Erika Girardi: Don’t Ever Bring Up My Kid, You Don’t Know What I Go Through At Night

Ever since the trailer for this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was released, viewers were curious what led Erika Girardi to break down in the emotional moment we witnessed tonight.

In an attempt to try and heal the relationship between Dorit Kemsley and Erika stemming all the way back to #pantygate, Eileen Davidson is the one who provoked the shocking and emotional reaction from Girardi, which is surprising, because the two have always had a solid friendship.

“I don’t think [Dorit] really understood what she was getting into,” Davidson said. “I don’t think she’s evil. She’s already saying ‘sorry’ — what do you want then? There’s nothing she can say or do that can make it okay? She didn’t kill your child.”

This did not go over well for Girardi, whose 24-year-old son, Tommy Zizzo, is a police officer.

“Don’t ever bring up killing my child again because my child could get killed,” Erika fired back, through tears. “Your kid doesn’t put on a uniform every day and night and put his life out on the line for people he doesn’t know. Don’t ever talk about my f*cking kid again. Shut the f*ck up. You don’t know what I deal with every night.”

Eileen was immediately apologetic and explained it was a figure of speech that Kemsley didn’t “commit some horrible heinous crime.”

But Erika was too emotional. “That’s really insensitive,” she continued. “Your kid’s not out there. Don’t you ever talk about anyone that puts on a uniform and defends and serves their public. F*ck you for that. My son is under fire every night — especially in this climate. And I’m not going to tolerate that sh*t from any of you.”

“My kid can very easily be killed and that is the truth that none of you face here,” she added.

The women were shocked by Erika’s reaction, because she doesn’t share a lot about her son.

“I don’t bring it up because you know what, he’s an adult and that’s his choice,” she explained before shooting down Davidson’s suggestion they take a moment to honor Zizzo. “My family is not looking for that, my son is not looking for that and I am not looking for that. Which is why I don’t talk about it. I could come and say ‘Oh my God, I’m so scared.’ But you know what, I don’t.”

“I think every mother who sends their loved one off to work knows that harm can come to them,” she confessed to viewers. “People lose their lives. It struck a nerve. That’s the one thing you can’t say to me. Don’t talk about killing my kid. Can’t take that.”

Eileen was left speechless and Dorit was probably thankful she was out of the line of fire, because she had spent most of the episode arguing with Erika about #pantygate and accusing Erika of purposely flashing her husband with no underwear on.

“Do you really think I’m going to like you after everything that happened with the underwear?” Girardi asked Kemsley earlier in the episode. “I’m going to keep a safe distance from you because you took something that is innocent on my behalf and you turned it into this whole, ‘Oh she’s doing it on purpose. Oh she’s doing it for my husband’s attention.’ You took that and you ran with that.”

“Being embarrassed like that is not fun, Dorit,” she added. “And being talked about like that is not fun. That is not nice amongst a group of women.”

“I’m going to have to explain this to Tom because it’s going to get around,” she said. “Something that was innocent was taken and made into something that was not. This lives and this grows. They would rather go with sensationalism. They would rather say ‘Yes, she did it on purpose,’ instead of saying, ‘You know what? She probably didn’t and I feel bad for her.’ That’s why it’s ugly.”

“I shouldn’t have to do that,” Girardi said. “I told you I’m the most sensitive. It’s funny in the moment when it dies in the moment. It’s not funny when people’s husbands become involved. You made this a very big deal, Dorit.”

Dorit who had already called Erika “cold as f*cking ice” and “not that fun” finally understood. “I didn’t know all this and I feel very bad. And particularly what you said about your husband because I didn’t think about that,” she said. “Erika, I am extremely sorry if I hurt your feelings. It was never intended to hurt your feelings.”

But Erika wasn’t ready to make amends just yet. “You can apologize to my husband for f*cking me through all this —. And then I’ll be square with you,” Girardi said. “You can apologize to him and say, ‘You know what Tom — I f*cked up.’ And then your husband can apologize to him too.”

Then, Lisa Rinna had one thing to ask Kemsley. Thinking back to a dinner party she attended at Kemsley’s house, Rinna wondered: “Were people doing coke in your bathroom?

