Erika Girardi Thanks Anxiety on the Birth of Erika Jayne

On the RHOBH Erika Girardi always seems so calm in the face of drama, but that wasn’t always the case.

“I had everything that you want. Every material object. Everything. But inside my core I still wasn’t satisfied,” she told ABC News Nightline, pointing out that her anxiety did create her alter-ego Erika Jayne.

“I felt like I was just not being myself. I felt like I was hiding. I was hiding from me. I was hiding from sparkle and magic and fun and fearlessness and music and dance and creative magic… I just knew I had feelings. I knew I had thoughts. I knew I had things I wanted to say. Listen, I’m rebellious. Okay? I always have been. And Erika Jayne is a little bit of a rebel too.”

Finding those specific characteristics can still be sometimes hard to find for Erika, “It wasn’t like overnight I became this like fearless badass that said, ‘You know what? I’m going to just jump out here on faith and do whatever I want.’ That was a slow process,” she said. “But what can I say? It’s what I created.”

Erika did mention how she doe still have insecurities, “I think that I suffer from what every woman suffers from, which is never being pretty enough, never being thin enough, never being enough, never being smart enough,” she said. “You can really whip yourself into a frenzy about all the things you that don’t have instead of all the great things that you do have.”

When it comes to Dancing With the Stars she isn’t letting that get in the way, “I just don’t see those limitations in life. Like someone said to me, ‘How do you feel about dancing against Simone Biles, she’s 20-years-old [on Dancing with the Stars? I said, ‘I don’t want to be 20-years-old anymore. I’m happy being 45,'” she said. “Women my age are valuable, and we have a lot more life to live and so much more to give. All of those old rules, they’ve been broken. Yeah. That’s old way of thinking.”

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76 Replies to “Erika Girardi Thanks Anxiety on the Birth of Erika Jayne”

  1. loved her …. but not so much now. I feel she is the one who made sure that pantygate remained the storyline of the season and didn’t care who she walked/ran over to make that happen. By the scenes that were shown it sure did look like she is the one who keep it going and going and going. She is a calculating women – nothing wrong with that – but it’s obvious she didn’t care who she stepped on to keep herself relevant. Now she is irrelevant,

    1. Agree, Cin. She does have insecurities——of the wrong kind. So focused on her outer self, not enough on her inner. She is a beautiful woman, but that’s all she has & that fades. It’s her money & glam squad behind her, plus her looks is why she is where she is. See past pics of her, mousey brown hair, regular looks. I bet she was nicer then.

      1. What I’ve been able to take from her more serious interviews when you actually hear them in their entirety is the complete opposite. Going into music as Erika Jayne provided a much needed outlet for her to fuel her creativity and inner dream world. By funneling her energy into her creativity she is in fact, feeding and focusing on her inner self. As for being nicer? Her audience is the hip, hot, gay crowd: that’s who she is surrounded by; it’s a very visual, glamor laden environment where you won’t survive by being meek, you will be chewed up and spat out. It’s not for everyone.

    2. Just curious, but did you actually watch the season in its entirety? Even watching how atrocious PK and Dorit were in the first 3 episodes I don’t know how this can be twisted into Girardi wanting this kind of attention when you review the Kemsleys accusations and commentary.

      1. watched the whole season. Just my observation – Erika wouldn’t let it go. She is the first to mention she had no undies. Back in the day if I didn’t have undies on I didn’t broadcast to all. As for PK – can’t stand him and I’m still riding the fence regarding Dorit. I also think Bravo manipulates the footage so who the heck knows what is what.

    3. I agree. When Erika was on WWHL with Andy she said she knew that would be a story line. Andy gave her an awkward look. I can’t stand Erika. Never like her from day one.

    4. Gosh Cin, I thought just the opposite about “pantygate”. I thought Dorit was the one to bring it up after the fact, with that silly panty gift. She thought she was being cute and laughing it off. If it had been done to me, I would have felt the same as Erika. Oh well we all see these ladies differently. Makes the comments interesting. 🙂

  2. I’m shocked but not surprised reading comments spanning over last couple of days regarding Erika. It has really solidified how judgmental people can be. She doesn’t fit into a certain mold so she must be wrong, right? She wears a necklace that you never would…so she’s not up to ‘standards’? WOWwwwww….and here I thought it was 2017….
    And, as a traditional Christian….”for in the same way you judge other, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you”
    Now…am I perfect and not judge others, including HWs? Heck NO.
    It’s no wonder she has a wall up…mine is half built!

