Erika Girardi Talks RHOBH and Her Thoughts On Dorit and PK Kemsley

Erika Jayne visited Jenny McCarthy in the studio for The Jenny McCarthy Show on SiriusXM and dished on all things RHOBH and more.

First, she talked about her relationships with her cast mates and said she has really bonded with Kyle Richards because she’s a “show girl.” But Erika warned any future women from building alliances with the women. “If you’re smart enough, you come in and remain independent and hold your own court,” says Erika. “It’s not good to team up. You have to be an individual.”

When Jenny commented that Lisa Vanderpump has become more “produced” over the years, Erika agreed, “She’s the ultimate professional.” When Jenny asked if Lisa and Kyle have production ties and access to footage ahead of time, Erika laughed, “I’m not touching that!”

Erika was not shy when talking about Dorit Kemsley and her husband PK. “My alarm bells, my red alert, my red flags are going up. This guy – I don’t believe his money. For some reason he bothers me. Why is that?” Erika continued, PK “enjoys not being liked.” She said PK is someone who “is boldly himself. I don’t know what to say about that without being really rude.”

Erika also compared PK to RHOA’s Peter Thomas. “He tends to stick himself in possibly when I would prefer him to let his wife handle her business. And she [Dorit] does. You know, she talks. But there are moments when I would much prefer it to be an all-women thing.”

“I don’t like it when husbands come to the rescue, and I don’t like it when husbands give their opinion. It’s says Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. It does not say Real Husbands,” she insists. “We have to do the show, not them.”

Girardi also insisted that she isn’t on the show to steal the “crown” from Lisa Vanderpump. She likes the fact the show features an ensemble cast and has no intention of stealing the limelight away from Vanderpump.

Thank you to RealityTea for the transcript of Erika’s interview.

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13 Replies to “Erika Girardi Talks RHOBH and Her Thoughts On Dorit and PK Kemsley”

  1. Love Erika….!! Agree with her regarding PK. He seems to love the cameras, he is rude to the other ladies, speaks for his wife, doesn’t wear a t-shirt while wearings swimming trunks and he most certainly should – not a pretty picture so keep it off my tv!!! Erika in my opinion is one of the most truthful of the ladies … she truly entertains us!!!

    1. And she’s so right about LVP! She’s so produced, which is another word for fake and acts for the cameras. Erika was intelligent enough to be, as she said, her own person her first season, and didn’t go after anyone, unlike Eden & Dorito.

      1. And I love how Erika calls a spade a spade. Little or no BS coming from that one. Honestly, Bravo could do a show all about her and her husbands life and I’l be sitting there on my sofa with popcorn.

    2. I was actually surprised PK allowed himself to be seen in “all his gory” on camera shirtless. He reminds me of Adrienne’s Maloof’s then husband, Paul, when he stripped down to his swimming shorts. I mean, really, he was a doctor after all. That extra 50 pounds not only looks awful when uncovered, it is the same as carrying 6 gallons of milk around all the time. It wasn’t as though he was ill, and he was a young man, with young children to be an example for, & he was too young to allow the horrible habit of eating so unhealthy to stick. That’s how I gage weight, when I became aware that a gallon of milk weighed 8 pounds, it stuck with me. The couple times I gained more than 5 pounds, I reminded myself how difficult it is to carry a gallon of milk for very long, it becomes very heavy. Both men are terrible physical health examples for their children.
      Erika, Kyle and Lisa are my favorites, Kyle and Lisa being the first housewives I was a fan of. Erika seems a very honest person and tries her best to be diplomatic, not easy in this group! I very much liked a couple housewives that are gone now, and am a fan of a few on other franchises. I am wishing for a scene soon with Lisa, Kyle and Erika that bonds them all.

  2. Last season i found Erika a guarded and struggled to warm up to her. However, this season she is coming out of that shell and showing the true her. I really liked her scene with LR on the bed. You could tell that Erika didn’t believe that LR didn’t remember and that it was true that she had said these things, however, she was trying to help LR out. Erika knew this was going to spiral fast.

    1. yup. and if anyone knows housewives, they know they can’t be completely open on their first season, so I can see why she didn’t trust anyone her first season. Now I like the fact that she opens up to the women, especially Eileen and Kyle — she shouldn’t trust Rinna too much though lol. LVP is lost cause, Erika knows she can’t trust snakes 😀

  3. I like Erika a lot, she’s great. But to even entertain the thought of stealing LVP’s crown, is just that, a thought. There’s only one LVP, never will be another. Forget it sister, no match.

  4. I think she’s a little jealous, too, but I don’t see that as a character flaw as long as she doesn’t strike out with lies and the act of pushing the new person away. I understand a little twinge of jealousy when there has been a long friendship, it’s human nature. But she hasn’t struck back with anything nasty and that is what shows character,, IMO. I also understand expecting total trust and the ability to trust our old friends. No wondering if confidences will be spilled, as that is a sign of a weak person who is looking for attention by betraying a person they’ve called a good fried. Those things should never be questioned or worried about in a real bonded friendship. I don’t see Lisa doing that, and hopefully Lisa will make an effort to build a friendship herself with Erika. All 3 ladies are classy, honorable women, and I see a good things ahead.

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