Erika Jayne DWTS First Look

RHOBH star Erika Griardi, who is appearing on the upcoming 24th season of Dancing With the Stars, gave a sneak peak of her rehearsal on her Instagram this week.

Hiiiii @glebsavchenkoofficial 😉 #DWTS

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She looks like she already is in form and ready to go. Erika also posted a picture of her in what presumably is her outfit for an upcoming show.

Meet my partner @glebsavchenkoofficial 😉 #DWTS 🌟

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I know we are excited to see Erika, are you? Comment below.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I like to watch DWTS mostly for the pros and some of my favorite stars. Erika is not one of them, however, I will watch for the others mostly. I cannot believe she got LVP’s pro. That kind of taints him now…knowing how venomous she was to Lisa Vanderpump last season, especially IMO. I wish anyone was dancing with her besides Gleb just for that reason. I know Gleb never won a season so far. I was thinking she might get Max…but he is very particular and usually goes for the younger performers. We shall see.

Do the stars get to choose? I asked below, but you were probably busy. I didn’t think they did, but I know NOTHING about it. I saw the first season, most of it anyway.

She is kind of taking the Michael Jackson grab the crotch move to another level, in the female version. I cannot say I like any of it, but I know she has fans…like you! I happen to like you Rain, but I am not a fan of Erika, though I don’t hate her.

So you love Cher, Liza and the divine Miss M too I bet…et al.
I love Bette Midler. She was famous at the gay clubs too. The hubby loves Cher…Yup! I told him that might mean something. LOL I am sure he sung along to Cher in his car when I wasn’t there too.


I haven’t watched DWTS in yearsssssssssssssss. But I’m excited to watch the lovely Erika. I hope she wins. I’m going to enjoy watching her dance with a little EJ thrown in. I think she’s sexy as all hell and the more EG’s personality comes out the more I like her! Team Erika!!!

Don’t get me started on Disco. I loved going to Discos back in the day. Donna Summer was one of my all time favorites too! I love the disco balls too. Yes!

Lord I loved that time! I traveled quite a bit back then too so everywhere place I went in the world I frequented the Discos and no matter where I went, DISCO was DISCO! That little island girl fitted in wherever she went.

I remember one of my disco dresses…I loved it…totally sheer lacy black back… to the waist…and it tied in the front, a wrap around…used to flow nicely when dancing. Funny, I had a gf who went out with me one night and she showed up with a similar dress…so we both had sheer lacy backs…not identical. It was funny. I loved that time. She and I would dance together too.

I bet you looked stunning.

HOT STUFF Baby this evening!! 🙂 YES!!

Frank Van Der Heijden

I have never watched that show…I´ll watch it this season just because of Empress Erika

Hey 3 D’s! How are ya? LTNS No, they don’t choose, but some are more primadonna than others. They all want the athletes really…especially the gymnasts and such and others who are younger, fit and maybe with some dance background because they want to win. That is all. They cannot choose at all. I loved the Outlander series and also read them all. I was addicted..then witdrawal. They are sooo good. I patiently await the next one…thinking maybe next year. Doesn’t she write them every 4 years or so? Some are so long but I never want them to end!… Read more »

OH, I just went to Diana Gabaldon’s site and this is there if it pastes:
sevenstones-cover1On June 27, 2017, SEVEN STONES TO STAND OR FALL will be released in hardcover and ebook formats, a new collection of my OUTLANDER and Lord John short fiction. Five stories were first published in multi-author anthologies from 2010 through 2013, plus two NEW novellas are included.

Oops. I got that reversed,. i was thinking about the pros and answered below. No one can choose to my knowledge.