Erika Girardi’s Son Watches RHOBH, Erika Explains Her Meltdown In Hong Kong

Erika Girardi remains pretty tight-lipped about her son, Tommy, who is a police officer for the Los Angeles Police Department. However, she did speak about him during part one of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion special that aired earlier this week.

Erika revealed that her son is in fact a fan of the show! “He’s proud of his mom,” she said. “He says he doesn’t watch, but somehow or another he tends to know what’s going on. And he gets it at work. They know his mom’s on the show.”

Erika also explains the nature of her breakdown in Hong Kong. She shared that there was way more to the breakdown that what the cameras showed. When Eileen said, “It’s not like she killed your son,” Girardi revealed she had just received a haunting text message from her son.

“I just texted my boy right before we had dinner, and he was attending the funeral of a police officer who was murdered,” she revealed.

Erika says that losing her son is her greatest fear, and that once Eileen made the remark, she experienced “a moment of meltdown.”

But Erika and Eileen have totally made up and are doing great in their friendship now.

Watch the clip below:

Photo Credit: Bravo


95 Replies to “Erika Girardi’s Son Watches RHOBH, Erika Explains Her Meltdown In Hong Kong”

      1. Darn, I haven’t seen this yet. Bruins are in the playoffs, so hockey in my house. I thought they all looked lovely, lots of sparkle, bling, and yes, 60’s and 80’s fashion is back. Can I tell you everyone in my office, including two men, watch BH. A male co-worker went to school with Kristin who was on NY. He said she is a truly sweet person. Erika rocks!!

      2. I love Erika’s style, hair, makeup and dress. Eileen’s dress and shoes – love. Rinna – boring, nice shoes though. I saw where Kyle said after seeing her dress on TV she wishes she wouldn’t have – I liked it, just not for a reunion. Her makeup is beautiful. LVP looks stunning as always. I’m not crazy about her choice of shoe color but I’d love that dress for a gala next month. Dorit…dorit…dorit – I’d consider promoting a nanny to the glam squad – her hair looks, well like mine after a long shift but I’m not on a glamorous reunion. Maybe her dress looks better standing up? I did like her shoes. Anyway…that’s a long post to say, I agree I like Erika’s look.

  1. Why was PK allowed to join this group? He looked ridiculous with his suddenly brown hair while all the shots shown of him on the show showed how thin and grey his hair really is. Can’t stand him or his wife.

    1. Funny you should say that. I was not looking so closely at his hair, but I have seen Trump’s blondish locks disappear to white in recent shots. He must have stopped dying his hair or he just aged overnight…which happens.
      I know we are both not fans of his either! He should just get a crewcut and stop the combover Pompadourish thing.
      I think PK was there to see what the reactions were going to be really. Of course Andy wants to stir emotions and create drama. He knew Erika would hate seeing him there and start something. He wanted to see it happen.
      I do not love PK, but he did apologize. Finally now, everyone has apologized to Erika. She just will never accept their apologies.
      She came onto this show hating LVP, overly supporting Yo, and just not friendly. She is all about Erika, and her sense of humor is lacking in a big way IMO.
      PK and Dorit are living the BH life. I don’t love either of them, but they represent what a lot of uber wealthy people look like…all about the namedropping, etc. PK milked that story way too much, and we know he saw nothing. If his eyes were drawn to Erika’s body, it was after LVP started with the hand grabbing when Erika said she was pantyless…which I did not approve of, even in jest. The Brits got that joke though.
      Erika, if she was smart, never should have said she had no undies on in the first place. She should have said she was not sharing her undies or whatever. But that is my opinion. She speaks without thought of what the implications are…too quickly. She is impulsive.

      1. PK and Dorit are ok because they are living the BH life, represent ‘wealthy’ and name dropping? All of their actions and reactions are excused?
        But Erika on the other hand won’t accept apologizes and should have never said she didn’t have on underwear so PK wouldn’t react to her the way he did…???
        I also do not understand ‘she came onto this show hating LVP’ – they rarely even speak and when they do it seems cordial. Did I miss something?

