Erika Girardi is Talking To Eileen Davidson in THAT Scene

When viewers first saw the trailer for this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills one of the most shocking moments was when Erika Girardi was in tears, saying, “You don’t know what I go through at night.” Well, we are close to finding out what she was talking about.

Next week, during part two of the Hong Kong trip, all will be revealed, but for now, here’s one thing we do know: Erika was talking to Eileen Davidson!

This is surprising for a couple of reasons. One, Erika and Eileen have been getting along so well this season. Up until now, it would have been fair to guess that of all the Housewives, Erika is closest to Eileen. Two, based upon #PantyGate and the first part of the Hong Kong trip, we were almost positive the tears and anger were pointed at Dorit Kemsley.

Check out the preview below.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I’m not sure how we can tell this was directed at Eileen ?? The footage doesn’t show that

or the content…like everything else this season could be a big fat nothing…
Anyone know what the ratings are – if they’ve dropped?
I think this is a tease…

this season is a big fat nothing, gossip , he said she said, she deso’t remember she doesn’t remember either… I mean they’re really scraching the bottom of the hell pit for an argument. it’s pathetic what this show has come to. #fakeBS

Well Bravo knows what they shot and we will see next wk, but I didn’t know Ericka was that close to Eileen. I thought she was close to Kyle. But the other thing I saw loud and clear, is how truly mean LV is. Other then her trying to save animals and Ken, I am at a loss how so many here still have her back. Oh well, hope you’re having a great morning Rain.

Not me! I am with on you LV…..she is nasty and mean.

Thanks. glad to hear it. She had me snowed up until about 2 seasons ago. There is no denying she is not the lovely person we once thought.

I agree.

I was thinking the same thing. Eileen is not pictured, so she may have been sitting across from her. Someone knows this already, or so we are led to believe. The footage does not show enough.
Well, the ice queen has melted a bit. I don’t like to see anyone crying, but it does appear that she holds back her emotions a lot and does have them under her tough girl persona.

How odd, last time my comment disappeared as I was writing it, that has happened t me a lot with this new format, it wouldn’t ever post, an old movie would fill my screen. This time when I tried to delete and post, maybe to get rid of the empty box, a red window appeared saying posts could not be blank. Now I will click, and see what happens.

Oh good! The problem is fixed, whether it was my computer or the blog, it seems fixed. Yay.

Yes, I understand. Sometimes I think it is the internet connection. The other day I was writing an email that was quite long and it disappeared, the screen went black and then it reappeared and all was there…so strange.
Glad it is all working again. 🙂

well I have to say they have my curiosity up!!! Erika is my fav!

Anyone else ready for this to be completely anti-climatic when the moment actually arrives onscreen? Hands…???

I was thinking the same. LOL

I agree. it will be nothing like we expect. I thought her an eileen were good…why the attack then? I think this will be a big ado about nothing. I thi k it has to do w Erika trust issues w ppl

Boston Mary where are you ???❤❤❤❤❤❤

Hello Rain, Yes, I’ve been among the missing. I got really pissed off at a another blogger, I shared something to shut them up, and I was kind of done. But, here I am. How you?? Another blizzard in New England, ho-hum! We all survived. This episode was strange. LVP means well, but I hope she realizes that dog and cat meat are on every single menu. You have to know the letters for it. It was nice to see Eileen and LVP interacting. If I were Eileen, I’d keep her at arms length. No, everyone, I’m not an LVP… Read more »

Hello Mary Boston. I like your posts! Just as I’m getting familiar with the “crowd” here, someone goes away and I’m left struggling. There are a really nice bunch here for the most part. Some are just plain antagonistic for no good reason…just because. I ignore them. But even the ones I don’t fully agree with have a perspective I hadn’t thought about and find interesting. Hang around and play with us awhile?

Oh no !! Poor Guys!! I know our lovely Sandy was in the line of fire too! I hope you’re all safe ❤❤❤❤
Take care sweetie

I think it will be anti climatic and I agree it’s something about her son too. Wish Erika would not wear 5n10 makeup she’s a natural beauty it makes her look like a tranny. Jmho

It is a rare thing for LV to help anyone unless it gives her the opportunity to dig at someone whom she’s had in her cross hairs. But wasn’t it wonderful when Erika nailed Dorit? Gosh I love that woman! And yes, Kyle is having a good season.

comment image

I didn’t even read through all the comments to know what this is. But I LOVE it. LOLOLOL *falls dead off chair*

This is hysterical. You go girl.

Hi Mary! I’m glad you didn’t get hammered like you usually do. We live near the lake so we were one of the picket areas that got over 2 feet. It’s ok it’ll melt when it gets back up to abnormally warm temps again lol The weather is nutty anymore. Glad you liked the photo, yeeehawwwww lolcomment image

I know, but I really hate myself for saying this, because I hate it when others attack on looks, but……….Didn’t Dorit look just awful with her hair pulled back, with what looked like bobypins? know I spelled that wrong.

Maybe trying to copy Erika’s always unusual hairdos? Big fail…..

Bravo is a master at editing those previews. Like remember when they tried to make us think Erika died on the damn jet ski? It’s easy for them to cut up all the footage they have. They could make it look like Erika was getting upset at Carlton if they wanted.

except that’s Pepsi in that thar bottle …. I never drink and shoot

That what I said also!


After some thought…IMO…Eden looks and acts similar to Yolanda – but then there are times she looks and acts similar to Brandy…

Eden is an odd duck but I don’t feel she’s malicious

I prefer Eden to that silly Dorit! Dorit needs to go; Eden should stay.

