Erika Jayne Dances Salsa To XXPEN$IVE On DWTS

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne aka Erika Girardi made her debut on Dancing with the Stars Monday night with her partner Gleb Savchenko. The two danced the salsa to Erika’s new single XXPEN$IVE.

Watch Erika’s dance below:

Judge Len Goodman called Erika’s salsa “raunchy,” while all of the other judge’s comments were pretty positive. The pair earned a score of ’24,’ which isn’t bad, but we expected her to score higher than that.

What did you think of Erika’s dance?

Photo Credit: Bravo


41 Replies to “Erika Jayne Dances Salsa To XXPEN$IVE On DWTS”

  1. I’m in Erika’s age range and studied dance for over 15 years, I’m watching this and thinking,…this is SOOO HARD!! WHY WOULD ANYBODY GO ON THIS SHOW??? Now some of the counts were really sloppy, but it’s clear she’s at intermediate level in her dance abilities – so going forward I’m looking forward to seeing how they clean certain movements up. It kind of sucks that this year’s cast has Olympic level competitors: that really gives them an unfair advantage when it comes to technique and execution. Still, I think this was a good first outing and watching this one routine just gave me muscle spasms… Erika, Ben Gay and his pal Icy Hot are about to become your best friends, and your feet about about to get MESSED UUUUPPP, Gurlie, lol!

    1. I agree…..olympic participants….not fair. Yet, Erika dances for a living. How does that make her different from the coach/partners? I realize not the same type of dancing….but she has an edge as well. How do they draw a line?

      1. Precisely because it’s not the same type of dancing, at all. Erika is a Frontwoman first and foremost, and what Erika does onstage generally stays in the realm of contemporary street dancing, which is more about isolations . She also has a lot of “Showgirl” inspiration & movements in her stage and video choreography, which is more about being alluring- moving sinuously while communicating the idea of sultriness and goddess-like beauty.

        Olympic gymnasts and ice skaters have intensive training in ballet and jazz, as well decades of endurance training behind them with outstanding muscle memory. That level of dance training happens simultaneously with their athletic training, so we’re talking having thousands of hours with the world’s most stringent dance teachers from the time they are yea high. All of these components lend themselves to adapting to ballroom technique more easily, especially given space of time they have to master it for competition.

  2. Len Goodman was right–it was really promoting her and the song she sings for exposure, not much salsa dancing. Erika– you can do much better that this!

    1. Hi ORE, why not use one of her songs. It’s a good one. But, I agree, she needed to shake those hips and point the toes. She makes the show, so much excitement from the fans. Tough competition, but she’ll do well and she’s having fun. Woo Hoo, Erika….

      1. Hi MaryB-I’m all for her using her own songs. The RH show and now the DWTS is certainly giving her exposure, which is good for her. (Just like clean dancing and actual dancing, a la Len Goodman….lol.

          1. Hey Rain–chill out..don’t be a rotten egg. I’m just saying Erika can do better than that. She seems to be a hard worker and doesn’t give up. There really wasn’t much of the actual dance to the dance routine (cha-cha was it?)

    2. I thought the music and dance was particular to each person based on their “thing”, so Erika’s music was appropriate for her. I think she is capable of better and I think she will do better. I’m excited for the coming shows.

    1. Yes I agree! Glen is good but not GREAT! Plus all the professionals KNOW what Len doesn’t like, so why go out there and piss him off?

      1. Hi Rain, how are you today? Are you going to go to a show? Just don’t jump out there and start shaking it with Erika. Love you.

  3. He turned up the heat! He and his partner got away with being raunchy…but I don’t mind.
    Erika seemed nervous, she’ll calm down and do her thing!

    1. Yes she seemed nervous. Plus I felt the judges critique hit her where she hates the most, her sexuality and her raunchy performances . I think she is guarded because people are judgey. So Bonner can gyrate and a woman can’t be too sexy??

      1. Yes, but I feel as though she listens with open mind, if she wants to move forward, she’ll use their advise if not she received a lot of publicity. I’d like to see her next dance be a classic and blow them away. Apparently, she had Instagram in an uproar yesterday…publicity is good for DWTS. I’ve never watched a full season.
        They can both be equally sexy…Erika’s partner – imo – didn’t seem as into it as Bonner’s so it seemed one sided.

        1. It was nice seeing Rinna an eillen cheering her on! Rinna was there for her own self promotion probably lol.

          Yes usually they do one fast then one slow song. They alternate

          1. No comment on Rinna….sick of her face! Eileen was truly happy for her friend.
            Goes to show, I haven’t watched in forever! Rashad Jennings was fantastic as well…talk about moves!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!

        2. KT, RAIN…….I agree with you both. I think the judge…Glenn? I think he mentioned it because when he found out who was on the show he didn’t know who she was and was shown one of her videos and had already made up his mind that she was going to be raunchy. Even though she was sexual, I didn’t think she was ‘raunchy”, yeah no more than that giddy-me-up-and-giddy-me-down cowboy who’s hips don’t lie. ** I think she was definitely nervous and I agree, she will listen to criticism. The competition is frigging stiff though!

          ** Man that cowboy was so delicious. I’ve got a hot husband. Me thinks he will have to put on a performance for me one night like a certain cowboy…………**

  4. Erika will take the judge’s observations and work even harder, she’s fierce. Agree about the cowboy but why oh why is no one talking about the football player that was on last? YOWSA!!!!!!

  5. Rashid Jennings was so awesome..he did the cha-cha. And apparently, there is that cowboy!! Gracious!!! For the first night, there was some really good dancing. Erika was a disappointment. She seemed nervous and the content of the dance was somewhat lackluster compared to others. Erika is a performer who is supposedly a veteran of large, raucous audiences….that did not show last night.

  6. Loved watching Erika & her partner. Wish they had done better. But, it was her 1st time & clearly she was a bit nervous, understandable. I spotted Rinna, H H & Eileen. Did not see Kyle though. Wishing her only the best.

  7. I thought she did a good job. However, did anyone else hear what I did? She said to the judges that she was the best ….. or because I AM the best. something like that? She’s not on rhobh dancing and I don’t think the judges/people here will buy her mouthy self confident talk. I caught it….it was an odd, stupid moment. She didn’t like the comments…..I could tell. She’s too full of herself. Just my two cents.

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