Erika Girardi Admits She Overreacted to Eileen Davidson’s Comment

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Girardi appeared on Watch With Happens Live with Andy Cohen after a very dramatic episode aired where Erika got into a confrontation with Eileen Davidson and became very emotional.

“You don’t know what I go through at night,” Erika told Eileen, referring to her son, who is a police officer.

During WWHL, Andy started to ask Erika, “Did you see watching the episode back that Eileen‘s intent was…” and Erika chimed in, “So innocent. Her intent was innocent. I overreacted.”

A caller asked Erika what her husband Tom thought of #pantygate. “I think he’s just finding out now. I kind of figured this was going to be a story line,” she explained. Andy said, “You talked about it for a long time.” Erika agreed, “Yeah, we talked about it for a long time. It was just kind of kept alive and kept alive.” And she explained, “You know at some point it’s going to be more about the people around him instead of him and that’s why I was so angry about it.”

Another viewer wondered why Erika hadn’t clicked with Lisa Vanderpump. “I think we are actually clicking more and more as time goes by,” Erika said.

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258 Replies to “Erika Girardi Admits She Overreacted to Eileen Davidson’s Comment”

  1. like that Erika became unglued, letting the ladies not to mess with her…then admitted she overreacted at that time. Good for her.

    1. Hi ORE‼️Haven’t seen you in so long. It might be me, as I haven’t been around, but seeing your name and your new profile pic made me happy. I agree, she owns her stuff, as they say.

  2. I really like Erika but she was way out of line over Eileens comment. yes it was very insensitive of Eileen however as soon as Eileen realized she used the wrong example and how it affected Erika she was apologizing over and over (with tears nonetheless) and you can tell her apology was heartfelt yet Erika would not relent. I felt sorry for Eileen.

  3. The whole dinner scene turned me off. There isn’t a balance on this show anymore. It seems to be always centered around ugliness, Has Bravo forgot that ladies like to laugh at each other and have fun!

  4. Yes, she overreacted – haven’t we all at one time or another? She was way out of line, it wasn’t pretty, she realized her mistakes and shortcomings – good for her!

  5. Now don’t get me wrong…I like Erika but the whole thing about having to explain it to her husband and wanting Dorit to apologize to him and he being embarrassed or damaged by “pantygate” sounds a bit off to me. I mean if he is not offended, damaged or embarrassed by the “pat the pu$$” moments or the outfits where she is wearing hardly anything in videos and such then I don’t think this one thing will do any damage to him or them. Just my opinion but I think it was used as a reason to just not like Dorit when all she has to say is I just don’t care for you period…we all don’t have to be BFFs, just be respectful civilized woman and say hello and greet and move on.

    1. You’re wrong. There is a difference between a showgirl doing a performance on stage or making sexy music videos and a gossipy dumb girl making it seem like Erika was trying to seduce her husband . Unless you’re implying all girls who do sexy music videos are shameless sluts.

      Why the F would any woman want PK?!??

      1. I am by no means saying that. But what I was saying is Tom knows who she is as well as I am sure do his business people that deal with the both of them so I would think they would know it was just idle yapping from someone who doesn’t know her well. She has been in his world as she has called it and they know who she is and how she acts and dresses so I just cant see how this would damage that reputation that she has built over the years. They know her character better some newbie just making trouble.

        1. Still!!!’ Accusing a woman of being a slut who’s trying to seduce someone’s husband is a BIG deal! I know I wouldn’t like to be able used of that!!

          1. I agree…if they were at a party, Erika takes off her panties and flings them at someone – that’s totally 100% different. She was sitting down…they are the ones who made a big deal, not her.

            1. And LVP stuck her hands UP her dress! Crude and vulgar behavior ! I would never do that to any of friends and they better not try it on me

          2. omg… any time I hear a man/woman refer to a lady as a slut…. it makes my blood boil. Way back in my day…. a girl sleeps with a guy – she’s called a slut and he’s called a stud.

          3. I couldn’t agree more. CreePK’s little speech the next day defined his gag worthiness forever, and for Dorit to allow him to say it, on camera too, wow. IMO, he will NEVER be able to crawl out of that one. There are gentlemen, and then there are…………………..the rest.

        2. I think when a person is cracking, everything cracks. Not just the rational stuff that they needed to get off their chest, it just all comes tumbling out for some of us, whether it makes sense to anyone else or not. I think that is what was happening, I have seen this happen, and later the 2 women become friends. So, we will see.