Dorit denied Rinna’s claimed, but the drama isn’t over because the episode left with “To Be Continued…”

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104 Replies to “Erika Girardi: Don’t Ever Bring Up My Kid, You Don’t Know What I Go Through At Night”

  1. Tonight’s show was an eye-opening disappointment. Erika reminded me too much of Eileen’s behaviour last season. Over & over & over–ENOUGH with the drama, she’s not on stage. What a let down with her over-rated behaviour & just when I was now beginning to warm up to her too. Down the chute with that. I will have more to say tomorrow as I’m tired now & totally disgusted. More on fat lipped Rinna then too.

    1. I think she had very valid points in her disagreement with Dorit. The way Dorit and PK have gone on about her willfully flashing her vagina to another man at a party is an attempt to disparage her character. It involved her and her husband in malicious, unsavory gossip by painting her as a wanton woman who clearly has no respect or loyalty for her husband, and that is hurtful, and wrong.

      That said, I believe 100% in my soul that Dorit and PK were lying their faces off to begin with.

      in my professional estimation shooting a lot of these clothes straight from designer showrooms, there’s NO WAY PK actually saw Erika’s vagina. NO WAY. First of all, looking at the length of the dress, even with the rise of the hemline as a woman sits, you’re not going to see anyone’s privates. I direct women how to pose in clothing specifically for the purpose of avoiding coochie flashes in short dresses; a woman would literally have to be sitting with legs agape like a man, or YOU WOULD HAVE TO BE EYE LEVEL staring REALLY HARD BETWEEN open legs to catch a peek of anything. Additionally, Erika is no small chick (!), the amount of thigh meat on THAT body is not convenient for vaginal peek-a-boo shows.

      So I hold that PK was lying from day one, with his silly wife (who is in the fashion industry and should no better) in lockstep right along with him. It makes them look worse than anything else they’ve said or done all season.

      As for her reaction regarding her son and those who criticize it: are we really that unaware of the current socio-political climate in America and the deep chasm in community relations between police and civilians right now? Especially during the time this was filmed with all the community protest and uprisings taking place across the country. C’mon, now…it’s a very emotionally conflicted situation to be in with a lot of fear and hearts hurting on both sides. She has every right to be paralyzed with fear for her child EVERY NIGHT.

      1. I agree with every word! Very well stated! You know it never dawned on me that those two phonies would create oantygate for a storyline, but you’re right, that is exactly what hey did. I just don’t like them although I really tried. Dorit is clearly so envious and jealous of Erica and had it out for her from the start. PORKY-PK and DIZZY-Dorit set Erica up. I am so glad she stood up for herself!

    1. Rain are you stupid! Dorit is not upset about a glam squad, she jokes about it. From the beginning Lisa R started on her then her and Eileen gang up and everyone constantly defends Erika because she may have looked cool last season but clearly she’s got some deep rooted issues. Erika took the panty thing too far and actually all the fighting about it made it a bigger deal than what Dorit did. No one should take anyone’s side and let Dorit and Erika deal with it. The only normal people on the whole show is Kyle Dorit Lisa V and Eileen. And anyone who thinks otherwise are tacky and clearly don’t understand the meaning of real friendship to kissing ass and back stabbing

      1. STFU and don’t you ever call me stupid you dumb cow!! You don’t know me and go practice this crazy of yours somewhere else you idiotic bitch . Say your imbecile opinion and STFU! We don’t go after other posters on this site but since you started, I’m bringing it to you ! Don’t you f**cking dare!

        1. Rain I have cool news that makes all the bad stuff seem small (!) Yolanda has scored a production deal with Lifetime Television. She’s producing a show
          (I think only 8 episodes) where she mentors starting models (and their parents). I’m looking forward to it because she’s going to teach them the elements of building a sustainable career while trying to keep yourself balanced emotionally, mentally, and physically for the rigors of the business. People think her kids just glided in on a rail to their success but I keep telling folks, there’s a formula to this, and good mentoring makes a world of difference.

        2. Lol you are f***ing psychotic! Got real issues u cow lol! And I didn’t dare I did! And it’s not an opinion it’s fact! May even you need to see a shrink. Get help psycho!

      2. Amanda, I understand you may feel passionate about what you’ve seen on the show, but please note that attacking other forum members is not accepted here as per the site’s policy rules, which you should probably review before your next post.

