Exclusive: Albert Manzo’s Affairs To Be Addressed On RHONJ


The Real Housewives of New Jersey are wrapping Season 5 and a source very close to the situation tells us EXCLUSIVELY, Albert Manzo’s extramarital affairs will be part of Caroline’s storyline in Season 5. Recently people have been coming forward with the knowledge that Albert has cheated, and Caroline continues to turn the other cheek. In an interview with NY Daily News, Caroline spoke about the previous rumors that Albert was cheating on her. “I know the man I married. He’s a good man. But he’s a man. I don’t believe there were any long-term affairs. If that were the case, this story would end differently,” Caroline said.

“Women are coming forward revealing Albert cheats on Caroline,” our insider reveals. “Caroline knows of Albert’s infidelities, but she turns the other cheek and ignores what’s really going.”

“There are so many people talking about Albert’s affairs it was definitely a hot topic while filming,” the source explains. “It has gotten to the point where it was unavoidable and had to be addressed on-camera.”

As we previously reported, Teresa Giudice was being blamed for digging up dirt on Albert. At an event in February another source reveals to us that Teresa Giudice and Kim DePaola were trying to get Penny Drossos to admit to knowing of Albert’s affairs. Teresa and Kim  mentioned a few other names and when Penny didn’t respond to Albert’s, “they took it as a yes that he was cheating on Caroline.” Our insider reveals this prompted Caroline to confront Penny and Caroline said “all of the problems were Penny’s fault.” After the two women “had a few words,” Penny blurted out that she’s not looking to hurt Caroline, and that “they” wanted her to talk about Albert and she refused.

Keep in mind Albert’s cheating was a topic while the women were filming in February, all the way until last week when they were close to wrapping.

UPDATE: 9/6/2013 Albert’s cheating was addressed in a confrontation between Caroline Manzo and Penny Drossos during the opening of POSCHE 2, however Bravo edited out the confrontation where Penny exposed Al’s affairs. Our sources tell us the topic of Albert’s cheating WILL be addressed again in season 6.

Are YOU surprised Albert’s affairs will be addressed on-camera?

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  • DJ

    This Penny chick is going to be such a villain this year. I hope her and her husband are happy. At least it is not Teresa.

  • Al Cove

    It’s a “reality” show, so no. You sign up for it, this is what happens.

  • Akim

    Teresa gets blamed for everything! It’s really getting annoying.

  • Trixie

    NO, not surprised, and they should be addressed. That’s what these women signed up for. This show really brings out the worst in people, but how they handle it is the real entertainment.

  • tks

    a cheating husband in new jersey big suprise. wasn’t making comments last season about teresa’s husband being a cheat?

  • I have an addiction to all the housewives ,having said that they all sold their soul to
    the devil for their 15 min !!!!

  • allgoodstuff

    HWONJ is like a dysfunctional/alcoholic family and Teresa is the scapegoat. This show is really sick and I hope people stop watching for their own wellbeing.. me included.

  • Deborah Brenner

    This Teresa-Kim-Penny monster is the most ignorant, nasty, white trash concoction of humanity I’ve ever seen.

  • Another RHO_ Fan

    LOL… It is completely laughable that Teresa continues to be blamed for everything! These women are pathetic. They all sat in judgement of Teresa for months…they passed judgement on her for her finances, her husband, her family, her businesses, her success…need I go on? Now, we can all laugh at these nasty, jealous women as their own lives begin to unravel, because they are being exposed as frauds, cheaters, liers, and the like… KARMA.

    • Deborah Brenner

      No. They passed judgement on Teresa trying to break up her brother’s marriage, trying to pit one Manzo sister against another, being a lousy friend, cousin, sister, etc., and in general being a piece of crap.

      • Janet

        I thought something was going on with Albert. He used to be so nice and I thought he and Caroline had a good marriage, but the last few times he has been shown on the show, he has developed a nasty attitude towards Carolina and I said then, that man is “cheating”.

      • marie

        WOW and here i thought that they had the best solid relationship on the entire show…That woman is good at hiding her feelings…So the perfect family is cracking…It seems like fame does it to all families eventually!
        She doe snot deserve that at all!

    • DebBrenn

      Oops! Looks like you spoke to early about “fraud” and Karma.

  • allgoodstuff

    People are catching on that Teresa is the most wholesome and hard working woman on the show.

  • mac

    Why does Kim D have her nose in everybody’s buisness? And who is she to question Melissa on antpything that goes on in Melissa’s family? She needs to go!! She’s Jerseys Faye Resnick. Moraly corrupt and disgusting.