    2. I totally understand what you are saying, the way I understand it to be…her alter Erika Jayne is the video vixen (yes sometimes the paths cross). Many singers have their onstage personality, but leave it there and completely different off.
      The night she met them for drinks, Erika placed a napkin across her lap and LVP is the one who reached up her skirt. To me, it was obvious – that night – she was embarrassed.
      Dorit has been digging and digging at Erika most of the season – for what a reaction…I think she got one?! I don’t think Erika needs a reason, Dorit just couldn’t accept that Erika doesn’t care for her ‘prissy’ ways….just my opinion…
      But I agree…can’t they greet and move on? (and I still hold out that LVP is stirring some of this?!)

      1. Yes she did place the napkin which is what I would have done, but I thought they supposed peak was when she shifted positions or something, not necessarily the reach up the skirt time. I would have to go back to watch but I thought the napkin was still there when LVP slid her hand up under the napkin…but Erika could also have admitted to being embarrassed right then and there at the start vs the I am fine, it is fine..she kept telling Dorit she was fine not embarrassed but it was E and LR that kept chiming in after making fun and laughing about it that night at drinks with Dorit I might say…

        1. LVP ASKED ERIKA OF SHE WAS WEARING PANTES! Erika didn’t just walk into the room and declare that

          And my husband would get up, find
          another seat and sit down. Not ogle !!! Sorry , not buying it

          1. LVP had asked her because of Kyle comment about wearing wrong underwear under her white outfit…that is what started it and LVP joking included everyone in Kyle’s panty issue…unless they were there when Erika was dressing I am sure it was an accident when it was discovered Erika had none on…so how would Kyle or LVP know that she didn’t have any on. We can agree to disagree but I think it has been blown out of proportion. Yes should PK have said something to her or Dorit or just got up and moved …totally. But then to keep it going and going and the others joining it has just made it silly and worse….and what we were told as kids sticks and stones but hurt but names never will. Erika knows she is not a slut, her hubby and true friends know she is not and no one that knows her would believe Dingbats story. Once it aired it would be obvious she was not doing it on purpose so she would be vindicated in that as well.

            1. Baloney! Dorit is the one who kept it going and going ! Just like she kept the bag of pills story going and going

              I mean come on!!!!

              1. I said that she..Dorit kept it going and then the others E and LR kept commenting as well. Especially that dinner. .LR should have let it be…let it calm down a bit and then let the 2 that have the issue speak…LR just kept going and going that last dinner..then sat back with a smirk on her face like she was proud of what she did. Even at one point E was like shut up…

                1. I think Rinna had her own agenda ! She was pissed at Dorit about the bag of pills then piggy backed on Erika pantygate. She’s a wicked one! I was more surprised that LVP made nothing more than a feeble attempt to defend her minion, who was getting a beating . All of Dorits shit sitting caught up with her and she sat their with her eyes popping out. I don’t know why people are and at Rinna for ‘not remeberig’ but somehow it’s ok if Dorit ‘doesnt remember’

                  Even Kyle stood up for Dorit more than LVPs .

                  1. Probably because LVP knew if she tried to defend her anymore than she did people would think she was behind it. Plus Dorit is a big girl she started it she can take it. Although it did look like Kyle and LVP were sharing a conversation with the eyes and a couple time I thought I saw Kyle nudge LVP like sshhh let them deal with it and we should just sit here. that is what she did…which is good because more people didn’t need to get in that crap storm.

                    1. Thank you and I yours. That is what makes the world go round! We all watch the same thing and pick up on different things or see things differently based on our past histories, upbringing etc. As I stated on another post I can relate to Erika I don’t make fast friends and loyalty and trust are earned and not just given. Been burned before and had a strict no nonsense upbringing where I was more an adult that child as well and myself have been labeled. Like on the other bravo show below deck…I too have a BRF…Bitc#y resting face…cause I am constantly thinking of what do I need to do next, and this project and that…
                      Now if we could just go back to the fabulous rich lives and none of this high school junk…I watch to see the life I will never have…….well unless the lottery gods bless me

                    2. Me too. I now I am 2 days late here. But, the corners of my mouth turn down, I was born that way. So, I had to make my good features stand out more…..people who didn’t know me thought I was angry when I was at rest. When I started dealing 21 at 27, I learned how to “grin” just a little, at first it looked stupid until I practiced and got it right. Now, I have made those muscles behave.

                    3. And being that you are Satan personified, you know what sin looks like. Coward, coming to a woman’s coffee clatch, and shouting out with your fetid breath from your asswipe breakfast says it ALL.

