Erika Girardi Respects Every One of Her RHOBH Cast Mates


Erika Girardi doesn’t wish to rehash any of the drama that was talked about during part three of the RHOBH reunion, instead she is taking to her final blog of the season to thank viewers for opening up their televisions to her this year. She says despite their differences, she respects all of her cast mates. Read what Erika had to say below.

“I want to start off by thanking all of the loyal Housewives viewers for welcoming me into your lives and living rooms this season. Joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been a rich adventure, and I’m grateful for the laughs, love and lessons we shared along the way.
Regardless of any differences you may have seen this season, I appreciate each of these women–Yolanda, Kyle, Lisa V., Eileen, Lisa R., Kathryn–for welcoming me to the show and sharing a piece of their lives with me. This is a group of bright, intelligent women, and I respect each and every one of them.
To Andy Cohen and everyone at Bravo, Watch What Happens Live, and all of the teams in between, thank you for all that you do and for being so kind and gracious to me. This has been an incredible experience.”

However, we want to know… what did YOU think of Erika as an addition to the cast of the show? Comment below.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Erika rocked it. I can’t recall a new Housewife being so strong and holding her own on her first season. Brava, Erika. I hope we see more of you in the future.

Erika is my girl!!! ❤️❤️❤️

I second that!!!!!

Hey kt cat ❤️❤️❤️ So glad this atrocious season is over . I liked Erika putting Kathryn in her place a bit

Me tooooooo!!!! It’s been way too long!!!! I did too – I was shocked at first because she seemed so angry (considering they made up on the trip), but in the end they handled with class.

yes they did handle it well. I seriously doubt Kathryn is coming back . I’m also afraid Eileen may be on the chopping block , not because of the LVP mess but just because she hasn’t really meshed with most of the cast . I predict either Kim or Brandi will be brought back , because Andy is a sadist

I did not care for Kathryn at first but ended up being a ‘fan’. I’d like to see her back. Eileen without Rinna would be interesting?! Please not Kim – she needs to heal and I don’t want to give Kyle an excuse for her (Kyle’s) behavior). BG would certainly spice things up.
Did you ever watch Dallas – if not, please don’t waste your time…HORRIBLE, disgusting, immature, not glamours and NOT a representative of my great state – AT ALL!!!

I read the opinions on Dallas here so I didn’t bother :). But thank you for warning me. The formula is now clear, let’s get women in gowns to be trashy and catty! Yawn! I briefly warmed to Kathryn in Dubai but I don’t trust her. Something about her I don’t like. But her not coming back is not about how I feel about her, but because she really has no story line. She had that silly Faye Resnick thing, then what??? Unless they reveal she and her husband are swingers or they’ll adopt 9 kids, I see nothing there… Read more »

Total side note here: Just heard Ms. Suze’s song…and I have one for you too Might As Well Get Stoned, by Chris Stapleton. For some reason, Rain, I think of you….!!!!! hehehehe (going to see him and Hank Jr in concert this summer).

First time I saw Stapleton was the CMA awards or something, I’ll find that song and enjoy it 🙂 plus , LADIES don’t get stoned, they just ‘chillax’ 🙂 LOL

I will be chillaxing next week! Xoxoxox

Go Suze!! :). Join the puff puff club ❤️❤️❤️

Oooo see – due to my profession you know I don’t…but I will say this stick with the real stuff – do NOT…NOT…NOT ever never ever try synthetic anything – PLEASE!!!! Ladies, the horror stories I could tell…I get shivers and tears thinking of the lives I see wasted. OK…I’ll step off the soap box now – we lost a young man in the ER last weekend due to this junk so it’s fresh on my mind.
Didn’t mean to be a Debby downer…

Thanks for the concern kt ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I only use my card to get natural stuff from approved dispensaries .. They don’t sell anything illegal and I’m not intersted in that anyways xoxoxo . I’m thinking of getting approval to grow my own ‘milf weed’ LOLOLOL

Kt, that’s so sad but not uncommon. Mine is pure and medicinal! Xoxoxox


Is it a bad thing that I rather they bring back that ole tacky BIG RICH TEXAS? LOL Minus Leslie Birkland, of course, lol. She’s a sheisty grifter (albeit a beautiful one that I keep questioning myself back and forth if I ever dressed her on catalog shoots when I was young and living in the US, lol). Leslie, btw, has been making all the press rounds trying to give commentary on the Dallas girls to get herself back in the public eye. Personality wise I find her to be similar toKenya Moore on the irritation meter, but she has… Read more »

@ Ms. Rain. Ditto that darling!
How r u?

Where did you disappear ? ❤️ I thought you abandoned us for another blog!!! We are the BEST blog so sit yo azz down :). Xoxo

Yes I agree with Rain, where have you been? Ages ago I asked where the ‘plaid’ in your name came from? Pretty please! Xo

Kt you are so right. My s n l is a er nurse and the things she has witnessed is just heart breaking

It really is…we have a group that try to educate the community – and I used to think let these teens hear our stories and they will stop, I’ve seen about 10 who I know were in our classes come thru. We get point blank with these kids – tell them how patients have passed, it doesn’t faze (most) of them cause they think ‘it won’t happen to me’. The patient this weekend was frantic and delusional, the young man, one minute was screaming for us to save him (ripped my scrubs even) and then next was pulling out IV’s… Read more »

Yes Kt most certainly will give her a extra hug. I don’t know the full story but she was recently assaulted by someone on bath salts that came in to the er. You guys have the hardest jobs ever my love and respect go out to everyone in the life saving profession

kt, I have a mmj card and a great dispensary. But I have a question, what is synthetic in that regard?

