Erika Girardi Sparks Controversy With New Housewife Dorit Kemsley

On tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika Girardi is going to spark controversy with new Housewife Dorit Kemsley by going commando. In this sneak peek, you’ll see what started their confrontation.

“I had lunch my husband the other day, and I had mentioned, you know, ‘Erika’s this beautiful girl, she’s very, very poised,'” Dorit tells Erika. “It’s almost like you’ve got this aura about you, very, very strong. A bit guarded.”

“I think in life, you know, when you meet people — and you meet people for the first time — it’s best to be cautious,” Erika says.

“Because you’re cynical or… what is it?” Dorit’s husband, PK, asks.

“I mean, I am what I am,” Erika says.

“I don’t trust everybody,” Erika tells the cameras. “Friendship is earned. Respect is earned. It’s not just given. Sorry. Well, not really.”

The conversation then shifts to underwear, as Lisa Vanderpump asks Erika if she could loan Kyle Richards (who seemingly isn’t wearing any) a pair.

“I don’t have any,” Erika shares. “That’s right. Don’t put your hands up my skirt unless you wanna see what’s up there.”

“I have on a Mugler dress,” she explains. “Why would I break up a beautiful design with an underwear line, with a panty line? Really?”

This leaves Dorit and PK confused.

“Erika, you’re the most out-there person, though,” PK says.

“It’s a stage persona,” Erika snaps back. “I’m a real, like, introvert.”

“I’m just not buying it,” Dorit says in an interview. “Snooty? A bit. Cold, frigid? Yes. Introverted? No.”

But Erika recently told ET this: “Some people call me cold, I just happen to think I can spot B.S. right away.”

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57 Replies to “Erika Girardi Sparks Controversy With New Housewife Dorit Kemsley”

  1. Well this could be an interesting relationship between these two. At the moment I’m on Erikas side. Ha! I never thought I would have been saying this at the beginning to middle of last season then she started growing on me. Shows how wrong I can be!

    1. Suze ❤❤❤❤❤
      What a stupid thing for Dorit and pk to say !!! So either someone becomes BFF with them immediately or they’re ‘cynical’ or frigid ??? Seriously???? Are we in kindergarten here?
      Erika didn’t come into the room and flaunt that she has no panties on! She was thrust into that conversation. And Why is PK staring? What a silly silly couple

      I feel Dorit wants to manufacture a story line and she saw Erika as an easy target

      And yes Erika can spot a FAKE!!!! So sit down Dorit and work on your accent and tell your husband not to stare !!

        1. I’m a little suspicious of LVP this season for some reason – my radar is going off…IDK, she brought this Dorit and PK on the show and they immediately stir the pot?! I know you’re a LVP fan but I my thoughts are there is a little plotting going on…only time will tell…xoxoxox

          Hope you are well, Suze!! I thought of you yesterday…we were doing some shopping and ran across some of the crackers you told me about.

          1. I kind of wondered myself, kt. I thought of 3 scenarios. First, though, we have to remember that no cast mate really has the power to make sure someone makes the show. But…. 1. She’s known PK for a lot longer than Dorit, and she really had no idea Dorit would come out swinging.
            2. She’s tired of what she sees as being the target for a few seasons now, and decided if she was going to suggest someone thought of as a friend for the show, ( they can suggest and make a case for cast mates I would think ) only make a case for someone who would, by whatever means necessary, take the heat off of her.
            3. Dorit is painfully jealous of Erika, her looks, her husband, their money, Erika’s persona etc., and feels her own jealous monster boiling, so she is doing everything she can to make herself feel equal, IMO, by acting as though she is curious, but in reality making an effort to find Erika’s weak spot. From the looks of this little trailer, she’ll never be successful at it.

            1. I believe LVP has a little more power than others so if she makes a suggestion, it’s likely to become ‘reality’. I, also, do not believe LVP has been the target for a few season now, I believe she is quite manipulative and some of it backfired in that some ladies aren’t a gullible as BG. Dorit is a phony…she can’t even decide which accent to use.
              It’s so interesting…how and why we all view all of these woman differently.

              1. Like I said, not very clearly, that she ( LVP ) sees herself as the target. I don’t necessarily see that of a few seasons, but this last one was petty and seemed, to me, directed at her for a comment Rinna decided meant way more than I personally believe it did, which as have oft stated, was not even about Rinna, and since Rinna has no life and certainly nothing worth keeping her on the show for, used it to fill a season and ruin a trip. That I do believe. The stuff with Brandy and YoYo that year was Brandy making nothing into something, as usual. Ken and Lisa said and admitted freely they backed off because of the way Brandy acted. B naturally believes others should just take her crappy vulgar attitude and mouth, and expect to be accepted into the businesses of those with the brains and guts to build them.

    2. Merry Christmas Suze, just in case I am not on again until after the holidays. I just love Eeika and I have since last season. She is a straight shooter without being crass like Brandy, ugh. However, announcing to all that your not wearing underwear, a tad strange but what the heck, I still love her.