        1. No, not excused, but if I am watching BH, there are characters I love to hate. That behavior of the nouveau riche is not that out of the ordinary. I know people like that. They are show offs, and they feel entitled. I am not saying it is right in the least, but no shocker!
          I knew I would get a comment like this from you, and I understand why. I am not saying that women ask for rape or anything with this sort of behavior either, since I never believe anything like that, so please do not blow my comment out of proportion. I was the victim of such and more than once. Please!
          It is just that some things are better off kept private. It is no one’s business whether you are wearing underwear or not. She is on a reality TV show, and she had to believe that someone would use that comment and run with it. It is not right, but it was no surprise. It is like grade school with these shows. People talk and they talk a lot.
          Also, Erika does not seem to accept anyone’s apologies, at least not when they apologize. Eileen was forgiven but she basically kissed her behind to be forgiven IMO. I do not believe Erika is a goddess either. I believe she is who she is, and no matter who that is, I do not find her fun to watch or even someone I love to hate. I actually wish she wasn’t there, but I tolerate her.
          PK was out of line, and he thought he was funny, but he went overboard. He did apologize. Should he give blood next? I think he made it up. I do. I think he thinks he is more fun to watch than he is too. It is nice that he supports his wife, even if I do not approve of his methods.

          1. I never once alluded to rape or anything with this sort of behavior…I have NO idea where that is coming from and no reason to child me with ‘you knew you would get a comment like this from me or Please!
            You can love to hate them all you want…you can provide all the ones you prefer with all kinds of excuses that is most certainly your choice.
            I seem to have once again ruffled your feathers with a mere questioning of your statements/opinions. Silly me, I thought this is what this board was all about…

            1. There there. You are the one with ruffled feathers. You read a tone into my words that wasn’t there and I can see why it is easy to do. Only the writer knows what their tone is, since the words do not necessarily show it.
              You think I am misogynous. That is what is implied, anyway.
              You have said more than once that a woman does not invite rape by merely looking sexy or whatever. I totally agree. I also do not think Erika invited the world to look at her V either, but she probably should not have said she had no undies on to avoid the laughing, etc. If anyone else said it, she too would have been the object of a bad joke as well.
              As I have said numerous times, LVP has been a favorite, but she is far from perfect. I see her flaws. I do not agree with all of her behavior at all, and in fact, she sickens me at times, yet I admire her for her charitable nature and her love of animals. I have always loved her sense of humor, but not when she doesn’t know when to quit. The panty thing was overplayed.
              I guess I grew up in a different time and place than you, and I have learned to laugh off some things a bit more, just living through some of what I did.
              I also live on the East coast. I am not saying we are that different, but my environment, in the greater NYC area, was one in which I became streetwise quite early and learned to let some things roll off my back. I also know that some cultures find some things funnier than others do. I grew up in an Italian American household and it was not perfect, but the culture was what it was. I am a product of my environment and many years of life’s lessons.
              kt, you may not agree with me, and that’s okay. Deep down I know you are a loving and kind person whom I respect a lot. You love people, root for the underdog and love life. We are not that different, however, sometimes you see the underdog in someone where I do not. I cannot see Erika as this bright and shining light. I see her as a nasty b…ch, and maybe that is a character that covers up a vulnerable side, but she seems to thrive in it (the nasty persona) a bit too much for my liking. I still think she deserves happiness.

              1. I have zero ruffles on today and I’m like a duck everything rolls of my back, so I’m not sure why I am receiving a life lessons/speech?! Regardless, have a nice day – I’m off to save the underdog(s) from the pound.

      2. So right Real Sandy. Erika is one cold potato & even her humor is cold as well. She definitely makes everyone around her very uncomfortable. It is so obvious how much she dislikes LVP–thanks to Yolanda. Just proves to me how empty & shallow she is.
        She’s close to cold Eileen who does not like LVP either, & Rinna is trying hard to be in her good graces.
        Everyone has apologised more than once, but to no avail–so remindful of Eileen. Boy, some people need the world constantly feeding their inflated egos, good luck with that. She’ll get tons of that from her glam squad, soapy & sudsy & her gay audience.
        Said it before, will repeat, her heart is really small, just enough space for her one child. She respects her sweet husband, except for spoiling her rotten,what’s his position in her life otherwise, I’m wondering. PK & Dorit are both correct about her coldness. Watching her at the reunion confirms how frigidly cold she is & reinforces to me why I dislike Eileen & Rinna’s ways. All from the same bolt of cloth.

  2. I agree that everyone milked the pantyless story to the max. LVP was over the top with it, as if she enjoyed it a bit too much. I agree.

