Erika Girardi Responds To Criticism Over Her Dress At Dorit’s Birthday Party

Erika Girardi is taking to her blog this week to talk about casting her latest music video and to share her thoughts about Dorit’s birthday party. Erika reacts to the opinions about her dress and the tensions among some of the women.

“I’m super excited to be casting for my new music video “XXPENSIVE” in this week’s episode. It’s always great to see such talented dancers come out and do their thing. This is not easy choreography, and this casting is not an easy decision. I am confident, though, that we found what we were looking for and this video is going to be incredible.

Dorit’s birthday party was quite the celebration. PK did a great job for his wife, and I had a fabulous time with the ladies—even though I was the only one in the room not drinking. Dorit says the invitation for her party called for “stunning”—and with these pumps, this hair, and this fresh-off-the-runway Moschino dress, that’s exactly what she got. But then again, not everyone can appreciate the same on-point fashion moments.

It’s interesting to watch Rinna and Eileen interact with LVP given the obvious tension left over from last season. It can be hard to let go of hurtful disagreements, but I’m hoping to see them move forward soon. I do think Lisa’s comment about Vinny did in fact hurt Eileen’s feelings, and I hate seeing that. But we are here to celebrate Dorit tonight and that’s just want I am going to do. Happy 40th!

See you next Tuesday…”

Photo Credit: Bravo


54 Replies to “Erika Girardi Responds To Criticism Over Her Dress At Dorit’s Birthday Party”

    1. Hi Suze. I think Erika did that to spite Dorito. I don’t see these two getting along. Dorito is fake and Erika can spot a fake from a mile away.

  1. No worries sweetie , love you bunches . I’ll send you a picture later on. I had to get that color to have the interior that I wanted

    1. Me either, Daisy. And I don’t mind saying it either. I had a snotty comment from my Son-I-L about how we all feel the grief of DeAnna’s death ( he did not even KNOW her ) and was not part of this family when she died, but that it was time for ME to begin celebrating Christmas. He had seen her around town with her sisters maybe 3 times, as this is a rather small town. Just once I am going to say this, at the risk of making anyone’s wonderful Christmas hold any memories of my feelings. I had told both of my natural children that I would no longer be accepting invitations for CM, and have not had a tree or a dinner since Nan died. Two days later he emailed me, not called mind you, it wasn’t MY DAUGHTER WHO CALLED EITHR, to invite us for CM breakfast. 1st., my husband has been a day sleeper for 50 years, which everyone knows. He worked late swing for 40 years, and had not been able to change the habit of saying up to around 2 – 4 am. So, that in itself was unfeeling and rude, after I had just TOLD his wife, my DAUGHTER, that I was no longer going to pretend while I sat there with my guts being ripped out. I don’t give a shit who thinks what about how I handle my grief, after the 5 steps of grief blah blah blah, the person is still dead. I aways do Birthdays, anniversaries etc., but CM does not bring me joy. I mentioned the one thing I still enjoy was choosing a gift and wrapping it ( I love to wrap and make my own bows ) and he said to save my money. I faked it for all these years, and accepted invitations, but I had done Thanksgiving and CM for their entire lives, and after they were grown a lot of times too. This daughter had us once for CM dinner, which was lovely, but I am done. I want the day to pass, and I truly wish all the young families I know to have the wonder and joy of walking out CM morning with the tree lit etc. CM is for the kids IMO, and I have no Grandchildren, and will not have any. That is all I am gong to share, but I felt like I needed to tell my true friends here how I felt and what a stupid unaccepting way he handled that. My daughter has been around a lot more since, so that is the bright spot, I get to see her more now. I wish all of you here a Very Merry Christmas, and I DO know what that means. Joy to the World, and peace.

      1. Oh that’s just an ass hole thing to say to you . I no longer feel comfortable discussing personal things here . I’m sure you understand why . But please know that I do love you and think of you often . Too bad all of us can’t get together and have our own scrooge day

      2. I really understand what you’ve said 3 D’s. That was an uncalled for statement from your son inlaw. Your pain goes very deep & lasts a lifetime. My own mom grieved herself into the grave after my brother died, life lost all meaning for her, so I do understand. You do whatever it takes to get you through the day, you hear?!

