Erika Girardi Reacts to Meeting The RHOBH Ladies


Erika Girardi is taking to her blog to share her thoughts on meeting the other women of RHOBH on this week’s episode. Girardi reveals her first impression of Lisa Vanderpump and also reacts to the women questioning Yolanda Foster’s health… read what she has to say below.

“I’m glad Yolanda suggested that we get together at this charming park by her house. It was nice to get her out and walking and to meet Kyle. Yolanda was right; we both have a lot in common. We’re the same age, we were both young moms, and we work in entertainment. Kyle’s a lot of fun; she likes to dance and she knows how to have a good time. I appreciate that while being a true Hollywood kid she’s still very real. I find that refreshing.

When Yolanda suggested that I meet the rest of the crew, I didn’t quite know what to expect.

My first impression of Lisa Vanderpump… she’s very well put together. I’ve always appreciated a quick wit and a spirited conversation, something you just don’t find too often in this town. And by the way things are going, I can feel her testing my mettle. It was nice to see Kyle again, but I’m noticing that Yolanda is not feeling well and is soldiering through this afternoon. Eileen is everything an Emmy Award-winning soap opera actress should be–tall, blonde, beautiful, and more importantly, you can tell she has a kind heart.

But beyond the cheeky back and forth about my appearance or my marriage (which is a 16-year-old conversation for me), there is something bigger going on and that is the suggestion that Yolanda has Munchausen syndrome. While it is fun sport to tease me about the way I look or snicker at/about my marriage, it’s not OK to question Yolanda’s degree of illness or her mental state, especially if these women are friends.”

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  1. -eye roll- I have absolutely no clue who she is. I feel like she speaks of herself like we should though. I guess I live under a rock in southern California.

    1. A few more posters were wondering too. I think I might have heard of her husband, though. One thing so far she seems to have something to say, which in the sixth season of this franchise might help it. Happy 2016 geminigirl.

      1. Happy new year to you 3D 🙂 . I disagree with you most of the time but I always enjoy reading your posts and your point of view ! You seem like s strong woman and I respect that xoxo

        1. I hope we all have a wonder filled 2016, Rain. Ditto on the opinion we do not share and the respect. Thanks. If I wanted to pound my own opinion into my head, I would read my journal instead of considering yours. That is one of the things I really like about this blog, posters like you. 🙂

      2. Unless you’re into clubs and club music you wouldn’t know who she is. Do you know every person who received a Grammy or just the ones shown on TV during the show? She actually had very popular music in thet venue.

        1. You too geminigirl. Almost too late but still 10:00 here. It is going to show as the time in the Eastern U.S., it’s 3 hours earlier here though. Here’s hoping you have a wonder filled year.

    2. Did you know who Lisa V was before the show? Or Adrienne, Camille, Taylor? Why do we have to know who they are?
      I’d only heard of Kim Richards from the original cast cuz I grew up watching Disney movies.

      1. The difference between those ladies and Erica Jayne is that she’s supposed a performer of sorts and the others either own hotels/teams/restaurants/clothing stores etc. I definitely knew Rinna, Eileen, and knew of the Maloof family beforehand.

        1. I knew Rinna and Eileen too, and Kyle and Kim Richards. All from their acting. I had seen Kyle in Halloween and Kimmy in C.H.I.P.S., Rinna and Eileen from soaps. When I did see Lisa V. she became a star right away, still is to me. I did not know, however, that Kathy Hilton was K & K’s sister ’till the show, and as funny as this is to me with her apparent “fame” I didn’t know who Paris was ’till like 2 years ago.

        2. Right but Eileen is a performer and I would have no idea who she is, yet she talks about her career like it’s a big deal – which it is to soap fans.
          Erikas career is no different.

          The only one anyone really knew was Kyle and Kim and that’s cuz they were sold as Kathy Hiltons sisters. The only reason they got the show was cuz they have a famous niece, when the first season was on it was sold as featuring Paris Hilton’s aunts.

