Exclusive: Ariana Madix Talks Vanderpump Rules Season 4


The fourth season of Vanderpump Rules is airing in just two short weeks, and while fans have seen the drama-filled trailer I had the pleasure of getting some inside scoop from SUR bartender Ariana Madix! The blonde beauty opened up about her relationships with cast members, what to expect this season and the latest gossip about the cast shakeups!

You have always been very rational and calm when it comes to dealing with conflict and drama, how do you keep your cool?
Ariana Madix: I often wonder if my way of handling conflict stems from being taught by my mother at a very young age to “use my words” rather than throw a tantrum over not getting what I want. I think it also has a lot to do with looking at things from a different perspective. So much of the conflict you see with the group of people from Sur is so petty and unimportant. What matters to me is staying true to who I am and making sure my opinion and perspective is heard while speaking in a manner that won’t make me cringe when I see it later! I definitely have my moments, but I’m doing the best I can.

Now that Kristen is no longer at SUR do you think there is less drama in the group?
AM: I think there are so many sources of drama within and surrounding the group that Kristen’s presence only makes an impact if that’s the type of nonsense you decide to focus on. I’d prefer to focus on more significant things.

Despite cheating rumors, you and Tom have put up a united front and even moved in together. Do you guys have any other future plans for your relationship?
AM: Tom and I have had the relationship of my dreams since day one. The openness, honesty, and sense of adventure that we share is very exciting for both of us. We find adventure in everything and love to explore the world together. There is a lot of that in our future. We just returned from a trip to Napa and have upcoming plans for Florida, New York, and Bali!

Lisa Vanderpump is known to be the cast’s boss and motherly figure. How is your relationship with her?
AM: My relationship with Lisa has grown and evolved over time and as we have gotten to know each other at work and outside of it. Lisa and I share a lot of qualities, and I would be proud to be where she is one day. I think you will see our relationship grow this season.

What was your reaction to Stassi filming the show again this season?
AM: I was pretty bored with the whole thing. I said my piece, but I don’t know if that’s something you’ll end up seeing.

In the preview for season 4 we see a new face LaLa has joined the cast. What can you tell us about her?
AM: I’m happy to have Lala joining us. I’m not always the friendliest person right out of the gate, but I’m glad to know her now. She and I agree on more than I anticipated and I think she is a very fun person to be around. Lala and I are more similar than you might think!

How is this season different than others? What can we expect?
AM: I think this season is the best season yet. We tackle some very serious issues in our lives and have a lot of fun. It feels like a new and exciting chapter.

Besides working at SUR and filming Vanderpump Rules are there any other projects you are working on?
AM: Part of me doesn’t want to let the cat out of the bag, but I am working on a couple of projects that I am looking forward to sharing with everyone. As always, I am writing, filming, and auditioning for multiple acting projects. I am an actor first and foremost, and comedy has been my bread and butter for almost 10 years. I have a podcast in the works with Meredith Brace Sloss that I would describe as NPR meets a young Hoda and Kathy-Lee. We have some very funny and talented guests on the docket. My mom and I also have forthcoming business venture that I am absolutely thrilled about, but I don’t want to give too much away yet!

Photo Credit:Bravo