                    4. OMG!!! Ugly AND fugly, wow, I am so insulted now I’m crying. Oh, wait. Those are some of the few words you morons with I.Q.’s under 80 can use, sorry honey, I forgot. Wow, is that the best you got with your halloween mask for an 11 year old? Oh no‼️‼️‼️‼️I am so scairt now.

                    5. Agreed. LVP did try, fat lips shut her down although she herself was without restraint & very verbal in stance of Erika, then sat back all contented. LVP knows her friend can hold her own position & is quite verbal & with Kyle helping to keep her silent, it worked out as the other two looked like two interferring, meddling fools,at least to me. Cant say enough how that episode irritated me.

          2. My husband would also get up and find another seat. PK is a perv and nasty to the other ladies with his snide remarks. One the other hand I feel Erika should have worn panties when wearing a short dress – I feel it’s a no brainer… lol!

        2. LVP and Kyle were walking in, something came up about panties…LVP told Erika, Kyle needs knickers and reached up Erika’s skirt. Erika said – with shaky/embarrssed voice ‘I’m not wearing any’ and said something along the lines of I’m actually shy. Later when Dorit presented the panties, it was obvious Erkia was upset. A bad on Erika is she did say (later) she was over it but clearly wasn’t. And – imo – it wasn’t a peak, he appeared to rearranged his seating for a better view. (just because someone wears a short skirt with no undies, doesn’t mean they are doing it to have their stuff show – aka no panty lines). Not arguing with you, just obtaining and giving a different perspective.
          If that is your dog in the picture – what a sweet baby!!!

          1. Yes that is our furry child! Exactly what you said..but better put. All in all I don’t think Erika meant to or even knew the napkin was not covering what she intended it to cover…but this could have ended if she had been honest and said ok you hurt my feelings with the dumb gift and yapping about it and those 2 ended it there. but then it was mentioned at drinks with E and LR and then with Kyle while shopping and again was brought up at game night where E and LR got involved saying Erika was embarrassed but still Erika said nope I am over it,,,so I would have thought she were too. But Erika was emotional and when I get to that breaking point all sorts of junk just comes out so maybe even Erika didn’t realize she was harboring it still…

            1. I have three furry children, two dogs and one 19 yo cat who thinks he’s a dog!
              I agree it could have all been over with – but people aren’t wired the same. I can relate in that I don’t walk up to people and say ‘hey you hurt my feelings’, is it the most reasonable way to handle something…who knows?! I do know if I’ve hurt someone I don’t say ‘I’m sorry IF I did so and so’. They were both in the shades of wrong, Erika’s just seems more as she was so emotional. And how much of this was LR in Erika’s ear to deflect from her “I don’t remember” what I said about Kim?

              1. Yeah my furbaby thinks she is human..and owns the house! But look at that face…cant be mad at her long. Yeah LR was on fire last night..I mean even E was like oh dear…sshhh…then after 2 months to drop the bomb on what is some of the last episodes (knowing she was leaving the next day) about the dinner party and drugs in the bathroom……WTF…then even my husband said look at that smirk…she is pleased with herself for that….

                1. Your baby is very sweet!!!
                  The whole dinner thing is very – very odd!!! I didn’t catch Rinna’s face, your husband is observant!

                  1. I did Kt, Lisa Rinna was on her own roll of attack & irritated me no end by saying she genuinely could not remember saying all those awful things to Eden about Kim–Dorit did remember, but was feigning forgetfulness. Who was she trying to kid? She buttered up to Erika by running to be at her side when Erika got on so badly with Eileen. Erika even turned on LVP who tried to explain what poor Eileen meant & wanted every last person to see her side only. Unfair. On the whole, it was an awful episode. True colors showed brightly.

                    1. It was an awful episode. I’m wondering if I’m tuning out LR, because her words to me are meaningless. My hubby caught that LR said something to Dorit about ‘you can’t play you don’t remember’ that’s pot and kettle. I can relate with Erika, in that I hold everything in as well until one small thing tips the scale and then BOOM, I’m a mess – it isn’t pretty and difficult to obtain composure. I realize this comment was most likely said during a time when our US police forces were/are in peril. I guess I give her small pass – except for the fact she agreed to let it go and didn’t. However, LR was in her ear most of the day regarding pantygate and brought old wounds to surface. LR knows exactly what to do and where to be for the cameras. This whole episode is her deflecting from her behavior.
                      You said true colors and I’ll add true feelings….

                  2. I didn’t see a smirk either, perhaps it wasn’t there or meant to be taken in that way. I think it probably is just part of people not liking Lisa.

