Erika Girardi Says It Felt Like Eden Was Trying To Make Something Out Of Nothing

Erika Girardi is reflecting on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Girardi writes in her blog that Kyle Richards’ party was on another level and how much she loved Lisa Rinna’s BBQ. However, Erika can’t understand why Eden Sassoon keeps inserting herself in Kim and Kyle’s business when she hardly knows these sisters.

“This week Lisa Rinna is having a real deal barbecue. Like, a grill and burgers and jeans barbecue. I love it. She has such a sweet family. Delilah Belle and Amelia Gray are two well-raised, bright, young women, and I enjoy getting to know them more and more.

Eden talking to Kyle about Kim’s “abrasive” or “rude” behavior is out of place in this group setting. It feels as though she’s trying to make something out of nothing. IF there’s any conversation to be had about this, it should be between Eden and Kim.

Can we just talk about Harry Hamlin for a moment? The “Sexiest Man Alive” is out here making us tri-tip and homemade pies?!?!

Lisa, Harry is a real dream!

This audition for The Young and the Restless is not was I was expecting. Reading with Eileen and Sheila got my nerves on 10. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’m scared to death, and I hope I don’t go down in flames. This moment is really cool, though, because who gets a birthday gift like this?

Kyle’s Great Gatsby party is on another level. This location is INCREDIBLE, and Mauricio, I hope you sell this place and make a MASSIVE commission! Everything is so perfectly done, and I’m loving everyone’s costumes. The roaring 20s is so my speed—the glitz, the glamour and the excess. I’m loving every minute of it.

Eden is right back to focusing on Kim and Kyle and comparing her journey to theirs. Eden still knows so little about these sisters to be judging the way she has. It is good, though, that she’s having this conversation with just Kim and Kyle and not the rest of the group. I’m hoping this conversation, which can be very hurtful and counterproductive, is over after tonight.

Perhaps it will be now that Lisa Vanderpump and her “other foot” have spoken.”

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Erika, Erika, Erika…..get a grip girl! What is with this Harry Hamlin BS? Nice-looking older man but not the ‘sexiest man’ from days of old. Sorry, seen better in the local grocery store. And your friend Rinna, perhaps you will figure out who really fired up Eden about Kim/Kyle. Rinna is trash and she has lowered the show from class to trash…and Erika…..your coldness does much help either. Amazing how Erika could trash LVP because Yo-Yo was a jealous B, but can’t see the truth about Rinna.

I agree. I have actually never seen him act, in anything. I am not much of a movie person, I would rather do other things with my entertainment budget. Anyone who can stand to look at Rinna for 25 years must have something in his trousers. But then she makes me gag to look at her, for real. Honest. Her daughters are dolls though, and hopefully they won’t start botoxing and injecting in their 20’s like Sheana and so many women do now. It RUINS their looks, they can’t laugh, they look hard, they look OLDER. I really do wonder… Read more »
I get the Harry Hamlin love. Harry’s older now and not the taut, fine specimen her used to be, but some men have a kind of magnetism that defies age and you can only feel it live and in person vs. onscreen. James Brolin is another one see with that quality (although I prefer him bearded like the days when he was a Hot Toddy on “Hotel”). I like men of any age, but my attraction towards older men generally stops round-a-bout in the early 60s. Though they are not the public heart throbs they once were, I can think… Read more »