Erika Girardi Shares Marriage Tips

RHOBH star Erika Girardi has made it clear that she doesn’t care what people think about her 17-year marriage to top attorney, Tom Girardi, and now she is sharing her secrets to a long lasting marriage.

“You have to be friends. You have to be friends and you have to have a common ground,” Erika recently told The Daily Dish. “You have to like the same things. You have to see the world the same way. You have to have the same interests. And when you are genuinely rooting for the other guy — you know Tom is very supportive of me and I am very supportive of him — and I think that’s what makes it work.”

And making time for romance doesn’t hurt anything either. Erika recently revealed how they’ve spent Valentine’s Day in the past. “Tom is really good [about Valentine’s Day]. He usually gets me a piece of jewelry. He may [or] he may not. I don’t know. You know what? It’s OK,” she shared. “We used to go to Vegas a lot for Valentine’s Day ’cause it’s quick for us ’cause we live in Los Angeles. We used to jump on our little plane and go and have dinner and come home. So, I don’t know, maybe we’ll go.”

Do you agree with Erika?

Photo Credit: Bravo