            2. Double Ditto, Cassandra. If Erika was so shy, would she wear a very short dress & without undies & own up to that with husbands present? And, so right you are as this was overly discussed & Erika kept throwing it over her shoulder instead of just saying No More once & for all, but she did not do that. She can be quite outspoken when she wants, so it should not have been a big deal to just say that this is hurting me so let’s lid it. I dont think Dorit was that aware that pantygate affected Erika that much. If she were, she would’ve apologised way ago, I think. I do like Erika, but I also see she tattletales & does not like it when others do the same. That I dont like.

              1. Starr well said. Erika does seem to pick certain times to speak her mind and be out there then the next it’s I am shy, introvert etc. As kyle said pick a lane.

      2. Dorito is doing LVPS dirty work for her. That’s why LVP is so cool this year, she has her minion dog doing her dirty work as she sits back and looks like a lady

  6. The whole pantygate started when LVP asked Erika about an extra one for Kyle. Silly question to direct to another woman with all the husbands there. But Erika was wrong to state she was not wearing any. She started this as she could’ve & should’ve said she did not have an extra pair. She brought that attention on herself & yes, Dorit majorelly added to it, but, she Erika, should’ve been honest & tell Dorit to put a lid on it. But she did not.
    Furthermore to now say her husband will be affected buisiness wise & will be angry, is nonsense. He should be upset with her for saying what she did, attracting men’s attentions the way she did by one out of the way sentence. If she’s worried about the way her husbands associates will view this stupid error, why in heck’s name is she not worried about acting like a sex queen on stage? I rest my case.

    1. If Erika is wrong to state she was not wearing any…it should circle back in that LVP was wrong to ask…not silly – wrong!
      And please…it’s not Erika’s fault if she attract men’s attention the way she did…it’s the man’s fault for not controlling HIMself!
      Pantygate is on LVP and Dorit – imo!

    2. I agree with you Starr. I think Erika did it for shock value because that’s all she has. I’m not buying the “husband & clients will be upset.” On Andy’s show Erika stumbled when answering his question about how Tom felt. I personally can’t stand Erika.

  7. So true…I have very few friends as well..though they are women they are like me. Like Erika I don’t have patience for BS and jokingly with my husband say man I hate people…just seems a lot of what goes on today at work, in news makes me go HUH! Such nonsense. Oh an usually most my friends are older than me. My mom says it is because I have an old soul…I think it because those women don’t care about the silliness that some of the people my age care about. I have never been in the “in” crowd…lol

  8. Rain, I think more likely she took a page from LV’s book. Dig to hurt and do it with a smile and call it humor. Not funny.

  9. Yup and also for me they hold values I value that most today seem to lose. honesty, integrity, family vs money, material things and such. I have 1 good friend from jr high and we are still friends but like me she is not into the FB and needing to know someone is eating an apple, doesn’t care about who has what is wearing what etc. Both of use are I guess bookish and homebodies. Don’t need to go out and get drunk and stupid to have fun…ya know!

  10. Ah well thank you. I have been reading here for awhile and you all seem quite nice as well and can be adults and agree to disagree on the show. Also seen how you support one another as well. Very nice.

  11. oh yes I have seen those trolls …there are some on my cruise sites as well…ugh…they ruin it for sure. how do I get little pics and smiles?

      1. Oh I am using a computer when I post. Oh well. Well if they don’t want to read your self stories then skip over that part…same things happens on my cruise sites…people get snarky when some are conversing on the site about other stuff vs that particular cruise…really there are so much more important things in the world to be upset about…grow up is what I say!

  12. Hey Y’all! So great to see all the comments and diverse observations! I’m with a lot of you on wth did Lisa V stick her hand up Erika’s dress to begin with? Dorit and PK may indeed be Lisa V’s lapdogs, but she needs a smarter breed and their time is up, imo. Erika G and Erika J are not the same, one is a character she portrays on stage, and I’ve never witnessed her being rude or ungracious to anyone’s spouse. Lisa Rinna enjoys a shitshow, she’s miserable, and I don’t think she’s loyal to anyone. Not sure about Kyle lately- her butt must get tired sitting on that fence.
    ❤❤❤Love to Suze❤❤❤

  13. I used to watch the show Ladies of London and I can see some of LVP humour in those ladies. So I can see that being funny to her, but think one should know ones audience and realize not all get it. I did find it odd that LVP made the comment of Erika not showing emotions when LVP has been told that herself. Which is why I would figure those 2 would get along as they both present a strong persona with walls up…but for different reasons I am sure.

  14. Oops Asher I sent a question to Rain instead of you, is this behavior in front of the husbands as well? Ken did NOT seem amused.

