Exclusive: Why Brandi Glanville Turned On Lisa Vanderpump


The premiere of the new season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is upon us and this season is going to have quite the change in dynamic as Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville are not speaking. First, Brandi claimed that the feud with her former BFF started because she learned that Lisa was using her to get Scheana Marie, who slept with Brandi’s husband, Eddie Cibrian, a spin-off show.

“You might have heard some stuff about Lisa and I having a bit of a tiff,” Brandi wrote in an Australian magazine. “I found out some unsettling things about her using me to get this Scheana girl, the girl Eddie cheated on me with, publicity.”

“I thought I had done my part by talking to her [Scheana] in the first place,” Brandi continues. “I wanted Lisa to get her show. But then to find out Lisa is like her second mother and there are plans to help her [Scheana] get a spin-off show?”

“I really trusted Lisa,” Brandi adds. “I’ll always love her, but I want an apology. I feel like I was becoming her sidekick and I needed to find me again.”

It was also reported that Brandi turned on Lisa while filming regarding rumors that Kyle Richards’ husband, Mauricio Umansky, was cheating. “Brandi tried to pin the blame on Lisa for confronting fellow housewife Kyle Richards about allegations her husband had cheated on her, it was the end of their once very close friendship,” an insider revealed.

A RHOBH insider is telling us, EXCLUSIVELY, how Lisa feels about the feud with Brandi. “Lisa is extremely hurt from Brandi’s betrayal,” our source reveals. “Brandi has been trashing Lisa in interviews, behind the scenes and to other RHOBH cast members, while Lisa hasn’t said anything.”

“Brandi came into season 4 with a pre-meditated plan,” our insider reveals. “She needed a storyline and betraying Lisa was the only way she knew she would stay relevant on the show and create drama. Everyone is sick of hearing about how Eddie cheated on her with LeAnn Rimes, so Brandi needed a new way to keep her herself relevant and secure her job. It didn’t matter who she had to betray to do that.”

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12 Replies to “Exclusive: Why Brandi Glanville Turned On Lisa Vanderpump”

  1. Um yeah ok.. Brandi is to blame for their demise? I think not. Lisa used Brandi plain and simple, Brandi got tired of it she finally spoke the truth now Lisa isn’t liking it. I can’t stand Brandi but I also can’t stand Lisa. Meanwhile, where is yo yo in all this? lol right. She’s busy making lemonade only she too plays dirty.

  2. I think Brandi and Lisa are both full of shit. Lisa is manipulative and the fact that she tries to deny that is hilarious to me. Brandi does what she needs to do in order to keep her job. At least she owns it?

  3. No one can manipulate you into confronting someone about cheating allegations. Brandi is a grown adult and if she didn’t want to do Lisa’s bidding all she had to say was no. I believe the two used each other for a number of purposes and Brandi was fully aware of what she was doing.

  4. Sounds like we don’t need to watch the new season at all now. I got the jist of it. There’s no real surprise anymore. Lets just skip to the reunion show already. I’m surprised that it isn’t in Brandi’s contract to STFU when it comes to leaking the entire season on twitter. Oh well, Bravo is used to getting lower ratings nowadays.

  5. OMG! Get over it already. Sheana did you a favor.You could have wasted 25 years with a lying cheater. My ex cheated and even though I don’t care for the woman he cheated with at least she exposed him for what he was so I could pull myself up by the bootstraps and move on and find the real love of my life that adores me and not every tramp that walks by. Grow up and move on already!

  6. brandi u look dumb as helll running all over the place bashing lisa and she hasnt said a word about u have some class man just look stupid

  7. Lisa and Ken were the only two that were nice to Brandi and stuck up for her against Kyle and Kim and Faye Resnick and this is the way she repays friendship? Brandi doesn’t have any morals or decency and is only out for what she can get. She has certainly moved into Taylor’s spot nicely.

  8. I liked Brandi, but now—–i don’t think so! Turning on Lisa was a dummy move cuz it seems like Lisa and Ken really love Brandi……..they both have been there for her since day one. So sad. I hate Brandi can not see what mess she is making on the show and yes……I’m sick of hearing about how her husband cheated!!!!!!!

  9. to me it’s so obvious that Brandi needed a storyline to keep your relevant in this program.couple that with the fact that she can’t stand Sheena and there is your motive to create some b******* story line. Brandy’s jealous because she has nothing going for her except for putting everyone elses shit on the table but play the victim when a finger gets pointed at her. Brandi has no job other than whatever it is now her “brand” …she is a disgusting ad trashy leech.

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