Erika Jayne Posts Nude Photo

I don’t think anyone would want to strip down and pose naked for a selfie on their Instagram, but then again, not everyone is as brave as Erika Jayne. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills singer shared a naked pic of herself from a trip to Miami and included a sassy message to really amp up the provocative photo’s fierceness.

“Mikey made me do it,” she captioned the photo, referring to her creative director Mikey Minden. She then listed off some more tidbits about the moment — including a feisty message for any of her haters out there. “I posted this knowing most of you would be judgmental and couldn’t resist a chance to tear me down and I was right. Go be offended at your own life. I’m living my life to the fullest.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I guess we have ALL seen her “pretty little puss” now haven’t we? Better never hear another word about “panty gate”

Mikey made her do it. She must be 5. She is living her life to the fullest,, that’s for sure, but with zero thought as to how this affects her wonderful husband & son–whose friends sees all this.
Proves how into herself she is. She is beautiful & looks gorgeous, but that’s not the point.
To go on & on about pantygate is a big joke.

My thoughts exactly !

Right on.

I am sure they encouraged her to put a stop to the #panygate LOL Doritos is jealous that her husband was looking can you blame him I am not gay but sure wish I had a bod like that lol Starr ITA but I think she respects her husband and son’s opinion enough not t o post a nude pic without their approval to shut the jealousy down..and Ericka just as Rinna loves the attention and if she wants another season on RHOBH she has it in the bag and she is stealing the crown and Lisa is nervous about… Read more »

I love Ericka but that was my feelings as well. Disappointed…….

I like Ericka as well, but to do this, blame Mickey leaves me as cold as she is. The way she got on about PK & Dorit & how insulted she was- was an insult to them & to my intelligence. My question is, what kind of hypocritical game is she playing? do as I say & dare to do as I do. She thinks she is really & truly a great gift to all with her dyed hair with implants, her fake breasts, her body re-do & her glam squad. Any woman with her kind of money can do… Read more »

I don’t know what to think but I was so disappointed in the nude photo. I just don’t get the why of it. Was it shock value, was she angry and getting back at someone? I guess I expected more and better of her. Just hate it when someone you enjoy and admire let you down. Much like LVP….sigh

Me too, barbara. She must’ve been under the influence to do this. It was tactless.
But Rinna’s nude selfie was a big “No No”. Trying to capture a lost youth & beauty before expanding her lips to deformed size. For the love of Mike, or Harry or whoever, dont try to take over her daughters lime lights.

You would think after all these years women would have evolved. I can understand Ericka having to keep herself in top form because of her alter ego but LR? Never the less, Erika’s nude picture is a mystery. It was as you said, tactless and tasteless. I could be wrong and I hope I am, but I get the feeling there could be some trouble in Erika’s marriage. Oh well… Have a great weekend Starr!

I hope not barbara, her husband seems to be a gem of a man, I really hope not. Great weekend to you too.

She is classless but trying hard to keep her 5 seconds of fame.

If I looked like her, I’d want to be naked at Kroger. You do you, Erika! No apologies!

True story. She is beautiful.

Bravery – no. It’s called being an exhibitionist. Sorry ladies but I feel sorry for her family escially her policeman son. She embarrasses me. Losing respect fast.

Me too, the first person I thought of was her son. I have a 27 year old son and I don’t think he would like if a posed nude on instagram. But If I posed nude on instagram a lot of people would have hystrerical blindness.

I think she’s a power junkie and feel she’s just not been getting enough love & attention. I really think she’s aiming for mega stardom. I’ve checked her Astro chart out and her closest & strongest planetary aspect is her Sun/Pluto Opposition, the girl wants to be recognized and admired big time above anything else. I guess she’s on the right track then for better or worse. I can’t judge anyone for being self promoting and aggrandizing. I just wish she seemed happier doing it cause I just can’t help but feel she’s got some real deep inner sadness and… Read more »
Frank Van Der Heijden

You sound full of envy

Nah Frank I’m a pretty hot bitch myself just a little midriff no big

You’re very hot mama

I wish I could find my damn BC!!!!