  15. Asher, thank you for being so honest. You are a sweet and kind lady, and it sounds as though you have a lovely husband as well.❤

  16. Well, it was a rough day with expensive news from my dentist. Good grief. There should be some kind of regulation for that industry. Talk about gauging. But other then that I’m fine. You’re so kind to ask. Am I sounding a bit harsh lately?

  17. No worries. Yes it is several websites where people post pics and reviews and another is more robust and you can do the same as mentioned but also ask questions and join what is called a roll call and chat with folks who will be on your cruise and then sometimes we arrange to meet when in ship to put face to names. I met one of my good friends on there and plusit gives so much advice. is great. ..till the trolls and snotties!!

  18. Always my dear Rain, never doubt that. Why you were singled out is beyond logic. Maybe they’re envious of your fabulous & witty one liners. Ignore them all.

  19. Thanks Rain. I just saw Suze’s new email address. The one she previously sent was different–that explains a lot. So glad to be able to contact her properly now & double thanks for letting her know.
    On the pantygate thing, I had forgotten what LVP did, so my error. But, as usual on the other stuff I said & you said, what’s new, we continue to agree to disagree. It’s such a grand moment when we do agree as it’s so infrequent. Let’s love those rare moments. Lot’s of love always.

  20. Rain, I have exactly 5 lifetime friends, never invited anyone else as I just do not care for empty conversations, I get quickly bored with nonsense & I say openly I do not indulge in gossip, nor do I discuss polotics & definitely not religion as I do not compare my walk with God to anyone else’s. Who does not care for that is no business of mine & I keep to myself a lot. Actually, all of my handful of friends do not even live here, but in Trinidad & Barbados, distance does not make a difference as we connect via phone. They have been my friends since we were toddlers & have remained steadfast all these years. We all have identical hearts & minds, cant get better than that, I believe.

    1. I am really hoping this message gets to you, Asher. I was accused yesterday myself, sad. Anyway, I did read your post this morning and want you to know many people do not believe you are a troll, and consider you a good person. I tried twice to respond to you this morning, so sorry. Take good care dear. I won’t be posting, but wanted you to know.

  21. Morning Michelle, just paid a ton of money over the phone and will be financing the rest. And dental insurance, as told to me is a waste of money. Oh well, sorry don’t mean to complain so, but it just makes me so mad. In a day or two I’l be over it. LOL

    1. That’s okay because I’ve been having both heavy dental and plumbing bills. I have dental insurance but it’s worthless. I’ve checked into others but really and truly none are any good so I have to pay as I play and beg the dentist to give me hefty discount and allow me to pay over time. Thankfully, he has. I’m now hoping its done now for awhile. Keep fingers crossed and stay strong lady.

      1. I know there really is no such thing as dental insurance. Like you, I to have looked. I am sorry you’re going through this nightmare too. I guess I’m a little luckier then you, in that I haven’t had any plumbing issues…yet. You just don’t know if you’re being ripped off or not. You were so sweet to post. I appreciate it. Thanks 🙂

        1. Affordable dental insurance is available through most employers. Oh…yeah, you think insurance is something that should be given for free don’t you?

            1. If you think it (the term I now use in reference to Watcher) is bad here, go to some of the political sites. Argumentative with no facts. It is funny. lol

              1. It is almost hysterically ironic that a group of mostly women are talking about a show, but not just the show, but the things that we all face that the reality of the show brings out, just a bunch of nice women hanging out, and some coward, like Watcher, NYCbunny, Violets View, Beth, come on and start spouting filth and hate. I mostly pity anyone who has no healthy outlet, so much so with no friends or life that they feel compelled to stroll in here, where it is like a group having coffee discussing respectfully, life, or what happened, and just spew your hate and fetid cowardly punk asswipe that you likely eat for breakfast all over the pages here. OR!!!! Maybe you ran out of something, let’s see, what might that be? Hmmmmmm…. Booze, absolutely, whatever meds you took too many of chasing that 1st high and now you’re out???
                MOST CERTAINLY of all, you either wish you could had a cunt, or could see one. You certainly don’t have regular use of anything normal, and I am so, so sorry that your life is such. It really is pitiful, and worse that you find the most cheerful place to spew your hate of yourself and the world.

                  1. No, we’re just not going to let the lying propaganda of the Left infect people.
                    You want to be a proponent of the lies expect consequences.

