Have Erika Jayne and Dorit Kemsley Made Up?

The premiere for season eight of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is next week. Some fans were disappointed that #pantygate was such a big storyline last year and Erika Girardi is revealing whether or not it has been put to bed.

“Yes, by all of us,” Erika said in a new interview, adding that the two women made peace at last year’s reunion. We’ve “been able to move on, which is nice.”

Girardi also teased the new season of RHOBH. “I think you’re going to see a shift in a lot of relationships this season — not only Dorit and myself, but some others as well,” she told People.

The newest addition to the cast is Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave, daughter of music legend John Cougar Mellencamp.

“I think she’s interesting,” Girardi said of Mellencamp. “She had some good days and some bad days, just like the rest of us.”

“You never know how it ends up, we’ll see how she enjoys the experience,” she added. “It never is what you think it is your first year.”

Are you glad that #pantygate is over? Excited for the new season RHOBH?

Photo Credit: Bravo