Erika Girardi Shares Why She Wanted Her Mom To Appear On RHOBH

On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we saw a new side of Erika Girardi as she traveled to her home state of Georgia and had an emotional moment with her mother. Erika’s mother admitted she was too hard on her as a child and viewers could understand for the first time why Erika may come off “cold.” In a new interview, Girardi is explaining why this was an important moment for her to share this season.

“Well I think that it was important for people to see just a little more human side and my roots of where I came from. And I asked my mother if she would do this for me and she said yes,” Erika told The Daily Dish. “And we have a couple of touching moments and a couple of very telling moments, which I wasn’t really prepared for.”

Showing this side of herself wasn’t easy for Erika at all, she reveals. “I was very hesitant. I didn’t want to do it, but I ended up doing it,” she said. “And I think a lot of people will be able to relate to my mother’s and I’s relationship.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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She is one tough lady and I just love her. Her addition to the cast last season was a “Home Run”.

EGGactly. Like Erika this season. Last season was another story with her so far up Ms. Lemon herself.

Well I like Yolanda and would much rather have her on the show then Dorit. So glad you like Erika too. 🙂

ITA Barbara! I love YO ❤

Not many Yo fans out there so we must never miss a chance to show it. LOL

Awesome ❤❤❤

I like Erika. I think she is true to herself, and doesn’t act. I believe she is as much of who she is as is possible in this situation. I know they sometimes have to wait to begin a scene, and in the 1st season, even for someone who performs, that must be a little daunting. What I am really happy about is that since everyone always calls Kyle a crybaby, that Erika sees Kyle for who she really is. I would be considered a crybaby too, I am pretty sure some of that probably comes from my Dad mocking… Read more »

ITA Totally, 3 D’s

I can relate to Erika. I too had a grandmother that had Alzheimer’s and have been told by others that I am cold, distant or seem like a Bi**h. I was raised in a military family and while I know my mother loves and loved me we were not the huggy, kissy, I love you all the time family. While an only child I was not handed stuff I had to work for it with chores or pitching in with money I earned. Made me who I am today and I feel the same way as Erika I don’t have… Read more »

ABSOLUTELY! love ya!

Honestly Rain, I think you are the sweetest person posting. Have to say that both sides of my brain loves her and I have never understood the hate thrown her way. Rarely that I can remember, did she ever go on the attack without being provoked by the girls. Once she was rude to Ken and for the life of me I can’t remember why. But I have always thought she was sincere and real, much like you Rain. To me, you sound a lot like her and that is a genuine complement!

Sure hope the therapy is working and you’re welcome. 🙂

I love Designated Survivor.

Camille is the one I didn’t like. She was always going after Kyle. Remember when she had that evil psychic at the dinner party who alluded to Mauricio having affairs and Camille smiling evilly?? I think Faye Resnick was there too. Maybe having cancer has changed her.

Camille used that psychic as a mouthpiece for her just like Kyle used Faye Resnick as hers, since both were trying to give a more positive image of themselves on screen for their own reasons. I know when Camille was getting divorced, she was probably worried about Kelsey getting custody of one child (he only wanted 1) and he would use anything against her. For some reason, I always had some weird feeling that Camille had a thing for Mauricio….saw it when their eyes met on her tennis court once too. Then Kyle seemed (IMO) to want to look nice… Read more »

That psychic Camille had was actually the woman a TV show was based on that I used to watch called Medium. That show had an actress playing her role. I don’t even want to type her name. I found her frightening in real life on BH, though Medium was good. I can imagine how hard it must be to have that kind of ability that is with you always. It must take a toll.

Oh was show Medium with Patricia Arquette? I never saw that but I’m aware of it
My mother was so into that stuff. Astrology, mediums, etc etc.
yes I wouldn’t want that kind of ability. I sometimes catch Long Island medium and it’s must be intense just having spirits all around wanting you to deliver messages

Funny you should say LI Medium. I watched her on a talk show a couple of weeks ago…and she mentioned how spirits could affect lights or your TV volume etc..and that day the display on my wall oven went wacky and had lines and like a heartbeat in the center that grew and contracted. Then it was fine for one day and then wacky. Repairman comes..was wacky and then fine in front of him. He put a new one in last week. I just baked with the oven first time yesterday…now there looks like an amoeba is living in the… Read more »

don’t forget little ole me…

I used up all of my sage on Thanksgiving. Oh well, this oven has been a lemon from the beginning…just saying. It may be nothing, but when it happened, it was right after LI Medium was talking about it which made it eerie.
That hearbeat that pulsated was not constant…horizontal lines moving down the screen then the pulsating center part of it then lines again. Just weird.

Oh no…I didn’t care for some of the things she did – but heck that goes for all of them – just some worse than others…

too bad they can’t be like us, huh? hehehehehe
Happy Friday!!

Every day is cougar day in my world! How are things in Cali?

Make them pose for ya!!! Break out the fur lined bikini my friend!

Yes, I do – that was Suze, you and me…the good old days – LOL
I still haven’t had a chance to watch the episode. Gonna try this weekend, we’ve gotten hooked on Sons of Anarchy. Talk about hottie!!

You might want to add this one to your list…yumm!!

Not a Housewife & Neither RU

Erika is been THE.BEST. new housewife addition TO ANY CAST/ACROSS ANY RH FRANCHISE. Yall hit a lick!! 🙂

Yes yes yes