  3. I am really struggling with how FAKE this whole season is with manufactured plot lines and excuses made to fabricate conflict ;
    1) why would LVP invite Rinna to her party , OME day after she accused them of doing Coke ? The 2 Lisa’s hate each other . In the real world, I would not invite someone I hate to JT party, nor would that person accept the invitation .
    The same with Hong Kong , why would LVP invite Rinna and Eileen ?? Makes zero sense

    2) so Eden and Rinna were buddies in Hong Kong, which made no sense , right?? Now next week , they are having a fight they should’ve had weeks ago. My guess is that production asked Eden to hold her ‘anger’ till the finale, so they can have a ‘scene’. Fake fake fake

    3) Dorit and PK , do they live in a rental? That house is not a home , makes no sense. And that ‘bar’ last night where they had a drink , wtf?? Was that shot at IKEA ?? I just don’t but it . Again, all just fake

    4) Eileen likes a cute puppy? Oh but the paper work takes too long !! If LVP is allegedly bringing some of thee dogs to her shelter here in the US, is it THAT hard to bring Eileen that dog ??? Again fake!

    I venture to say that there is very very little ‘reality’ , and the rest is made up crap

    1. I agree…there is a lot of fake BS going on this year. I saw a picture where Eileen, Erika and Kyle are riding in a car after their supposed fight…
      And did you catch LVP last night telling her party planner the horse trainer is straight and to not ask him, she introduces them and says – don’t you have something to ask him – after the question is asked she laughs and giggles and says you can’t ask that…it was a TOTAL set up!!!!
      IKEA – you crack me up!!!!!!!! Their house looked so small in first episodes….
      Eileen said she wanted to take the dog – but he wouldn’t have survived the flight? IDK but I wanted him too!! And I tell you this, I accept people who are accepted by dogs. Eileen had several warming up to her. I’m a ….if my dog doesn’t like…I don’t either.

    2. I’ve said to my boyfriend every time we watch the show “Dorit and PK don’t live there.” It reminds me of Dana’s empty house. The Eden/Rinna fight is weird……. I agree with you she was either asked to keep everything inside or something hit a nerve like it did with Erika last week..

      I feel like things have gone to such a very hurtful, VERY real place with a lot of these women in the past few seasons (season 5&6 are very emotionally rough) that I wonder if they’re playing around a little this year and keeping things surface on purpose. Play fight one night for the cameras, Kiki about it the next day when no one else is around. Sounds fun to me!!!

    3. Agree with all except the doggie part: the US government makes it pretty difficult to get animals into the country (animals, plants, and perishable foods). The paperwork is a total nightmare that has to be done weeks, if not months ahead of time . You can be fined if not arrested if you try to get something in on a commercial flight that’s not properly declared with pre-approved and notorized documents. Eileen was right not to push it, and hopefully tried to look into it later. I’m sure Lisa’s adoptions were pre-planned long in advance and were part of the reason for her trip.

  4. As much as I can’t stand Rinna, she is the STAR of this show now , for the second year!!! She’s Bravo gold!! She’s not going anywhere !

    It’s tragic but true. Almost all of the discussions anywhere are about Rinna ! She knows how to create storylines and I’m sure Andy is wet! . Her being aweful or disgusting or whatever doesn’t matter . This is all about business and numbers .
    We may not like it, but she’s the main attraction !

    1. Oddly enough, I’ve always liked Rinna whenever she’s not attacking someone..and I completely get that she approaches this show as a job and is always volleying back and forth to keep the show “in motion”, but she has a stubborn vindictive streak that is both jarring and irritating, and is reckless with her words. That’s when I want to sock her in the puss…although a lot of times I do see she takes on a lot of the burden of doing the heavy lifting on this show. As I’ve said before, if she could withstand and endure LVPs social media army last season, she’s in for the long haul. There used to be a pop culture saying a few years back that I after Armageddon, the only things that will survive are cockroaches, and CHER (with a new dance hit). I think we might have to Lisa Rinna and her frosted wing tips to that list.

  5. I knew you would understand….I can’t believe this day and age we are still slut shaming women. It is so sad.
    Like you I have very few female friends – I’d say two who are very close. I spend a lot of my free time with my husband and his friends. We rode to NM last weekend – me and 7 guys – I’m can only imagine what people thought, what a biker slut, all those guys with one girl…I only sleep with (and LOVE) one, thank you very much!
    Heck, Rain there are days I can’t even stand to be on this board with women…hehehe…but true!