        But getting back to the episode (which is what we should be discussing rather than name calling) – In actuality, the panty thing was taken too far the moment Dorit brought it to the group after discussing it with her husband, and continued to mention it on air in an obvious attempt to single Girardi out for ridicule, sealing the gift of her taunts with a lace thong and the phrase “Now that we’ve all seen your pretty little puss!”. Let the record show as evidenced by her statements ON CAMERA that Dorit has also gone on to belittle Erika’s wardrobe choices, her music career, and her alleged “stoicism” -with the latter being framed somehow as a negative?

        In all sincerity, Amanda, not supporting Dorit’s brand of underhand taunting and understanding Erika’s perspective as they prey in this situation doesn’t make anyone tacky. The reason why women are sometimes guarded and careful towards other women is because of the exact kind of passive aggressive attempts at hazing like Dorit exhibited towards Erika from the time she made a stage right entrance onto this show. Believe it or not, there are women in this world who are experienced and life savvy enough to know that no, trust is not given, it IS EARNED,with people like Dorit being a prime example why.. and that’s not about having deep rooted issues, that’s what’s called exercising the gift of discernment…

      3. I have to do this, I usually don’t but I just have to…don’t you ever ever call anyone on this site a derogatory name. Get the fuck out of our site, go to some other low life one where you belong. If I ever see you trolling Rain or anyone else, I’ll track you down. Cunt, bitch. Got it.

          1. No you shut up, you all speak about we are all so respectful of each other in here, but you show no respect for any other person.
            you all spout from your keyboards its a forum and we are allowed to comment ,as long as its not against all of what you think in here, and who just called whom a dummy , WELL ,WELL,WELL. I rest my case ,you cant make a silk purse from a sours ear, now let’s see how many of you miss interpret that.

            1. Point out ONE post where Rain or anyone else is disrespectful. YOU punks and dicks and cunts are the ones who leave your fetid stench all over, then say it’s everyone else. You must hate yourself so much, I have pity for you.

          1. Starr, I don’t mean to make light of this but I do like your comment to “Clorox yourself”! That is sweet. Can I use that?

          2. Grow up you childish little starr, once again you have proved your immaturity, well done for you.have a good look at all of your post’s in here, just please DON”T ANYONE SAY ANYTHING AGAINST US poor little darlings , I will give you a mouthful from my keyboard, it’s people like you and your trolls that cause people to kill themselves WELL DONE ALL OF YOU!!!!!!

            1. Shut up little dummy and leave Starr alone ! Go try find big foot or whatever you dummies day on a weekday .
              Buh bye dummy

            2. I fucking DARE you, you little coward. I do pity you if you are feeling suicidal, though. I hope that isn’t truly the case, or are you just using the lowest possible common denominator to scare everyone? You came on here with the first volley, honey. YOU. There are numbers you can call rather than go after a stranger on a blog.

        1. Oh, shut the fuck up. God almighty, how much must you hate yourself, your life, the world, to pretend to be two people, speaking to “each other” or 20 as the case may be to come and be nothing but nasty. This site has intelligent people who agree and disagree with respect. I see that you respect no one, mostly yourself. Anyone so hateful and full of shit, needs an enema and a lesson in humanity.

    2. Good morning, Rain!
      Clearly anyone who doesn’t realize how much Erika respects her husband are ‘tacky and clearly don’t understand the meaning of real’ appreciation, love and friendship! Some people are just too foolish!

  2. There is another site that have well over 3300 comments and climbing by the minute. This site has so few. Wonder why? Perhaps the nastiness on this site. Maybe a friendly discussion and the mantra of ‘agree to disagree’ would be helpful. This is a public site and should be open to all.

    1. Good Morning Bear Girl, Welcome to our very kind site. I have gone into All About the Tea and have read unbelievable horrible nasty comments about housewives and the folks who enjoy their show. We also digress a lot on this site and talk about ourselves. We stick up for one another also. I’ll take 8-10 comments here any day over vileness. Please stick around and see what I’m talking about. And, yes, we always use the exact phrase agree to disagree. Having said that…what did you think of last night’s episode?

      1. Thank You so much and I really appreciate your comments. I do. However, there are very recent comments on this site that continue on and, for now, enough said. Maybe another time. A public site is an ‘open forum’.

        1. We are who we are here . Nobody is forcing you to be here, so don’t be so put out on our account !!
          And oh yes, God bless you !

