Exclusive: Brooks Ayers Will Not Be Present At RHOC Reunion


It recently was revealed that Brooks Ayers filmed a one-on-one sit down interview with Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen. Brooks has been at the center of controversy as the cast of the Real Housewives of Orange County believes that he is “faking” his cancer diagnosis. Although there have been many stories about the interview we have exclusive information from a valuable source on Brooks’ participation at the reunion.

“Brooks did the interview with Andy one-0n-one because he refused to come the reunion we are filming on October 1st,” our source claims. “He just did not want to be around the ladies- especially Meghan Edmonds as they all have said negative things about his cancer diagnosis.”

The source added, “The cast knows that Brooks will not be present and they are all very upset about it. They wanted to confront Brooks face-to-face. The ladies feel that once again Vicki will be taking the heat for him.”

The interview will be shown during the reunion, which will be taped this Thursday.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I’m sorry but here we go again Brooks cancer Brooks cancer please please can we have other stories I know there are others out there! I don’t like Vicky but it won’t be fair if she takes the flak at the reunion unless she is in on it. When I heard Brooks had filmed a one on one I knew I wouldn’t be able to watch. What else are they going to discuss at the reunion? Maybe HeThers 14 toilets am
No how much they all cost!!!!!

Correction ‘ Heathers’ ‘and’ scrap no. This comment was made by me at six thirty a.m. my time before coffee! You would think I would have learned by now! Lol

Yes Sally, the whole storyline has gotten waaaaay beyond exhausting…strange how no cast member except for Heather (with the 14 bathrooms, give me a break!) has posted any blogs for the past two episodes?

I stopped looking at the blogs a few weeks ago that is strange!

ITA Sally!! ENOUGH is this story line and let’s have more variety! It’s like every other story is Brooks or Meghan saying dumb things etc. I can’t wait for this worst season ever to be over. Then Lizzie tweeted that she wasn’t asked to be at the reunion, as a part time guest, which pisssed me off

ITA Sally! Can we have stories other than Brooks or Meghan???

Has anyone seen Ladies of London? Perhaps we can talk about them or anyone else I don’t really care as long as it’s not Brooks or Vicky or anyone else about this I’m so done! It’s really sunny here today!

@Sally–love Ladies of London. If they have blog site re this show, you may find me there,

I would LOVE to talk about Ladies of London too and read posts on them but then it dawned on me that this is a Housewives Blog. Isn’t there a Ladies of London blog?????

ORE and Gigi I have never found one but that’s from UK and I often can’t access US sites. I wish we could cover them here. They are housewives some of them!

LOVE Ladies of London and would love to discuss Caroline’s behavior on New Year’s Eve:) lol.

She was a naughty girl!

Yes she was and also, I’d like to hump her hot Turkish husband in a unicorn suit myself. lol.

Cancer – No cancer – Who cares! Vicki is a grown woman. If she wants to play into this guy’s game that’s her business!

I completely agree. I find it weird that the ladies’ excuse for continuing to involve themselves. If Brooks is faking, that’s Vicki’s problem and she’s made it clear she wants to be left alone about it. Brooks’ faking cancer is not any giant insult to real cancer victims anymore than someone faking a pregnancy is abusing real pregnant women. You’d think these pampered women would find something else to do rather than peck away at their alleged friend. If Vicki was happy hanging out with a dubious guy, that’s her business.

To add to your point, what heather said on WWHL was really stupid when the lady from Ladies of Lindon , asked ‘why would anyone fake cancer?’ and heather said some crap about scams and Gofundme blah blah. Brooks has never asked for money so I agree with you’re point Judge

That was ridiculous we all have heard of people that do that but as you say Brooks hadn’t been asking for money.

But it has kept him on RHOBH, and he is living off of Vicki rent free, being coddled and catered to, as he is so ill, and not expected to work for months. Then there are the interviews and publicity. He has a lot to gain.

I’m with you on that Daisy. What’s more, I feel bad for Vicki that everyone seems to be so mean to her (and previews for next week make that look worse) when she was visibly distraught, still grieving the loss of her mother, dealing with this stress, etc.

Here we go again with another reunion where Vicki screams, walks off the set, complains she doesnt need this and may not be back, etc…

She doesn’t even need to do it any more, she can just pick from the old footage and choose which one she wants!

I finally agree with the majority of your comments above. What a weak “Storyline” for the entire season that evolves around Brook’s sickness who is not even their man. I think the Ladies of the OC owe Brooks their check for this season. Bravo, and the Ladies of the OC, not a very good season.