    1. as long as you address me – we are good :0) (you know that old saying I don’t care what you call me as long as you call) Yes, I think I need sleep…
      I agree with you Alice Moonbeam…Sunshine…!!! I have my own conflicts and struggles, I do not hide behind my faith and say/think ‘if you were this way you’d be OK’ NOooooo…I say here I am, myself flawed and accepting of anyone!!! I have learned more from those who to some would seem ungodly than those who attend every service.
      I guess this makes me Ocean Breezes…or something…like I said sleep is needed!

      1. You are a doll, Ocean Breezes! I so understand what you are saying. I’m in an old lady gang of three Jesus lovers, my one friend and I have seen and done a lot, the other has followed a straight path, she’s the one when we try to be patient or understanding toward someone who’s really pushed the envelope says Cut his head off, that’s what Jesus would do! Gotta love the fact that everyone is on their own path, ha!
        Rest and be well.❤

  6. Rain,
    I so understand your comments about feeling comfortable in the company of your gay male friends.My initial career was closely related to interior design, and met many wonderful designers who happened to be gay.I have lost ten friends in the past to AIDS, one an especially dear friend. His parents would not acknowledge anyone that knew he was gay at the funeral. I have a dear friend now that is gay and closeted due to religion. In 2017.
    It is my feeling that going through the struggles many have experienced, they became extremely tolerant and loving. Many, not all. I do not wish to generalize. ❤

  7. Yeah…and 4 of them are single. 2 doctors and 2 firefighters. The looks we get are hilarious. I just have issue with the judgmental looks.
    What a sweet friend you are, seriously!
    How many hot dogs they eat every day…….oh my – can always count on you!!!

  8. I was never really a fan of hers – sure haven’t changed my opinion. She is a mean girl, just like LR. For quite some time Kim was the victim and prior to that it was Brandi. My opinion is – there is definitely something wrong within their lives that makes them gang up on ppl that they consider weaker. Both LR and Erika have husbands that never really appear with them in public, and if so, it’s very rare…..So with all of the blubbery lips, complete plastic surgery bodies and faces and for Erika being surrounded only by ppl that she pays to be her friends and do help make her look like a cartoon, she really doesn’t seem to have anybody. LR is so full of herself, and she truly is a sick individual. Very hateful people.

    1. I’d rather be married to tom than be married to a man with tits (PK) ! PK clearly is a bitch of a man who inserts himself in women’s business! Lame !
      Dorit surrounds herself with nannies , why ain’t that bothering ya ?

  9. Yes….please!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s go back to the good ole days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And, thank YOU for teaching!!!!!

  10. I realize I’m being annoying and posting nonstop, but one more thing:
    I am SO disappointed that the ladies would diminish Eden’s gesture because it held no monetary value. That spoke volumes.

  11. That was just north of us, it’s very sad. West Texas receives crazy weather this time of year! We are still looking into a beach vaca – possibly next month. Either Turks or back to Puerto Rico!

    1. It was so sad just watching it on TV. I have been through hurricanes, but at least there is a warning before it happens. Those twisters come out of nowhere so quickly, and are so devastating. It must be difficult living where that happens.
      I have been to PR which is an easy direct flight and very nice, though I have only stayed there once for a week, and the other times I spent just a day there off a cruise or just connected flights to the VI from there.
      I have seen pics of Turks and it is gorgeous and people I know have loved it. Only one complained it was too hot there, so I don’t know if it is more like the Bahamas and has no breezes or it was just that person. I have been to the Bahamas several times, Nassau, PI and Abacos which are not far away, and Turks looks even nicer and more Caribbean for sure from the pics. Either one would be nice to get away to, so enjoy yourselves.

      1. We have been to PR several times and is always our go to place, wanting to try something new. It really doesn’t matter as long as it has a beach!

        1. Have you tried the U.S. Virgin Islands? I loved St. Thomas and St. John. We went there several times. St. John is a ferry boat ride from St. Thomas and quieter and most of the island is a state park..very nice. My son was there a year ago and loved it. The beaches are gorgeous.

          1. I haven’t….I just sent a text to the hubs. I may have to delay my flight training and stay longer than originally planned. Hubs is taking a one every 5 years month off.

            1. That sounds very nice with a full month off. I stayed two weeks in the USVI once and that was a lot. St. Thomas has a lot to do, but if you go shopping in town/Charlotte Amalie, check how many cruise ships are there since some days are crowded. I stayed on the East end of St. Thomas. St. John is quieter and you can still go to St. Thomas.
              Well, whatever you decide, I do hope you have a nice warm beach vacation. The Caribbean has the best beaches.