    2. beargirl, this site & all of us here love & respect one another & yes, we do share some of our own life’s experiences as well. It is a public site & all are welcome. But when attacking starts, it’s not welcomed. If you dont like how small this site is, feel free to move on to larger pastures, we welcome that too. Furthermore, because of your nasty comments, not ours, you have brought out some disgust in some of my dear fellow bloggers & that’s not okay. We do agree to disagree very respectfully here & if it does not suit you————–

      1. Kindly point out my nasty comments. I need to know to correct myself. Please tell me when, where, date. Thanks so much.

        1. Just read your own posts & it will be so clear. We dont need to point out your acid to you. Enjoy your day along with the other bashers.

        1. Thanks Rain sweetie. Although we always agree to disagree never changes how I feel about you & our mutual friends here. This is definitely the best site ever.

  3. ..and the good news is that Eileen and Erika are fine now and happily working together on Y&R.

    It was very poignant, but I’m not going to lie, even though dear Eileen was the sacrificial lamb during that table scene, part of me absolutely supported Erika’s unleashing of emotion because it put EVERY.SINGLE.ONE. of those biffas ON NOTICE that there are boundaries that will NOT be crossed when it comes to family. Granted, I am very sorry that Eileen bore the brunt of Erika’s fury, because she obviously didn’t intend for that turn of a phrase to hurt her, but it’s time it’s finally said on the Bravo platform that we need to be careful with our words and how we use them – because words hurt and words TRIGGER. So, I’m sorry Eileen sort of got herself into the hot seat – it was clearly unintentional, but I’m not sorry that the message was delivered to ALL of these women that the rules of these games they play with one another have just been REVISED.

    1. Good Morning DWR…and did you see Eileen in the audience on dancing with the stars. They are good. Erika just couldn’t take Dorito anymore and the emotions spilled out. Especially with that topic. Always nice to read your posts. Enjoy the day.

    2. I feel as if I don’t have to post…I agree with so much being said. I will add, I believe Erika was at a breaking point and she felt comfortable enough with Eileen to explode. This kind of friendship is rare among women. I felt sorry for Eileen, at the same time, she understood.

  4. Good Morning Rain, I had you in my thoughts when I was watching Erika and I was in tears also. I hope you’re okay. Much love to you today and always. I’m sending you virtual hugs {{}} Peace

  5. You’re welcome and I apologize to all others for my crass language. This is not the episode to poke the bear. I apologize to all (NOT AMANDA).

  6. Dorito is truly a dumb dumb. What does she do? Did DWR say she was in the fashion industry? If so, wouldn’t she recognize all the beautiful off the runway clothes Erika was wearing…Days of Wine and Roses…fill me in.

  7. I didn’t watch WWHL but that’s hilarious. Eileen is very sweet and she and Erika are very good friends. Agree…any one, regardless if you’re a parent or not, would have to understand where Erika is coming from. Right, who’s cold hearted now. I wasn’t sure in the trailor if Erika was talking about her son or how grueling her tour schedule could be. Now we know. What was up with that comment with Rinna and cocaine, oh vay…and if they were, who the hell cares. More drama, more deflection. I hope this show doesn’t go down the toilet like the others. Glamour glamour and more glamour. That’s what I want to see. Do you think Erika’s glam squad is with her on Dancing?

    1. ❤❤❤good question ! I doubt erikas squad is with her on DWTS but maybe we will find out
      Meghan McCain was ALL OVER Erika! She’s a huge fan and was fan girling big time lol

      I don’t think the ladies do coke BUT even in Sf, bunch of people all going to the bathroom together is code for doing coke . usually they would text each other then all slowly disappear. Seen it happen many many times . ! Rinna at least didn’t make that part up. But no , of course I don’t think those women are doing coke and if they are, who cares , as you said .

  8. Excellent comments all with the exception of Amanda, wtf girl? This is the only site I post on, for one reason only- love not hate!
    Anyway, Erika has shown to the world what those who admire her already knew: she’s a caring and sensitive woman who does not play childish games. She acknowledged that Eilleen hit a raw nerve. No one except those families that risk their lives daily for our security can grasp this.
    As for Rinna, I cannot stand that shitstirrer, and wish Eilleen would drop her like the flaming turd she is.
    Ps- loved me some Meghan McCain❤

  9. omg…. what an ugly episode. #1 – Eileen did not mean anything mean by her remark – Erika took it to an unnecessary level. Erika did not need to take it as far as she did (unless she was drunk) #2 – Lisa R. made herself look like a real flake – she acted like and looked like a stupid fool. #3 my favorite Erika also made herself look foolish last night. She came off as a mean girl – she was nasty with her words and it was not attractive. So have to say last night made me cringe. I don’t like ugly.