  3. It was no set up! That is a joke. How could they have known she would say she had no undies on? Really?
    I think they milked it bobe dry, and it was not as funny as they thought. I am not British. I failed to see the humor in it. I thought they went overboard.
    Yet, apologies were said. I also think that Erika couod have laughed it off and it would have ended,mbut when she didn’t, they saw it as an opportunity to fester the wound in Jest. The Brits laughed about it. The have a think about showing behinds and laughing about them. I have seen it on British TV and with other Brits, not all, but yes, they took it too far.

    1. I know I will be flamed…but I agree. Erika is on the show as Erika G not Erika Jayne and yet while being Erika G she wears that See You Next Tuesday necklace. I would be embarrassed for my husband over that more as she chooses to wear that. Then while performing on DWTS as Ericka G not Jayne she stated I am always sexy when one of the judges said he would like to see more dance and less sexy! Well then own it was an accident and to Dorit and PK their way of making light is to joke…laugh at yourself. I don’t care for Dorit and PK but in the package at the reunion when Dorit gave her the undies she stated I don’t think/believe you were trying to seduce it was an faux pas. I have a friend that is constantly spilling on me and I rib her about it all the time when she approaches me with a drink. I agree with above Erika doesn’t like LVP so she came in this season not wanting to give Dorit a chance as she was LVPs friend. Also does anyone remember that one meal where Dorit and Erika said the same thing, jinxed each other then high 5’d saying it was over….the next person to bring it up was Eileen and Kyle’s saying that she felt Erika was hurt over it…..then everyone joined in and all heck broke loose. Funny how they seem to forget that. Also how Eileen and LR were laughing at it during their drinks with Dorit…wonder how Erika feels about that. Also they all jump on LVP for defending Dorit but it is fine and dandy for the 2 of them to jump in to defend Erika after Erika and Dorit high 5’d and said we are cool its done. just blows my mind…but there are bigger things in the world…lighten up you explained is was an accident they have said back we know it was……what is the issue!!!

      1. You said it better! I totally agree.
        Oh, and when she said “I always look fabulous” when Erin said she looked fabulous…so full of herself. It just does not work in her favor.
        Well said, Cassandra.

      2. So you’re comparing a friend spilling a drink on you to someone making jokes about your vagina?? Oh yes , very similar ! Wow!

        1. NO not comparing, gave 1 example of how we need to laugh at ourselves. Here is a better one, when I was little my mother came to the school for some thing and she had on a tube top and shorts…well wardrobe malfunction….now adays people would be screaming to the roof tops how she offended the children exposed them porn or such nonsense when it was an accident. Til this day her one friend and even I joke with her about boob popping out. She was embarrassed but laughs it off knowing we are all ribbing her to make light of. So many people today are quick to jump to slander and go to the extreme. If Erika would have taken it as an OMG I didn’t realize…haha funny thanks for the joke on me and moved on…like in the season it looks like she does then this would have been over. But Eileen brought it up after Dorit and Erika said at the meal they were done and high 5d. …it was truly the others that brought it up and kept rehashing it and telling Dorit she needed to apologize…when to her she thought why I was laughing with her not AT her. But everytime she tries to explain this everyone starts talking over each other and it blows up. Like last night when PK tried to own it and say yes I made light of it…hind sight it was a bad joke to say I enjoyed the glimpse…but he didn’t get far before everyone flamed him. To me it seems that the main issue is that Dorit didn’t realize she wasn’t that type of friend or close with Erika for her to be able to joke with. On one had Erika says she is sensitive and shy but then comes out still as Erika G with some of these outfits and that necklace and says on DWTS that she will always be sexy….she needs to pick a lane either you are quiet and reserved or you are who you are so be it and you are brash and bold and don’t care what people think…but you cant be both. She is milking this now and to act like a child and sit there not looking at PK or even paying attention when he was trying to apologize…act your age Erika. They were trying to make amends and she was a dog with a bone and would not let it go. In all the replay of the packages they never once said that she did it on purpose or that she was purposely seducing PK…she twisted those words herself.

            1. Not quite sure if you don’t buy my story about my is true just wasn’t sure if it was a story I was allowed to post or if you don’t by my thoughts on Erika needing to decide who she wants to be…but we can all agree to disagree. As I have stated I am a bit like Erika don’t warm up fast to folks need to earn my trust it is not given, but I feel she is waffling on who she is..cant say you don’t care then cry you hurt my feelings.

          1. ITA! Erika even said that someone told her Dorit & PK were continuing to talk about it. Who told her that? I bet it was LR & ED.

