Ex-Producer, Cat Rodriguez, Leaked The RHONJ Set-Up?

After all the speculation and scandal on The Real Housewives of New Jersey finale, a lot of viewers have been wondering who was the mystery person that was texting Jacqueline Laurita warnings of a set-up at the Posche Fashion Show. Reportedly, it was a Bravo Producer by the name of Cat Rodriguez (sitting next to Melissa Gorga in the picture above). Cat has been very close with the Manzos, Lauritas, Gorgas, and Wakiles, and it has been rumored that she never liked Teresa, and always edited the show in a biased way. Oddly enough, Cat was fired from Bravo for a “conflict of interest.”

A friend of Kim D’s, Will Love, has commented on Bravo’s editing of the finale before, and after some research, we found that on 9/30/12 he tweeted, “Cat Rodriguez [was the ‘friend’ tweeting Jacqueline and the others, except for Teresa]. She was the only person at Penny’s salon who was also at the fashion show that would tell Jacqueline.”

There have been numerous other sources that claim Cat was the one texting Jacqueline warnings. So we decided to look into it more… We looked at Cat’s Twitter Timeline, and it speaks volumes! Below you can see screenshots where she is in constant contact with all of the cast except for Teresa.

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Some of these tweets are from 2011, as you can see. Well, Cat was a producer on The RHONJ From November 2010 to October 2011 until she was fired. Take note, The Posche Fashion Show was filmed on September 27th, 2011…

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Photo Credit: Twitter