    1. So in agreement with you, Cin. Call a spade a spade. It was beyond ugly & Erika looked ugly displaying her venom the way she did.

    2. Cin, it was definitely ugly. But it was ugly because the words triggered a deep fear in someone who holds her emotions very tightly to her chest. It was unfortunate words. It was unfortunate that ED got the lambasting . If your emotions were not so close to the surface you could say it was an over reaction but watch Erika’s face. You can practically see into her mind. That was no over reaction. That was true and honest and ugly. My beef with Erika and with a lot of people actually, is why is it considered strong for holding your emotions back? Cin, you do not hold back with your opinion here and we welcome it. Why look upon an overtly emotional moment as unnecessary?

      1. hey there Michelle…. I understand what you are say regarding Erika and triggers. I just don’t feel that gives someone the right to go to an extreme because that in itself causes someone else pain. I don’t mean to say that the conversation was unnecessary – just that it got out of hand. There have been times with me and everyone else where someone’s statement brings out memories/emotions that are hiding deep inside and it causes extreme pain – we’ve all been there. . . . . I’m still shuddering from last night’s episode!!!! Holey Toledo. Guess I’m still in shock… LOL…..

        1. I totally agree Cin about “the right to go to an extreme…” When it first started to play I thought about how it was such an over reaction until I paid attention to Erika’s face. She looked manic. I just couldn’t call it out as over reaction because I could imagine the pain. No one has the right to over react. I’m just not sure she could control herself at that moment. I have a secret…….I haven’t seen the episode yet. I only saw the clip above. My DVR records today so when I get home, I’ll have a proper look. It must have been a doozy episode! I’m preoccupied with the London attack that just happened. We’re off to London next week so I’m all ears……………..

      2. I think they all deserve a second chance at some time during their run on the show, whether it be seven years or one. I didn’t like that Rinna wouldn’t shut up, as usual, and allow Dorit to speak. Then telling Lisa to stay out of it???? ALL of them should have kept silent, and maybe then it could have at least been calmed. Erika should have spoken to Dorit right away about the panty thing, and then if she felt she got a sincere apology, and if Dorit would have finally STFU about it, she might have forgiven her. But creePK making that statement about the view was disgusting and he will never be able to crawl out of the pervy hole he dug himself into now. Like Sleaze from the OC.
        It was ironic that Eileen was asking Erika what Dorit would have to do to be forgiven, even though Dorit’s body language seemed angry instead of sincere, but that might have been because of the height of emotions running on that boat, when last year, was it last year? Eileen wouldn’t forgive Lisa because she didn’t think it was sincere. And…Lisa said she was sorry like 7 times over a period of the entire rest of the season, so Eileen seems quite hypocritical there. What an explosive episode.

    1. I agree with you ! Saying that these 2 chimps didn’t come in with an agnedna ia stupid. That’s why LVP is so cool this season, she has her minions doing her work for her, as she sits back holier than thou , pretending to rise about it all .

      Her manipulative ways repulse me

  10. I so agree with you all. You could see the intense pain, anger and freight on poor Erika’s face. Even when ED apologized right away Erika wasn’t finished because her mind was going 200 miles per hour with fear for her child. It obviously worries her enormously. It was a very raw moment and it doesn’t happen too often, but the entire scene was almost surreal. Like we were peeking into a private dinner party. I know we’re discussing a reality show, but sometimes, not often, but sometimes we get a true glimpse into someone’s soul.

  11. As far as Dorit is concerned……………..she ABSOLUTELY made a HUGE unnecessary thing out of flashing her *&*&^% husband! She is/was trying so hard to matter that it didn’t matter what she said and like DWR said below……words do matter! I just don’t like her. She does NOT fit.

    1. the problem with Dorit is her pervy husband kept rearranging his chair to try and get a better view that he ‘rather enjoyed’.

