Exclusive: Bravo Cuts Footage Regarding Caroline Manzo’s Marriage And Albert’s Cheating


As we previously reported, Caroline Manzo got into a verbal argument with Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis at the opening of POSCHE 2, which will air as the finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey this season. In our report we told you that Bravo is going to edit and air the episode like Caroline got into a fight with Kim D and Kim kicks Caroline out of the party. But an insider is sharing with us EXCLUSIVELY why Caroline has it out for Penny, what led to their fight that night and that it has nothing to do with Teresa Giudice.

“Bravo producers repeatedly asked Penny to reveal what she knew about Albert Manzo’s indiscretions,” our insider shares. “At first, Penny refused to say anything. Caroline was warned by a friend that production wanted to do a storyline about her marriage, but she had already made up her mind that Penny was orchestrating it and there was no changing it.”

“When Penny wouldn’t tell Caroline which producer pushed her to out Al’s affairs, Caroline got very angry. This happened a couple of days before the cast left for Arizona,” the insider says. “This explains her reasoning for bringing up the cheating scandal on Melissa’s birthday when everyone was having a good night. Her and Al were pissed they were being targeted and that is why they both insisted someone confront Penny.”

“When Penny said ‘I’m not taking the bullet for everything’ to Melissa and Joe Gorga at Chakra she was actually referring to the Al Manzo cheating scandal, not Melissa,” our insider says. “Jennifer Dalton even confronted Caroline about Albert’s infidelities while filming one night. A huge story line that producers have not aired to the public, which shows you what kind of power being Andy’s favorite can give you.”

“Caroline didn’t want to go to the opening of POSCHE 2,” the source continues. “But producers pushed her to go to the event. Once she had the fight with Penny she actually ripped off her mic and left angry, saying the producers had lied to her.”

“Penny was recruited by Bravo because she knew information about cast members,” our source says. “Everyone wants to blame Teresa or Penny or Kim D for these cheating rumors, but why is no one holding Bravo accountable for creating this drama?” our insider asks.

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I’m actually glad about that. What annoys me is when Bravo cuts and splices conversations to write their own stories.

let’s First cover the reason Caroline gave us that she’s left the Real Housewives of New Jersey and that it’s to concentrate on her spin off. Now let’s get to the REAL reason that Caroline is not returning next season, it’s quite simple she was going to be forced to sign a contract that Bravo would make her use her “Caroline and Albert Manzo marriage” for story a storyline. Plus Dina is coming back on who would know more than anybody that would goes on at the brownstone since her husband Tommy also uses the apartment I’m sure upstairs to… Read more »

Once again Caroline succeeds in keeping it fake. How she has the power to put everyone else’s financial and personal details on blast while demanding hers remain unspoken of is such bullshit. What the hell does she have on Andy Cohen that gives her the power to demand editing privileges that no-one is allowed to discuss her familys financial and personal details?

Does bravo not realize how much better this show would be if they actually air all this drama instead of poorly editing it in order to perpetuate a storyline we’ve seen for the last 3 seasons?

I understand drama makes good tv & ratings but how sad is it that bravo will dig & dig until they find someone to spill secrets? They harrass friends of the housewives who aren’t on the show for dirt? Im fully aware that if you’re going to be on a reality show then your life is “on display” lol, but to try & disgrace Albert Manzo is wrong. Joe Giudice made the fact he was cheating so obvious in front of the cameras, go find witnesses for him. Mellissas ex is running his mouth that they had an affair, go… Read more »

Caroline it’s time for you to take a stand like you would say an stay Out of other Family’s hurt and pain cuz it’s so Obviously Your Family is a walking Mess. I wonder if you would like it if Kathy was to call your Family out Constantly just like you do to Teresa’s Whole that is on the show ?? Any come backs or Comments from the Manzo Family would be greatly Appreciated .

Caroline did not call out the Guidice’s problems, the FEDS did that! Everyone in Franklin Lakes knows Juicy has a mistress…….EVERYONE! Why should everyone else’s personal problems be aired because of the trouble that the Guidices are in? Joe’s DUI, his license fraud, 39 charges…ect….People are talking about the Guidice’s because they are all over the news with their criminal behavior. Albert Manzo is very well liked, and a respected businessman in the community. He does not deserved to be the target of a witch hunt, to which their is no truth to whatsoever! All of this crap about “bad… Read more »
I agree…how come everybody else has to air out all their dirty laundry for the world to see and Caroline gets to pick and choose what she wants on tv and what she doesn’t?? It isn’t fair. You sign up for a “reality” show you know what that means…you know what your signing up for. All bets are off. The only thing I can come up with is that The Manzo’s really are in the Mob and they have threatened anyone trying to expose their secrets. I mean its so obvious. Caroline probably isn’t Andy Cohen’s favorite, he’s probably just… Read more »
This is true! They hold a huge opportunity in their hands for anyone with a business, or a need to make a living. I’m sure they can find 2 dozen people on the streets to reveal the cast secrets, and if not her, they would have found someone else. She was doing a job. I don’t care for her, I don’t believe much of what she says, but I understand why she was on the show.. I also know who is responsible for everything that is going down on the show! I don’t see how anyone can Blame Teresa or… Read more »
This is all BS and nothing but deflection at it’s best! Everyone is trying to deflect anything negative off of the Guidice’s looming prison sentence…period. Teresa and Joe have a long history of cheating and lying..(proven fact). Joe Gorga said it best when Teresa has never admitted to anything in her life. Teresa has no shame and wanted a lifestyle she could not afford, and was willing to do whatever it took to get it. She has risked her freedom, lost her family, her reputation, and financial ruin for what??? To be on a reality show and live in a… Read more »
Teres I love you but they have a point. If you keep it up the blocks are going to come tumbling down. You can’t keep doing things and blameing other people. I’m a Paterson girl I worked my self up to a normal grandma. As my kids were growing up I worked day time as a waitress, morning and noon shift. As they got older I had to switch to night shifts while my husband watched his 4 step children. Then 3 aventually felt my husband was to strick, and moved to Ga. to live with thier Father . It… Read more »