Erika Girardi Makes Her Debut On The Young and The Restless

Eileen Davidson gave Erika Girairdi one of “the coolest presents ever” for her birthday… with the gift of appearing on Eileen’s day time job The Young and the Restless.

Erika’s episode aired this past Thursday and it has her playing Farrah Dubose, a high-powered real estate agent with a passion for couture clothing. In one scene, she happened to “bump” into Eileen Davidson’s character, Ashley Abbott, and they begin to get into a fight that would make RHOBH fans proud.

Eileen tweeted out a picture of the two of them together just before the episode.

Followed by Erika tweeting out a clip below:

If you watch the clip you wouldn’t be able to tell that Erika was completely scared acting next to Eileen saying “I’m scared to death,” she told ET. “I mean, I’m completely out of my lane!”

Eileen never had a doubt in her mind about wether or not Erika could act.

“It was really fun,” Eileen told CBS.com about having Erika on Y&R. “From the moment I thought about doing this, I thought Erika would be good, and she was. She was terrific … It meant a lot to her. She grew up watching [soaps], and they’ve always been important for her and her mom and grandma, so this was a cool gift.”

What did you think of Erika’s The Young and the Restless debut?

Photo Credit: Bravo

Tina Cerami

Tina Cerami

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  • Starr

    Erika may have been scared, but that did not come through on the screen. I thought she was a natural. She did a great job.

  • Cin

    Erika rocks…..

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  • Martie

    Why won’t it let me see the video? It’s says it’s Private.

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      I just tested it and same! So sorry can’t help!