Erika Girardi Had Surgery for DWTS Injury

Erika Girardi isn’t being stuck up by not appearing on the recent finale of Dancing with the Stars as some fans may think.

Erika was at a Los Angeles hospital to get surgery on an upper body tear that she got from performing on DWTS.

TMZ is reporting that in early April, Erika got the injury and doctors confirmed the injury and said she just kept going without telling anyone as she didn’t want to play the sympathy card.

Doctors told her not to dance anymore and that is why during the finale she was just sitting on top of a unicorn.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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These stars will do anything for fame. So stupid not saying anything and making matters worse. Look at Tara Jolie from last season, dancing with 3 hernias, and now this?

Wish they’d realize their limitations. Wishing Erika a full recovery.

You changed your name? This new format I’m not getting so just in case it doesn’t display my name or emoji correctly….this is Michelle….

Hi Michelle, no, that’s my name. We were having probs with the new format & had to go through the full 9 yards again, but all settled now. I did ask my son to help me to remove my last name though.
How was your trip back home? I’m sure it was jam packed with fun.
Glad you’re back.

When skaters or gymnasts preform, they are taught by their coaches to work through the pain as the show must go on. I think that might be part of the common feeling between athletes and any performer, really. I know ballet dancers dance with bleeding toes, ice skaters skate after falling hard on the ice. My girls all ice skated. My middle daughter took a really bad fall once on her belly, and hip. Man,she slid about half way down the rink, which was regulation size, ( meaning huge ) although it wasn’t PC to run onto the ice I… Read more »