I am sure Brooks got a nice big check for doing the one on one interview. Someone probably advised him to not do the reunion because they know that he isn’t smart enough to keep the web of lies together under scrutiny. While I feel bad for Vicki losing her mother and the obvious stress she is under she is certainly not without fault. She has been nasty, judgemental, hypocritical, manipulative, and passive aggressive for YEARS. She picked Brooks, and she has to be prepared to deal with everything that comes with. I do not think Vicki is as smart… Read more »

This season is already the worst and With Brooks not being there , what will they all be clucking about??? I hope it’s only a 2 part and not 3 part reunion. God knows, there’s no material for more than that

They will be lucky to fill a one part that’s not Brooks!

He makes my skin crawl..enough said, make it go away!!!

Are we surprised that Brooks will not be at the reunion? Really??
I predict within 2 weeks we will be able to piece together the “Cancer”, the “break up “, and why he supposedly came back to the OC and “stayed with Vicki” to film the reunion.

I find this cancer storyline particularly malicious towards Crooks — from the production, from the cast, from viewers. If he isn’t able to sue the production company and/or Bravo, or Meghan, then I hope he got a huge check for his one on one with Andy C. Personally, if I was Crooks, I wouldn’t have done an interview and left everyone hanging with no resolution.

ITA !! Horrible malicious storyline , just sickens me

I feel he felt pressured to do the interview because his life is basically ruined! As I’ve started before, I believe he has cancer and is not faking and this silly women have produced NO MOTIVE for him to lie other than he’s a liar and scoundrel. While he may be those things and worse, that’s not a reason to lie about this and I don’t think he is. Either way his life is ruined because no one will believe him. Reminds me of that vicious rumor about Kenya giving Apolo a ‘u know what’ and even when it was… Read more »
First of all to all posters who keep asking “why does he still have hair if he’s doing chemo”. Not ALL chemo make your hair fall out. It’s a few drugs that do that to you. Not ALL of them. Basically chemotherapy is an infusion of chemicals going into your body. Not ALL of those chemicals make your hair fall out. And second, Brooks, that POS, was in Ft. Lauderdale over the weekend, drinking and partying. Do I personally think he has cancer? No. He could have tumors that aren’t malignant and he’s calling it cancer. I don’t trust him… Read more »

So true. I completely agree.

I love your passion Gigi :). And yes he’s all those things and yes he signed for the show but even POS lying jerks get cancer! But you made excellent valid points

Crooks totally has a skeazy past, but it doesn’t mean he’s lying about cancer. And even with all of Meghan’s snooping, she still has no proof. I can’t see how anyone can lie about having an illness for so long and get away with it. He has a history with cancer, he’s seen specialists, gotten chemo among other treatments, all kinds of tests and scans — all these things are incredibly expensive, I would think that his insurance company would have him thrown in jail by now, if he was faking. Am I wrong?

You and I are alone on this one getreal LOL 🙂

Yeah, looks like it. LOL. Its very weird for me to defend him considering his questionable past, but this show also has questionable ethics and editing and I always try to take that into account.

😀 😀

For Gigi!

100% agree GiGi.

Gigi you are so so so right with every sentence you wrote . You deserve a housewife award for that one !

Well i believe he does have Cancer, my sister looked good her hair never fell out she had about 12 doses of Chemo then 10 days of Radio & she was still fine i think she was sick only once she had been stage 3 she went into Hospital a month ago just for 2 days to help her breathing she was in the Hospital 10 hours when we got a phone call to go up * she passed away at 5.15 Am that was a month ago

I’m with Sally about commenting on Ladies of London instead 🙂 at least until RHOBH comes to the rescue

Caroline Stanbury has lost her business! I thought last season she was really into it, she made enough about it and how successful it was. So far this season she seemed to have checked out so I googled it and it’s been absorbed by another company but not trading.
Marissa I really liked last season but not to sure as yet but I have only seen three.

I’m just starting to watch and it’s enjoyable!

As far as BH I was reading today that Kathryn Edwards has joined I don’t know very much about her other than not friends with Kyle supposedly!

can’t blame him….. I wouldn’t want to be on the reunion show with those crazy ass women either!!!! Like him or not…. just can’t blame him.

Total coward. This just makes him look more guilty in my book. What a disgusting human being.

Omg how stupid can people be to believe that stupid bitch Meghan, Brooke has Cancer, Meghan has been going for Vikki sinse the very day she started, its Obvious she’s not right in the head, who phones a doctor & pretends to have the same cancer as Brooke just to find out if he deals with cancer patients, who does that everybody now disbelieve’s Brook’s but at no point have they thought Meghans crazy, even Jimmy has told her to stop this woman i a stranger to all of them i dont understand why they think its ok to do… Read more »

totally agree…why aren’t these ladies horrified by Meghan’s ”butting in” behavior. Whether Brooks has cancer or not – it’s not her business to research… I wouldn’t share any of my medical info with these crazy ass ladies either!

No one seems to have any storyline this year, and if this is the best, I think time for new housewives.


Brooks is a pimple U can’t get rid of.