Exclusive: Cheating Destroyed Dina Manzo’s Marriage To Tommy


There have been questions surrounding Dina Manzo’s marriage to Tommy for a long time now. One of the major issues regarding their relationship? Infidelity. Tommy has been accused of cheating on Dina since before they were married, but a source tells us EXCLUSIVELY that Tommy isn’t the only one who has been unfaithful in the marriage.

Tommy and Dina married in 2006 on VH1′s ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding.’ While the show didn’t particularly paint the couple in the best light, Dina revealed that she knew Tommy had been unfaithful before she married him. A pattern which has continued to haunt the couple throughout their marriage.

But in a surprising turn of events, an insider is telling us EXCLUSIVELY that Tommy wasn’t the only one cheating in the marriage, which is what led to the couple’s separation.

“Tommy fooled around with one of the waitresses at the Brownstone,” our source claims. “But Dina was fooling around with someone for quite awhile before she announced their separation.”

“She thought that this man she was seeing wanted to be with her and that’s why she almost got divorced,” says our source. “But then she realized this guy she was dating was messing with her because he’s a big playboy and she stayed married even though her and Tommy have a sham of a marriage.”

“Dina portrays this love and light attitude, but she is the complete opposite of what everyone thinks she is,” our source says. “Dina has a very racy past. She’s phony.”

Photo Credit: VH1