Erika Girardi Opens Up About Her Mother and Grandmother

Tensions were running high on this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills between everyone except for Lisa Rinna, Eileen Davidson and Erika Girardi, who traveled back home and shared some of her personal childhood with viewers.

Kyle Richards met Dorit Kemsley for lunch and praised Kyle for confronting Rinna at her dessert party. She told Kyle she was a “raging rock star” when she’d confronted Rinna in front of the group. When Richards explained that she was ready to move forward with Rinna, Dorit pointed out that Rinna had a habit of saying things, apologizing and then wanting to move forward. Kemsley explained she didn’t feel Rinna was very genuine and seemed unimpressed with her latest attempt to own her mistakes.

Erika and Eileen also met for lunch, where they also discussed the drama with Kim and Rinna. Both women agreed that it took a lot of balls for Rinna to admit what she had said, but that didn’t make it OK.

New footage was shown of the dessert party where Kim and Rinna were hugging it out and Rinna was optimistic they’d be able to move forward, but Lisa Vanderpump couldn’t believe Kyle was “giving Rinna another pass.” Despite Vanderpump’s feelings, Kyle seemed to want to try again with Rinna, “I do feel like Kim and Lisa Rinna were able to work things out, for now, and if Kim’s OK with Rinna, I’m OK with Rinna.”

In order to promote her boutique, Kyle agreed to host a launch party for the Fat Jewish’s new rosé. Erika; Vanderpump; Eileen; Dorit; her husband, PK; Camille Grammer and Eden Sassoon all attended the event. Rinna claimed she had the stomach flu even though her Instagram said otherwise.

Dorit arrived with a sleek haircut and Erika commented, “I love your hair. It looks very fresh on you.” Dorit replied, “That’s very sweet of you, Erika. It’s the first compliment I’ve gotten from you, ever.” Erika was as confused by that remark and said, “That’s not true — I’ve said many times that you look pretty. I’ve said many times I like what you’re wearing. Don’t say that, that’s not true!” A montage revealed that Erika was, indeed, telling the truth. “Is she keeping score?” Erika asked the cameras, while Dorit lamented that Erika had some type of guard up around her.

Next, Vanderpump invited Erika and Eden to join her in Hong Kong. Lisa was going in an effort to fight cruelty to dogs in that part of the world. When Eileen wandered over, Erika jumped in and invited her before Vanderpump could get two words out. Eileen is not Lisa’s favorite person. Worse for Vanderpump, now that Eileen was going, she felt she had to invite Rinna.

Vanderpump then invited Kyle, Dorit and Erika to lunch at her house to try out her daughter’s new rosé. Dorit walked in and gave Erika a really, really long hug, which Erika was not comfortable with. Once they were all seated, Kyle happily announced that Kim was a grandmother. Her grandson had been born early that morning, around 1:30 am.

Then, Vanderpump called out Erika for extending an invite to Eileen without running it by her first. Erika just laughed it off. Dorit then commented that she wasn’t sure she would trust Eileen or Rinna with her innermost secrets, prompting Erika to say she really shouldn’t trust anyone with those except for PK.

“Erika, you know, I like to have a nice family around me,” Dorit said. “Really?” Erika replied. Girardi said she had a couple friends she really trusted, but very few. In an interview Erika recalled a childhood memory of seeing her mom crying over being left by a man and thinking to herself, “I’ll never be like that. I’ll never be that f*cking weak.”

“My mother was very hard on me. I think she was raising me the way the world was treating her,” Erika explained.

In true Erika fashion she traveled back home to Georgia on her private plane with her glam squad in tow. They headed to Erika’s grandmother’s house to visit her mom and her mom’s fiancé, Chip. Erika got emotional walking around the house, looking at all of her old things and remembering her grandmother, who suffered from Alzheimer’s before she passed away two years ago. As she began to cry to the camera, Erika called it an “inhumane” way to die.

Later, Erika and her mother visited the graveyard to pay respect to her grandmother, where they had a heart-to-heart.

“I think sometimes you treated me like an adult, when I really wasn’t ready,” Erika said to her mom, who was only 18 years old when she’d had Erika. “I think that had a lot to do with the fact that I was a young mom,” her mom replied. Erika said she knew her mom didn’t mean any harm, but that it was hard for her.

“But it made you a tough old bird,” her mom said with a smile.

The episode ended with Vanderpump inviting Rinna to Hong Kong.

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Photo Credit: Bravo