              1. We won’t stay a whole month, he takes off a whole month every five years. Does that make sense? I wish we could stay a month or better yet just have a second home…hmmm….ooooo honey…I just had a thought…hehehehe

  12. It’s quite the telenovella. There’s a lot of hurt in the family. The way things were handled with us moving in together wasn’t smart on my partners part and I stayed pretty ignorant about it because I didn’t want to make things worse. So I think there’s a lot of risidual hurt there from her mixed with her total confusion and distaste of the sexuality bit of things. Dad is great, dad is very accepting but he has a very meek voice in the relationship so mom usually overrules. Sister is scared of mom and will pretty much do whatever she says. There’s just, like I said, a lot of pain there for many reasons and it’s sad. But I’m hopeful and I don’t think anyone is beyond coming around to something they’re initially weary of. I mean hello least likely friendship of Kim and Brandi proves that anything is possible!!!

      1. Hi Mich- I had to re-apply LOL- wanted to make sure I wasn’t attacked as a NAME CHANGER- besides I am not a HWLOVER, only some LOL

            1. Oh no problem. I just didn’t know who Mich was that’s all
              This is AllThingsRH so maybe you meant to post on another site ?

              1. All About the Real Housewives is now also on Disqus…new format for them, so I think that was the mistake…maybe?

  13. Hello Blogger Friends, Didn’t see the episode, can’t comment, but will address what Erika said above and some of the comments about that. Erika is great. Every single person is great. Celebrate who you are, what you are and who you love. People are going to judge, I say do it to my face. I also have one girl friend. I have known her for 45 years. My other great friend is a guy. Woman are the worst (I am one). I’m so tired of hearing about how someone looks, dresses, wears there hair, ugh! How about the loving way they raise their children, their kindness to strangers, or just being SMART. When was the last time you heard a woman call another woman smart? Right!
    I have a niece who is gay. She hid that from her family for 30 years. She fell in love and came out. The people who she thought were not going to accept her did with open arms, hearts and minds. She’s married and I now have another beautiful niece that I can brag about. I have cried so many times about how she felt like she had to hide who she was and not be fully realized. Please, its making me tear up now.
    I’ve lived a lot of life in my many years. Unfortunately, all the “isms” in this world will never change. Too many people have too much hate to open themselves up to all the wonderful colors and flavors that make up our society. All I can do is make my corner of the world a better place.
    And, thank you to the great teacher among our bloggers. You are the best and can’t be thanked enough for the job you do.
    Peace and love to all…

    1. That was lovely. Once, on a talk show the guest said “The world and it’s skin colors should be thought of as colorless” I understood in theory what she meant. But I protest every day against
      colorless, I want and create colorful. And, I agree, that was not only a lovely post, it was smart.

  14. omg… I also was referred to as a slut a couple times without having the pleasure of even having had sex yet!!!!! lol…. mean girls and ignorant guys – stay clear….

  15. Hi Sandy/Jack, Jack, you are so welcome here and please, now that you are truly among friends. My paternal grandmother was just like Sandy’s MIL. My mom’s family had money and were educated (they immigrated from Italy). My dad’s family were poor and uneducated (also immigrated from Italy). Dad’s mom didn’t want him to marry my mother. She thought they were judging her and snobby. Yes, they didn’t like her because she was a cold mean bitch. Mom’s parents didn’t like my dad and I wish she listened to them. My dad was an awful person. When my sister was born, Dad’s mom would wait for the bus right in front of my parent’s house. My mom would yell over to her, come see (insert sister’s name). She wouldn’t even turn around and acknowledge her granddaughter. Now, who was the snob? We would go over on the holidays. My sister and I didn’t receive one gift, card, stocking nothing. All our other cousins would have them, but not us. After a couple of years of this, my mom put her foot down. She said, I’m done with your mom, and my kids are not going to see her either. I didn’t meet her until I was 15. I could have gone without because she made it very clear that she preferred 3 other grandchildren over the rest of us. My mom’s side is just the opposite…yes, educated, class, fun, kind, giving, caring, non-judgmental, just the best. I only speak to two cousins and one aunt on my dad’s side and that’s enough. But, after my parents divorced, Dad’s mom did a complete 360 and all of a sudden my mother was better than sliced bread. Her heart grew?! Or maybe she realized all the woman dad was cheating with and were dating were not the best people….hmmm…Anyway, it was very interesting to see them have a nice relationship after all those decades. So, things can change. Jack, this isn’t your fight. Your partner will stand up for you and let him. He made his choice perfectly clear, he loves you and wants to be with you. All the rest is just plain fluff. Smile, be gracious, and let her see how well you treat and love her son. If she comes around great. If not, you don’t need that negativity in your world. Much peace and love to you both