  2. I appreciated the ‘exhibition game’ undercurrent going on between Lisa V. and Erika Jayne, it was entertaining without going over the top. Lisa was testing Giradi’s mettle indeed, and she held her own. That’s the thing with judging a book by it’s cover; Lisa started that repartee assuming she had a Barbie to play with, and got something else back instead. LVP may be the Patron Saint of California’s LGBT community, but EJ is apparently their Disco Queen… and I caught a few glimpses of Erika’s drag personality rearing itself rearing itself in their back and forth, she was giving me “I am the Spawn of Dorian Corey” realness, lol.

    1. This is Lisa V’s way of testing who she dealing with. Lisa V has that sense of humor and as Erika said its makes the convo more interesting and a bit of fun. Lisa V would have appreciated the little wink and slight remarks about her marriage. Lisa V does that all the time about her and Ken. You could tell they have a similar sense of humor. I think these two will have some fun.

      I do think Eileen has thrown Lisa R to the wolves, unintentionally. She should have left it to Lisa R explain, especially as Eileen wasn’t there for the conversation.

      1. Stuart, you know I always like your comments and this time no change!! I think they could be great friends, Lisa likes people like Brandi, (at first,) and I think she will like Erika. They would be great fun together!!

  3. I don’t think Erika is in the same league as Lisa V. Lisa V. was an actress and they built their wealth with their businesses. Erika was a cocktail waitress, allegedly, but I’d guess really something sleazier, who sits on grandpa’s lap for money. I bet he pays people to let Erika gyrate around and think she’s a star. Her little jokes about getting half of everything and how her husband won’t live forever were very tacky but no surprise.

    1. I am going to have to look again, JJ. I must have missed that. Now I am unhappy about her. Was it a joke? Well I will have to see now. I so very much want to like her, and I did at first. I enjoyed her initial interview to camera and I think she is unique. It certainly will make the episodes more interesting.

    2. Anonymous, people who think aging is something to sneer at better hope they’re lucky enough to get sneered at someday. The odds decrease by the amount of idiotic sneering, by the way.

        1. Besides not that 46 is old, but comparing that to these other women and calling it young is just incorrect. She is about Kyle’s age and about 7 years younger than Lisa V. I don’t care enough to look up Eileen and Lisa R’s. age, but I would guess she is about the same age. The age difference between 21 and 36 isn’t great. The age difference between 30 and 60 is though, IMO. I personally couldn’t care any less how old or young any of the wives or husbands are, or whether they are rich or not.

      1. JJ, I try to ignore this particular Anon. as last time she posted she was foul but said she was 64 so do her comments make any sense?

  4. Also, why did Erika leave her pants at home? Perhaps she is used to having her pants off in public and feels more comfortable that way.

    1. Bahahahahahaha this definitely goes along with the alleged cocktail waitress snark for me! I love it. Maybe her and Melissa Gorga worked at the same bar. LOL

      1. I certainly wouldn’t look down at a woman who worked as a cocktail waitress in her youth, if that was her method of survival, and I sense that a lot of ladies are basically jealous of very attractive women who happen to benefit from that or use it for their own financial gain (decent working income). If it’s legal, who cares? We don’t know their stories, necessarily. Marrying an unattractive, rich, much older man grosses me out though if it’s not based on love. And it doesn’t look like it is. I have no respect for that. Watching her pretend and the awkward hugs/kisses makes my skin crawl.