Is Mikey going to have to apologize to her husband too? At least now creePK can stare all he wants. I wonder if her true hurt feelings were Dorit giving her panties insinuating she should cover it up?

Erika is a strong woman and I admire her . She’s provocative and not for everyone . But let’s stop using ‘what about her poor son’ as a way to shame her. He’s an adult grown man and doesn’t need your sympathy

Yes yes yes , my sentiments exactly ❤️❤️❤️❤️ …

Nor does she need his permission to do her “thing”.


Better than I probably deserve to be, Rain…how you doing?

If I looked like her I wouldn’t even own any clothes

She needs to pick a lane in her own behavior: If she’s going to embrace the free spirit lifestyle, then she should quit the bitter asides to her “haters,” and quit trying to control the thoughts and words of everybody else.

We can say that about every HW. When I criticize LVP, I’m suddenly an anti Christ who deserves to be stoned
She can say whatever she wants and so can all of we . That’s how the game works . Nobody needs to ‘quit’ anything . She knows what she is doing and you’re falling for it

Kisses xoxo

Wish I was stoned

I’ve always heard that the food and the weed is the best there

Rain you’re going to get me fired from laughing so hard lol . Oh man !!!

LOL! I typically think you are quite reasonable with very different taste in housewives from me. We both like Erika though! I don’t get her relationship with Rinna, but whatever. I love it when she is with Kyle. Kyle seems more relaxed and fun.

Sounds good mama. Surfers aren’t really my thing though , any big hairy biker dudes around

Guilty as charged lol. I hide my screen so my buddies don’t know what I’m doing lol

Kirby, welcome to Housewives Anonymous. I’m Sunshine, and I’m addicted to NY, but I’m weaning myself from BH.

lol sunshine . I’m addicted to NY , BH and OC . I’ve tried weaning off but didn’t work lol. My gf doesn’t like the shows so I have to hide in my man cave and watch by myself lol

That is SO COOL. I love it that you are here and make great commentary. I had to quit the OC when Viki came back, and Kelly was cast. I watch for the beautiful things in life, and Kelly is as ugly on the inside as the outside. I was shocked they cast someone who is downright ugly. But, it does come from inside her black heart. She could be pretty if she wasn’t so nasty.

Thank you for welcoming me . My vision of hell is Vicki and Kelly at the door lol

As long as they’re not skinny . I’m like an amusement park . … not responsible for accidents incurred on the ride

O.k. baby. I’m on my way. Fire up the bong mamas coming

LMOO that is funny

Chutes and Ladders, my friend, chutes and ladders.
Just keep on truckin’

Thanks sweetie ❤️❤️❤️

Days of wine and roses, where are you ??? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

She said she was on the road the other day. I am sure she will be back when she has a moment to catch up with the shows and comment about them. She travels a lot.

Hi sissy. I’m always a danger to society. I would corrupt our sweet innocent Rain

I did and I was amazing

I guess I didn’t see that because I wasn’t reading NYC posts till today ❤️

It is the Sonja Interns thread. XOXOXO

No worries babe, I’ll carry you

Anything for my lovely Rain

How are you planning to spend your weekend sweetie pie ?

I actually don’t have any plans. I want to stay home and clean house. How about you

No plans , just try and rest . A few friends may drop by but nothing that I need to prepare for

That sounds nice. I may try to get the old man away from basketball by copying Erika’s look

I consider myself very lucky that my husband isn’t a sports fan. Never has been, even as a teenager. He was raised with horses and camping. His Dad and him drilled wells for a living for many years back in the day. The well they drilled for the house they moved to as kids still brings fresh water!

I read it will be 12 , which isn’t bad

I just found out that Outlander is not returning until September!
I know you are not watching, but that is a really long wait. ☹️ It is a year already.