  2. Maybe Dorit is pissed because Erika had to remind she’s an American LOL. Dorit , you’re not Lady Mary , no matter how may English men you marry !

  3. OOOOO but I love the Beatles. Have had the privilege of seeing Sir Paul in concert!!!
    I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas!!! Thank you…I will snuggle with him by the fireplace!!!

      1. It was one of the best nights of my life – being in the same room with one of the Beatles. Mind you our seats were not the best, but we were there!!!

  4. Like Rudolph, you will go down in history!!!

    I’m good, been working a lot. I am officially done shopping! Now to wrap everything. I worked Halloween and Thanksgiving so I am off Christmas. How about you?

  5. You know, I missed the reason why Kyle needed panties, cause I couldn’t get pass Erika’s no pantie announcement.Wish I knew how to make all those little Christmas trees and snowmen. Have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. Kyle forgot to look at herself from the back, she was wearing a white jump suit with pure white panties that, as she noticed later, showed. I think she was joking when she told Lisa she needed some different ones. The kind of thing we say to girlfriends, in passing as what silly thing they have thoughtlessly done today. Lisa made it a party joke, and I’ll have to watch again, but I don’t think Kyle was even there for that dialogue.
      I think what Lisa did was crude and childish, and her blog explanation was rude and uncalled for, it called for an apology instead. Dorit and PK’s discussion later was unnecessary and vulgar. It made him look like a pervert. Making any reference to staring was plain creepy. I doubt very seriously Erika showed anything worth mentioning while sitting there. The entire segment should have been cut and tossed. It made every one of them look bad, minus Erika.

      1. I agree. Lisa sure has changed since the show first aired all those many seasons ago. So not a fan of hers anymore but I’m a huge fan of Erika’s now. Merry Christmas

      1. That was a little rude. I was making an observation. Would you want to be the next person to sit on that chair after someone with no undies and a dress cut to the upper thigh had sat there?

  6. Good Morning Friends,
    What a strange episode. Why did LVP put her hand up Erika’s skirt. That’s the reason why she said she wasn’t wearing any. I thought PK’s glances were perverted. If he was so offended, why didn’t he get up and move his seat so he was next to Kyle. Pig! Yes, Dorit is a twit. She is a phony snob. No wonder her and LVP are friends. She is sooooo jealous of Erika. Yes, I do see Erika as introverted. She does take time to warm up to people and rightly so. I have a saying, untrustworthy until proven trustworthy. It has never failed me. Erika Jayne is her alter-ego not the way she is in real life. Why is that a tough sell. Prince was famous for it too (rest his purple soul).
    I felt for Eileen. Tough to have to go through her mom’s things. Rinna, go away. Really. I don’t like her on this show. Kyle’s girls are wonderful. How respectful and fun. I wish her new store much success.
    I do feel like there is something going on with Erika this season. I hope her health is okay, her family, her son, I can’t put my finger on it, but she doesn’t seem happy. Thoughts?
    And, before I forget, I want to wish you all a beautiful, happy, Merriest of Christmas and a most peaceful New Year. Peace and Love

    1. What a beautiful post. Happy Christmas to you too. ☮ Oh, so Kyle was at that little scene. I need to watch it again. I didn’t think she said anything. I agree, Rinna, go away, anywhere, just gone. I hope Erika is OK too, and she was just having a tiring bunch of rehearsals.

  7. 1. I never thought I’d be saying this, but I’m liking Erika this season. There is something running undercurrent with her tho. Can’t put my finger on it….
    2. Dorito is an abomination. That fake accent, her comment about her kids saying “I have a lifestyle to maintain so I rely on my help” REEKS of “lazy money.” (We have someone in our family like this, I cannot be around her, I don’t tolerate BS well at all). What lifestyle? You had kids. They should be your 100% focus!! Dorito is so jealous of Erika. She has nothing to back up her haughty, smug existence. And all I”ve been reading about that PK’s $ problems. Makes me think LVP brought her own to take the pressure off of her.
    3. LVP seems meaner than usual this season. She isn’t as soft or funny as she used to be. This show is making her mean.

  8. The conversation with PK and his wife was really sleazy, if it had been off camera it wouldn’t have been quite so bad. To me they both knew exactly what they were doing which makes it far worse. It doesn’t look as though it gets any better next week. I think I might have liked her a bit more but it looks as though they are trying too hard to cause controversy.
    Ken is looking older this season and that is coming from his biggest fan and twitter buddy! (Well one tweet anyway!) I’m sure i could look after him and make him more youthful! Lol

    1. Sleazy is the perfect word, Suze (and cutie pie Meg). Ugh! Ken does look old this year and I hope he’s feeling well. I hope Erika rips Dorito a new one. And, use those panties, Dorito’s gag gift to Erika, and shove them wherever. Let the breeze blow up your skirt, Erika. Suze, you are being naughty!! Love it and you.