        1. I actually thought her husband was fine looking, Barb. Not necessarily good looking, but not ugly certainly IMO. I have never cared very much about the age difference in marriage. Hers is a large age difference too. There was some talk about the difference in Lisa’s and Ken’s age, but he married him when she was 21 and he was 35. At that age it isn’t so much. When you get to your upper 30’s and there is 35 years, (is that it, 35?) anyway it’s at least 30 I remember then it becomes a little different. After 60 we age quicker and almost exponentially. I do think if both parties find a match, whether by love or convenience, if they are both completely happy with the partnership and understand their role it is between them. Many marriages over time have been marriages of convenience and/or arranged, and many of them lasted till the death of one spouse. All the different kinds of love and affection can all be a good foundation for marriage, happy one’s even. I am quite sure Erika expected that reaction as she said it is a 16 year conversation. I also didn’t see anything impolite about their reactions.

  5. I really like Erika, she is a breath of fresh air among a very stale group, there is no energy between the group. Especially when Lisa R. is not there. It was great to see a bit of energy between Lisa V. and Erika, we saw the fun Lisa that used to come out around Brandi. You could tell she was a little jealous of Erika, it was an interesting dynamic.

  6. I’m loving this woman!!! She’s sassy and ballsy and just the right amount of ‘bleep’ 😉 Lisa was horrible to her ! You don’t even know this woman Lisa, and you’re already acting like she killed your mother . And as a woman who knows shows, Erikas were at least twice the price of Lisa’s pink shoes lol, maybe that’s what pissed Lisa off ! I’m glad they didn’t pick another stuffy uptight HW . I can safely predict if Erika sticks for few seasons that she will be Queen B of RHOBH ! This season Lisa V is coming off really really bad!! And I have to find Kyle credit , she’s always friendly and open to giving new HW a chance , that was a sweet scene of Erika and Kyle talking about their kids

      1. Is that right, Rain, about the shoes?!! Please keep us informed in the future about that, would you feel like it? I know NOTHING about shoes or bags and that kind of thing makes it much more gossipy and fun. Some levity is needed if they want to pull it out of the cra*#_r this season. It would make it definitely more fun for me, please?

    1. I agree!! Erika is one of the rare housewives that come in new but could become important. If she sticks around a few seasons.

      I agree, I liked seeing Kyle interact with her, I have no time for Kyle, but when she’s not moaning about family, crying or hanging around with Lisa V(the two of them bring out the worst in each other) she is more bearable. If Kyle could make a friend on the show, it would be great. I find her friendship with Lisa too fake, and she’s never really been friends with any of the other cast members. If we could see a better side of Kyle, it would be to everybody’s benefit since we have to watch her.

    2. I like her too. I think Lisa was just sparing with her, which I find funny, but I can see why not everyone would agree. Seems the HBIC always has to put the new girls in their place…Nene on Atlanta…Bethenny on NY….Vicki on OC. At least with Lisa, she will give you a chance and even take you under her wing (Brandi) if she thinks you are out of your league. Erika seems to be able to handle it…but time will tell.
      So far, I love this season. I will take fat little ponies in tutus and swans in emergency rooms over drunk Brandi and Kim anytime.

      1. Me too apple. I’ve zipped a few scenes but that’s so much better than being horrified. Also no matter their back ground, acting, performing or just business people, I would think one would be a little nervous at first. It is different than meeting someone in person where it is easy to read most folks. On here, for me, I need to watch a while before I allow myself to form my opinion because they are often so different than they were in the beginning.

    3. Hey!!! We like the same housewife. Just after we talked about that rarely happening. I do hope she calms down a little and becomes more natural after the initial blink. One interesting prediction about Lisa V. for me is that when Kyle and Erika become friends……..hahahahaha

  7. Erika is going to give LVP the ride of her life and it will and is deserved- LVP and Ken are OLD and trying so hard to stay youthful – they need to retire- enjoy Villa Rosa and stop making fools of themselves on TV- Lots of RICH SUPER RICH that no ones heard of- that’s so irrelevant and I have a feeling like Erika said its been a 16 year long conversation/ she’ll shut that crap down real quick – Personally Jealous MUCH ladies -now don’t LIE

    1. Anonymous, if you are going to use “old” as an insult, at least have the balls not to hide behind “Anonymous” while you do it.

