Exclusive: Are Teresa Giudice & Jacqueline Laurita Friends Again?


In next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey we will see Teresa Giudice reach out to Jacqueline Laurita. Teresa calls Jacqueline and asks her to meet so they can talk about everything that has happened, and Jacqueline agrees to meet with Teresa. They hadn’t spoken since the season 4 reunion, which ended badly, and an insider is telling us EXCLUSIVELY what Jacqueline and Teresa’s friendship is like now!

“Whether Jacqueline or Teresa wanted to admit it, they both were very hurt by how their friendship ended. Teresa was making amends with her family at the time, and she promised Caroline she would reach out to Jacqueline,” a source close to the ladies tells us. “Believe it or not, Joe Giudice had a lot to do with Teresa calling Jacqueline. Joe really missed his friendship with Chris and he told Teresa they needed to let things go because of what Chris and Jacqueline were going through with Nicholas.”

“As mad as she may have seemed, Jacqueline was ready to bury the negativity in her life,” the source continues. “She was focusing on the recovery of her son and she wanted to have peace in her life. The way her friendship with Teresa ended affected Jacqueline tremendously, and she was shocked when Teresa reached out to her.”

“Teresa and Jacqueline both had to let a lot of things from the past go before they could move forward,” the friend reveals. “The dynamic of their friendship is not like it used to be. Jacqueline is focused on her family and Teresa is busy with all of her business ventures. This keeps them from spending a lot of time together like they used to. But they are in a very good place right now and everyone is so happy they were able to move forward.”

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  1. Jacqueline should let go of the hate for Teresa , but not forget the trust issue. The hate will make her sick but so will the lack of trust. Keep her at arms length.

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