Exclusive: Brandi Glanville And Yolanda Foster Confront Lisa Vanderpump


Suspicions were raised that Lisa Vanderpump was feuding with her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills friends Yolanda Foster and Brandi Glanville when reports claimed Lisa unfollowed Yolanda on Twitter. A photo of Lisa and Yolanda was taken in Puerto Rico where the ladies seemed to be having a fight. A fan who took the photo, says, ”They were arguing over something. They were outside for a long time. Yolanda was outside most of the time, and after Lisa went inside, she was talking to Kim and Kyle.”


A source close to the situation tells us EXCLUSIVELY what really happened between Lisa, Brandi and Yolanda. “Brandi and Yolanda called Lisa out for the way she has been behaving,” our source reveals. “Lisa has gotten a big head and her friends have noticed a difference in the way she acts. She has become very ‘Hollywood’ and Brandi and Yolanda called her out on how she has changed, which didn’t go over well with Lisa.”

“Lisa often has ulterior motives in her relationships with the women on the show,” the insider continues. “Lots of things were said, and it will be interesting to see how Bravo edits the footage. Lisa has Andy Cohen wrapped around her finger and has gotten the privilege of having certain scenes [that make her look bad] edited out in the past.”

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12 Replies to “Exclusive: Brandi Glanville And Yolanda Foster Confront Lisa Vanderpump”

  1. Brandi & Yolanda need to stfu, who tf made these two queens and judges on how other’s behave?!? As if Brandi’s drunken past behavior is ever acceptable? Yo is a liar and no one calls her out on it, ever. These two, I’m just so over them.

  2. Drama…drama…drama…! If it isn’t happening in earnest…someone (BravoTV, “fan”?, etc) is ‘creating’ it to keep the music playing. This used to be the best real housewives in the franchise…please, don’t tell me it will soon be on par with NJ…ugh.

  3. Really? She unfollowed Yolanda on Twitter and she’s upset about it? Seriously! So ridiculous! Guess they have to find drama if there isn’t any going on,right?!

  4. i think what is portrayed on the show of lisa is pretty much how she is i havent seen a change in her since season 1. personally i think yolanda is the biggest liar ever! i like her but she totally said that sheit about lisa last season and made kyle look like the biggest liarrrrrr. and brandi frankly dont bite the hand that feeds you, brandi is a flop she switches sides when its convenient for her like lol so stupid

  5. Brandi has a nasty mouth and will sale herself for anything look what she did last year with Yolanda with those ugly shoes. When Lisa and Ken was spending money on Brandi and taking her places she thought they were the cats meow she would say Ken was her husband and was all over him. Now Yolanda is spending more money on her so Lisa is a drama queen and they have to call her out. Yea right Brandi go back under the rock you came from and take Yolanda with you, Hay Yolanda you better watch your husband or you may be the next ex.

  6. Do not believe that Lisa has been edited in any way. The way she was in Season 1 is exactly the way she is in all of the other seasons. For Yolanda to be a bitch, that does not surprise me. She has always given off the impression that she is the epitome of perfection. With Brandi, I am truly shocked. When she needed a chance, Lisa gave her that chance and helped her out in so many ways. Both Yolanda and Brandi are vile and vindictive snakes and I hope they can get over themselves because out of everyone on that show, the two people that seem to have their heads up their asses and are acting very ‘Hollywood’ are Brandi and Yolanda.

  7. Not surprised at all. I’m still not over how Brandi blurted out Adrienne’s personal secret so easily without much prompting. Fine Adrienne lied but it wasn’t Brandi’s place to share it. Since then, I’ve been counting down the days when she would flip on someone else that no longer feeds into her and when Lisa said on Reunion that she trusts Brandi with her life – I thought what a fool! This girl has no moral scruples and could flip in a heartbeat if something no longer pleasures her. Brandi is a Scorpio, and even worse a twisted one – Scorpio’s are the most vindictive sign in the whole Zodiac. Lisa I love you so much as a fellow brit -but you brought it on yourself- stop trying to save the underdogs!!!

  8. Brandi & Yolanda will feud, too, just wait. Brandi isn’t loyal to anyone and Lisa was a fool to have ever believed in her, same token, Lisa wanted to use Brandi to talk c r a p to Kyle about the cheating magazine rumors of maurice. Lisa isn’t as innocent like many of you seem to believe, she seems to have a fallen with Yolanda and Brandi SO now she looks for Kyle to try to mend their so called friendship lol fake rich folks is what they are, the whole lot. Bottomline, Lisa used Brandi for her mouth piece with Adrienne and with Kyle, she isn’t fooling anyone.

    1. Lisa & Ken are not fake rich folk theyre hugely successful restuaranters/club owners and have been for decades in europe and now the US. Get your facts straight, thanks. Lisa has said a million things about Kyle, Adrienne and faye she doesnt need a mouthpiece she puts them down effortlessly herself and with wit. Brandi does her own thing and runs off at the mouth regardless. Has Lisa enjoyed this? of course, its always fun seeing somebody else attack your enemies. But she doesnt control Brandi or tell her what to say. she’s even shut her up at times if youve watched the show.

      1. Lisa will get hers from both yo and Brandi. Yo is a rich snob. Lisa is a jealous double face sneaky witch. Brandi is a wanna be, nasty mouth, trailer trash looser. Kyle and Kim are the classy ones which is why the dream team dislikes them. The dream team is just that, dreaming. Kim was more classier even when she was drinking then that tight skin Yolanda, fishy looking Brandi and that lazy sexless Lisa any day and time.

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