  12. Morning all, just read everyone’s posts–all beautifully done. I do have my own take again today though. I can deeply understand Erika’s concern for her son, I truly can. Her son’s life is on the line daily & I’m sure her heart is in her mouth day & night. I’m no better with my own kids, pray constantly for their health & protection. Having said that, I think her attack on Eileen was totally wrong, hurtful & very uncalled for. Erika was in attack mode last night. I’ve faced it, she is one cold human & it’s very hard to understand & draw close to her. Yet everyone seems to grovel around her, lick up whatever crumbs she puts out & pray they’ll be her favorite at some point because then they’ll be important & part of her “IN TEAM”. She can be very fair & understanding when she wants, but she picks & chooses her fairness & understanding. I think she is one beautiful, attractive, amazon of a woman that draws attention & I do believe she knows it & glories with it–having her glam squad around at all times pouring on the butter in large amounts as to what a #1 sex symbol she is. Furthermore, to insist that both Dorit & PK apologize to both her husband & herself makes me think this Erika thinks she is in the royal family. Return to your humble beginnings Erika.

    On another note, everyone kept quiet when she was spewing to Dorit who, I must say, stood her ground & gave as good as she got, but fat lips Rinna who loves to see those lips flapping in the wind, got in the middle as usual, along with her cohort Eileen. Why was it okay for them to be so pushy & verbal, yet when LVP tried to have Dorit’s back, Rinna , in my words, told her to shut up. What’s good for the goose, should be good for the gander. Not with some of this group. Another thing, For both Eileen & Rinna to state that neither of their husbands would not look is pure ly fictional, any man, even a woman,would look. Who’re they kidding? to prove what? that their husbands are gentlemen & saints? So hypocritical, it’s sickening.
    I have said more than intended, but I was so disgusted & against all here, I think the entire argument was unfair. Enough with pantygate. I’m with Dorit on this one.

  13. Rain, I too am excited for Yolanda’s new show, but shhhhh don’t let anyone here know I said that. I don’t think Yolanda is popular with most of these here folks.

  14. You all talk about not calling people names and being childish and disrespectful,but all I saw from all of you is nasty comments and foul language, very grown up ladies, very grown up.
    please try to remember you are really being very spiteful and nasty, you call Dorit names and that’s ok is it, hmmmmm no you just contradicted yourselves.
    Amanda troll or not is entitled to her opinion, this is exactly why you all take offence to off the cuff remarks, really girls, grow up and get a sense of humour these women are paid to be rude and nasty , you are not, so off you go give it your best shot, unleash on me and prove to me how right I’am

    1. Stop trolling you dumb cow!!! Another new account created TODAY and only 3 comments!! Don’t think we don’t know that you create new accounts and say the same lame shit. Stop trying to be smart, you’re not , dumdum !!

      Don’t like it here?? Then skoot

    2. In all fairness, Rain was belittled and her post was in response. She didn’t initiate conflict. There’s nothing humorous about calling her or anyone else here dumb and tacky: that’s a direct attack on a poster, and she has every right to defend herself. One can’t drop cow manure onto someone’s doorstep and not expect the possibility of having the s*** kicked back in back into their face, Dear. That said, no, commenters here are not paid to be rude or nasty, but it is a discussion forum, so people can discuss what they like, as long as they don’t launch personal attacks against others in the process. This is where your troll friend went wrong and that in and of itself is easily enough supported by a simple review of Site Policy.

      1. DOWR WELL SAID. Ignore the troll intruders. Let them continue lowering themselves, doing that quite well all by their own sick trolly selves.

    3. This is a housewives site. the HW agree to be put on public display. The posters are viewers, not public people. If not for these sites, and the polarity, there would be no housewife shows. It is turning against people posting here that is out of line. Name calling because of an opinion on a blog that asks for our opinions. They, the cast, get paid ooddles of cash to be spoken about. YOU, Amanda or Marion or Violet or whatever, are the one who began with the hateful crap. It always cracks me up when someone preaches about foul language by using foul language. So sensible. I have never seen one of you trolls make an example of how to be classy, like Rain is.

  15. It’s Boy George, Rain and DOWR, he’s very busy trolling while Dorit is busy delivering food to the homeless in her rose gold Bentley.

