Exclusive: Brandi Glanville And Yolanda Foster Confront Lisa Vanderpump


Suspicions were raised that Lisa Vanderpump was feuding with her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills friends Yolanda Foster and Brandi Glanville when reports claimed Lisa unfollowed Yolanda on Twitter. A photo of Lisa and Yolanda was taken in Puerto Rico where the ladies seemed to be having a fight. A fan who took the photo, says, ”They were arguing over something. They were outside for a long time. Yolanda was outside most of the time, and after Lisa went inside, she was talking to Kim and Kyle.”


A source close to the situation tells us EXCLUSIVELY what really happened between Lisa, Brandi and Yolanda. “Brandi and Yolanda called Lisa out for the way she has been behaving,” our source reveals. “Lisa has gotten a big head and her friends have noticed a difference in the way she acts. She has become very ‘Hollywood’ and Brandi and Yolanda called her out on how she has changed, which didn’t go over well with Lisa.”

“Lisa often has ulterior motives in her relationships with the women on the show,” the insider continues. “Lots of things were said, and it will be interesting to see how Bravo edits the footage. Lisa has Andy Cohen wrapped around her finger and has gotten the privilege of having certain scenes [that make her look bad] edited out in the past.”

Photo Credit: Bravo/Instagram