                  1. I bet money the only way you can get it up is to force someone, man/woman, any hole will do. God, you must have such an awful life spewing your stench all over peaceful places, what???For fun. Yeah, I’ve been in proximity to a few like you. They’re either in a place like A.D.X. or hell. Well, both are likely equal. But, you are more likely a little punk, with a short complex, who has absolutely no power in life, so you find it necessary to pretend to be some feared masked “man”, when the truth is men are a form of human you have never been, and will never be.

        2. Barbara, report the watcher to the site management. I responded to both his insults to you but report him so we can remove his troll twat ass

          I’m sorry he’s targeting you for no reason

            1. If you scroll down to the bottom , click on ‘About’ .. It tell you about the owner of the site and there’s a box where you can email her. Tell her what thread the comments were on, who the poster is etc
              She’ll take care of it

            1. No it just says About! Then click on about , it will tell you about the sites owner. Keep scrolling down and there is a box you fill out with your comment or complaint

                1. Oh so he already knows you, that’s why he’s targeting you??? Sorry I didn’t get that before
                  What a stalker he is!!! You should report that to management too, that’s he’s following you

                  1. I heard from someone on one of the other political sites, he targets many who disagree with his crazy rants and goes after them. He is very scary and completely unhinged. But I reported him and we’l just wait and see what happens. Certainly appreciate your support !!!!

                2. You’re wasting your time. It’s only just begun. Next time you’ll think twice about throwing insults my way.

                    1. I reported him 3 D’s. Sadly, he trolls all the political sites and if you disagree with his assertions he attacks. But not with facts, just insulting personal stuff. Just like bullies do on school playgrounds.

                    2. It’s time that philosophies such are you are beaten back.
                      You have no logical basis for your ideas…there is no reasoning with you.
                      You’re damaged goods…indoctrinated by far-left thinking.
                      Your time has come. Fade away or face reality.

                    3. WTF are you speaking of. Our ideas about the housewives? Did you get lost, honey, this is about women, and ladies usually are the posters here. Only a coward like you goes where a group of ladies are and starts screaming demonic hate. I know, I know, we’re not ladies IYO, you’re not a human in mine, so we are even.

                  1. Don’t you ever try to threaten me or anyone else on this site. I will now more then ever speak my mind. You don’t like it, then leave!!!!!!!!!!!

                    1. Sometimes when you start shit it becomes an issue. That is the case now.
                      You thought it was funny to give me crap, insult me, and spout your leftist ideas.
                      Not good.
                      Learn your place. I’m not someone to be trifled with or disrespected.
                      Go ahead…keep spewing your liberal ideas. You’ll find me an unrelenting adversary.

                    2. Newser. It talks about the latest news of the day. I was on it yesterday, but I just need a break from it today. But I’m sure I’l be back tomorrow. LOL It think it would be such fun to see your name and 3 D’s commenting. LOL

                    3. Wow, can you believe that guy? Scary doesn’t begin to describe him. I fell upon Newser by accident last week. I only as rule, comment as it pertains to trump. And that’s where this manic showed up. Someone else commented to me, that he has a list of people he trolls. And at one time listed their names on his profile. He has since taken the names down. He congratulated me on being a part of this list, as he is as well. We had a nice laugh. He trolls 70 people! Can you believe that? Wow….Sorry you got pulled into the swamp he lives in. But no can ever say, you or Rain ever back down from bullies!!!! Lov Ya 🙂

                1. Tracking people from other sites so you can troll them here is pathetic and creepy!! Dumdum ! Swallow don’t spit !!

                    1. You own shit, asswipe. That funny kids halloween mask that you believe is scary simply assures us all what a little punk, coward you are, with the short complex, to come spew your hate all over a group of peace loving humans. Because no one who has a life speaks the way you do to ladies, and I know, I know, next your brilliant 68 I.Q. remark will be that there are no ladies here or some such drivel. It’s as much of a waste of time writing to you as whispering in a hurricane.

                    2. You’re no lady…that’s for sure.
                      You really have no idea about what’s coming your way.
                      Your ignorance is beyond amazing.

                    3. Being you have never been in the company of a lady, you wouldn’t recognize any of us. Is that another empty threat, I don’t know what’s coming my way? Well, I do know one thing, my garden will supply me with food while ignorant morons like you with your I.Q.’s of 68 and below will be begging in the streets.

                    4. You most certainly do not have enough money, or power, or brains ( if trolls have brains ) or anything else worth trading to OWN ME. If you only knew….it would be a fine day if you EVER had the guts to come face to face with anyone. Well, oh, I forgot, you are too short to BE face to face with anyone but the children you tag along behind like a puppy with your tail between your legs to hide what’s missing.