      Also, Erika reminds me of Anna Nicole Smith. I don’t see anything to envy there and she’s not really young either anyway.

      1. DITTO, JJ. Thanks for saying what I was thinking. I have said it before ad gotten some flak, maybe you won’t. I seem to have a way of expressing myself that rubs some folks the wrong way. I have seriously looked at the way I comment and done my best to be more diplomatic. Some people take exception to my every opinion and post, and I now just realize those folks and I wouldn’t like each other face to face either. Anyway, thanks.

  8. Erika reminds me of all those women I see around Newport Beach with men old enough to be their grandfather, claiming it’s “true love”. I saw it all over LA also, but much more in Newport Beach. Anybody can have snappy comebacks to questions, doesn’t mean you have brains. It just means you have a mouth on you. And of course people are going to find it odd that you married a man 100 years older than you. Sorry, not normal. My mind was made up about her after she said Yolanda was accomplished. That was it for me. Explain please Erika, accomplished at what?

    1. GIGICAT , you’re awesome ! I disagree with you on Erika but respect your opinion ;). Older men marrying younger women has been going on for centuries and nothing new , and why not marry for money, it’s as good a reason as any LOL. I feel that as women ,we tend to punish the younger wife more than we do the husbands, so she’s a slut, gold digger etc etc who ‘duped’ this old man . No one ever says the old geezers are cradle robbers . I always tell my husband thaf if I’m ever single again , I’m picking a young buck in his 20s to rock this stagnant blob 😉 of course now my husband is working out and taking his vitamins !!! 😉 Zack Effron will have to wait

      1. Rain, I’m sorry but I have to disagree again!!!!! If anything happens to the current one for me I will never ever have another one!!! I can be happy with my saggy bits and hide them in my spanx and no one will ever know! Then I can do whatever I want with no one else to please or cook for!! Yay! That’s a thought and a half!! Mine works out as well but always has. Still a pain in the neck, working out hasn’t changed that!!! Xoxoxo I don’t mind Erika either, I think she could be great friends with Lisa, both a bit bawdy!!! On saying that I wouldn’t be surprised if this is Lisa’s last season, I think Ken is getting tired. If she wants to carry on she can send him to me!!!

    2. I completely agree, Gigicat. She’s obviously a gold digger. Staying with him for 16 years means nothing except that she still likes his money.

  9. At first I did not quite like her…now I am becomig a fan…she will call those women on their BS…Go Erika Go !!

  10. I still wish Bravo would knock down the third wall and start allowing for the fact that this is a taped reality show with producers everywhere. It seems silly to always act like so and so is just showing up for lunch as someone’s friend as if they hadn’t auditioned and signed a contract. The gig is up…they are filming a show and we all know it so why not allow for the person to be introduced as a new member on the show. Allow them to say their opinions about the other members as they’ve watched them on the show. Instead of the “oh, I just met so and so and I’m trying to figure them out”. Maybe sometimes people truly hadn’t watched their show before they were on but it would be fun if someone were able to come on and say “look, I’ve seen this bit** in action before so I’ll see how she is going to treat me”. lol. It might add some fun to the show:) Just my humble opinion.

  11. I have to say this…. Google “Erika Jayne” and hit Images. Then go to her website and look at the pictures. One of them is a pile of $100.00 bills. Please. Really? Yes, she’s a new face on RHOBH, but still. I’d rather watch Lisa V talk to her swans than this useless gold-digger. In this day and age, I guess it’s just the “normal” thing to do when married to a rich old guy 45 (or however many) years older than you to have a night job where you are dressed (and then undress) like a stripper and pole dance and gyrate around on stage, pretending you know how to sing. To me, and call me old fashioned and some sort of Trump loving Republican, but she is an example of why other countries laugh at us. Mortifying. Simply mortifying. To quote LuAnn… money can’t buy you class Erika.

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