Erika Girardi and Dorit Kemsley Are Getting Along

While all of last season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills revolved around “panty gate,” it seems Erika Girardi and Dorit Kemsley have put the past behind them and recently spent time together while driving fast and fancy cars.

Dorit posted a photo of her and Erika, captioning, “Had such a great day driving cars with you @theprettymess.”

Erika replied to Dorit’s photo with race car emojis and her BFF Mikey Minden commented, “So cute.”

💥🏎👯 had such a great day driving cars with you @theprettymess 💋

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🚗💨 @theprettymess

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Are you excited for the new season of RHOBH?

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28 Replies to “Erika Girardi and Dorit Kemsley Are Getting Along”

  1. I would like to experience Dorit without PK. I feel that he taints everybody’s perception of her, including mine.
    I hope this truce is lasting and no more pettiness/panties

  2. The lovely Erika ………. Dorit, ummmmmm. I do like her new hair style though! I agree Rain, less PK and maybe just maybe Dorit might have the opportunity to build a fan base.

  3. I thought Dorit and Erika were in a good place at Lisa’s party last year, and if I remember correctly Erika was kind to Dorit at the reunion after she saw how controlling PK really is.
    I was reading on another site that PK is reviled in the U.K, wonder if there is any truth to that?

          1. racist much? is there something wrong with being british or is it my surname makes you judge Im not? or are all british women supposed to only marry men with british surnames? your unbelievable!

              1. oh my upset are we? go pretend your a nice person elsewhere you dont fool anyone with your patronising hello sweetie garbage

                    1. you dont need too stupid is looking right at you in the mirror,oh and no you should be so lucky , just cant stand judgemental know it alls who know nothing

  4. Dorit looks lovely with any hair-do. Seems she & Erika are on better ground & so happy to see that. Looking forward to a hopefully friendly, peaceful season.

  5. Thank heavens! I’m happy panty gate won’t be dragged out into this season. I’m sure if Eileen was still here… It probably would’ve. I felt like she kinda kept it alive. I do like them getting along. I feel like they’d have a bit in common

  6. Doridiot is such a wannabe. At least I hope that new ‘friendship’ pisses off LVP , cause there’s really no point. At least now doridiot will be less dramatic with stupid panty storylines and will be kicked off the show next year, hopefully!

  7. That blows it for me. I was really hoping she would disappear next season. Dorit, that is. And PK, oh, please, I’m not even going to get started.

  8. Fine. As long as we’re not forced to stomach PK and his struggle scenes clawing to be Center Housewife next season, it’s all good.

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