That’s a long wait indeed ! Premium cable shows can take longer . I don’t watch Game of thrones but I’m tired of hearing how long the wait is till next season lol

Frank Van Der Heijden

Erika is the hottest housewife ever

But seriously, can someone explain how the ladies are so smitten with him? He’s nice and all, and seems like such a great family man, his wife worships him so much she calls him Harry Hamlin like she can’t believe she’s married to him, but he looks like my eighth grade teacher.

When he was young, he was more of a hunk than now.

Happy & Blessed 33rd anniversary. Long Milestone.. Isnt that about the same timing as LVP & Ken?
This year will be our 52nd. Dont know where the years went. Got married young & still young.
Hope you share many more blessed years of married bliss.

Thanks Starr. You are a sweetheart! I think I am pretty close to Lisa and Ken with the anniversary…not sure exactly. You have a really long marriage. My sister is on her 55th so far. She was married quite young and is the eldest. That is amazing. She just told me the other day that she remembers when my parents brought me home from the hospital. I said you were married when I was not even in school yet…so look at that milestone. You remind me of my sister like that. She has grandchildren that are older now, and it… Read more »

And the same to you too R. Sandy. What a milestone for your sister. My sister-in-law just celebrated 65 years. Today’s marriages do not seem to be as grounded as before. Sometimes I think are these kids really meaning their vows before God & man. I married my 1st & only love & he still & always will be my 1st & only love. I’m sure you did too. All Blessings always.

I hope you and Starr both get to have Grandchildren. I always assumed I would, and I won’t. There is no chance at all now. I do have Step-Grandchildren, but neither of my Daughters or my Step-Daughter will ever be pregnant. Since they don’t read this I will say in public this one time that it is the biggest sadness and regret after losing Nan that I won’t have any Grandchildren. Alone it hurts that I won’t have a Grandbaby to hold and be part of it’s life, but also my blood line is over. No one will carry my… Read more »

I feel for you 3Ds. I love my grandchildren to pieces. They grow up so fast.

Thanks. It truly is one of those things in life that just stink. I wanted them almost as much as my own babies.

I don’t look like Erika so let’s hope so

We actually just got rid of dish. We went with sling so now we just stream everything. We have sling, Netflix, hulu, Amazon plus we get starzz and Cinemax through prime and it’s so much cheaper than dish was for us

I heard a lot of people are doing. My husband is reluctant because of his NFL and sport channels

My hubby is a sports freak. They have some sports and he can get some stuff over the air

I’ll ask him to look into it . It’ll definitely save money

The hubby said just make sure your internet is fast enough. I think that we need to upgrade ours again

I think ours is pretty good because the boys play lots of video games lol

That should work perfectly

That’s so sweet. You too doll

100% Hypocrite!

? ?

Frank Van Der Heijden

100% jealous !!!!

I agree. We saw the real Erika in Hong Kong. She is a legend in her own mind. She only have a few seconds of fame, so she is desperately trying to hang on.

Real Sandy 🙂 my favorite NY housewife is Dorinda but I’m rethinking that now . Sonja is a good time and she’s fun. I like Carole too . In BH , Kyle is my favorite and not so much Vanderpump the last 2 years . In OC, Shannon is my favorite , she reminds me of my mother very much . Unlike most people , I was not an Erika fan at first but now I am, I know for most it’s been the opposite. I think I like the most housewives in NY , the others need a major… Read more »

Thanks for answering!
I always liked LVP always but sometimes she is irritating. I cannot like Erika though I have tried. I like Shannon but not enough for me to watch if crazy Kelly and Vicki are still on. I like crazy Sonja and always liked Carole but not when she is a mean girl with Bethenny.
NY is my fave, followed by BH.