Totally! I’ll take Eden any day

I can’t stand Erika. She is a liar & so is LR. We all know Erika is the 1 who told LR what Doirt said. But she probably added to it like she did with Yo (& then lied to the other ladies that she didn’t know who). They are a piece of work. Eden did not tell the truth about what Dorit said. Dorit said, “do you think it’s induced in some way?” That was a direct question when Eden was complaining that LR said she never said anything to about Kim. Which we know was a lie. I… Read more »


How do we KNOW Erika told Lisa Rinna anything? It just as easily could have been a producer from Evolution whose responsibility is to move the story along, so these girls can FINALLY get to the crisis/confrontation part of the story arc- the final cast trip marks the coming end of a season, and we need them to hop to it already. As for Dorit, the issue with her behavior is: is why ask a leading question like that , knowing full well it will leave the door open for all matter of potential speculation, which subsequently evolves into flat… Read more »

Woo Hoo. I had to read this twice, but good post. Have a great day.

Yes! Yes! What she said! Great post. Just what I was thinking but I couldn’t have put it any better 🙂

Bluebell, good morning, how/when/where did Erika lie? I don’t care if you like her or not, but I don’t see that. I have a different opinion and want to hear more of what you’re thinking. Erika always has her friends back, but she won’t walk to the ends of the earth for them; especially if they are lying. She didn’t know who was lying when all that stuff was going on with Yolanda. She would have told Yolanda and did, to a point. I don’t care about Eden, except I hope she continues to speak to someone and continue on… Read more »

I’ll quote one of your replies from a few days ago ‘pick a lane ‘ !

Either about her son or showing off her acting skills in the part she is playing on the soap with ER….what soap again? I’ve forgotten. I don’t watch them.

Michelle ❤❤❤

Hello Rain! 🙂

All along I was thinking it was a scene from her Y&R part but I guess now I can see it is not.

Hey Baker Chick, I only got 14″ of snow, boring. The 60 MPH winds were something else. I lost heat for a couple of hours, but yet my power was on. Please, who knows. My hubby was all warm and sunny in San Diego. He got home yesterday, bastard. I’m making him suffer for that a little bit, tee hee. But all’s good. Glad you’re okay! Rain, if you hear from Sandy, let her know I was asking for her too. Peace and love my fellow New Englanders.

Yes, probably so, Rain. Though if Erika can cry on cue, she has a soap actress career ahead of her maybe? She was good on YR when she was on. I could see her returning as a part timer too…and maybe more with time if she wants. Though, I think she loves performing on stage for a live show even more of a rush…just saying.

Do you see Erika as cold? Or just having a tough exterior? One thing she said from the get go is that she is a cautious woman, and that it is difficult for her to trust. I like her a lot, and I know she has detractors and fans like all of the cast. It proves more and more to me what our upbringing has to do with who we become as adults, especially when our youth had us holding our emotions in check. For example, being told only babies cry, being mocked when we cried, like that. Those things… Read more »
Please 3 D’s. I know it is your opinion, I respect that and I stated mine as well. I was told not to cry as a child and was even threatened and beaten when I did. It is hard to stop sobbing too. That does not make me an unfeeling and ice cold either. It just made me fearful of showing emotions in front of my family. I had to try to keep a stiff upper lip ehen whipped with a belt (the strap) I cried when they were not there. I do not hate Erika. I just never have… Read more »
You could be right about Eileen possibly not being there next season: the way her contract is set up is reminiscent of the Old School Hollywood movie studio system: in her own words she’s basically the property of CBS, and is literally on loan to NBC Universal to film Bravo’s Housewives, and that only happens when she’s not working on Y&R. Considering she sometimes shoots up to 5 days a week, she’s said there are literally times that when she has a break in filming the soap for a few hours, a car from Evolution’s production crew is sent to… Read more »

I really liked Eileen and Lisa R the first season. Then I got turned off of them last season and now I’m back liking Eileen again. I like her better when she’s not so up LR’s ass though.

You think Eden is Lesbian? My gay-radar doesn’t work at all! I’m always surprised who is and who isn’t. But in this day and age? Why bother with the secret? Wouldn’t that be just wonderful? I did think her “London” meet and greet would be rather interesting from a fantasy point of view. I personally don’t think it would be a great idea but who the Hell am I?! The older I get the more I think, “go for it”. You only live once. Hee Hee.

Waaahaaa…..even I know “gender fluid”. Okay I don’t but I can guess. Why didn’t you ask her?

Hello Rain,
I, don’t hate Erika. I don’t hate anyone, much less a Bravo TV Creation.
I am not fond of the Charactor she protrays..

I did not say she faked it. I just said if she could cry for an acting gig, that would be great, since as I have said before, she did very well on The Young and the Restless, but she wasn’t in a crying scene or anything, and they happen on soaps. They even gave her three separate parts when they were only going to give her one, because they liked her acting.

Frank Van Der Heijden

It looks like she doesn´t like to put out for Tom….

Surprising to see Erika so upset & emotional. I suspect it’s about her worry & concern about her son which is more than understandable.

Good morning Rain and Starr . I hope that both of you lovelies are having a great day . Now that the season is almost over I need to catch up

They could’ve been acting out a scene from that Soap Box Opera Eileen is on!

Even if Erika and Eileen had a disagreement over what Dorit said about Erika’s son’s career they must have already gotten over it because Eileen was in the audience last night supporting Erika on Dancing With the Stars.