Erika Girardi Believes There’s a Little Erika Jayne In All Of Us

Ever since Erika Girardi appeared on RHOBH, she has been a breath of fresh air and something out of the normal women we usually get to see.

Erika recently talked about how there is a little Erika Jayne in everybody. “Listen, no one is gonna be their performance persona 100 percent of the time,” Erika Girardi told The Daily Dish about her songstress alter ego. “At my core, I’m just a normal human being, and that’s my job. That’s what I do.”

“I think you find your Erika Jayne within when you’re being your most authentic self, when you’re going after your dreams, whatever they may be for you,” Erika explained. “We have one life to live, and as much as you can put into chasing your dreams and making the most out of your life, that’s honoring your Erika Jayne.”

Erika talks about how when she is not on stage she is just like everybody else. “What do I think the biggest difference is? Clothes and makeup. Erika Girardi is at home wearing sweats and a ponytail and no makeup, and Erika Jayne would have on a costume and, like, a whole situation,” she said. “I’m just a normal human being. It’s so crazy to me that people ask me these questions.”

Do you have a little Erika Jayne in you? Comment below.

Photo Credit: Bravo

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I don’t understand Erika. She is always talking like Erika Jayne is an all powerful woman to look up to. Its odd. This two different people thing is silly to me. Lady gaga doesn’t separate herself from the person onstage. I’m not saying Erika is comparable to Lady Gaga, believe me. It’s a joke at this point. I don’t see anything to admire, at all.

I don’t think she’s seeking to be ‘admired’. She’s saying we all have different facets to our personalities and not just monotone. It’s a metaphor rather than a literal interpretation.

I get that. I see your point. I’m just not a fan of her stage personality. I might be quick to dismiss her opinion that all women have a little EJ in them.

I don’t know when they get to see the talking head commentary from the episodes, but if it’s often, this might be in response to Dirty Dorit’s snide remarks about Erika and her persona. Dorit is so jealous of Erika that it is eating her up inside. I also think Erika simply loves herself, which is a good thing, IMO. She gets these kind of questions probably as often as she gets asked anything at all. This is her pat answer. And, in a way, it’s true. Any name could be substituted, but someone else might not appreciate having their… Read more »

3D’s….your right on every point. I’m a fan of both Erik as.

Thanks rain, you too.

It appears that I can relate to the viewpoints of Rain, Karoline, and 3Ds looking at all the different perspectives…and it’s another case where context is everything. Yes, Erika’s stage persona is very racy, but being around the same age as she is, it looks like we may have been fans at some of the same performers growing up (what was considered Old School as well as NewSchool at the time), & I see where she draws her stage influences from. It doesn’t bother me, as it’s clear she’s a dance music diva that plays to an adult audience (strongly… Read more »

Personally, I love her on this show and I love her spirit. I wouldn’t go and see her and frankly have only seen her performances as far as RHOBH go. But I love that she is out there trying new things, living her dreams, I love that she stands her ground and that she doesn’t let people intimidate her. I find her refreshing and down to earth. Far more than LVP and Dorit for sure.