Exclusive: Countess LuAnn Responds To Carole’s TwitterGate Accusations


Tuesday night on Watch What Happens Live, Real Housewives of New York City stars Carole Radziwill and LuAnn de Lesseps continued their feud over Carole dating LuAnn’s niece Nicole’s ex-boyfriend.

During the show, Andy Cohen pointed out that he loves how vocal the Countess has been on Twitter this year and even read some of her tweets. Radziwill told Cohen that LuAnn is not clever enough to come up with what she’s been tweeting and that she hired a guy named “Daniel, who is very nice, and he tweets for her.”

Now, LuAnn is speaking out about Carole’s accusations in an exclusive statement she released to us.

“Every single thought is mine, word for word! I may not cook my own meals some times, but I certainly write my own thoughts,” LuAnn exclusively tells us. “The idea that Carole, of all people, is accusing me of using a “ghostwriter” is as laughable as it is pathetic. It might seem out of character for me, as some would say, because I haven’t been this upset with a cast member since Ramona was being a nightmare. (Back then, I wasn’t as engaged with social media as I am now.) I took to Twitter originally as a friendly challenge by Dorinda who practically has a running commentary during each episode. I thought her tweets were really fun and the viewers seemed to enjoy it, so I got in on it with her. I figured I have plenty to be vocal about this season regarding Carole and Heather, in particular, and this will be a great way to engage fans of the show. Andy certainly loves it. He says he’s “obsessed” with all of us tweeting and I think Dorinda should take the credit for getting us involved. “Daniel” is a branding consultant and producer who’s been working with me and my team as I continue growing my brand. Carole’s met him (and, of course, flirted with him too) while we were at CBS for the press tour. Ironically, he helped HER figure something out with HER social media that day. She’s right – he IS very nice – but doing live tweeting for a housewife on a Tuesday night is way below his pay grade. I’m beginning to think Adam is folding gummy bears into every one of Carole’s private meals, to be honest.”

Photo Credit: Bravo