Erika Girardi: Bethenny Apologized and We’ve Moved On


On this week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills the drama rolled on and continued outside of the 90201 zip code. Surprising to some, Bethenny Frankel apologized to Erika Girardi, Eileen Davidson opened up about her past with domestic abuse and Kim Richards’ second arrest had come up. In Erika’s Bravo Blog this week she dishes on how she felt about what went down this weekend and believe it or not, she and Bethenny have moved on!

“In this episode there are more important topics discussed than my music video. Bethenny apologized, and we’ve moved on.

I do understand Kyle’s worry over her sister Kim. I have experienced people close to me in similar circumstances, and my heart goes out to anyone dealing with addiction. I applaud Eileen’s bravery for sharing her past experiences dealing with domestic violence. It takes a lot of courage to share such a personal story, and it’s clear that even though this happened years ago, she’s still healing. I’d also like to thank Eileen for being so kind and genuinely supportive of me. She’s pretty special.

I appreciate that the women and I were able to sit around the dinner table and have a deeper conversation. I felt like I got to know them better, and I’m starting to see more of who they are.

It was great to be out at Kyle’s pop-up shop in the Hamptons. We all do different things professionally, and it’s important to get out there and support each other.

Yolanda’s surgery was a success, and I’m happy to see she’s feeling better. I know she was so nervous about this procedure, and she’s happy to have it behind her. She’s been through a lot, so every improvement is important. I’m really hoping that removing these ruptured implants is a key to her recovery. Picking up her and Paige (who is awesome, by the way) was a great way for Yolanda to come home. After all the love and support she has shown me, stopping in Cleveland to pick her up was the least I could do. I’m glad I could help in any way.

I’d like to welcome Kathryn to the group. It was great to meet her at Lisa’s Hero Dog Awards event, and I look forward to getting to know her beyond a story of the past.”

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27 Replies to “Erika Girardi: Bethenny Apologized and We’ve Moved On”

  1. As I have said on another thread Erika is the only one I am liking this year. The rest have either checked out, should have checked out, fake or nuts! Oh dear I think it’s time I went back to nature programmes! I will give it to the end of the season!

    1. I’m loosing interest in them too.i won’t watch NJ or NY next seasons. I never used to miss an episode. Now I don’t watch half of them even on on demand.

          1. I have only seen a few of the early below deck. I seem to spend my days watching properties in the sun’ (that’s dreaming) and Paul O’Grady’s dogs which is about Battersea dogs home! I haven’t seen Building Alaska not sure if we can get that here! But we do have Fixer Upper on now which I’m enjoying.

  2. I may not be watching the RH shows much longer either. I’ve liked a lot of different reality shows for a while but after a while it just seems like the same thing over and over again.

  3. That’s really a gross and uncessary comment at the top… geezzz… I think Erika is the best addition BH has ever made. She’s fun, sassy and confident and so far she’s not a ”mean girl” like most of them.

  4. Erika reminds me of so many “aging” women in LA (usually in their 40’s) who are still clinging onto their looks from when they were in their 20’s, running around with the super short skirts, super tight clothing and over-bleached blond hair. And they are always involved in some sort of performance (or hosting gigs, or some sort of spotlight “look-at-me” activity) that involves them being either half-naked or almost naked because that’s all they ever had to offer in their youth. There was never a need to buckle down and learn an art or get a degree because rich guys always paid your way. So at least she married rich. And I am NOT saying that out of jealousy. I’m sure most of us could wear skin-tight clothing and look good, but everything’s always just a little too tight on some of these women. Yo and those white jeans for example. I love my white jeans, but not skin tight at “our” age. It’s desperate. Maybe it’s just me, but that’s what bugs me about Erika. Just because you have snappy come backs doesn’t mean you are smart. It just means you’ve had years of practice having to defend yourself for having this “alter ego” which isn’t that the same thing as little boys wearing a cap and pretending to be Batman? Or little girls putting on mommy’s make-up and playing dress up with scarves and high heels? I mean if you think about it, it pretty much boils down to the same thing.

    1. Apparently many viewers thought the show needed her. Now that she is here we will see if the ratings actually boost because of her. That is a very insightful way of looking at her way of defending herself. I am wondering what she ever did in her life. Is she involved with philanthropy? Does she even have a Junior College degree? I guess I should look on wiki. I knew if you posted we would hear a different take. Thanks.

  5. She threw some shade at Lisa Rinna with her comment: “I look forward to getting to know her beyond a story of the past.”