  4. Thanks Rain❤️❤️❤️, now here’s a question, somewhere in my memory bank I seem to remember Lisa Rinna being in the Hamptons, and they were having dinner and someone was sharing a video of Erika J .Lisa R was making some pretty judgmental comments, do you remember that?

  5. First of all it is not about the person who wears a C U Next Tues. necklace, though one might think if she wears no undies, she could laugh about herself and be self deprecating a bit. How many people would wear a CU Next Tues. necklace? I am saying it takes a certain personality, and one would think she could laugh about herself.
    If you were so worried about your vagina being seen (I doubt it was) then you should wear undies, maybe?
    Oh, and even if your vagina was not seen, why make it a focal point by emphasizing the lack of undies. Just keep your legs crossed and leave that personal tidbit personal. Who called her a whore? Did anyone call her a whore? I missed that. She does dance provocatively, and she should be able to take the ribbing and one up them even. She just got angrier.
    No, LVP was not right, but for some reason, she did not believe Erika. Yes, it is a British thing, and as Asher (a Brit) mentioned in the past, it embarrasses her, but other Brits would laugh about such things and it was no surprise to her.
    I think Erika Jayne should stay performing her Erika Jayne routines for the places that love her, and she should not be involved in BH reality TV. She is not cut out for it. She does not try to make friends. She wants people at her feet worshiping her, and when they don’t, she does not care about them. Eileen is one example of Erika’s wrath.

    1. Hi sweetie, hope you are having a good day. Hope we hear from Cin today about her dog.
      In my opinion, I feel like Erika feels they are treating her like a whore, and Lisa and Pervo took it too far fast.
      Where you see a confident woman wearing that necklace, I don’t.
      I think she’s learned to strike first, and strike back hard in her life as a form of self protection.
      I personally abhor the entire story line, I know you do as well, and LVP we can both agree is enjoying this too much.
      I always love seeing your posts.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    2. ITA! I can’t stand Erika. She is a liar, 2 faced, back stabbing, sniper from the side. She brings nothing to this show. She thinks she is better than every one. When in fact, she doesn’t come close. She is a legend in her own mind.

    3. In the replay it looked like LVP had her hand under the napkin on Erikas lap not all the way up her dress…granted we see what Bravo wants us to see, but when they showed that clip I paused it and it looked like she was under the black napkin.

  6. Yes , we do, and enough IS enough with that storyline.
    Hope Cin updates us too.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Rain, wouldn’t it be nice if we got to see the interviews and the audience picked the new Housewives? Granted, you and I may not pick the same ones, but that input would be nice.
    I honestly think that most truly wealthy BH women would not want to be bothered with being on reality TV, except maybe the aging actresses and models who love the cameras in their faces, like we have seen and those who have spent a lot of their wealth and may want the extra income.
    Did you like Carlton Gebbia? Did you watch back then? I just wondered. I found her really weird, but I loved to hate her.

    1. I vaguely remember Carlton , she was the magic or voodoo lady or something, right??

      I think 4 years and out ❤️❤️❤️

      1. Carlton was evil. She purposely made anyone she didn’t love immediately feel extremely uncomfortable, like Kyle. And, she was VERY good at it. Of course, she loved Brandy, being that her open marriage and her “Nanny/swinger/ adulteress/mate” went right along with Brandy’s morals, of course they stuck together and treated the hostess, Joyce, like shit because she didn’t want to get in he pool at her own party. I don’t care what kind of witch she called herself, she was cruel, a liar and a bitch.
        I wonder if Cin has had her appt. with the vet yet for her little dog’s eye. I know we all hope everything goes well, and if he isn’t well already, that they can make him so without surgery, poor little doll.

        1. Me too 3 D’s about the darling doggy. I hope he will be better soon.
          As for your above post, you said it all so well. Real creepy.

  8. I vaguely remember her being offended nobody knows what that was, instead of simply educating people about what it was.
    She was a bit too intense . And didn’t she allude to harming one of the husbands or something ? That was wacko

    1. She supposedly put a curse on Joyce Giraud, and Joyce’s husband became very ill with some sort of stomach bug that same night. She told Joyce that when she goes home tonight, she should watch out..
      Yes, wacko.

  9. Nice to see YOU!!!! I liked her dress and would wear it in an instant – just not for a reunion. 3D’s will remind me I’ve never been a fan of Kyle, but this year…I admit it…she’s winning/won me over! I enjoyed seeing her build friendships with other ladies and stand up for herself!

    Hope things are well in your world!

