Erika Girardi Reveals When She Realized RHOBH Was a Big Deal

Erika Girardi has admitted she didn’t watch the show before joining the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but now that she’s on her second season she’s revealing she didn’t know what a big deal the show was until she was on a specific phone call.

“They asked me a security question, I couldn’t answer it,” says Erika. “I said, ‘Oh gosh, you know what? It’s really me, hold on one second,’ and the lady goes, ‘No I know it’s you, Erika. I’m a big fan, and I recognize your voice, so I’m going to ask you one more question.'”

“That’s how I knew the show was bigger than I thought. It’s huge,” she admitted.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Rain

    Once again poor Erika sitting around a Dinner table as women address her kitty!!! And now Dorito is dragging Kyle???
    So this dummy can’t remember a conversation about how Eileen and Rinna should grieve BUT she miraculously remembers what Kyle said to her in a limo??? Bullshit

    • DaysofWineandRoses


  • Starr

    You know what?! I do believe I love the ways of Erika Giradi. She is the fairest of that whole group in her thinking.
    LVP is correct. Kyle & Eileen took the wrong turn in the road by going along with Dorit on the pantygate “Fun” gift. All 3 were wrong. Now Eileen wont let it go–ever!!!!!! after all, she’s still waiting for an apology from LVP. Seems it mattered more to her than her mother’s passing when LVP said she was sorry in reference to Eileen’s loss. What a shallow, shallow woman.

  • suze

    I like Erika more and more but I don’t believe she hadn’t watched any of BH. Just tell it like it is please!

    • Jack

      I believe she didnt watch before she was cast but i bet she watched after she was cast to know what she was getting herself into.

    • Aunt Bee

      I like Erika Girardi too but not fond of Erika Jane – I FF thru Jane ( probably my Catholic upbringing). Anyway I like the way she sits back and observes before offering an opinion or not. I hope to see her give Dorit a “what for” in her own way without shouting or calling names.