Exclusive: Bravo Cuts Footage Regarding Caroline Manzo’s Marriage And Albert’s Cheating


As we previously reported, Caroline Manzo got into a verbal argument with Penny Drossos-Karagiorgis at the opening of POSCHE 2, which will air as the finale of The Real Housewives of New Jersey this season. In our report we told you that Bravo is going to edit and air the episode like Caroline got into a fight with Kim D and Kim kicks Caroline out of the party. But an insider is sharing with us EXCLUSIVELY why Caroline has it out for Penny, what led to their fight that night and that it has nothing to do with Teresa Giudice.

“Bravo producers repeatedly asked Penny to reveal what she knew about Albert Manzo’s indiscretions,” our insider shares. “At first, Penny refused to say anything. Caroline was warned by a friend that production wanted to do a storyline about her marriage, but she had already made up her mind that Penny was orchestrating it and there was no changing it.”

“When Penny wouldn’t tell Caroline which producer pushed her to out Al’s affairs, Caroline got very angry. This happened a couple of days before the cast left for Arizona,” the insider says. “This explains her reasoning for bringing up the cheating scandal on Melissa’s birthday when everyone was having a good night. Her and Al were pissed they were being targeted and that is why they both insisted someone confront Penny.”

“When Penny said ‘I’m not taking the bullet for everything’ to Melissa and Joe Gorga at Chakra she was actually referring to the Al Manzo cheating scandal, not Melissa,” our insider says. “Jennifer Dalton even confronted Caroline about Albert’s infidelities while filming one night. A huge story line that producers have not aired to the public, which shows you what kind of power being Andy’s favorite can give you.”

“Caroline didn’t want to go to the opening of POSCHE 2,” the source continues. “But producers pushed her to go to the event. Once she had the fight with Penny she actually ripped off her mic and left angry, saying the producers had lied to her.”

“Penny was recruited by Bravo because she knew information about cast members,” our source says. “Everyone wants to blame Teresa or Penny or Kim D for these cheating rumors, but why is no one holding Bravo accountable for creating this drama?” our insider asks.

Photo Credit: Getty