Erika Girardi and Kenya Moore Dish On Housewives

Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen returned Tuesday night with guests Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Girardi and Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore. The ladies talked about the drama on their shows and answered Andy’s questions in the brand new clubhouse debut.

Andy brought up Dorit Kemsley’s shady comments about Erika Jayne’s music career, and asked for Erika’s reaction. “Uh, yeah,” Erika said, while Cohen added that she had just performed at Christina Aguilera’s birthday party. “But it’s just a hobby…” Girardi added, saying that she would not disclose whether or not Christina paid her to perform, but that had a great connection.

Next, Andy asked Kenya if she was surprised how Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks were revealing each other’s secrets. “At this point nothing surprises me with these girls. I think Kandi is just fed up, because Phaedra is just like a slippery greased pig, you can’t catch her. You can’t reel her in.”

Of course, PantyGate came up. After showing a clip for next week’s episode, Cohen asked Erika if she believes the other women are responsible for keeping the subject alive. “Everybody is responsible for the words that come out of their mouth, but they defended me, so no.” Erika won the poll from viewers with 95% on her side.

The subject of Kandi’s relationship with Shamea was also brought up and Andy asked Kenya what she believed. “I don’t think Kandi and Shamea are having an affair or screwed each other or whatever. One thing I know about Kandi is she always tells the truth. She has never been one to lie. She didn’t lie about her pregnancy, she didn’t lie about phone calls to Cynthia, we’ve all known Phaedra to lie. Kandi has been truthful on this show from the beginning.”

Andy asked Kenya about the story we covered where she claimed trespassers broke over her gates. Kenya explained that she is a licensed gun owner and that it is legal for her to keep a gun in her home or car and that it was loaded. When asked if she felt like she was in the right to pull the gun she said “they were asking for it.” She also noted that when she drew the gun they ran immediately. 83% of viewers thought Kenya did not overreact.

When Andy showed a preview for next week’s RHOA where Kenya’s on-again off-again boyfriend Matt Jordan shows up to an event and he punches Kenya’s driver in the face, he asked Moore if they are completely over. “Yeah,” she confirmed.

A viewer asked Erika if she thinks Dorit is jealous of her. “No, I don’t think she’s jealous. I just think that’s who she is,” Girardi said.

Did Erika feel like watching the episode back PK was creepy and was it awkward the next time she saw him? “I tried to forget it and move on because I knew I’d have to see him again, because it doesn’t feel good. It’s an embarrassing thing and it doesn’t feel good, for sure.” Erika added, “It was the insinuation that I had done it on purpose that really makes me upset. I would tell someone, ‘Hey! You know…'” Erika also said there would have been an appropriate moment where Dorit could have given her that gift and she would have laughed. “When I realized she had about it with everyone else, it became something else.”

Does Erika believe the British humor jab is just an excuse to be rude without accountability? “I think sometimes it’s used to cover meanness and sometimes it’s funny, but when it’s like the thing with Eileen, that really hurt her feelings.”

Andy asks what Kenya’s Aunt Lori thinks about Matt. “She loves Matt. Times where it got really tough between us, she always told me basically give him a real chance and she knows a lot of the things that were going on behind the scenes.”

Kenya also insisted that no one is living in Chateau Sheree.

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7 Replies to “Erika Girardi and Kenya Moore Dish On Housewives”

  1. So erika has NINE number 1 singles but dumdum Dorito thinks it’s s ‘hobby’ ???? Oh jealous is such an ugly ugly thing ! Muhahahahaha!! What’s your hobby Dorito , collecting nannies????

    1. Happy New Year, Rain. I wish you all the best. I didn’t see the episode last night, but I did watch some of this on Bravo’s website. Erika all the way…. I know, a hobby that has garnered 9 number 1 singles, please. Erika is wrong by saying that this is how Dorito is. Correction beautiful Erika, she is a jealous person.
      Also, sadly, I think Erika may have a problem with Xanax. She doesn’t seem like herself this year, a bit detached. I don’t wish an addiction on anyone. If it is our favorite HW, I pray she gets the help she needs. Peace and Love

  2. I absolutely believe that Erika is shy. So many performers are shy and that stage persona is just that. I also remember her saying that she doesn’t trust anyone right away and that’s me…I’ll be sad when Erika is gone from the show, but she’s so talented she deserves all the accolades.
    I’m the same Rain. I have ONE female friend whom I have known for 45 years. I much prefer being friends with men because I don’t think like a regular woman, something my husband can attest. I never dreamed about a wedding (please), never wanted kids, just my whole mind set. I have found woman to be jealous of me (ROFL) and I have no idea why. No wonder we get along and agree, Rain.
    Let’s make the new year the best one yet…much love to you!!

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