    2. I think your man needs a good ole fashion roll in the hay…LVP jokes one minute how she’s not getting any and the next about how he isn’t…me thinks he needs more fireworks! XOXOX Yes, I’m being naughty, don’t tell Santa.

      1. I’m sure Ken gets plenty! Lisa has too much of a twinkle on her eye to be withholding her favours as we Brits used to say a hundred years ago! So does Ken! It’s the ones who talk about it that never get it! Trust me I know! Lol xoxoxoxoxxo

  9. Hi Rain, Boston is cold, the office is cold, and happy winter solstice. I’m in the don’t like Dorito camp. I gave her a chance, but no. Her house doesn’t look lived in, especially the kitchen. Why didn’t she go to the speech therapist appointment? Who would just send the nanny? What does she do all day that she can’t take her kids to a very important appointment? His speech problem could be related to having non-English speaking people around him and it’s confusing. It happened to my niece. Her grandparents are Chinese and lived with her. Once they moved out, her language blossomed. Or, the mom with her fake accent that comes and goes.
    Who the hell cares if you’re wearing underwear or not. What business is it of anyone’s. I say let the breeze blow anyway it wants to. PK is gross. Ken seems old to me this year. I hope he’s feeling well. Dear goodness above, that poor dog. The one with fur. I couldn’t believe how she put the dog on the counter at the jeweler. I wouldn’t allow it. Dogs belong four paws on the ground.
    How about Rinna’s daughter’s saying she walks around the house naked when they have friends over….What?? Isn’t that a crime?
    I cried too with Eileen, been there, done that. Have the best Christmas ever. Big virtual hugs to you my San Fran friend. Love you too.

  10. If my husband ever said that, I would slap him. He is a gentlemen and he would move away from that sight. I did tell him about my co-worker whom I have seen as much of her bits (everything) as her husband. She wears sheer blouses without a bra, short skirts without panties and then sits with her legs open. I don’t give a darn what you wear, don’t wear, etc, but in the office, keep your legs together and wear a bra or choice a different top. It’s really gross. But, to each their own. Let the breeze blow, baby

  11. I don’t with mine, he wouldn’t dare plus he is too much of a gentleman to talk about it, I’m not saying he wouldn’t look if it was in front of him but he wouldn’t talk about it to me!

  12. If DH and I were at a party and saw a woman dressed so provocatively, yes he would probably notice, and yes, we would probably discuss it. Not the fact that he was looking, just more of an *omg, did you believe that*.

  13. Btw, Suze did you see your Ken’s reaction in the video to E not wearing her drawers? Hahahahaha Just goes to show you most smart gentlemen don’t find it appealing.

  14. He is NOT hot…and why…why must she always say his first and last name?!

    Personally, I think this is a set up story line. Why would Kyle call LVP to see if she had undies with her?

    1. I think that part was a joke, I really do. When she noticed she could see her too white pair through the suit, she said something about it. If she really felt she needed some, she could have stopped many places along the way and bought a pair. I agree, a set up. Either way, the part about Erika and Lisa feeling her up was crude, though, as was that remark about why we wear panties. I don’t even believe Erika wasn’t wearing some of those ones that are like the top of old fashioned panty hose, to be honest. I also don’t think in a million years she thought Lisa would actually feel up her skirt, that was over the line. Her heavy crown is going to fall off and break her leg or Ken’s if she isn’t careful. Like I said last year, her and Kyle should have quit while they were ahead. Neither one of them need the job or the show.

  15. Sounds wonderful!!! Does she have particular goodies she bakes? How nice to have your kids all home!!! Is there a wedding in your future? I didn’t realize your daughter was engaged!
    I did most of mine online too! I have a coupe of things pending delivery and crossing fingers they get here. We have had a string of thieves stealing packages from front doors – they might find an extra ‘treat’ of lead if they show up at my house!
    We are staying local this year – last year we went to Puerto Rico and it was amazing! We will have all the kiddos and MIL and FIL this year! I am off Friday – Tuesday!

  16. Thank you 3 D’s for trying to help me with this. I use a older computer and I am unable to do this. I so appreciate the effect. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    1. Oh, ditto. Happy Christmas, I had an old Macbook for 10 years and never upgraded it. After my injury, 3 years went by that was the window in which ot could have been done, but by the time I was aware again, t was too late. So, I treated myself to a MacBook Air, which I love. I watch most of my screen entertainment on it, as I can draw and color and write while sitting at my bar listening for company. You can do the other kind though Like 8 – ) , no spaces is a face with sunglasses. : – ) is a smiley face. There is a google page that shows all kinds of these emojis and how to get them. When I 1st saw the heart, I wanted it so bad, and although I had it all along since getting the new laptop, I didn’t know how to find them!! Anyway, 😎

  17. It’s a simple answer to me. Even though Dorit is a very pretty woman, Right now, I believe there’s a jealously factor, especially as PK has been eyeing Erika, no hidden bones about it. She feels threatened by this blonde bombshell that by her very presence attracts attention.

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