  16. I have to agree with Dorit on the whole pantygate thing, which I had actually forgotten about, in respect to had Erika had such a problem with it, it should have been dealt with. Erika had said it was done. It was all dragged back out. I was as shocked as dorit that Erika felt that way. Should have been dealt with at the time instead of holding a grudge. I love Erika, but it seems when you piss her off, nothing you do can make up for it. I think Erika has some very repressed feelings and EJ is fine in the spotlight…EG isn’t. But seriously Rinna sunk to new lows tonight with her stirring and accusations and I agree completely after her reaction to Kim about bringing the husband into it she couldn’t sink any lower than she did tonight with Dorit. Then again, she probably will.

  17. This was hard to watch. Glad her tears had nothing to do with her marriage. But if she had to go off, I wish it could have been with Dorit. You know, I wondered how her husband might have felt, after Erika had shown the world, she walks around without panties. I’m sure it was rough around the house for awhile. That was a real public humiliation caused by Dorit. Gosh I can’t stand Dorit. Hope your well!!!!

  18. This episode was ugly and also distressing to watch. Erika unleashed a lot of her emotions which was shocking to see in itself but her emotions were genuine! Dorit stood up for herself when being ganged up on by ED &LR whilst on the barge but there was a lot of stirring the pot going on in the car ride back to the hotel and ED & LR were going on about panty gate even Eden joined in whilst Erika sat there listening to it all,all over again. Again LR did her usual stunt of standing up and confronting a person with the threat of violence. A thrown glass in Amsterdam and finger waving in Dorits face. She has a lot of suppressed anger and she should seek anger management courses. The restaurant scene was so horrendous that I had to stop it. Erika was out of control and Eileen bore the brunt of it. I can understand Erika worries though again on a personal level. One family tonight will have already been told that the policeman who was stabbed in the Westminster attack today has died. Saying a prayer for those who were injured and families of the dead and injured. To the three new posters

    1. I so agree with you and add my prayers for the victims and their families. As to trolls…I didn’t see the comments but Rain has NEVER attacked anyone…Only defending herself. We can all agree to disagree…We post our opinions of the show…Not each other. Opposing viewpoints give us perspective. There is no reason to attack a person individually but every reason to defend!!!

  19. Baker chick!!!! It’s so lovely to see you . I agree . Rain is such a beautiful soul and didn’t do anything to deserve all the hate .

  20. Just like I thought no sense of humour , no knowledge of a play on words.
    IE: Miss referring to your immaturity.
    Oh don’t worry, I’m way to nice and polite to hang with a TROLL like you, who has a fake profile name, at least I use my name, it is easy to be nasty behind a keyboard and monitor, isn’t it girls.
    Thank you for not restoring my faith in human kind and the fact that other women will go out of their way to bring down other women.
    Have a wonderful carefree life, really do.

    1. When I come here next, and don’t see you using hateful language against a person you don’t know, then accusing it of being exactly the opposite, THEN I will have a carefree day, you effing bitch. Yep, you are so RIGHT, about one thing, that was EASY. Being kind, as Rain always is, is what takes character, of which you don’t own.

  21. you could tell Erika was doing her best to keep her privates from showing that nite. why the hell would she want to give PK a free show? he is so creepy. and dorit, how dare u defend ur slimy husband by saying “he’s a man what did u expect him to do” um maybe as a “gentleman” he could have got up and walked away or hey how about not staring down there every chance u got. ewww he is just so creepy. Yeah Tom must be embarrassed by the whole thing but Erika should have not revealed to the world she was panty-less that nite. no one would have known. PK saying “u think I enjoyed it, of course I didnt”… really buddy..that disgusting smile on ur face while u were trying to sneak peeks says u were enjoying it mucho!

  22. Eileens comment was a slip of the tongue and she tried to retract it right away. I totally understand Erika emotional outburst having heard that but as soon as she seen Eileen apologizing over and over again, she should have let it go. she knows Eileen. she knows it wasn’t intentional and that eileen wouldnt knowingly hurt her like that…eileen just used a very poor example to make a point

  23. I felt sorry for Dorit and Eileen. They were both Erika’s beating posts. For it had already apologized for her panty joke and Erica had accepted. Why make a big deal out of it again. Sorry, but Erika wanted the attention. As for the inane comment by Eileen that For it had not killed her kid, Erica used that innocent comment to stage a vicious attack. Sorry, police officers don’t even hit the top ten in dangerous occupations. No pity for Erica. She’s a vicious bitch.

