Ex-Producer, Cat Rodriguez, Leaked The RHONJ Set-Up?

After all the speculation and scandal on The Real Housewives of New Jersey finale, a lot of viewers have been wondering who was the mystery person that was texting Jacqueline Laurita warnings of a set-up at the Posche Fashion Show. Reportedly, it was a Bravo Producer by the name of Cat Rodriguez (sitting next to Melissa Gorga in the picture above). Cat has been very close with the Manzos, Lauritas, Gorgas, and Wakiles, and it has been rumored that she never liked Teresa, and always edited the show in a biased way. Oddly enough, Cat was fired from Bravo for a “conflict of interest.”

A friend of Kim D’s, Will Love, has commented on Bravo’s editing of the finale before, and after some research, we found that on 9/30/12 he tweeted, “Cat Rodriguez [was the ‘friend’ tweeting Jacqueline and the others, except for Teresa]. She was the only person at Penny’s salon who was also at the fashion show that would tell Jacqueline.”

There have been numerous other sources that claim Cat was the one texting Jacqueline warnings. So we decided to look into it more… We looked at Cat’s Twitter Timeline, and it speaks volumes! Below you can see screenshots where she is in constant contact with all of the cast except for Teresa.

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Some of these tweets are from 2011, as you can see. Well, Cat was a producer on The RHONJ From November 2010 to October 2011 until she was fired. Take note, The Posche Fashion Show was filmed on September 27th, 2011…

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14 Replies to “Ex-Producer, Cat Rodriguez, Leaked The RHONJ Set-Up?”

  1. Good job on the digging and research, and I was so curious to know who the friend was. But, it doesn’t make Teresa any less culpable.

  2. It is obvious that Teresa is in a abusive relationship. Her Italian background is what is keeping her there. The fact that she stepped up and is doing all she can to bring money into her house for her kids is very respectful. I am not saying that she doesnt have faults but why didnt melissa stick up for her mother in law and father in law at the first reunion show? Why didnt she tell kathy to respect them- wasnt even a thought to protect her inlaws- shame on her. We all heard Melissa tell her husband to yell things out the car window to his sister at the fashion show. It would be interesting to see if Melissa would stick with her husband as Teresa did if he got in trouble and didnt have money? Somewhere her husband knows better and tried to reason with her. eg. we threw that lawyer out at our party why couldnt u do the same. He is the one that made the most sense. Melissa might have accomplished keeping her husband from talking to his sister but at the end of the day he wasnt brought up like that and the relationship will eventually feel the stress. No offense she can not sing and it is a shame that they are spending all that money on it – save for when the fifteen minutes of fame are over! Caroline’s treatment of her daugher and her weight was disgusting! Laurens problems are deeper than her weight and once she is thin and picture perfect that will be apparent. It is a shame she is a Beautiful girl. I read somewhere dont know if it is true that Jaqueline said that Teresa’s daughter looks like her ex- if that is true that is disgusting! Kids should be off limits! She has enough in her glass house with her own kids that she should not be throwing stones! That said this is my opinion and I am Italian and do understand the dynamics. Wish them all well-

  3. It cut me off but as for the coproducer I am glad that they fired her ! Do not know enough about it but from what I read it is shady.

  4. That’s a damn shame! I knew the set up was to screw Teresa over! Not expose Melissa! That chic apparently is not a mutual friend like Jacqueline stated in the season finale! I knew it had to be someone stirring the pot and used all of the cast as the pawns! So what if Teresa sold cook books, tabloid stories…so what! How can Bravo let any of their castmembers down by allowing such an ambush! I feel real bad for Teresa now! Shame on all of you involved!

  5. Teresa has been very cruel to me too. I have been cleaning her neighbors house and she told me that she is afraid of black people and that we steal things, She doesn’t know i am takinv the semester off from Bard.

  6. Fuck that bitch. Seriously biased people on reality shows are on some serious bullshit. I appreciate your non biased writing even though we all know Teresa is a hoe right?

  7. This is not enough evidence. Bravo owes nothing to Teresa. She has sadly done enough damage to herself and family. The fame has gotten to her and she has done her ownself in.

  8. That’s sad, they would go that far to make good t.v.!How could they side with Melissa shes a goldigger, and a stripper ,and a liar!!!!!You couldn’t believe the reason why shes with Joe Gorga!!!Just seeing her actualy have 40% of people listen to her music is sick,and getaway with being a victim is beyond me!!!!!All of season 3&4edited to make Melissa look good by Cat and other producers!!!!!

  9. kids should be off limits, shame on bravo to let it happen, shame on Jacqueling and B S Melissa. I do agree about why she didn’t stick to Teresa when Katy talked about the in- laws and especially her husband. Shame

  10. Nicki Johnson, you’re the other Pussy right? Not my Pussy but the other Pussy. I thought that was you! How you doin? Still talkin s*** I see x

  11. Re. Cat ….. It’s not really about her is it? It’s All About Eve. Sorry….Mellisa! Cat got played like everyone else and is just collateral Cat : ) I like that.

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