Erika Jayne Reveals Whether Bravo Producers Respect Her Boundaries

Upon the premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika Jayne aka Erika Girardi is speaking out about what she’s been up to since last season.

Why does Erika appear cold on the show? “It’s not easy. I think that some things should remain private, and they always will. I don’t think that anyone should be a complete and total open book. Let’s just take my mother, for example. I did not want to go home, and I had a long conversation with the producers and I said, ‘Listen, this is a very sensitive part of my story, and I need to trust that you guys will help me out here.’ And they really did. They told the story as is, and I appreciate that.”

Erika was asked if production is respectful of her boundaries. “Well, sure. You can only share what you want to share. At the end of the day, you’re a grown person, and you can say no. You can always quit the show. You either want to do it or you don’t,” she explained to Paper Mag. “If you’re living in the moment and you’re passionate, and you say something, perhaps it’s meant one way but it comes across another; well, you’re going to live with that. And maybe only you knew what you meant, but well, f*ck it. Too late now.

What advice would Erika have for a new Housewife? “Shut up. [Laughing] Shut the f*ck up about things you weren’t there for. Cause you don’t know anybody. I’m sorry, is that rude? Believe me, you’re going to have to comment on stuff that happens in front of you, so just wait until that happens. Cause if you go out on a limb, you’re going be the only one out there, honey. And no one’s coming to save you, girl.”

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  • Amanda Bates Barnette

    Looking forward for tomorrow!

  • UnrealHousewife57

    “Shut the f*ck up about things you weren’t there for.”

    She should embroider that on a pillow and throw it at Peggy The Lip Pincher.

    • bluebell

      I think Erika should write that on her own forehead with a permanent marker!

      • UnrealHousewife57

        Could you give examples of Erika butting in about things that she wasn’t there for?

  • Oh Snarky Me

    Can’t stand the Pasadena Prostitute

    • mufffie

      She has become way to full of herself. Can’t stand watching her better-than-you attitude. 99% of the time she looks phucking ridiculous

  • Cin

    boundaries? oh please Erika. You blew it with pantygate… No undies, short dress, it was a set-up on your part and that moment I stopped being a fan.

    • cat62

      OMG – its panty-gate every day with her – she wears her dresses short enough to be called ops…. its time to lengthen that dress honey. If anyone sees whats right there to see – don’t get mad at them

  • cat62

    Very frank and honest. I have always said – just because you are on tv does not mean the networks and the viewers own you. You can keep some things to yourself if you want and you can leave at any time.

  • Nikki

    next time she goes in for more plastic surgery, which should be any second now with this old Ho, please sew her mouth shut. So we no longer have to hear her sing, speak or give her opinion on crap.