        1. I do. I feel so saddened for you that your Mama grieved so deeply. I understand though. My own children and husband saved me from that fate, however, and I dearly hope you were not scarred by the fact that it killed her soul, so to speak. People used to tell me I was strong, and I would wonder “can’t you see me here, on my knees?” Thank you my friend, It no longer makes me wonder how it is possible without physicality to feel and express love for you.

          1. Oh yes 3 D’s, she broke my heart to just watch the deep sadness in her eyes. We were all grieving too as the loss was also ours, but we had to be there to help her. When she passed, her doctor told us that even though physically she was very strong, her broken heart took her. Honestly? I was happy for her as she was no longer so sad & was reunited with her darling son. So, yes, 3 D’s. Your pain goes so deep & whoever cannot see or understand that–that’s their insensitive problem. You just do whatever it takes to put one foot in front of the other. Whenever you need to rest on a caring shoulder, feel mine right there & I know all on this blog are there for you too. God be with you.

              1. Sorry Starr , I forgot to say that I’m so sorry for all that you and your family went through . Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you , Dear Starr

                1. Daisy, Thanks so, so much on both your comments, so much appreciated. In the big picture of life where there’s so much sadness & suffering & everyone has a story to tell, I try to enjoy the happy moments. This blog & all of you, brings so much to my plate. So, I thank you & all from my heart.

            1. Starr, you are so sweet and one of the most caring people here! I’m sorry for your mothers grief. Love you sweet starr⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

              1. Hi my ever sweet Suze, your words truly touched me, but I’m not all that. Hey, but I accept the compliment with grace–not so good with that.
                Oh, I also saw you asked on my name posted. Yes, me, my son changed it back yesterday–not good at such things. If you’re on facebook, you can find me there: Starr Laquis Sabga. I’m interesting only to those who loves God & animals, otherwise, totally boring to others.
                Lastly, praying my Christmas miracle for you, John & Abe HAS to come to pass or the Good Lord & myself will converse on the subject.

                1. Hi sweet Starr, for some reason from here I can’t find people in US on my Facebook but if you can find me Sue Mack there is The same picture as here of my Wee Meg also two ducks one looking up the others bottom saying I can see your quack! I do have friends in US but they have had to find me. I love your name it sounds so sexy! Xxxxx⭐⭐⭐⭐

                2. Starr I think I might have found you what is your picture? Do you have a lot of stories about animal cruelty? This is why I think it might be you! Xxxx

                  1. Yes, that’s me, Suze. My picture is the Sacred heart of Jesus. I do have a small pic on the left upper I believe. My 3 grand-daughters & I outside of church. ” Laquis ” is my maiden name. I think I found you, not sure. Left a message, if it’s you, can you let me know? I will return & see if the darling dog of yours (too precious) & ducks are there. Then I’ll know for sure. I’m now your friend on Fb, but been your friend all along & what a blessing that’s been.

  2. Oh Suze don’t be sorry . I’m not upset at all . It’s just a car . Trust me I can’t stand red cars and have made a few people mad that has them

    1. I really don’t like red cars and my SIL has one in Passion Red! My husband wanted me to have a red Audi but I wanted black. I wouldn’t have black again or recommend its so difficult to clean.

      1. And, around here in the Summer, tHey are HOT. The steering wheel is too hot to touch if we forget to pace the cover over the windshield etc. I like white, actually a two tone, white on top, and pale peach on the bottom, old fashioned T-Bird with the round windows in the back. That is my dream car.

  3. Oh Erika. Do you have to name drop to feel important too? We already have Dorit to do that. This dress looked like a beach cover up. If you paid a lot for it, it is your loss. Whatever. Get over yourself.
    Honestly, she must have an amazing wardrobe, yet she felt that was the place to wear that dress. It was not an afternoon barbecue (with barbecue grills or not) and even those, as we have seen, have brought out Kyle and others in nice dresses and heels. BH is glamorous darling. At least that is what I have seen from the others.
    See you next Tuesday or C U Next Tuesday Erika. The way you ended it was just another slap in the face. Yes, it is on Tuesday nights, but the sentiment seemed different and not funny. Sorry, I am not laughing with you but at you, Erika.

  4. It may have been rented. Have we not seen that on MDLLA. The rented expensive cars to line the driveway of a magnificent home for sale. I know Flagg has done it. Just saying.