    1. The prejudice I was raised with was from the catholic school I was made to attend, till my mom divorced my dad. He was excommunicated for marrying my mom, as she was divorced, and it wasn’t annulled by “the church.” But, he still insisted we go to school there????? So, I was a bastard child at school, and made to remember it daily. The humiliation was that kind that makes your back and head feel cold, and you just want to sink into a hole, Anything to get away from the confusing hatred. I got out in 7th grade, finally, when my folks divorced. Our upbringing stays with us all our lives. I chose to do & be exactly the opposite with my own kids, and did. It was easy though, because I always knew what was true, and what kids need. Love, acceptance of them, who they are, no matter what happens, Mom is the one to go to, and I will ALWAYS believe you and be on your side. Even when they were wrong, they had my acceptance and my guidance. To know every day that they are the most important people in the eyes of their parents. Those were the greatest years of my life.

  16. lol…… always ticked me off…. and this was back in high school. I agree we should have at least had the fun that came with the title…. but none of those boys were worth it!!! I made up for it ….. wish I knew how to do those smiley faces you all post….!!! cuz I’m laughing.

  17. This morning before I left for work I posted the link for you guys to see the interview, not knowing the actual video would embed itself into the comment forum. So my post appears to have been moderated and rejected, lol. If you want to see the full interview with Erika & Tom in its entirety, it’s on YT under ABC News. They’re a nice couple.

      1. She is exploding on the scene right now. Another number one song, performing to crowds of 30,000 in Greece, profiled by Vogue & Cosmopolitan, landing a recurring guest star role on Young & The Restless, and now the mainstream exposure on DWTS…at 45/46 years old? I’m here for any woman of a certain age going for her dreams and living the best life she envisions for herself. Too many times society tries to tell women they should settle at that age and be ready to put out to pasture: I enjoy seeing mature women confident, sexy, no-nonsense and just embracing possibility. Everyone’s not meant to be a Stepford wife or Marion Cunningham.

  18. Thank you so much for the kind words ❤️❤️❤️ What a truly amazing group of people you all are. I hope all is well Sandy.

  19. And the golden rule, whether one believes in Jesus Christ as the only man who walked the Earth without sin, or not, is the best rule. “Treat all others as you would like to be treated.” So simple.

  20. I pray they learn and change. And, I pray that he will give them the chance to understand, and maybe help them. I know that sounds backwards, but some people were raised in such a domineering way that other thoughts and beliefs are almost impossible for them to allow in. It is sad for your partner, and his family. Everyone is missing out on so much. I might not have “understood” at 13, but I don’t believe I would have thought anything was odd about love, either. Though, my parents were married till I was 14, when finally I was out from under the thumb of my bigoted father. I knew he was wrong from the time I was tiny, oddly. When he said his bigoted, prejudiced words, I KNEW he was wrong. Maybe God told me?

  21. Can we give kudos to Erika and Eileen for squashing their beef like mature women , with a sincere apology and just moving on !! ❤❤❤❤❤

  22. Off topic! Is anyone watching Big Little lies on HBO?!! Does Nicole Kidmans performance not give you chills ?? So fragile and delicate and heartbreaking

    1. Because I watch my US shows online I binge watch most of the scripted ones, so BLL is actually on my list as soon as I finish The Girlfriend Experience! The critics have been doing some really good write ups on it that totally sparked my interest. Plus, it looks beautifully shot, too .

  23. Three cheers to Jack for taking on that workload! I know it’s become a thankless job with a lot of challenges, but the nostalgic part of me thinks it’s a pretty noble job that you have, there.

  24. Funny, when I was in high school, I hung out with a group of guys and we went to concerts and stuff. One guy had a gf but she did not go. We cut class once to stay in a line all day for the Grateful Dead at Nassau Coliseum (Long Island) and we were from NJ. We were just friends. One of the guys came out years later. The others were straight. I had a girl friend or two, but the guys were more fun. We lost track of each other, but I have to say you are right.
    Oh, and my brother told me that he heard I was being called a slut too…and I was shocked. I barely dated anyone then. Maybe the one guy I rejected spread that story…

  25. Not sure if I like her, I am conservative and it seems so outlandish and dirty to me but that is me. Live and let live and if the two Erika’s love it who am I to judge. Go for it girl!!!

  26. Totally makes sense what you are saying. We are going to discuss this weekend and weigh all. We aren’t much on sightseeing and lots of activities when we travel, we tend to find a beach and never leave. Maybe to do some shopping or hiking. I might even look in Key West…

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