Erika Girardi Will “Push Every Limit” on DWTS

In many of Erika Girardi’s alter ego Erika Jayne’s music videos she doesn’t hold back on the wardrobe, so it has to make you wonder what she is going to wear now that she will be on the new season of Dancing With the Stars.

Erika told E! News after being announced to be on the new season during Good Morning America, it’s going to be “all Erika Jayne” performing. “Erika Girardi isn’t even here,” she said. “We left her at home.”

Erika also told Fox News, that she will “push every limit ABC will let me do.” When asked about the ballroom dancing, Erika said “I’m nervous for every [dance routine] because I’ve never done any of them so that’s all new to me,” she shared.

It looks like all of America might get to see “Pat the Puss” now. What do you think? Comment below.

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22 Replies to “Erika Girardi Will “Push Every Limit” on DWTS”

  1. The competition this year will be stiff! We’ve got one dance profi with the GLEE girl, and an Olympic ice skater & gymnast who automatically translate into girls who have had ballet and jazz technique training at the highest level. But I think we’re going to get Erika half way through. If for nothing else, we know that heifer extends her arms and legs beautifully, has great point with the feet too- all very important details to keep dance movement from looking sloppy. There’s nothing I can’t stand more than a dancer with “chicken feet” wrists, it’s a cardinal sin! Erika Jayne is going to give us” ELONGATION”, Daahling ! ” !

  2. Wonder if she is going to wear her “CU&t” jewelry, or have a lot of delays due to her fowl mouth? Not a fan of pat the puss–just go to the bathroom already!

  3. I wonder if Tanya Harding will show now too! Nancy Kerrigan was not liked by her as we all know. I could not stand Tanya Harding…mean girl.
    You really don’t like Dorito. I think Kyle will show up for sure. She loves to have cameras on her, and she and Erika are friends now. If Yolanda shows up, no real surprise there either, but then again, are they still friends?

    1. I wonder, too, if Yo shows up. I never could stand the way she tried to tell everyone else how to live. What clothes you can wear in certain towns!! How to act and who to be, she was just a haughty bitch IMO. I still don’t believe her & Erika were really friends in the first place. Friends know each others kids, after, what did they say, ten years? BS. That was the only true disappointment I had with Erika, that lie. If they knew each other at all, it was at most an acquaintance. I feel sorry for both of Dorit’s kids, for one thing, one of the nannies has such a deep accent of some kind I can barely understand her myself. A child with a speech impediment shouldn’t be confused right now about how words sound. Also, it makes me sick that they have him sitting at the head of the kitchen table in his high chair, eating alone, while they take their wine and go eat in the other room. Both of them make me sick. All those crocodile tears when she is on vacation, but she can’t sit with her family to eat. Meals were, for me and mine, the best part of the day. Dinner especially. I always cooked real food, and Monday nights we went out. To restaurants, not fast food. They are missing out on the best time of those children’s live’s. Children’s personalities are completely formed by 3 years old. All of the important feelings of love, trust & self importance are formed by then. I could go on & on, but they both just make me sick.

      1. I agree with you 3. We always had real home cooked family dinners together unless hubby had to work late shifts, then just me and the boys. If we went out to eat, the kids had real food at the restaurant with us. That is family time. They were very well behaved at mealtime too.
        Definitely, if a child has a speech problem like Dorit’s son, it would make sense to try to keep one language spoken at home. His problem seems to stem from his brain. It is almost like someone with a bad stroke with expressive aphasia. They may understand but not be able to find the words to speak.
        i agree that they are missing out on the formative years of their kids by what we were shown, anyway.
        Yo makes me sick.

  4. There there, Rain. I get it. I also think Dorit appears to be an absent mom, materialistic and not the most caring person. She is full of herself, yes. She has not shown us too much to make us like her. I get that.
    I just thought the Tonya Harding bit was a little over the top. Tonya hired someone to take Kerrigan out of the competition by injuring her. That was not funny to me. Sorry, I guess I am trying to laugh it off, but even though I do not love Dorito, I love to hate her on BH, and I really hope her children grow up without too many problems. I feel sorry for her son.

      1. Well, Tonya grew up with an abusive mom and was messed up from all accounts. Her mom even hit her on the ice, She deliberately planned an attack on Kerrigan to break her right “landing” leg. Luckily, though injured, Kerrigan’s leg was not broken. Tonya was a sick girl and she had others who did her dirty work.. She was stripped of her skating for life. It was a scary time for Kerrigan too. I just cannot laugh it off. Sorry.
        I love your sense of humor, Rain. It is okay. I may just remember this more clearly from when it happened, and I was shocked at the time at how someone would go that far to get rid of her skating competitor and ruin her life. It was crazy.

  5. There is a lot out there about the case if you search it. It is okay that you have a sense of humor too. You are not the first to joke about it, I am sure, too. I may just be more sensitive about it.
    Honestly when my eldest son played soccer as a very young boy, the other team asked their team’s players who was their best player and the next thing you know, the boy on my son’s team, a fantastic player for such a young boy, who played in Trinidad during vacations, was off to the hospital after being injured by the other team. I heard the other team’s coach threaten them saying if you win you have a party and if not, you’re just losers…Parents on our team were outraged. I hate when competition becomes a war. Parents can be terrible too. They make their kids go for the kill instead of just playing a game.

    1. One of my sons plays rugby and I’ve only been to one game. I can’t take it . It’s such a rough game on the best of days

      Yes it’s awful when things get nasty that way !

  6. This will be fun to watch. I hope she makes good. Sexy dancing versus ball room dancing? we’ll get to see her talent on a different level. Wishing her the best.

  7. I haven’t watched DWTS since the beginning because of all the talk, and so little dancing. I did love Bethenny on Skating With the Stars though, but I only saw what was in her spin-off. I should look and see if it’s on Amazon prime! I thought Kerrigan deserved the Gold actually, and Tonya was a mean girl. I didn’t know, Sandy, about her upbringing though. I will tape it with Erika on though, there is always “zip” I bet she does really well, as she is very healthy, very beautiful, a hard worker, and a showgirl, a compliment. I think a lot of dancers are simply too embarrassed to really go all out. She won’t be.

    1. I am no big fan of Kerrigan or anything, but that incident was terrible and Tonya was a mean girl.
      I watched DWTS for years then stopped, then watched again last season…most episodes. I used to like the Voice, but then quit. They were on the same times.
      DWTS used to be two nights a week, but they went down to one night a week which makes it easier to watch.
      I love the pro dancers and have my faves. They also have some guest performers that can be entertaining. DWTS spends a lot more on the set design and so much more than when the show first started. It is really entertaining, especially when the worst dancers are eliminated fairly.

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