Erika Girardi Doesn’t Care What You Think About Her Marriage

RHOBH star Erika Girardi is sick and tired of hearing people’s opinions about her marriage to her husband Tom, especially when it comes to their age difference. As you may remember, there is a 32-year age difference between the husband and wife.

“I don’t know if people still doubt my marriage or not, but it’s interesting,” Erika said in Tuesday’s episode of RHOBH. “I’m not really worried about other people’s marriages, I don’t know why they should be worried about mine. They’re not paying my bills, so why would I give a f*ck what they think?”

The couple has been married for 17-years, so it appears they’ve been doing something right and now that Erika is fulfilling her dream of performing as Erika Jayne, she says their busy schedules are not a bad thing.

“People are always like, ‘Oh you guys don’t see each other a lot,’ but when we do see each other, it’s 100% full-on attention. This is what people don’t understand: It’s not a detriment to the relationship, it’s actually helpful. It’s better than someone being in your face all the time and you’re not even present.”

Erika did explain that for the first 10-12 years of their marriage she was right by Tom’s side.

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  1. Obviously it is no one’s business what goes on in her marriage; however, like the buttholes we all have–it looks like a business transaction to me.

    1. Hi Rain, How are you? I hope all is well and you’re staying dry in San Fran. Erika is the bomb. I want to be part of her glam squad…Love you.

  2. I love their marriage. One can clearly see the love, admiration & respect between them. They also allow each other the space to be & become.

  3. Finally, can you believe it Rain. Just knew the day would come. High five to us. Have come to love Erika. No Yolanda, great Erika.
    Rain, do you know how Suze is?

  4. Lack of real emotion, no sense of any passion, just another day’s business lunch. Erika is a cold fish and Tom has the money to pay for some arm candy when its needed. They looked like to business acquaintances having lunch. Who cares what Erika thinks…she allows it to be filmed, then she is allowing the public to comment.

    1. lol no, not everyone wants to be on reality tv and show anything. He doesn’t strike me as the kind of person Ken is, like he’s close in age and can really be the only one to be compared to. Ken lives for his tv appearances, Girardi has a real job lol

      1. Do you really think Ken lives for his TV appearances? I think he is there for his wife’s sake and just to be there for her moral support if she needs it. He does occasionally make his views known, but if he is at a dinner table with other men, then he should be able to speak, etc., as long as he does not take over.
        Sure Tom is a lawyer who does not want to retire, though he very well could. He loves what he does, and he makes great money at it too. He is famous. I still think it looked like a business luncheon. It seems to work for them, so more power to them. He married a much, much younger woman, and he supports what she does as a performer. She seems happy enough with the arrangement too.
        Ken has always had real job. Ken started out on his own in England with his first business and grew from there. He was a young single parent who worked hard and made his own fortune. His second marriage was to Lisa V. She was his wife and worked with him, growing their businesses and putting her spin on them. Now she is a businesswoman in her own right. Ken still has a part in all of it. He is not retired and sitting around doing nothing. I would not blame him if he did just retire now either. He deserves it.

        1. Totally agree!!! Ken made millions, and still does, with his business. Ken and Lisa have owned many, many restaurants and clubs all over Europe. Ken has worked very hard and he is still doing so but behind the scenes. As for lawyer Tom, he loves to work in his world and that’s awesome he does. He has a trophy wife, that Is part of his world and ego. But, and there always is, a huge difference in they types of marriages. Love Ken and Lisa and their family.

  5. Just love this woman. Wish we could get to know her husband better, but he has a REAL job so it’s understandable. There are husbands on these shows that I just wonder what the heck they do all day.

  6. Hello All – Just had a chance last night to watch this episode. Erika and Tom are adorable together. The love, respect, admiration they have for one another is what love is all about. And, they truly like each other. I laughed when Erika said she used to chair some woman’s groups and they hated her…she then said, and they still do and winked. Friggin love her….She looked amazing in that dress too. Tom thought so too, with that little twinkle in his eye. Is it me or is Tom more youthful at 77 than Ken at 71. Ken seems so old this season and dear goodness above, lose the dog. I’ve never seen a guy walk around with a dog under his arm all the time, pathetic. Peace and Love

    1. Right ? Ken & Lisa are actual parodies of themselves. With the pink outfits and pink dyed dogs, who does that ?! :’D Because Erika’s husband doesn’t necessarily want to be on a reality show and show anything he isn’t comfortable showing, doesn’t mean their relationship is any less real. Because they don’t talk about her pink pussy hair, his pink outfits or their sex lives doesn’t mean it’s fake. People really are dumb to get there.

      1. Thought this thread was about Erika’s marriage, not a comparison and slam of Lisa and Ken. Nothing indicates Erika’s husband doesn’t want her or himself to be on a reality show…Cause they’re there. And he dominated some conversation at a dinner party more than once in the past. But, to the topic at hand…I think they’re very comfortable together.

        1. Hi Bobbi, I was making the comparison between Tom and Ken. I don’t understand what you’re saying about Tom not wanting to be there. He’s on the show as his schedule allows. Ken is always on. Just saying. All good. I think Erika and Tom have a great relationship.

          1. I was responding to the comment by Jay above stating Because Erika’s husband doesn’t necessarily want to be on a reality show…His words, not mine. I agree if he didn’t want to be there, he wouldn’t be. And about the total slam on comparing couples, again my response was to Jay. At least I think…And intended…To hit the reply under Jay comment.

  7. Team Erika!

    I think their marriage is unique to them like all long term marriages are. I love the respect they have for each other. It’s so refreshing. Marriage is not cookie cutter. It works for them and bravo to them for that.

  8. Yeah I 2nd that. I also do believe that LVP is getting a little bored and maybe even tired of the show. Ken is just simply supportive of Lisa.

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