  5. My Fiat 850 sport coupe was bright yellow amber almost like a yield sign. It must have had a lawn mower engine. I think it was 3 cylinders and floored pedal to the metal going uphill was maybe 10 to 12 mph…on a sort of steep hill. I wanted a bumper sticker I saw on another car back then that said, Please don’t honk. I’m peddling as fast as I can…but could not find one!

  6. I was surprised, to be honest, that the couple who would enfold into their actual home life & manage Boy George are insulted enough to comment at a slightly unconventional dress at her party. It certainly wasn’t a staid, stuffy cocktail party with the etiquette rules from the 1950’s in place. Even at first glance, I saw a little green eyed monster peeking out. I see the beginnings of what we see in the trailers for the season.

  7. My kids feel the grief as smartly as I do, and my S-Daughter is of the same mind as I am. The difference for my children, who I am always here for, have gone on with their lives, autonomously as they should, and with their marriages, which I was a big part of, they have had family added to theirs with their in-laws, many of them in my younger daughters case especially. They always go to his parents home for a huge Christmas dinner, to which Jim and I are always invited. I went once to the CM dinner, not long after my injury, and to a TG dinner also. I brought a dish and a gift, of course, and was welcomed with open arms. When invited this year, I called My Daughters M-I-L and she is such an honorable, accepting woman, understood and reminded me simply that the invitation was always open, that she understood completely. Anyone who has not lost a child has no clue what it is to have a child one day, who was a young beautiful woman of 27, and the next day that person, that young woman, be dead. It has absolutely nothing to do with ‘being there” for my children one day of the year, on a day that Jesus was not even born, to spend more money than most people can afford, to make “Christmas.” It is different for all those who have had some form of tragedy reminding them of these holidays. As I said, I celebrate those things in which I find a reason to celebrate. My children do in act, “feel my pain” as they lost their baby sister. It was my son-in-law who refuses to be accepting of my feelings, who refuses to remember all the years I went and hosted the gift portion. Many people who have no idea of what they speak, make statements as you have that I am somehow letting my children down by not celebrating this one pagan holiday. You are incorrect, Sandy, in that they do not feel my pain. I truly and sincerely hope you never realize what it is to have on of your children die before you.

    1. You are entitled to your feelings. No one feels your pain. They feel their own pain, not yours. That is what I meant. You can say or imply I am unfeeling but I am not. I know your loss is extreme, and no parent should have to outlive their own child. It is tragic. Yet, you are denying yourself holidays with the rest of your family and missing out on their joy. We miss our loved ones who are no longer here and remember them always.
      I am not any sort of perfect person, and I have lived through my own hell. I have had the opposite. I have had rejection and no family but mainly my own children on holidays. They only know me and our little family. They saw grandparents for a few minutes on one side only and felt rejected. I am thinking what the children feel too. They do not always understand our grief. They see it as rejection.
      I cannot speak for your loved one who has passed, but I know my mother who never met my husband or kids would love to see me and them happy together, no matter what our ages. I push myself for them. It is my choice. I do not judge you for your choices, i just hate to see you alone on the holidays and upset. That is all. You suffer so much each and every holiday for many years and I do care about you. Sorry I put this here, but your friends care. ❤️

      1. Please don’t reply to me anymore, Real Sandy. I couldn’t find a way to block you, although Disqus said there was one. You know nothing of what you speak, NOTHING. I am denying them nothing. They feel MY PAIN, and theirs. You have NO idea how they feel. Do you think me so selfish that I have not spoken to MY CHILDREN about this. MY CHILDREN do not feel rejected, or that they are not enough for me, or that they are not enough of a family for me to celebrate with in any way. I have the right to do what I need to do for my sanity, not everything in life reflects on our children. When they were born, they ENTERED MY LIFE. My needs in this case are more important than whatever their feelings are about ONE DAY. Don’t presume to tell me what they feel, or what I should suffer through for them. We have our own way of handling the giving of gifts, not that it is any of your business. You are speaking of things you know exactly NOTHING about. You know nothing of what happened to her when she was 22, or what she went through for the next 5 years. I only suffered when I was, to my mind, forced to sit for hours while my guts were being ripped out on days that I felt I “should” be there. My husband and I are the ones left with only loss. There is no new family, no grandkids, and Christmas, to my mind, is for Children. It will be the first year I WILL NOT suffer, not feeling obligated to pretend I am not recalling her last gift to me, how she was just getting well when she died. MY children all said they were so happy and honored that I was finally able to be honest, and that we would, from now on, use the other days, of which there are many, to celebrate not only our life as a family, but DeAnna’s life for the short time we were blessed to have her.