            1. TROLL ALERT EVERYONE! The Watcher is a troll and will follow you to other sites and troll you there !!! TROLL ALERT

              1. Everything was fine until you came to my site and thought you owned the place.
                Insult me? You got another thing coming biotch.

                    1. This is just fun, like my kitties playing with the field mice that get in the garage. Oh, and that halloween mask, did you wear that trick-or-treating last year?

            2. As I said to the last asshole who spoke to me like that, he ended up on the ground, I’d like to see you try and make me….my brother taught me how to fight, then being taught kick boxing by a black belt in Arms and Weapons, 10 red stars on each belt, helped a lot. Along with those annoying ( to you ) constitutional rights to arm ourselves, I effing DARE you to step in my sights you asswipe.

                    1. I just told 3 D’s, that maybe we should just stop engaging with it. It is beneath us all. I think it would anger him more if we did. LOL

                    2. Then join me on Newser some time. I’m going to stay and comment just because he threaten me. LOL

                    3. Like I said, limp unless spewing fetid sewage all over regular, sweet, kind women. Brush your teeth, if you have any. Eating the shit that comes out of your mouth likely rots them with your black soul.

              1. I think it’s best to stop any further dialogue with this creep. I think it craves attention and we’re are giving it what it wants.

  22. Erika totally overreacted and came across as a tough, loud-mouthed street thug instead of the classy lady she pretends to be. I’m not at all fond of Eileen, but she was chastised unmercifully for using a common term never meant to be personal.

    1. ITA! I’m not buying Erika’s BS. She was filmed by the Bravo crew completely naked & getting spray tanned. She was not on stage. She has always been rude to LVP. Erika is a 2 faced back stabbing liar. She is the sniper.

      1. I really have no right to complain. You just caught me at the wrong time yesterday. When I think about our friend Suze …..shame on me. Interesting that you picked up I was upset. How, beats the heck out of me. But I’m better today. Lov, lov ya!

        1. Sweetie we all have our issues and it’s ok to vent with your friends. Your problems matter too, no matter how ‘small’ you think they are . They’re important to you

          Please ! Let us be there for you if you like ❤❤❤❤

            1. He has been trolling me all day on the political sites. He, she, it whatever must been friendless and truly lonesome. I never noticed it here before. Does it visit much?

              1. I think it was here as another name(s) a few times, I can tell from the cowardly way it writes, as though it has some human right to just stroll into a coffee clutch with his fetid breath and unwashed body, if it has one…….

                1. It, is a computer coward. To use the “C” word in reference to anyone here or any where is beyond belief. Those with little intelligence always resorts to foul and disgusting one liners. It is incapable of civil anything.

                2. You’ve made the conscious decision to take me on.
                  So be it.
                  Prepare…you and I are going to be inseparable.

        2. Teeth are as much a part of us as our fingers. And, keeping them healthy is just as crucial. Once they’re gone….and from experience, a second or even 3rd opinion is good. A dentist told my 36 yr. old daughter she needed 3 teeth pulled, and that she had SEVENTEEN cavities. NO joke. She went elsewhere, and had one tiny cavity and an infection.

            1. Do you know what a garden is? Likely not.
              Only a coward goes in where it knows mostly women will be, because it can’t stand up as tall as men, to try and scare us, ( what a fucking joke) why don’t you walk, if you can walk, into a biker bar and start talking like this to some men? See what happens. Oh, wait!!! Do you know what a biker is? Well, since you aren’t tall enough to drive, walk around the mud puddle town you live in and find a building, they call them “Bars” and there will be a bunch of really effing beautiful Harley’s, BMW’s and maybe some Triumphs outside, parked. Take a deep breath and walk in and speak to the male gender of the world the way you so easily speak to a group of ladies. Someone like my good friend the bouncer, 6’6″ and 280, will toss you outside on your filthy head, and don’t get up, that would be A HUGE mistake.

              1. Don’t pull the gender card on me. You’re a bitch and need to be treated like a bitch.
                Every post you make from now on I’ll be there.

                  1. Your obsession with cocksucking and swallowing cum is very telling.
                    You’re a homosexual/ trans masquerading as a woman on this site.
                    Want me to reveal your browsing history and IP address? I have it all. Try me.

                    1. Stop your empty threats and do it already. You’ve threatened all of us, yet we are all here waiting , while you finish sucking dick

                1. I figured that out this morning. I am a speed reader and writer, and retired with full pension. So, it must be you have no job, besides going to where a group of women are and threatening them, because, really, only cowards take on only women. Take on someone your own size, like a blow up doll, oh wait, you did that already between posts.