  6. Im really hoping they drop all the women next year and rebuild the show on Erika. She is the only one that is likable.

    She is always cool and collected. Loved her calling the other women for constantly talking about Brandi, it’s funny how the women try to spin the stuff Brandi’s done and her friendship with Kim. Yet they are the ones constantly talking about her, and she’s still friends with Kim.
    A lot of people think Kyle and Kim don’t like each other, people have been saying that since before Brandi was on the show. Kyle trying to make out Brandi started that was pathetic. It’s very sad to see Kyle blame Brandi for so much cz she can’t see her own reality of what she’s done since the show began and even with things like siding with Lisa R.

    Erika may be in her 40’s and dress younger, yet she looks stunning. She should dress however she wants, anyone that thinks she should dress a certain way just cuz she’s in her 40’s is pretty stupid and should get a grip, why should she dress how you want her to dress.

  7. At first I didn’t like Erika Girardi but she’s one of my favourites now. Eileen is my least favourite. Talking about being abused and crying like it just happened seemed so much like acting to me. I don’t trust Eileen.

  8. Erikas the only reason I watch now, which is sad because RHOBH is my favorite. I’m liking Eileen more and more but she still hasn’t ‘sealed it’ for me. I actually stil think Eileen and Erika could make great friends because they’re so different in personality and could gel well together

    1. I’m the exact same. I obviously liked Brandi and was bummed when she wasn’t coming back, but I still liked the show the first 2 seasons when Brandi wasn’t there, so didn’t expect the show to be this bad.
      But the current season isn’t working at all, there is just no spark in the group, you can tell none of these people are friends (no matter how many times Lisa and Kyle say otherwise)
      I really didn’t like Eileen, well I didn’t care about her, I hate Kyle but I’d rather have her on the show since she can make good TV being a horrible person, but Eileen added nothing to the show before. She’s gotten better this season but not enough to ‘seal’ it for me either.

      The only person I enjoyed seeing or hearing from is Erika. I also liked the Bethenny/Kyle scenes as at least you could tell they were friendly, unlike the rest of the cast who probably delete each other numbers once they wrap filming.

      They had to bring Bethenny and Faye cuz everyone was so bland this season, which really says it all.

      1. Yes this season is a total collapse. I’m probably the only person who liks Eileen but i think every HW show needs that ‘boring’ , grounded wife like Eileen, to really anchor the show a bit. It can’t all be wine tossing and dildo parties :). LV , fastest descent from grace , probably ever!! I had very slim hope for Lisa R but this last episode was my last straw! Also so much editing, and manufactured scenes, probably more ahead! I know Kim and Brandi will make appearances but meh! Erika steals every scene she’s in, plus she’s rich, gorgeous and powerful yet not a conniving insecure witch !! Golden!!!!

        1. I’m still puzzled by people turning on Lisa V. so fast! Like Lisa is no different than she was from the early seasons, but people are only seeing it now, I think people should go back and watch the early seasons and will be surprised her behavior is the same.
          Same goes for Ken, seen way more people complaining about him after the last episode when he’s always been the same way, he’s always desperate to get into the drama!
          The same kinda thing happened to Jill Zarin when she turned on Bethenny.

          I think Eileen being the “boring” housewife this year is better, last year she was just too boring.

          I have enjoyed Brandi and Kim not being back this season, just cuz it’s allowed people to actually cop onto Lisa. Lisa V is gonna be asking for Brandi back next season so she can try and save her reputation, lol.

          Even Brandi and Kim coming back this season was probably more for the trailer to keep people excited for the second half of the season, they aren’t going to have any impact on story.

          1. Yes you’ve consistently made the point that LV has always been this way, but hidden behind the bad girls , Kim and Brandi. I only started watching 2 years ago so I never saw early Lisa, Camille, Adrienne etc

            For me personally, I started seeing LV differently from watching her on Vanderpump Rules LOL. You get to see an interesting side of her, that’s ‘no Bueno ‘ 🙂

  9. I like Erika so far. Love Lisa V #1, then Lisa R & Eileen. Kyle I can take or leave. The new housewife I will leave to make a decision until a few more episodes. I just did not like the way Kyle asked her if she knew Faye R. It seemed more of an answer than a question with a look that was not very nice. I think Lisa R brought up the OJ question only because the last time she saw new housewife (cant recall her name at the moment) was 20 years ago & the memory bank associates that with her as her husband who was not her husband then & isn’t now, was rumoured associated with Nicole Brown Simpson. She did not bring it up to cause any confusion.

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