Exclusive: Bethenny Frankel Talks Finding Love


Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel is opening up about her new book I Suck At Relationships. Frankel reveals what motivated her to write this book and explains how she has the power to help other people.

“I think that so many people claim to be experts on relationships,” Bethenny explains in this exclusive video obtained by AllThingsRH. “So many matchmakers aren’t married or end up getting divorced. You can’t really be an expert on relationships, because each person’s background is different and no two relationships are alike.”

“I think that I have made some mistakes, but I have the ability to be self-aware and realize the things that I’m doing wrong doesn’t necessarily mean I can’t correct them in due time,” Frankel continues. “It means a good relationship is like an island and I see it, but I’m not exactly sure how to get there. But I’m very good at helping other people with their relationships.”

“I would think building a strong relationship is about acceptance,” Bethenny says. “It’s about having someone that your passionate about but also friends with that you respect.”

So after all she’s been through, does Bethenny still believe in love?

“I totally believe in finding love,” she admits. “Everybody you meet is an opportunity to love, to learn, to grow… for passion, to get excited, to want to look pretty, to have sex, to just enjoy.”

“I’m a work in progress,” Bethenny says. “Writing this book made me very aware of some of the things that I’ve done because many of my business failures have helped other people succeed in their lives and I’ve learned the most from my business from my failures, so why wouldn’t I learn the most from my relationships from my failures?”

“If all of these failures and mistakes I’ve made could help me in the future have a great relationship, then it will all have been worth it.”

Check out our exclusive clip of Bethenny on love below.

To purchase Bethenny’s latest book I Suck At Relationships click here.

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5 Replies to “Exclusive: Bethenny Frankel Talks Finding Love”

  1. I wish she would stop with the advice books! I respect her business hustle and if she wrote about that I’d buy it but when you’re on tv crying about being homeless as a multi-millionaire and on divorce #2 from a short marriage… perhaps YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT ANSWERS.

  2. What I learned from Bethany is that she believes in love if $$is attached. She will never be happy. I do not believe she really wants to be happy–she seems to complain no matter what. If she is so honest, shy doesn’t she just admit she has an eating disorder?

  3. Whatever Bethenny had done to her face in the teeth/mouth area has totally changed the way she looks. She looked better before.

  4. I like Bethenny as a friend she would be a kick, and she’s really bright, witty and hilariously funny, but a love guru she’s not. She has a pint that many advice givers are very flawed and are do as I say not as I do, but I don’t buy their book either.

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