  10. Yes…until I became sick as a…IDK what…I was down for a whole week! Get this – I even ended up in the ER. We have a crazy virus going around, docs can’t even label/define. We are headed to Nashville in two weeks. After that will reschedule our vaca, a beach…sand, sun and beer!!!
    Kyle did have a great season…

  11. My own sister does not like LVP either. It is okay that we do not see this in the same way. As I have said before, LVP is not perfect. Some things she does abhor me. I still watched the show mostly for her, since to me, she represents Beverly Hills…as imperfect as BH women are, anyway. None of them are perfect. Erika acts like a high paid prostitute who got very lucky, and then she is Mrs. Girardi, the antithesis of Erika Jayne. Mrs. Girardi almost seems submissive to her husband, who can be controlling, IMO. Jayne seems more like a dominatrix type. She is two, two, two nuts in one? LOL
    I am no Erika fan. It has not happened yet, and I cannot make it happen.
    I do understand why she was so upset with Eileen now that she mentioned that text from her son. As mothers, we always worry about our children, and the mere thought is upsetting, but she had that text and she was drinking, so I get it now.

    1. Erika married Tom way, way before E. Jayne. I believe she fell in love, as did he, and they built a life together. She entertained, and did all the things the wife of a successful businessman does for the first years of their marriage. Their now almost 20 year marriage is a long time, and as she says, people should be attentive to their own marriages, instead of hers. I loved what she said about her video, how it offended some, to go be offended at their own lives, that cracked me up. Not referring to either side of this discussion, just my opinion and observation. I like both ladies, and I do think Erika’s remark stating she had no panties on started the entire thing. As I have said numerous times though, no one saw her vajayjay. That part of out anatomy is protected from view and harm by our thighs. she would have had to be sitting literally with her legs spread for any part of her private parts to be seen. So, PuKe’s entire little vulgar speech the next morning was a bunch of BS. Shame on him.

  12. Oh, and as an Emergency nurse, especially, just about everyone I worked with had a funny sense of humor. We had to laugh to get through the day. I understand.

  13. She says she gets it, the humour that LVP has, since she pokes fun like other Brits do and is not that different in what she sees as funny, etc.
    As an American, you see things differently. I am American as well, though I watch British TV and get some of it a bit more. I see how it gets misunderstood here too. LVP has lived here long enough to maybe see it went a bit too far.
    LVP was friends with PK and his ex wife, I believe, and Dorit is not an old friend of hers.

    1. Point is , when someone tells you what you’re saying or doing to them is not funny , you should stop.
      LVP is like a 5th grader, she found something annoying and beat it to death. So not funny

  14. OH no worries, you lovely lady! Long story short, it’s was like a mixture of sinus/strep/flu/upper respiratory all mixed together and fighting with your body. I don’t remember feeling that bad – ever – except when my appendix ruptured and burst. Silly me became dehydrated (yes even nurses make bad patients) and had to go to ER for fluids. I’m on the mend it’s taking longer than I like.
    I will however, take the love and kisses and send them back two fold!!!
    Vacation will be planned with fur bikini!! XOXOX

  15. We will always be HW friends! No need to hibernate. I did not find you irritating, I was taken back because I thought we were ‘cool’!!
    NO worries!!!!!
    Happy Easter, Real Sandy!

  16. Rain, throw me out the door if you want. My take on this is as follows. No, Erika possibly did not come on board disliking LVP, but, she signed on as Yolanda’s friend, yo yo & body guard. She was very newly in the show, knew no one well at all at that point, yet sat with Kathrine warning her against LVP. Her info came from Yolanda, not from her empty coconut head & the way she defamed a persons character so easily left me not only cold, but I sensed a bit of jealousy toward LVP as clearly, Tom showed his admiration of an interesting woman versus putting down his spoilt, aire headed beautiful child wife. Do you recall all of that? I havent. Now, out the door I go.

  17. I absolutely make no apologies for my outright admiration for LVP. YES, she has flaws, everyone does, but they’re so very minor in the big picture of her world of which she has acheived much & all for the betterment of society & for animals plus, plus, plus.
    Not one of the other housewives can hold a candle to that.