It’s man made – typically in China – and sold in head shops – packaged to attract teens. Synthetics are made with mind altering chemicals sprayed on plant materials and smoked or used in e-cigarettes. Packages are labeled “not for human consumption” It is poison very addictive and can be deadly. Many cities try to outlaw but as soon as the law passes, ‘they’ change the ingredients. I have had patients who have used for years and some their first time – we had one who used it (once), was discharged, went home and killed himself. I know another family… Read more »

That’s great info kt, thank you!! Joanna, legal dispensaries would not sell anything synthetic , to my knowledge. But it’s good to have the information that kt gave

You are correct Rain, it would not be sold in legal dispensaries!!!
I’ll lighten up now…it was a tough weekend.

Oh kt, I welcome the input from someone like you who sees things that I don’t see! Never worry about giving too much info! It’s part of your calling to care ❤️❤️❤️

You do great work. It is heartwrenching to be sure, and you are only human. You are so admirable. I really appreciate your knowledge being shared as well as the tough and challenging job you do dor so many. Not just anyone can do what you do. It isn’t just Narcan with these designer drugs either. Though when Narcan was given from some ODs in the past, the patient on many occasions woke to complain about losing that high. It is always hard to see what happens to young ones who make mistakes that cannot be undone. When you educate… Read more »

Thank you, kt. You can never give too much information, especially when it comes to synthetic toxins and dying people. You are so caring. I guess I’m safe there. My daughter is my caregiver and gets it at a dispensary. I feel such sadness for the teens being addicted to that. Thank you for replying and explaining it so well and thoroughly! Love you! ❤❤❤

Erika rules !!

I like your comment AND your name lol

Can’t stand Erika. Hope she is gone next season. I am upset that Andy did not press her on why so much hatred toward LVP. Erika is full of BS.

She is so phony. I, too, hope she isn’t back next year. Having said that, when she walked away from the table, on the ship in Dubai, I did like her then. She didn’t get involved then.

Loved Erika last night. She handled Kathryn beautifully. Kathryn was like,” Um ba duh?”
Read her like a book. & yes, Kathryn, That was a ” Cunty” move. Lol.

Erika has been the best new addition ever.!!!
Hope she is back for S7.

Kathryn, I’m willing to give her another chance. She is Pumpy’ s new bitch.

Happy Hump Day!

Erika came, saw, and conquered, without disturbing nary an eyelash nor hair (piece) falling out of place, LOL

I also appreciate her humor, self-depricating and otherwise.

Beyond that,why do I find your screen name so distracting tonight??? It keeps reminding me of Bravo’s “Southern Charm” and cast member K. Cooper Ray (swoon!) anyone here watching that show?

Love Erika! hope she’s back next season!

Erika lost ANY credibility after of being a decent, caring human being since she ABANDONED her young son, ran off to LA to find a guy with $ (eventually ending up with Tom who had the MOST money) so she could dress up like a little girl out of some sick Mommy’s S&M closet, have a bunch of sketchy gay men video her while crawling around on stage yelling the “C” word whenever she feels like it. Yea, she’s a real peach. Someone to look up to and admire. She has a mouth like a truck driver, she is a… Read more »

ITA! And by the way Erika, you don’t get to decide what someone’s intent was, that’s on you!

I’m a fan of Erika G and J. It will be interesting what she’s like in season 2. I hope she stays on track. I’m not a fan of Katherine. So her not coming back is fine with me.

I found Erika to be too trashy. 44 year old Britney Spears impersonator? How did BRAVO let her act like a great mom when in reality she didn’t raise him in her Pasadena palace? One common trait of all housewives is their love for their child (ren). Did Eileen &Yolanda know this about her? I don’t think Eileen ,who is so attached to her son, would have been so enamored by Erika and her cunty life.

I have heard this rumor a few times before, is there some proof of this somewhere? Or is it possible she allowed her little boy to live with his Daddy for half the time? Out of the few references of this, I have not seen one article or document proving any of it. If you know where one of them are, would you mind presenting a link, or simply a date for one of the articles? Thanks in advance.

And Ariana you know all this for sure, how? Read it in a tabloid?? She has an excellent relationship with her son now, which wouldn’t have been the case if she was a horrible mother to him! Come on!!!!!

It’s funny how a woman is trashed for leaving her child (allegedly, with his father, I presume) but men do it all the time and it seems like no big deal. Don’t get me wrong, I’m against anyone leaving their child, it’s just that women are held to a much higher standard.

I think Erika is a cold, uncaring woman & to voice how she respects all of her cast mates proves my thoughts. She is a hypocrite & has not been a good addition at all. Her friendship with Yo tells the whole story. “Show me your friends & I’ll tell you who you are.” She brought nothing of worth to the show. Those that enjoys trashy will love her. Those that enjoys having a body guard will love her. Those that enjoys her friends, or her coldness will love her. I most certainly don’t.

I’m with you our shining Starr, 100%. I didn’t want that exhibition in my home.

Thanks so much Joanna, you’re a sweetheart.