together. Heather has turned into a real bitch this season. Shannon you are a breath of fresh air this season. 🙂

    1. I cannot stand Heather this season at all. She is always right and so condescending to the other housewives. Enough! I like Shannon and she is a breath of fresh air though I squirm the way she talks to her husband- not right. She puts him down all the time. I understand that he goes to bed at 8:30pm same as the kids and Shannon is super lonely… no love in her life but berating her husband is not going to make him want to stay. Something super creepy with David’s voice too, like a little weirdo child.. and those eyes.. creepville!
      I lost all self respect for Heather when she treated Shannon so bad when she came to Heather’s house. Shannon was in tears and asked her,, no begged.. mother to mother.. and Heather was very cold and kicked her out. Even her husband Terry told her to text her to see she got home all right.
      Heather is the worse- know it all and is totally consumed about herself.
      Vicky is looking like the loving free spirited person who has compassion.
      I find the show filled with sad superficial stories-
      why can’t BRAVO do a show talking about what’s good in people’s lives rather than these rich spoiled people that are void of any really human love and dignity.

      1. Finally! I keep reading comments on another blog about how “hot” David is, but I think he’s creepy. Glad to see that I’m not the only one.

  10. I really like Shannon & David. I just wish they would go to therapy before they do so much damage they just can’t save their marriage anymore. Kids know when parents have issues; they are so much smarter than parents give them credit for. But I do see Shannon chipping away at David. Just so sad. He always comes running when shes sad and vunerable-but I don’t think he will stay they course if she doesn’t get off her high horse and have some animal sex with her husband!!!!!! Like Yolanda Foster said there are women out there that will blank (meaning screw your husband & love it) and he will be gone for good! They never mean to stray, but sex always wins in the end. And Shannon if you are too hung up not to freely love your husband some other woman will. That is life. And some women do everything right and still lose their husband. So Shannon go see a sex therapist girl. Let the holilist guys get by without your husbands money!!! Spend it on a good sex therapist and marriage counselor! Love you Guys- REALLY

  11. To Shannon: Your husband doesn’t want a nagging wife. He told back in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, that he was too old, he wanted to be happy now! He looks like he is about to explode! He doesn’t know how to get away from you Shannon, you are too needy, pessimistic, unhappy, you need help, a good therapy to get you happy, you can’t bring happiness to your home till you are happy.
    Shannon is wacko and needy, she deep down knows the marriage is over, perhaps she thought it was a good idea to expose her marital problems to safe her marriage.
    If it is true everything you say before the cameras, Shannon you need to run and work in yourself, instead of trying to find fault or blame on others, don’t blame your husband for your own unhappiness, you need to work with a professional and see what is going on instead of your head, You need to be honest with yourself, but please consult a good professional therapist, life coach. Your children need a happy mum. And if poor David can’t find happiness with you, as you are so unhappy with your own self, let it be, set him free, if you truly love him, set him free, he deserves to be happy, and he doesn’t look happy with you at all. Shannon stop blaming Heather, or anyone else for your own insecurities. Woman, be strong, you need to work on yourself, leave behind the cameras and the program, be free, be happy. Shannon once you heal and work on your own self, then you can bring happiness to others.
    My advise on the other characters of the program:
    Are all these dramas for real? Or is it that the Producers create all this drama for fun?
    To the producers: Why? why? do you like to provoke and bring trouble in the mind of Tamara, she creates so much unhappiness in the group with gossip, Producers, do you instigate all this unhappiness?
    Vicky, leave that man alone, the one you love, he is not worth it, he wants you for your money.
    Heather and Husband, you two look the most healthy ones in this program. Keep your private life and get out of this show, before it destroys your marriage.

  12. Terry and Heather are awful ppl. Makes me sick how he talked to David. Yet he let Eddie by with what he said. Also Lizzie’s husband is in construction and he never said anything. Guess he is afraid. I can see Eddie is unhappy just like David. He is stuck with Tamra now. She has big lumps in her face now from the fillers and inside out lips. I feel like she pushed Eddie to marry her. She has made her family ashamed the way she acts. Isn’t she too old to have more children? Her son is leaving too. If she don’t watch out she will be alone, all to be on the show. I didn’t like how she treated Alexis. But for some reason these women always run back to her. She has tried to look like Gretchen and Gretchen now looks like a man in womens clothes. Tamra likes no one younger than her. Why do her and Heather act like friends? Tamra is not a friend to noone. Evil and so is Heather. Terry wants to be one of the women.How does Paul stand him on botched? It is all to be on the show. I am tired of the show. Tamra and Terry ruined it for me.

    1. I was sick at the end of the show last week. How can a grown man talk to another person like Terry did, the behavior was over the top. Tamara goes around saying that she is doing this for rating, what lieing, making up storys about friends, tying to break up a marriage, she did say that Terry wanted to take Shannon and David down, I hear her tell Vickie also, please go through footage. The show this season had me on the edge of my seat, Shannon was my favoite, Heather has turned into a mean girl, Vickie is the nice girl, Lizie is funny, Tamara is the worst friend you could ever have. Why is it that everyone on the show Drank together, but always said Shannon had the drinking problem???? Really “Jealous”

  13. Just move on painful to watch. Better fish in the sea for both! Be happy not fake happy and marriage counseling. …? It has run course. Move on be happy

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