    1. Really ?? What a ridiculous comment.. Police officers don’t have dangerous occupations?? It’s one thing to hate Erika, but another thing to dishonor and malign the brave men and women who save lives every day and risk their own life in their process

      Next time you’re in danger, call the other top10 dangerous professions first .
      Smh !!

      1. Here’s a tip for you: Before commenting on message boards, learn to READ. I didn’t dishonor or malign ANY profession. But now that you mention it, its pretty dangerous to be a black person stopped for a simple traffic violation nowadays. And the police do little these days except bust down people’s doors in no knock raids and generate revenue from the poor. How’s that for maligning a profession? Sorry, I have no pity for cops. And if you have a problem with my voicing that opinion, remember that it was YOU, not me, that brought up the topic of maligning the profession.

        The FACT is that Erika has since admitted that she overreacted to Eileen’s comment. And she’s right. She treated her friend, who was being nothing but supportive to her, like crap.

        And FYI? I don’t call the cops. The other day they killed a homeowner who was reporting a burglary and allowed the burglar to escape. They aren’t safe to be around. If I need help, I call my neighbors. They have guns but have the decency not to shoot anyone that moves in their vicinity–something we can no longer say about cops.

        1. You’re an imbecile! I CAN read but you saying you have no pity for cops is fundamentally idiotic . You sound delusional and dumb!!

          So you’re balck?? Is that you’re friggin excuse to hating all cops and deciding they’re corrupt?? Oh poor you, you’re black!!! . I guess that should excuse any DUMB shit that comes out of your mouth.l???

          !! Just shut your mouth you ignorant cow
          And yes actually please don’t call the cops . You sound like a crazy bitch who would actually harm one of those innocent law enforcement officials!

          Laaaaaaammme ! Just lame!

          1. Actually, I’m not black. But, once again, you’ve proven that you can’t read.

            Learn to read and then go inform yourself. Cops are hardly innocent. They even admit that their FIRST concern is making it home to their families at night. But we should ALL make it home to our families at night. Unfortunately, because cops are so trigger happy these days, many innocent people don’t.

            1. Shut up dummy !!
              I looked up your previous postings and you’re froth at the mouth cray cray . Like bat shit! Whatever your version of ‘inform yourself ‘ is, I’d rather stick to reality , than paranoia and conspiracy theories !

              Stay dumb! Makes the rest of us who can’t read actually look smarter

              Kisses !!! Muahhh

              1. You poor thing! So you ADMIT that you can’t read! Lol! What’s sadder than that except that you’re actually proud of it? Wow!

                See, if you could read, you could actually know these things and be aware of what’s going on around you. Wouldn’t that be nice? Then, you’d actually KNOW what reality is instead of swallowing silly crap like you apparently do.

                  1. Wow! Kind of weird to see someone who is proud to admit that they can’t read calling others “dummy”. Look, I know being illiterate can’t be easy for you, but there’s help out there for people like you. Lots of adult literacy programs. And mental health help, too. Looks like you might need both.

                    1. Rain, this is what the wold is coming to, sadly. I blame a lot of it on the media and certain local political leaders who take sides against law enforcement. There are far more criminals than there are bad cops. Of course cops are trained to survive situations rather than be killed.
                      Love ya Rain.

  24. I could mention names of some of those who are ambulance chasers who blame the cops before even hearing the entire story and criminal records etc.
    There is a lot of hatred against NYC cops by certain factions. It is crazy with the radicals too.

  25. I see I am 2 days late again. I am so happy, sincerely, for anyone who gets to be mentored by Yolanda and her beautiful girls. If anyone knows how to break into that business, and watch out for your daughter, or son’s safety, it is Yolanda. Good for you, Yo, and I hope you are completely recovered. Yay.

  26. CreePK needs a diet and some true exercize. Something besides owling to be able to look up Erika’s dress, which he couldn’t see any of BTW. I bet a mortgage payment that no one saw any part of Erika’s private parts that day. That was Lisa’s fault, and Erika shouldn’t have said anything either. But then, as happens with newbies, Dorit ( ) needed to stop before the panties gift given in front of everyone, including the people working at the game house where Erika set up the escape game. That was not cool.
    And creePK, will NEVER dig himself out of the perv hole.

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