Erika Girardi: Don’t Ever Bring Up My Kid, You Don’t Know What I Go Through At Night

Ever since the trailer for this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was released, viewers were curious what led Erika Girardi to break down in the emotional moment we witnessed tonight.

In an attempt to try and heal the relationship between Dorit Kemsley and Erika stemming all the way back to #pantygate, Eileen Davidson is the one who provoked the shocking and emotional reaction from Girardi, which is surprising, because the two have always had a solid friendship.

“I don’t think [Dorit] really understood what she was getting into,” Davidson said. “I don’t think she’s evil. She’s already saying ‘sorry’ — what do you want then? There’s nothing she can say or do that can make it okay? She didn’t kill your child.”

This did not go over well for Girardi, whose 24-year-old son, Tommy Zizzo, is a police officer.

“Don’t ever bring up killing my child again because my child could get killed,” Erika fired back, through tears. “Your kid doesn’t put on a uniform every day and night and put his life out on the line for people he doesn’t know. Don’t ever talk about my f*cking kid again. Shut the f*ck up. You don’t know what I deal with every night.”

Eileen was immediately apologetic and explained it was a figure of speech that Kemsley didn’t “commit some horrible heinous crime.”

But Erika was too emotional. “That’s really insensitive,” she continued. “Your kid’s not out there. Don’t you ever talk about anyone that puts on a uniform and defends and serves their public. F*ck you for that. My son is under fire every night — especially in this climate. And I’m not going to tolerate that sh*t from any of you.”

“My kid can very easily be killed and that is the truth that none of you face here,” she added.

The women were shocked by Erika’s reaction, because she doesn’t share a lot about her son.

“I don’t bring it up because you know what, he’s an adult and that’s his choice,” she explained before shooting down Davidson’s suggestion they take a moment to honor Zizzo. “My family is not looking for that, my son is not looking for that and I am not looking for that. Which is why I don’t talk about it. I could come and say ‘Oh my God, I’m so scared.’ But you know what, I don’t.”

“I think every mother who sends their loved one off to work knows that harm can come to them,” she confessed to viewers. “People lose their lives. It struck a nerve. That’s the one thing you can’t say to me. Don’t talk about killing my kid. Can’t take that.”

Eileen was left speechless and Dorit was probably thankful she was out of the line of fire, because she had spent most of the episode arguing with Erika about #pantygate and accusing Erika of purposely flashing her husband with no underwear on.

“Do you really think I’m going to like you after everything that happened with the underwear?” Girardi asked Kemsley earlier in the episode. “I’m going to keep a safe distance from you because you took something that is innocent on my behalf and you turned it into this whole, ‘Oh she’s doing it on purpose. Oh she’s doing it for my husband’s attention.’ You took that and you ran with that.”

“Being embarrassed like that is not fun, Dorit,” she added. “And being talked about like that is not fun. That is not nice amongst a group of women.”

“I’m going to have to explain this to Tom because it’s going to get around,” she said. “Something that was innocent was taken and made into something that was not. This lives and this grows. They would rather go with sensationalism. They would rather say ‘Yes, she did it on purpose,’ instead of saying, ‘You know what? She probably didn’t and I feel bad for her.’ That’s why it’s ugly.”

“I shouldn’t have to do that,” Girardi said. “I told you I’m the most sensitive. It’s funny in the moment when it dies in the moment. It’s not funny when people’s husbands become involved. You made this a very big deal, Dorit.”

Dorit who had already called Erika “cold as f*cking ice” and “not that fun” finally understood. “I didn’t know all this and I feel very bad. And particularly what you said about your husband because I didn’t think about that,” she said. “Erika, I am extremely sorry if I hurt your feelings. It was never intended to hurt your feelings.”

But Erika wasn’t ready to make amends just yet. “You can apologize to my husband for f*cking me through all this —. And then I’ll be square with you,” Girardi said. “You can apologize to him and say, ‘You know what Tom — I f*cked up.’ And then your husband can apologize to him too.”

Then, Lisa Rinna had one thing to ask Kemsley. Thinking back to a dinner party she attended at Kemsley’s house, Rinna wondered: “Were people doing coke in your bathroom?

Dorit denied Rinna’s claimed, but the drama isn’t over because the episode left with “To Be Continued…”

Photo Credit: Bravo