Erika Girardi Thinks Dorit Kemsley Was Trying To Start Trouble and Embarrass Her

Erika Girardi is taking to her blog to discuss how everyone is talking about how she went commando on last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Erika says that it feels like Kemsley was trying to start trouble and that this “joke” of Dorit’s felt like something that was trying to purposely embarrass her.

“This week my guest role for The Young and the Restless is becoming a reality! I’m meeting with Eileen and her Executive Producer Mal at CBS Studios, and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m quite scared too, to be honest with you. The soap world is all so new to me, but that’s what life is all about, right? Having new experiences and tackling new challenges. Stay tuned.

We’re talking about what role I want to play. “Are you girl next door?” Mal asks. Ha, I love it. Hmm… What would Joan Crawford do?

Lisa Rinna is taking over QVC for 24 hours, and it’s really fun to see. She has so much energy, it’s no wonder she’s killing it with sales. I’m so happy for her and all her success. Congratulations, Harry Hamlin!

Dorit is continuously talking about the “pantygate” situation, and I can’t help but feel like she’s out to start trouble. She’s rubbing her hands together with excitement as she tells Eileen and Lisa R. that she “can’t wait” to bring this topic up to me in front of other people. She tells Kyle, “I have to make fun of her.” You can see how much forethought and energy was put into this and how eager she was to rub my nose in it. This “joke” feels so contrived, like she’s trying to embarrass me.

I’m excited to be doing the Escape Room with all of the ladies. I thought this would be a great way for us to do something different and have fun together. But the first thing Dorit wants to talk about is her ongoing conversation about my “puss” and how her husband “could not stop staring.” The more she tries to insinuate that I did this on purpose only makes matters worse. I think it’s clear by now that this was not an intentional incident, and she should really leave it alone.

When we get into the Escape Room, the fun finally begins. These codes and puzzles are no joke… this is harder than I thought. But we did it—we got out! And you know what? We laughed, we had fun, and for a moment, we forgot about the BS. Mission accomplished.

Now that the fun’s over, we’re at drinks talking about panties and PK seeing up my dress again. Dorit insinuating that I served “it up on a platter” feels condemning, shaming and insulting. That could not be further from the truth, and everyone in this group knows that. I’m still getting to know this woman, and this incident is very telling.”

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22 Replies to “Erika Girardi Thinks Dorit Kemsley Was Trying To Start Trouble and Embarrass Her”

      1. so true. I was born a Brandi stan and i will die a Brandi stan. Not that she was all right all the time, but I want some of the LVP lovers to go back and watch those seasons again without their blinders on and see how truly manipulative LVP really was. And how she’s doing it again with Dorit.

  1. I doubt that Dorit’s strings are being pulled by LVP or anyone else for that matter. Her strings are pulled based on jealousy. Hopefully in future all the women will dress with underwear especially around men unless they enjoy being the talk of the town.

    1. True Suze! I think if anything she’s trying to hang on to LVP coat tails but that’s not going to help her. Dorit is just silly and if she’s manipulated then that’s her own fault

      1. Exactly Rain! As an adult I can’t think of one time when I have let myself be manipulated by anyone and I’m sure it’s the same for you! Xxxx

        1. I agree, and count me in on never being manipulated. I don’t do anything against my own values for anyone. When seeking or finding friendship, I can feel that in a person by the way they speak and respond, and I know this about both of you already. It is an honorable characteristic and with it comes trust and honesty.

    2. Dorit is a big girl but LVP is a master at finding the desperate ones and manipulating them into doing her dirty work. She tried it with Rinna and it failed. I think Dorit and LVP are jealous of Erika!!!

      1. I think Dorit and her husband are so THIRSTY and LVP is merely their entry ticket. This is a scenario where everybody is using everybody . I feel zero anything for Dorito and Pervo

      2. I disagree. Both are big enough to sort their selves out and tend to agree with Rain that they are up or trying to be up Lisa’s butt! I don’t think Lisa would need to pull any strings with these two they are both thirsty for fame and it’s quite sickening. Anyone who allows themselves to be manipulated aren’t worth mentioning, shows lack of character! Brandi was her own worst enemy as is Rinna, now she is up Eileen’s butt!

        1. I have the biggest soft spot for Brandi. It’s my most crippling weakness when it comes to RHOBH. So, i am SUPER jaded when it comes to LVP. She is the biggest villain in my eyes.

          1. Jack – me too. Sometimes I think I’m crazy!! I’m not super jaded about LVP though, I have a like/dislike relationship. This season – major dislike, she’s acting, jealous, insecure and mean girl. Not a lady like posture.

      3. She didn’t fail with Rinna, Rinna waited 20 years, saw a way to make Lisa look bad after allowing herself to be led for years and years right onto housewives. I am not a blind fan of Lisa, but Rinna is a wuss and has no honor. She ruined an entire season about something that wasn’t even about her, ruined an effing trip to Dubai with it, rather than simply stand up for herself with honor.

        1. I see whay youre saying 100%. And Yikes!!! Dont want you thinking im a Rinna supporter!! I havent been able to stand her since i realized her deal is finding the weakest (i may get some disagreement from kim and yo non-supporters) person on the cast and leeching onto their storyline to create her own. She is ishy.

  2. Ditto on the dirty Dorit and the creepy PK. Like I mentioned yesterday, Lisa does do things that manipulate situations. Like insert Kyle’s name somewhere it doesn’t belong, just a tiny reference to put a different slant on an exchange than what really happened. I dislike that about her immensely, when she uses Kyle, a loving friend, for her own negative reasons. Anyone, Brandy, Rinna or on any of the cast of the Bravo shows who allow themselves to be manipulated by anyone, including Lisa, are as much if not more to blame than Lisa is. Lisa has a strong personality, a lot of influence, does a lot of work, every kind, and has definite qualities. I have never been a blind fan of hers though. But I do not hold her responsible for what others allow themselves to say or do. Whether she makes it in the form of suggestion, or is plainly trying to lead someone, a strong person, like Kyle, does not allow herself to be manipulated no matter how much she cherishes the friendship. Kyle has her faults as we all do here on Earth, but that isn’t one of them. She is friendly with everyone if she can be, because she understands social grace. She gets that this is a show. I do believe Lisa has now had her very first taste of true jealousy, and her name is Erika. She is handling it very badly. Kyle’s true growing friendship with Erika is making it even worse. She better look out, or that heavy crown might fall on her kingdom and break it.

  3. Kyle has found her own, and yes she is feeling her mf’in OATS this season. She went from having some of the worst style of the franchise to the best. And i think now that Kim is gone and getting healthy the RIGHT way, Kyle has time to focus on herself and really take care of herself. Not only does she look better but she has gone from the one i hated most to one of my favs. She just seems so light and fun now.

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