Erika Girardi Opens Up About Her Son

Erika Girardi appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Tuesday night and opened up about her son, who we do not get to see on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because of his dangerous job as a Los Angeles police officer.

When Erika mentioned her son, Andy asked Erika more about him and that he is bummed we never get to see him on the show. “He has a different profession babe,” she explained. “He’s a real police officer in the streets.”

“He loves his mom,” she continued when Andy asked how close of a relationship they have. “He lives with me. That’s my baby, are you kidding??

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Cin

    love Erka

    • DaysofWineandRoses

      Her 1970’s look is giving me Disco Darcy doll, Donna Summer and Dolly Parton all in one. What’s not to love about the 70s, Dolly, and Donna? lol

  • nycbunny123

    Tacky Tacky Tacky

    • Jay

      LVP is tacky tacky tacky 🙂

  • Jay

    Erika is awesome! She can rock any look

    • MaryBoston

      Yes she can, Jay. Long live Erika Jane

    • Cin

      yes… Erika rocks..

  • Jack

    Yes!!! That look will give me power for decades to come!!!! I still can’t believe people got so nasty about her relationship with her child.

    • Rain

      People do ! Grrrrrr

  • Real Sandy

    There is another version of this story on the net. It says that Erika left her son with his dad in NYC when he was about 3, just after her divorce from his dad. She wanted to go out to LA to see what opportunities were there and ended up in SoCal where she met Tom Girardi soon after and they were engaged within months and married in 1999. Her son would have been around 5 at that time. Her son was not at their wedding. Nowhere is it mentioned if she then took her son to raise while married to Tom or not. If she was a single mom, it is not clear by some of what is out there. It is mentioned that Tommy moved from Jersey City, NJ to LA in 2014.

    • MaryBoston

      I’m sorry Sandy, but I cry BS on this story. No way would she leave her baby behind. And, she grew up in Atlanta. She has said she moved from Atlanta to LA.
      Also, her and Tom were not married within months of meeting. Erika was dating someone and then she would be single, but then Tom would be dating someone. She met Tom when she was working as a cocktail waitress as she was writing music and trying to become a singer. This is all what I learned from her on the show.

      • Real Sandy

        I wrote that they were engaged within months of meeting, not married within months of meeting. She married Thomas Zizzo very young. She met him at 18 in NYC. He is from Kearney, NJ and lives in Las Vegas now. Nowhere does it say that she did not meet her first husband in NYC. She may have been from Atlanta originally. Her son was living in NJ from all accounts. There is not much about her as a single mom anywhere other than she has said so. I am not saying she is lying, but only that something isn’t adding up.

        • Rain

          The way these shows work, this issue will pop up soon and will be addressed , I’m sure.

    • Rain

      I read that story too sandy but I’m not sure I buy it ! There might be a kernel of truth in there but the rest maybe made up?? I don’t know . The point is he lives with her now which he wouldn’t if he thought she wasn’t a good mother to him . They seem close to me

  • Cin

    lol… I’m sure the housewives read all the blogs…. I know I would!!!

  • bluebell

    Can’t stand Erika. She would not shut up & let the young man talk on WWHL last night. I could never leave my child, ever! She is one cold hearted “B.”

  • Aunt Bee

    I just watched Erica on WWHI and I must say I like Erica Girardi much better than her alter ego. That hair was annoying and her constant interruption of the other guest was ridiculous. Mrs G is a class act but Miss J needs to settle down. Andy please ask Erica Girardi on next time.

  • Michelle

    As I’ve already stated…I love BOTH Erikas. EG……… She is quite gracious and thoughtful. She’s not stupid she follows her instincts but can word a sentence to convey her thoughts but give you the opening to walk through and redeem yourself (Lisa R!). And she does it with kindness.

    EJ…….damn she is sexy and hot and I so love the confidence it takes to do that.

    I didn’t watch the entire WWHL I just tuned in long enough to catch a look at the beautiful creature doing the 70’s. My time baby girl and you rocked it!

  • IndependentOne

    Blue Lives Matter – Trump!!!