Erika Girardi On Her Life Before She Was Erika Jayne

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Girardi hasn’t always lived such a glamours life. Before she could transform into the fabulous Erika Jayne, she is dishing about her life before she was a popstar.

“Some of my first jobs were in the entertainment industry, doing plays and commercials as a kid,” Erika told Glamour, adding that she even worked in a mall.

“I had a job at the mall… I wasn’t very good,” she said, noting that “the worst day was every day because it was long and kind of boring” but found the perfect mantra to get through it: “Smile and make it work.”

Erika explained that she had more success in the next chapter of her life as a cocktail waitress. “It was an easier clientele to chat up! People [were] having fun, not bitches trying on clothes that do not look good on them,” she shared, noting that this is where she connected with her husband Tom Girardi.

“Tom was a customer of mine for a year before we ever went out, and the great part about that was I got to know Tom on so many different levels. The way he treated not only myself and the wait staff but his friends, his children, referring attorneys… So when we started dating, there really was no getting to know one another, because we already knew one another. And we were friends!”

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  1. Well that was a short bit about her life before Erika Jayne. No mention of her hometown, move to NYC, first marriage, son, then move to California to become a cocktail waitress there…seemed to omit a lot.
    Now we know that as a child she was taught to smile and act, in the entertainment industry, anyway. I doubt she was ever shy.

    1. She´s not obliged to tell everything, not even as a contractual clause, I am sure some aspects of her past perhaps were not that glamorous, but it happens to everybody, and most of people would rather keep that side private, after all every human being has the right to some privacy…

      I bet you would also keep some of your past private….wouldn´t you?

  2. Erika, a woman of few words. In this instance, to my mind, she said just the right amount. Possibly her 1st marriage was not one made in Heaven & I’m sure she wants to respect her son’s privacy as any mom would. Right now, life is good for her, she’s happy & more importantly, is happy with her Tom. Why reflect on the old stuff?!

    1. This is enough for me. Personally I don’t think her son should be brought up at all given his profession, and don’t really care to know much about her first husband outside of what she feels comfortable with sharing. Besides, marriages end for reasons, and for reasons that really only the parties involved well know. She’s happy where she is and thriving, with the opportunity to branch out in middle age when society usually dictates we women should be put out to pasture. I choose to focus on and applaud that.

      That said, as is usually the issue with printing small snippets from an interview, sometimes it’s hard to get the full context of the conversation, or catch the real vibe or flow between the two people speaking. When you hear the podcast, it’s clear that they have a limited amount of time allotted for the interview, consequently asking a few questions to which she directly replies. She was asked specifically about her previous work experience when she was younger, the challenges of work & group dynamics working on Housewives, how she met Tom, and as a working woman, about her relationship with her “work husband(s)”. It doesn’t feel like an concerted effort to be mysterious. It was just a light, quick, sometimes irreverent interview with very pointed questions for the mag’s demographic, and she answered them directly, that’s all.

  3. Erika is the best! She’s so real and down to earth. Why so much concern about her ex-husband and her son? She was married and has a son…period!! She protects her son because he’s a cop on the LAPD. Leave it alone people. Do I hear rattling of your skeletons in the closet? Queen Erika…can’t wait to see her on DWTS.

    1. Queen Erika? You have it bad. I guess we all have our favorites. If there is anyone who should be crowned queen, it is Lisa Vanderpump IMHO.
      I already know who her ex husband is…not personally. I also have read a bit about Erika. I feel no need to glorify or protect her. She is capable of doing that all by herself.
      I am not saying you are right or wrong, but we are all entitled to have our opinions. You do not have to get personal with asking people if they have skeletons in their closet because of their comments. Most people want to know more about somewhat secretive people who are in the public eye.
      In the end, the truth has a way of coming out anyway. I certainly wish for all the best for her son. He has lived through the true story.

    1. I have shared a lot. I do not have to repeat it all for your benefit. I have said more in this forum than most except 3D’s. She is pretty open as well. We used to share even more before it was Disqus.

      1. Whoa…I started it so I’ll tell you something and I have also shared over the years (I was What The). My dad cheated on my mom with a hooker/heroin addict. He would steal my mom’s diabetic needles to give to his ho. He also was a pedophile. We grew up extremely poor because he would hide money from his family and give it to what ever chickie poo he was with at the time and be the big shot. Now, do I go around telling everyone that…No. I’m saying why does Erika have to reveal all. It’s her business just as yours is also. No disrespect here to you RS all love.

        1. You had a rough life. I am somsorry. Talking about it can be healing.
          I could talk about things here that would make people squeamish. I was born on Father’s Day…which is a joke really consodering my paternity. I could talk of things that are best left unsaid here and not because I have not said them before, but because today I don’t want to feel the pain that goes along with reliving trauma.
          Erika is leaving out a lot…meaning that this only mentions that she worked at a mall and wanted more and she found it. Great for her.
          Perhaps, however, she could help others by sharing a bit more of her story. She may even have some regrets or not, but that only makes her more human, since none of us is perfect. I think, she is an enigma wrapped up in a riddle and cash…from her words. I cannot warm up to her, though I don’t hate her.

        2. No one asked for all of her story. She left out the word child and even a young marriage. I would think if you had a child and kept it, you might mention the child in the story somewhere, unless that was something you did not want to talk about…. I know she has a son who is a cop now. No one asked for his bio either.
          She is way too secretive. I am not in love with her either. Clearly she found her true calling, and she found all the wealth she would ever want along with a man who lets her have a life she could have only dreamed of when she was young. Is this a Cinderella story? Maybe so? No one asked for her blood type. She could maybe just said that she had a child. As a mother, I feel my children are extremely important no matter how adult they may be now. JMO

  4. Hello San Fran hottie!! Hope all is well with you and your family. I’ll try to watch the show tonight and blog tomorrow. Love to you.

  5. Lol Rain, you really give me my daily dose of happy laffs—Thanks for that
    Finally! knew we would one day agree. In my head, we always agreed anyhow. You’re the best ever.

  6. I read the comments to see a good debate and/or opinions about the show. If you want to share personal crap, DM each other. So tired of seeing the same 5 people talk about their personal lives. Enough already.»

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