Erika Girardi Shares Marriage Tips

RHOBH star Erika Girardi has made it clear that she doesn’t care what people think about her 17-year marriage to top attorney, Tom Girardi, and now she is sharing her secrets to a long lasting marriage.

“You have to be friends. You have to be friends and you have to have a common ground,” Erika recently told The Daily Dish. “You have to like the same things. You have to see the world the same way. You have to have the same interests. And when you are genuinely rooting for the other guy — you know Tom is very supportive of me and I am very supportive of him — and I think that’s what makes it work.”

And making time for romance doesn’t hurt anything either. Erika recently revealed how they’ve spent Valentine’s Day in the past. “Tom is really good [about Valentine’s Day]. He usually gets me a piece of jewelry. He may [or] he may not. I don’t know. You know what? It’s OK,” she shared. “We used to go to Vegas a lot for Valentine’s Day ’cause it’s quick for us ’cause we live in Los Angeles. We used to jump on our little plane and go and have dinner and come home. So, I don’t know, maybe we’ll go.”

Do you agree with Erika?

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30 Replies to “Erika Girardi Shares Marriage Tips”

    1. She is #Expensive (new song) and has stated she is, “…an enigma wrapped in a riddle and CA$H.” I would say she is materialistic. Yes.

  1. I don’t know when this interview was but Valentine’s Day is over. I wonder what Tom bought Erika. Whateve. I cannot imagine Erika would have been as attracted to Tom had he not been super wealthy, but it has worke for them, so more power to them. Love is not just about things like jewelry and vacations. It is being there for your each other in good times and in bad with mutual respect for one another. I am not in love with Erika or Tom. She seems to be a real trophy wife for him, but it has worked for more than a few years. Maybe Tom is a bit of a father figure for Erika too. Whatever. I think she is materialistic without any doubt. Her first day on BH that first season was enough for me, and it only got worse.
    This year Erika is easier to tolerate. I think she is much better without Yolanda in the picture. She seems nicer. Whatever it is, I don’t think she should be giving out marriage advice unless it is to other very wealthy couples with big age differences, since buying jewelry and taking a private plane vacation are not for everyone. Still I wish her and Tom well. He does support her as a performer, and a lot of men would not be too happy with all that she is doing…at least the jealous types.

  2. They’re been together quite a long time (in this
    day and age…) and it obviously works. I don’t believe she’s married to Tom because of money. A comfortable and extravagant lifestyle helps sure, and she knew that going in but somewhere along the line she made a decision to stay grounded as much as possible. And that’s very evident. The private planes and oodles of money shelled out to make a video….yeah the perks of their marriage. And that can become “normal”. Marriage is so complicated and long ones even more so. I don’t know how easy it is to stay married to someone this long and counting, if your only motivation is money. Just saying……..

    1. Nicely said Michelle. Sure money played into the initial attraction for her and her looks and youth for him. But to last 17 plus years in the circles they travel in, with all the temptations for them both, is a lot. Maybe not for “regular ” folks like most of us, but that’s why we watch.

    2. You are entitled to your opinion. I really doubt such a young girl would be with a man who is just about old enough to be her grandfather if not for the things he could provide for her no matter how nice he was, but as I mentioned, it seems to work for them. You don’t see too many people of modest incomes married to others with that much of an age difference, unless perhaps it was an arranged marriage or something out of the norm. It generally helps when the older one comes bearing gifts. They have what works for them, so it is great. I do think they respect one another and let each other have room for each other’s lives away from each other and that is what makes it work for them so long. JMO

      1. Actually Sandy my husband and I have best friends, with modest income, where there is 20 years difference in age. They met when she was 18 and he 36, married with children. He divorced his first wife and married that young girl. Unfortunately, he died a few years ago from cancer and they had been married 30+ years. He was such a love. He was one of my husband’s best friends (an age difference of 16 years there too). Their daughter has married someone 18 years older than herself and her best friend married a man 15 years older. Yeah probably the good example of the parents marriage was an influence. And my sister is married to a man 10 years younger than herself and they’re going on 20+ years married. All pretty ordinary people. As I said before, marriage is very complicated and if it works, man it works!

  3. There is something about Erika that I just love. I think she’s real and that her relationship with Tom, although unconventional, is based in real love and respect for each other. I hope I’m right on this one. I’m actually a terrible judge of people IRL.

  4. Dear goodness, stop giving me reasons to adore you even more, Rain. How about people who get married just for the wedding? Or, this is what I’m supposed to have achieved by a certain age? So many reasons, too many to list. They love each other, respect, are friends, and have their core beliefs the same = a good marriage.
    If I’m ever single again, I’d stay that way. I may cougar around for a time, but if I were ever to marry again, hell yea it would be for money. I did the love thing.
    Love Erika and Tom…no one’s business but their own. Peace and Love

  5. Now now. Do not slut shame yourself. There is nothing wrong with trying out the merchandise before you purchase. Why is okay for men to be alley cats and they are heralded as being a man, but woman are called sluts and worse. No. Let out your inner Erika Jayne, Rain. Your hubby may have a heart attack, but you’ll have a blast. Love you too, San Fran hottie.

  6. Rain, is it wrong that when I just read “Mama needs youth and vitality”, in my mind I just screamed “…AND A STRONG BACK!!!” rotfl…?

  7. Oh the 2 Toms are really just so over the top
    As for Katie, I think she’s her own worst enemy at this point and she is the definition of a ‘nagging wife’

  8. I’m good. It’s almost time to get out my wheels! How have you been?
    Sometimes my comments don’t show…not sure what’s going on?! I did see Suze was on here not too long ago, next time you talk to her, please tell her hi and I’m thinking of her!

  9. I think Erica Girardi looks like the proverbial “all Amercan Girl” in her earlier pictures with Tom. Much prettier than the bleached blond version of Erica Jayne. Her beauty is so natural I don’t think she needs all the cosmetics. Just MHO.

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