Exclusive: Danielle Staub Getting Ready To Film RHONJ Season 5

Danielle Staub

Danielle Staub WILL be making an appearance on Season 5 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and she has yet to film, but we have EXCLUSIVE details regarding Danielle’s return to the show. A source very close to the situation just confirmed, “Danielle will be filming. She will probably start to film next week.” The RHONJ will be filming the rest of Season 5 until the end of April, and will be airing in May 2013. The women still have almost two months of filming left, and A LOT can happen!

“Danielle originally told Bravo no, but has since agreed to make a very limited appearance on the upcoming season. Provided she is showcased in the proper light,” the insider reveals.

Danielle, who left the show after Season 2, is still enemies with RHONJ Stars Jacqueline Laurita and Caroline Manzo. Danielle took Jacqueline’s daughter Ashlee Holmes to court, after a she pulled Danielle’s hair during an explosive night of filming at The Posche Fashion Show in Season 2.

Prior Seasons have revealed that Melissa contacted Danielle to provide Danielle with embarrassing details about Teresa. It has been reported Danielle will be filming with Teresa during Season 5.

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No wonder Melissa and Joe made up with Teresa. I hope Danielle knows what she is getting into. Bravo will probably give her the b%&ch edit again.

Never had a problem with Danielle. Felt bad for her during the whole table-flipping-freak out she had to deal with! Towards the end of the season she was losing it. Hope she got herself together and comes back with a stronger demeanor. Good Luck Danielle

Just when Teresa has made up with Caroline and Jacqueline. What’s the point? I hope this doesn’t reignite the drama between the three ladies.

Say it isn’t so, who cares anything about Danielle???

SOUNDS JUST LIKE LAURI REJOING THE CAST TO BRING IN SOME SH*T TO STIR UP DRAMA smhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh but i liked danielle sometimes tho lol

I hope Danielle returns with Lesbian Superstar Lori Michaels. RHONJ needs some real girl on girl DRAMA!!

I’m glad she is coming back. Hopefully she will run Matriarch Manzo, and her side kick Jacqueline off the show!!!

Really? Why would they bring her back? I might just have to stop watching the show now.

So glad she is coming back!!!!!!!!!

I am so tired of evil, mean, fighting people getting rewarded. Why, bring her back and reward stupid, evil behavior.

All women tend to get evil when their gettin ganged up on so…….Danielle has her reasons to do what she does,so I don’t think she’s evil I think she’s simply not wanting to be pushed around,and that is the Jersey way.

SO EXCITED TO HAVE HER BACK!!! Never liked it when she left! She made the show interesting!

So…she returns like a bad dream…..there’s no putting lipstick on this pig……….

First of all, who says that Caroline, Jacqueline and Theresa made up???? I never heard that! I did hear Theresa and Melissa made up , for now!!! Who will Danielle even talk to on the show?? Maybe Theresa will team up with her and they will go after Caroline and Jacqueline?? Bravo had to add someone else to the mix because the show became ALL about the fight with Theresa and Melissa. They needed to switch up the drama. Can’t wait!!!!

My hope is that Danielle confronts Melissa about their interaction and that it shows how Melissa lies! Hoping that Danielle doesn’t let Melissa get the best of her! Danielle has raised two beautiful girls so she must be doing something right! Look at how awful Ashley turned out with Jacqueline being her mother! Look at the Monzo kids! Yuck!