Erika Girardi Shares Her Thoughts About Her First Season On RHOBH


New Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Girardi is sharing what helped her adapt to joining the cast of the show, as well as the best advice she got from Yolanda Hadid before filming with the other ladies.

“The best advice was from Yolanda when she said to me, ‘I’m not going to tell you anything. Get in there and figure it out yourself. You’re smart. It will all become very clear to you very quickly,'” Erika told The Daily Dish.

But the larger group had another tip for her. “They said, ‘Erika, it’s one thing to shoot the show, it’s another thing when you start watching the show,’ because it really is two different things.” Erika went on to explain exactly what that difference is. “What I think is most interesting is that a lot of things that I was kept away from or just didn’t know were revealed to me [during the reunion], because so much happens outside of your presence,” she said. “You know, we only know what we know. The rest of it…you’re in the dark, so seeing some of those things that were said at the reunion were really and truly for the first time, and I was shocked as well. I was just as shocked as the audience will be.”

So what are Erika’s thoughts about her first season? “I thought I had a very successful first season, so my goal for a second season, if I were to ever return, would to be the same person, because I think people like that, so I had no intention on trying to play the game or outsmarting anyone. That’s just not going to work,” she explained. “I think you know your job, because it is a job for us to show up and be as authentic as possible.”

What are your thoughts about Erika?

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ya know, I didn’t mind her so much this last episode but there is something drag queenish about her that I find odd. In addition, she is way too much in love with herself and that in itself is not an attractive quality.

Haha, GIGI it shouldn’t be odd… she is styled and made up by gay men! Not that all drag queens are gay or vice versa but there does tend to be quite a bit of overlap. I like EJG for THIS franchise. Anywhere else I think she’d be a sore thumb in a bad way but for these excessively petty, overindulged women of the BH she is a refreshing change. She also has the ability to dial it back and STILL read a chick from head to toe, which I love.


When she gave LisaR that side eye confessional and said “…she is trying to come at me in the desert?”, I LIVED, LOLOL!!!

She is giving me EVERYTHING I need this season, lol.

Haha Bon Viv she was in top form there!

As a drag queen, I find it rather fantastic.

I would enjoy Erika a lot more without Yo behind her. I hope she stays and Yo goes.

Me too. If there ever was a shady comment from Lisa it was asking Erika how Tom was in the sak the very day they met. I keep wondering why that hasn’t been brought up at all. It shows that Erika lets stuff slide. But her instinct about Lisa was right on. She said she hadn’t said it in a nasty way and I agree. And I believe Erika when she said she didn’t judge the women. I don’t really care where her money comes from. She is married to Tom and treats him with respect. I couldn’t care any… Read more »

LVP was ALL KINDS OF SHADY when she met EJG and I love LVP but I was embarrassed at her behavior. She didn’t just throw shade at EJG she dropped a heavy a** oak tree on her when it came to asking about her husband. So I especially give EJG a pass on whatever she said about LVP based on that first impression.

I love what she brings to the franchise: the funny quips in the confessionals, over the top campiness, ability to poke fun at herself, total and complete LUSH LIFE in her own parallel universe: planes, pontytails, jewels, and glam squad in tow. She adds lightness in an arena where the main focus of most cast members is to sit attack others, hold grudges, and make up storylines over nothing. I’ve enjoyed her and the Fashion Triplets this season.

That’s the word to describe her – campy. Like a character from Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I just want to turn my power washer on that I use to clean off my deck and use it on her face

Lol! You really are so funny! Xoxo


Naynay can I borrow that power washer ? our deck is overdue.

(((Suze))) I’m thinking of you tomorrow xoxoxoxoxo


I just see her as a henchman for Yolanda. She is silent and deadly. Yes she is entertaining but she is in it to bring down LVP. After last night I can’t handle Rinna, Eileen and Erika Jayne. Nasty ladies. And I am actually beginning to like Katherine.

I’m agreeing with you on this Aunt Bee!! I believe Yo has been manipulating behind the scenes I think she’s the sniper from the side.

Yes girl. Perfect! SNIPER HOLANDA!

I totally agree, Aunt Bee.

ITA! I can’t stand Yo, Erika, Eileen, or LisaR. I hope they are gone next season. Erika saying Yo didn’t tell her anything is total BS. Erika never gave LVP a chance. Erika is just as 2 faced, lying, & backstabbing as Yo & Eileen.

I like Kathryn. I think she makes up her own mind & she is a straight shooter. I loved it when she told Erika she can spot when someone is a sniper (Erika was the sniper, along with Eileen & Yo).

Aunt Bee, ME TOO!!!! Kathryn is growing on me & I think the others you mentioned has me so disappointed.

I support LVP 90% of the time but EJG has every right to come for LVP because she started it when she first met EJG! Lisa was over the top rude when she met Erika soooo she can’t be surprised that Erika doesn’t like her too much.

Queen Erika!! ❤️❤️❤️ Bow now! Luv her

What would they have to talk about without yo ???

I think what Erika was trying to say was ‘be yourself’…and I think that is the best way to go. If you are not yourself, you will always be outted. No way to keep up a charade forever. I like Erika and hope she comes back. I like her husband, too.

I’d call Erika the epitome of being fake and putting on a charade.

ITA! She is 2 faced, lying, backstabbing, opportunist. I can’t stand it when she says our planes. She wouldn’t have anything if not for her husband. I don’t believe she pulls in enough money to support herself & her glam sqad.

She wasn’t even “Erika Jayne” until Tom footed the bills for her “glam squad” (oh for God sake, I cannot stand when people use that expression, it’s so 1999) and her clothes and whore jewelry. Why ANY man would want to see his wife crawl around on, half-naked on some infested, filthy stage like she does doesn’t say much about the man.

Heck yes, in every way but with moments of realness sprinkled between. Maybe that’ll change.

I like to see the fabulous glam stuff that Erika’s Grandpa has but at the same time I do think Erika herself is a fake who only has anything because she did the Anna Nicole Smith bit. There’s a giant grafter vibe there that’s just so tacky and icky, in my opinion.

“Grifter,” not “grafter.”

Bethenny Frankel nailed it- She looks like a seventies porn star. Classy, not!

ITA with everything you’ve said about EJG. As much as I don’t like Bethanny she nailed it with her comment!

I love the addition of Erika to this group. She brings in a fresh outlook, so very welcome, as some of this group has grown tired. I hope next year, we get to hear more of her story. She plays it close to the vest, doesn’t want to share much, too many skeletons perhaps?? That closet will be fun to open. That could make for some very interesting story lines. Lisa Vanderpump will have a field day with it. Please don’t bring Brandy back, it took so long to get rid of her! She adds nothing to the show.

She seems okay. But, I just can’t get past the fact that she wears REAL fur. Sorry. I find it revolting.

Queenie, you & me both–about the fur. Hated that.

I agree. She brings some spark to this group. I don’t believe she is out to stir the pot. I’m not a big fan of Yolanda but I appreciate Erika’s loyalty to her.