Erika Girardi Reacts To Crying Scene In RHOBH Trailer

This is Erika Girardi’s second season on RHOBH and she isn’t holding anything back. From fighting with newcomer Dorit Kemsley, to shedding tears in the trailer.

In one emotional moment of the preview this season we hear Girardi say, “You don’t know what I deal with every night.” Of course, fans are wondering what caused Erika to make such a statement and what she meant by it.

In a recent interview, Erika explained what she meant by that statement. “I was [surprised I cried], actually, and I was driven there out of frustration, and really just nothing else to give, you know?” she told ET, adding that she hates crying. “So, yeah, I was kind of shocked that I did that myself.”

Erika said the other ladies were just as curious to see why she got so upset. “Well, we’ll find out, but I think it was kind of like, ‘What is wrong with homegirl? What happened to her?'” Erika explained. “Not my best moment.”

Girardi wouldn’t give details about what inspired her sadness, but she did tease that it’s probably not “what people think it is,” confirming that it has nothing to do with her marriage. In fact, she and Tom just celebrated 18 years together.

“I think you get to know me, Erika, a little more intimately,” she said. “I mean, I’m just a regular person. There’s nothing too great. I mean, I get frustrated by my mom, all the usual stuff. Very human things.”

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19 Replies to “Erika Girardi Reacts To Crying Scene In RHOBH Trailer”

  1. You are the realest out of the bunch. Absolutely adore you. Can I be one of your back-up dancers. I’m old, can’t do a split, would need lots of ben-gay, a heating pad, probably an oxygen tank too, but I still look good.

  2. I like her a lot too. I believe she adores her husband, and is simply honest that money makes life easier, and more fun. It does not buy happiness, but it certainly makes the hard times less difficult. I’ve had money, not like Bentley money, but way more than I have now, and having it is better than not having it. I also adore you, Rain. You are one of the most fabulous girls here.

  3. Let’s all be her back up dancers!!!!

    She cries real…like most of us do, rather than lightly dab at the corners of our eyes…she full out, let it all out, don’t care if I look pretty or not cries…gotta love a woman as beautiful and made up as she is to show us her ‘ugly’ cry!

  4. I really like her, she seems down to Earth to me.
    From what I’ve seen, she would be a good friend.
    I’m entitled to change my opinion as the season goes on. Haha

  5. How can you adore Erica when she dances around in her near nude costumes but abhor LVP for the skimpy outfits the waitresses wear on her show. I don’t get it.

  6. I’m beginning to like Erika–she’s more likeable now that she’s not Yolanda’s bodyguard.
    I actually just saw her on Y&R, she was a natural.

  7. I haven’t liked Erika from day one. She started off back stabbing LVP when she didn’t even know her. She was a straight up “B” for Yo. I still don’t believe they were real friends before this show. I don’t like being lied to. So far it seems Erika may just be a 1 trick pony.

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