  8. I didn’t like the t-shirt either. I do think Erika is a beautiful woman. But I don’t like her. From day 1, she back stabbed LVP without even giving her a chance.

  9. Thank you Rain. I just saw this, and just realized it wasn’t in response to me!!! But, I will speak this anyway, hopefully you don’t mind, as I need to say it badly. From 1975, when my first child was born, until 2007, when DeAnna died I cooked every meal, BK,Lunch Dinner, made every Birthday, did up every Christmas, with tree, the whole joyous celebration of every event. We took our kids camping every Summer, I worked full time graveyard shift until they were old enough to be alone, Jim worked swing, so he got home just as I was leaving. We had, and still have, a wonderful, loving family. For anyone, I don’t care how smart they think they are, or how insightful they believe themselves to be, to assume that “I am not there for my kids” because I don’t want to celebrate Christmas anymore, well, that is a fucking insult. To say “they don’t feel my pain” is another obtuse comment. They were 29 and 31 when DeAnna died. We never found out why she died. We waited 8 months for the Autopsy, and when it was finally released it stated “Unknown Cause of Death.” Many people assumed she committed suicide, & that we wanted to hide that, which is untrue, and that angered me so, so much. I actually showed some of them the document, which, of course I still, and will always, have. For anyone to think that one day, no matter what others think the day means, to ACTUALLY say, as RealSandy did, that I am somehow not there for my kids is very,very close to unforgivable. You and I, as far as I am aware, are the only two women here who know what it is to have our child die. I am sorry that I am not using the more acceptable words, like “passed away” , “pass” etc., is a nod to the fact that they are in fact, dead. Me and you know that, and we know what it means. I hope so much every night as I pray and take my own inventory, that I have been kind, and that you, Rain, find peace. Something that is a distant wish for a long, long time after the tragedy we have suffered. I love you, Rain.

  10. Whether Erika’s dress was straight off the runway or from K-Mart, it was totally inappropriate attire for that evening—it’s a t-shirt for crying out loud, poor choice that cost major big bucks. That sort of wasted money could’ve been given instead to a worthy cause.

  11. I had a yellow VW bug also!! Horrible heater. Meanwhile, nobody in our family has Christmas spirit. We are all faking it. It’s been a long year and I can’t wait for it to turn over to 2017.

  12. Thanks Miss M. He somehow believes, though he did not know her, that he also grieves! I have worked my mind and heart to the bone, so to seak, to gain this guys least benefit of the doubt on anything. He simly wants my Daughter to clone what he says and thinks. Thank God, for real, she doesn’t. You also have the Christmas you love, lights and songs, or whatever makes you feel it is what you are. oxoxoxoxoxo

  13. Any ramble from you is meaningful. It isn’t that we do not function. It isn’t that we use it as an excuse, it simply is what it is. They are gone, dead. The part of me personally that she started her life in, wherever exactly that is inside my body, died with her. Do people forget that children begin their LIFE INSIDE our body? I wonder. Then, a few days after this fucking thing from the SIL, my “sister” who I have not seen since Nan died, another story, asked my Daughter, who had gone to see her cousin and the cousins Mom, my sister was with her
    ( shock ) asked my Daughter if I was ever going to get over losing DeAnna. Believing, I think, that that is the reason I wrote her telling her not to contact me again, ever. It wasn’t the reason, it had something to do with what happened, but wow, this has been some 4 months. The day after the 25th, I am GOING to let it ALL GO. Love you Rain, Peace my lovely, for your heart.

  14. I thought the rose gold was kinda cool. I know, I am in the minority. I don’t read or believe the rag mags from any country, if and when some lack of funds starts showing up here, then I might believe it. I just want to enjoy the show, the excess, whether they can afford it or not, I take it all at face value. I thought his speech was really a beautiful thing to say and do for her birthday, his words were very meaningful and warmed my heart. Everyone seemed to have a great time, which is what a party is all about. I have been at parties that were outfitted for a brilliant time, and they flopped. Then, on the other side, I have walked in wondering who the hell thought this gig up and had an absolute blast. The food and ambiance has it’s place, but it never makes the party. Same deal with the car, maybe she likes rose gold, we all have our own taste, and I would take any color of Bentley!

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