    1. No one should apologize for their outright admiration or being a fan of any HW. As you said. they all have their flaws, issues and unpleasant ways, they are human after all. Like you, I don’t apologize for my feelings or opinions.
      My circle of friends do not watch HW so this is my outlet. I take others opinions into consideration and honestly watch the show with yours and others in mind. I also choose to let LVP be LVP and EG/J be EG/J. There is no comparison, for many reasons on both sides. I do not agree with or like either of them all the time. I can relate to Erika in that I hold a tough exterior to avoid being hurt and have been called a cold bit@# – and I don’t care! I adore LVP for her work with dogs. I told my hubby I want to make a trip to her shelter but he denied my request stating I would come home with who knows how many dogs and expensive purses. I don’t think you have to 100% dislike one to like the other.
      All that said, I appreciate and respect that you “absolutely make now apologies”!!

      1. I agree with your post kt, I’m the same way. I make no apologies for me either. It’s either you like me or you dont, full stop.
        Also, on the animals, I’m the same way & hubby has put his foot down.
        One last thing. I do like Erika, even though she’s so unmoving, not because LVP & herself are not bosom buddies. Even when LVP was so close to Brandy Granville, I never ever liked her & I voiced that. It has nothing to do with being an admirier of LVP, she stands alone in my opinion.

        1. Hi Starr! Did you mean to write “I don’t like Erika” and not “I do like Erika.” I just think it looks like you meant I don’t like Erika.
          I hope you are having a great day!
          I was no fan of Brandi’s. I did give her a chance at first, but then, over time, like LVP, I just could not take her any more, and not just because of LVP either.

          1. Real Sandy, I meant I do like Erika, her character does not jive well with me. But she is a beautiful woman & a great sexy dancer. Other than that, kinda empty & cold–not the type I would befriend though. As for Brandy, from the very start I thought she was crude & just not nice. The kind of human I would disassociate myself from. Blessed Easter to you & yours.

  18. I’m better…maybe – or I’m faking it till I make it!!! Trying to decide if I want to go to bed, workout or go shopping. Choices…choices. How are YOU?
    I understand what you are saying, it’s the same way LVP likes her friends – you must be loyal to me and me only. Kyle is the exception.
    No charitable pass from me. “Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find out”!

  19. Now there’s a thought…yes, and I’m still looking for ‘the’ dress for a gala.

    Now that generosity is worth talking about!!!!!


    1. OMG! I just saw that dress, halter and cap sleeve. With all of your working out, you will be stunning in that. It shines and shows off your figure. Wow!
      It sounds like an awesome event. Enjoy yourself!

    2. Hey hot mama. I’m sure you’ll be gorgeous no matter what you choose. Is it bad that I don’t even know who that is

  20. Rain honey, that’s not true. Recall LVP’s friendship with Brandy, I absolutely disliked her & her behaviour. I do not judge others by their dislikes or likes, I form my own opinion based on their character & I fully admire hers.

    1. Starr my comment was not directed at you . Please don’t take it personally. But you have to admit that LVP seem almost in a trance in their obsession! JMO and you don’t have to agree with It

      1. Hi there Rain, no personals involved & of course as always, I disagree. ( So what’s new ) I doubt any admirier of LVP’s is in any trance. She has faults like all the rest of humanity, but, like I’ve said before & again now, she is an outstanding person in her community & it extends way further than that. Her soulmate at her side is something to be admired.
        Unfortunately, some of your remarks are directed at LVP’s fans & shifts astray from just expressing our thoughts on the subject.
        I quite like Erika, but to have her cold type as a friend, would depress me. I surround myself with up-beats as life is already too sad. JMO.
        Wonderful Easter to you & yours. Always love.

        1. You’re taking this way over the top , which just reinforces my point about LVP fans . Almost as if it’s incomprehensible that anybody would DARE criticize her . And to say that none of her fans is in a trance is just laughable . I can say whatever I want about her fans , and if it’s not true , shake it off and move on …..
          I don’t care wether you like Erika or not , I’m comfortable with all the criticism of her . I admire her but I’m totally fine with whatever people say about her .. ITS JUST A SHOW

          Let’s just let it go ok?? You have enough people her cheering for LVP , so not if I am not a fan … trust me, she is doing just fine regardless of how I feel about her

          1. Rain, none of this is right, & certainly not worth feuding about. Let’s just let it go, not important enough anyway.
            Have a very happy Easter.

  21. Wonderful, Enjoy your dessert. Much earned I’m sure after all your preparation. I spent all day in the kitchen pre-preparing myself.

  22. I just have to ask who liked Erickas tee shirt dress for a party asking that you dress GLAM. For a beach or pool party maybe I’d wear it. Most likely I’d wear it to paint or to bed. It doesn’t matter how much it cost Ericka it was ugly.

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