Erika Girardi Questions Dorit Kemsley’s Motives

Erika Girardi is taking to her blog to react to what Dorit and PK Kemsley said about her this week on the RHOBH. First, Erika said she didn’t appreciate Lisa Vanderpump putting her hand up her skirt and Girardi also questions the Kemsleys motives for being so distraught over something that wasn’t a big deal. Erika says this says more about Dorit than it does her, especially given the fact that Dorit doesn’t even know her at this point.

“Last week you saw us auditioning dancers for my new music video “XXPENSIVE.” This week you see the final four dancers that were selected, and now it’s non-stop from here. Between three big performances coming up (one being in Greece), and a new music video to shoot, team Erika Jayne has a lot to do—and we never do anything half-assed. It’s a lot of work but incredibly exciting.

My heart really goes out to Eileen after the loss of her mother to dementia. Having lost my grandmother to Alzheimer’s, I understand the pain of this journey. Watching someone you love face such a cruel disease is the hardest thing in the world. On top of that, she’s lost six other people in her family back-to-back. Eileen has this incredible quiet strength that I don’t think people often see. Even through all of the heartbreak, she manages to be kind and sweet and never bitter.

It’s great to see Lisa R. and Kyle together with their daughters in NYC. I love how excited Lisa is to help her daughter Delilah build her modeling career. What an exciting time. I also love how Lisa casually drops the word “vaginally” during Delilah’s meeting with CR Fashion Book. God love her. Delilah is a very smart and beautiful girl. I’m sure she’s going to do big things.

Kyle has her hands full with four beautiful girls, so I love that she and her daughter Sophia are on a trip together just the two of them. It’s important to have that quality time. Raising a son is so different than raising girls, so I enjoy watching Kyle and Lisa R. with their daughters.

Lisa Vanderpump is talking about British humor again at the pre-White Party get-together. She often defends her snarky remarks as being “British humor,” but she also describes this humor as being “way more aggressive.” So, are you trying to be funny or aggressive? I love a good joke just as much as the next person, but this “humor” often feels like thinly veiled insults.

I’m not really sure what motivated LVP to stick her hand up my dress. I found it invasive, and I did not appreciate it.

Watching Dorit and PK talk about my “hoo-ha” like they were devastated is strange to me. What, suddenly you’re conservative now? PK represents one of the most forward-thinking, gender-bending artists in music and Dorit herself says, “These things happen.” So why is this such a topic of shock for them? On one hand you’re offended, and on the other hand you understand “these things happen”? Which is it? I can’t help but wonder what the motive behind this drama-driven topic is really about.

The facts are these: My knees were closed together from the moment I sat down, and my legs were covered with either my purse or a black napkin. I did not sit there on display, and I do not appreciate what was said about me. It’s interesting to me that a woman who’s so busy “doing it all,” has two beautiful babies, a gorgeous home, and an obviously adoring husband is finding the time to dissect me and call me names. She doesn’t even know me. In my opinion, this says more about Dorit than it does about me.”

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17 Replies to “Erika Girardi Questions Dorit Kemsley’s Motives”

  1. Yo go Erika. She is jealous of you and she is used to people fawning over her (that ugly car she got for her birthday) and you don’t play that game. I cannot wait till you chew her up and spit her out.

  2. I wondered about that entire segment of the episode. I watched the episode again, as I aways get them on Amazon so I don’t have to zip adds. I am so spoiled when it comes to adds. I remember how cool it was originally to be able to zip them.
    Anyway, I still don’t even get why Lisa felt it necessary to ask Erika for some panties!! Seriously, who the hell carries extra panties around in their Chanel bag? And if they did have some, why oh why would they let someone wear them, and why would Kyle, who wasn’t even involved, use them? Lisa is getting to where she is no longer funny, IMO. The entire thing should have landed on the cutting room floor. I think for the first time in Lisa life, she is actually jealous of another woman. She is handling it very badly, being it’s so new to her maybe. The little digs she slipped in so well all these years as humor fall flat on Erika. She makes herself look stupid, and offends others. Lisa better come up with a more intelligent way of having dialogue with Erika. That lady is no slouch when it comes to wit, understanding exactly what is being implied, instinctively discerning nuance and inference in conversation, then adeptly keeping herself far, far above it all. Lisa better look out.

    1. Great post 3Ds!! Plus when is it EVER ok to slip your hand up another woman’s dress, even if she is your best friend!?? That was an odd moment

      Love you ❤❤❤

  3. I’ll give Erika kudos for her tactful writing and her killer ability to defend herself with integrity. Still don’t care for her, but care less for Dorit and am also losing faith big time in LVP as time rolls by. She’s a very competitive woman and doesn’t like being topped one bit. Her hand maneuver was absolutely an act of trespassing against Erika figuratively and literally. I swear I don’t care who you are I would’ve grabbed her hand instinctually and thrown it towards her face. Oh yes I would have. Even though I don’t love Giuardi I’m all for her putting both these women on blast!

  4. Ok so Eileen has quiet strengthen and she manages to be kind and sweet and never bitter. Wonder if LVP believes that. My heart does ache for all her losses.

    I would take Erica over that idiot Dorit any day but Erica should have never admitted to no underwear. That was provacative on her part and I am sure she was waiting for a reaction. I must have missed LVP’s searching hand, wrong LVP and you know it. I FF through much of this show lately. And since when has
    Giggy lost his place as #1 dog on the show???

    1. Erika is always looking for a reaction. That’s who she is. Her telling them she was introverted was hilarious. Don’t care for her 2 personalities. And yes, she does back stab. It’s weird to me that Eileen seems to want to move on after losing her mother, & yet she still made hateful comments about & to LVP at the reunion. I fell sorry for Eileen’s loss & pain. But I can’t quite square how she seems to be 2 people. One with her husband & family & another who thinks that the world revolves around her & her opinions. Maybe that’s why she is friends with Erika.

  5. What kind of a fake accent is she trying to portrait anyway. I know quite a few British women and none of them sound like Dorit. Phony fake. She has to have 4 nannies because she cant handle 2 spoiled rotten kids on her own. She’s taking the son to the park and he is screaming in the car as she tries to bride him. Nothing works so she decides not to take him. At that point she probably gave him straight to one of the nannies.

  6. Dorit is a bafoon.If Erika wears panties or not that’s her problem.She can’t find a storyline but latch on to Erika? That’s pretty pathetic. LVP has been acting like a major bitch this season,not a good look. She really thinks her sh_t doesn’t stink.Well I don’t like calculating women that try 2demoralize other women to make themselves look good! This was LVPs doing! As far as I’m concerned there’s nothing to see here! U do U Erika& let the haters hate! I’m out. Peace!

  7. Honey, we’re all questioning Dorit’s moves. They’re lying about Erika flashing them. She kept either her purse or her handkerchief over her lap in front of everyone, and even if there was a second when she didn’t, from the length and cut of that dress, and the fact that she’s not so thin that one could easily see between her thighs, Erika would have had to sit legs plum agape and upward as if on an OBGYN table for PK to get the view he claims he saw. Someone’s reaching for a fake scandal to clutch onto for a storyline. Manipulative and disingenuous, and I’m not interested in that.

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