Real sandy 🙂 we have more in common than not

Real Sandy 🙂 , great question. I never think of the housewives as my mother or sister , because I don’t want to imagine any of them in situations of conflict like the ones on the show . I think if my mother out of the blue showed up naked at the door , yes I would call the doctor lol. But in Erikas case , that’s her life , she’s a provocative artist . That’s who she is every day . I would be very surprised if at this point her son is surprised or bothered by anything she… Read more »

But I don’t. You really are hot

I also felt Rinna’s naked selfie looked like a desperate act – attention addict. As for Erika – I liked her in the beginning – not so much now – I do feel she is cold and calculating – which is fine for her – I just don’t enjoy watching it.

Hey Sunshine… No I didn’t see 3D’s post asking about Jax.

Shout out to 3D!!! Jax’s eye is back to normal. I now give him a tablespoon of kifer daily per all the conversations we had that day. Thanks for asking!!!

I hope you are having a nice day Asher!
You certainly have had a difficult week. I hope this next week brings brighter days and less pain, Asher.
It is nice to see you posting again!

Oh! Oh! OH!‼️I hope so much they do give them a spin-off. That would mean I don’t have to gag from seeing her deformed mouth before I have the chance to drag the dot past her segment. I’ve actually never seen Harry Hamlin in anything. Only RHOBH. I’ve never seen a movie or series even for a moment with him in it. But then, I am not a movie person anymore. By that time of the evening I am ready for sleep. Being outside definitely makes me sleepier than when I have to remain inside. I haven’t been in a… Read more »

Happy belated 33rd Anniversary. You and husband have a year on me and mine, 32 coming in July.

I really thought Dorit’s comment was nasty, not to lighten up anything. The one thing I keep recalling is that Erika never said the words “I am not wearing any” She actually said “I don’t HAVE any.” If Lisa would have left it alone it could have been taken how I thought at first, that it was a joke and she didn’t have any extras in her purse. That is what I thought before Lisa reached up Erika’s dress. And Rinna and the Xanax BS, she wanted that out there because she is so effing boring. SHE is the one… Read more »

Maybe Chris Jenner told Rinna & Ericka how famous her daughter became showing her nude body with sex tapes and self y pictures. That’s how they got started . If you ask me I watch one show years ago I can’t stomach them. I wonder what Ericka husband thinks now that Mikey made her do it. What else did Mikey make her do. This is far worst then her puss without panties.

Frank Van Der Heijden

It is not…one thing is showing her vagina (which was not intentional) and another showing off her naked body (a body that probably you do not have and that’s why you sound so envious) but hiding her private parts in an artistic nude photo

You know why I take offense Frankie because you are offensive pretty simple really.
You ASSume once again now it’s Rusty probably doesn’t have a nice body because he/she doesn’t happen to like exhibitionism, and doesn’t agree with YOU. So please don’t piss on someone and say sorry I didn’t know it was wet.

Frank Van Der Heijden

You sound like a Valley girl with PMS and a throat infection…I’ll leave it at that

Real sandy 🙂 yes she is and thank you for asking . As you said that’s how we know about each other

3 Ds Forever 🙂 Kyle has always been my favorite and that’s not changed since day 1 . She is successful and has a beautiful family and is always dealing with bs created by others. I never understand when I read people saying she doesn’t have Lisa’s back . So untrue . I’m disappointed in Lisa the past few seasons and I see her now more as playing a role rather than living her real life on camera , especially with her interactions with the other ladies . Her charity work is great though

Frankly why did she say Mikey made her do it . No not envious of her body when I was her age my body was as good as hers . I was wondering what her husband thinks of his wife’s naked body. When she’s out with the glam squad now that she posted this.

Me too‼️Me too‼️ 1st class all the way too.

Frank Van Der Heijden

Most of the women who take a dump on Erika aren’t not even a tenth as hot as Erika, I suspect they are obese, fugly and smell like burnt fried chicken….I can smell the scent of envy from miles away

If you feel like saying, what was wrong? If you said ot somewhere else, I can’t find it. There are so many articles, which is good, but sometimes I can find important things and sometimes, not.

Frank Van Der Heijden

Erika rocks !!!

No no no your so wrong I’m not envious at all. Maybe of her age that’s all. I think she’s very loud and mean.