Have Erika Jayne and Dorit Kemsley Made Up?

The premiere for season eight of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is next week. Some fans were disappointed that #pantygate was such a big storyline last year and Erika Girardi is revealing whether or not it has been put to bed.

“Yes, by all of us,” Erika said in a new interview, adding that the two women made peace at last year’s reunion. We’ve “been able to move on, which is nice.”

Girardi also teased the new season of RHOBH. “I think you’re going to see a shift in a lot of relationships this season — not only Dorit and myself, but some others as well,” she told People.

The newest addition to the cast is Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave, daughter of music legend John Cougar Mellencamp.

“I think she’s interesting,” Girardi said of Mellencamp. “She had some good days and some bad days, just like the rest of us.”

“You never know how it ends up, we’ll see how she enjoys the experience,” she added. “It never is what you think it is your first year.”

Are you glad that #pantygate is over? Excited for the new season RHOBH?

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36 Replies to “Have Erika Jayne and Dorit Kemsley Made Up?”

  1. Please do not make us endure another season based on such trivial drama. If you cannot edit the show to be better than talking about uderwear for that many episodes…it is time to give up.

    1. i think she deserves a second chance. let’s not forget that Camille had a rough first season. now she is one of the most loved housewives. i personally have like Dorit from the beginning. i believe she was a bit misunderstood.

      1. I think Dorit would have been a lot more appealing were it not for a few nasty judgements she made about Erika, and her busybody husband speaking so disparagingly against the other women. I think there have been plenty of Househusbands on these franchises that have been unfairly maligned and painted as “i**hes”, but Dorit’s husband more than rose to the occasion to earn every last dragging he got last year.

  2. I’m guessing the shift in allegiances will mean a rough season for LVP. Maybe rough enough for her to leave the show?

  3. Dorit is one of my faves. I loathe Erika and everything that she stands for. To each their own, no one is clockwork orange-ing anyone to watch this shit. At least, I hope not. Could be a North Korean torture method for all I know. Erika’s fat ass in a jumpsuit on loop, yeah, that’d be torture.

    1. I’m over Erika. Liked her in her first season. She looks and acts like a circus act – which is fine – if you were in a circus. I too like Dorit. Also her husband was made out to be a perv and I don’t think that’s true at all. Editing does wonders to someone’s reputation.

      1. Agree. Footage of Dorit’s husband was clearly manipulated to give off that vibe. LOL on the circus comment. EXACTLY. She is a caricature of herself. A bad copy of what she THINKS she looks like. Not a fan.

  4. Did anyone notice Erika sitting next to Kim Z last night on WWHL? It was like an advertisement for good and bad cosmetic work. Erika looked amazing and fresh, and Kim looked like she went to Tijuana to have Fix-A-Flat pumped into her.

    1. They both looked like clowns. Kim has gone too far with the face stuff. Why take a pretty face and disfigure it on purpose – don’t get it.

        1. Actually, that’s not what a fact is. A fact is that Erika is married, or that she has blonde hair, or that she speaks English. How appealing she isn’t actually a fact, rather, it’s subjective opinion which is indeed up for debate.

          1. that is a wee bit like saying that it was up for debate that Linda Evangelista was beautiful when she was at the point that she didn’t get out of bed for a modeling gig for less than $10,000. There are objective beauty standards. She meets them.

            1. “there are objective beauty standards”. Well, you’re right about one thing. There are indeed objectives. About a billion combinations thereof. She meets a few of yours. But not everyone’s. And I wouldn’t put Linda’s name in the same ring as Erika LOL, but that’s just me.

                1. Hmm. So your interpretation isn’t made law, so that means I’m petty? It’s your world kiddo, we’re all just living in it. Moving on. Feel free to slide into the ‘last word’ spot, you have my permission.

                  1. No, you are being petty because you admitted above that you loathe her, and that is why you don’t believe she is beautiful. That is an immature overreaction to a simple statement based solely on your negative feelings about her. But that’s okay. Have a happy holiday. I really enjoy your screenname.

                    1. So now immature and petty? Hmm. Well, sounds like you’ve got it alllll figured out miss thang! Happy holidays to you too. I’m sure someone finds wonk-eyes pretty, but I’ve yet to meet them.

    2. It always amazes me how people that don’t have change to buy a fucking olive runs their mouth and complain about the ones who do. Mr Tijuana can you afford a Fix-a-Flat for your woman????

  5. Dorit should turn her back on Erika and walk away. Erika wears a short short dress with no undies and just sits there and waits for someone to take a look … and of course that happened as she knew it would.. black against silver always stands out. Then she pounced. My stomach was turning throughout the season listening to her bs about her crouch. Not interested …..

  6. I just don’t want another season of the women being jealous of Lisa Vanderpump and being extremely rude and cruel to her, especially the way Kyle likes to take verbal side jabs at her. I have a funny feeling that Dorit is going to spend so much time trying to be nice to Erika, because of last season, that she will ignore her friendship with Lisa. I like the show when everyone gets along and they all have fun together. I hate it when they gang up on people, and it always seems to be Lisa, who I think is the kindest and most real person out of the bunch. Loved her new “talk back” attitude last season. She didn’t take anyone’s BS anymore and fought back, not being the victim anymore. Love it when Lisa stands up for herself and puts the other women in their place. Kyle should be more respectful of her friendship with Lisa and stop trying to portray herself as being better than her. She’s not. Have high hopes for the new season.

  7. The only thing Dorit brought to the show was her fake British accent, the girl from Connecticut speaking as though she was born and raised in Sussex

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