Erika Girardi On Her Life Before She Was Erika Jayne

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Girardi hasn’t always lived such a glamours life. Before she could transform into the fabulous Erika Jayne, she is dishing about her life before she was a popstar.

“Some of my first jobs were in the entertainment industry, doing plays and commercials as a kid,” Erika told Glamour, adding that she even worked in a mall.

“I had a job at the mall… I wasn’t very good,” she said, noting that “the worst day was every day because it was long and kind of boring” but found the perfect mantra to get through it: “Smile and make it work.”

Erika explained that she had more success in the next chapter of her life as a cocktail waitress. “It was an easier clientele to chat up! People [were] having fun, not bitches trying on clothes that do not look good on them,” she shared, noting that this is where she connected with her husband Tom Girardi.

“Tom was a customer of mine for a year before we ever went out, and the great part about that was I got to know Tom on so many different levels. The way he treated not only myself and the wait staff but his friends, his children, referring attorneys… So when we started dating, there really was no getting to know one another, because we already knew one another. And we were friends!”

Photo Credit: Bravo