  23. TROLL ALERT! ‘The Watcher’ is a troll ! He will even follow you to other sites too and troll you there! Creepy Beware !

  24. That’s OK Rain. He can’t hurt any of us but he does make it uncomfortable to have civil dialogue. I think he’l be gone soon. Fingers crossed!

    1. Civil dialogue? You’re as delusional as your political ideology is.
      I’m not going anywhere.

      An ass – kissing apology to me might work. We’ll see.

  25. I bet we are close in age. I’d tell you but the troll is near I’m sure. I believe we can all hold our own when need to and there is nothing un-Mom about it. So sorry the troll went after you as well. But hold your own I know you can! LOL

  26. I can’t stand Erika. But I do have to say, when she was on WWHL she was very pretty. It’s 2 bad she doesn’t dress/makeup like this more often. The costumers she wears make her look horrible.

    1. Baker chick why have you sent this really offensive post. I’m a 54 year old lady living in Lancashire. England. I’m a great supporter of this site and have defended Rain and Dandy against trolls. Rain and I, I thought liked and respected each other’s opinions and points of view, whether we disagreed or not we accepted them. To show someone that picture is beyond my level of understanding and am so hurt. I’ve just been released from hospital after collapsing when out on Thursday evening with a suspected heart attack lucky it wasn’t. I’ve just logged onto my email account and saw you have accused me of being a troll twice. Why should I be a troll when I say my husband is the best. He did not marry a cripple which he is now burdened with. He did not leave me as many others would off and that’s why I say we’re as happy as when we first married. He and I love each other. I’m writing this as tears are pouring down my face. I post on these sites and usually leave emojis all over my post. Not today as I’m too upset. I only admitted the truth about an example of deplorable British humour which I also admitted was vile in my opinion. I am neither a LVP fan or hater. I’m indifferent to her, sometimes I find her funny other times I find her embarrassing. I was only pointing out that her behaviour was an example of certain British humour. The reason why I’m so horrified by the picture is as a result of my disabilities I’ve put on weight and when I look in the mirror I see that as what I look like, despite what the therapist I’m seeing for low esteem says I’m not. I worked as a qualified nurse for five years then a midwife for 32 years before being forced to retire due to ill health. This destroyed me as what am I Now? I’ll tell you what I am A NOTHING. my career has gone it what was what I was I loved it. PW im stuck at home getting worse day by day and have such low esteem. My drugs make me forgetful. They dry my mouth out so I slur my words, this results in those I don’t know thinking I’m either drunk or ‘simple’. So I stay indoors as I don’t like seeing the look of disdain on their faces when talking to me. I have held down a hard job and been able to articulate to all levels of society. Can you imagine how hard is it to here some one saying to my husband or friend, whom ever I’m with “are you her carer? Oh it’s disgusting she drunk at this time of morning. lol at that women she should lose wieght. Oh look another sponger who’s conning her way to get more benefits from the state!! “. That’s who I liked posting on this site. I read it for over two years before I joined it as I loved the sense of camaraderie shown and the way you supported each other against trolls. Oh I forgot I’m one of those trolls. No one judged my physical or mental appearances like the public do on this site. They read and responded to what I said with intelligent debate. It made me feel as though I was worth something and not a loser. Who as a result of injury from work, lost her self respect, self esteem and am left with what am I? A failure that what I am!! I’m no longer o Midwife so what am I. It was a job I lived and breathed. It was a career that developed me and made me!!!!!! Now I have nothing so in my eyes I’m a failure. After loosing my job I became depressed and even contemplate suicide as I was a burden to my husband a burden to my son. They had not signed on to look after a cripple as in my mind that’s what I’m now. I use this word to show my state of mind and not to be offensive to anyone else. It’s a word I hate above all others to describe someone with a disability but in my mind that’s what I AM. So bear girl or miss m, thank you so much for your kind post. You’ve managed to undo a years worth of therapy building back my self esteem and made me feel a useless human being again, on Mother’s Day Here in England but I wish you well and have an ice day. Thank you.

  27. Ditto. There are several sites for HW with thousands of foul people and commentary daily. This is the most wonderful place usually, unless a toll stops by and we need to really have some fun with those cowards.

    1. Thank you for your best wishes. I hope you have a lovely life. I still can’t believe your calling me a troll. As you’ve had my reply deleted you should know better. Thank you to all the others for your vigorous defence off me. I have never attached any one on this site. Thank you for lowering my faith in the human race. I’m a 54 year old failure with low self esteem. I thought this site was supposed to encourage debate. If you look back baker chick I defended Rain from Marian daughter silver and the two other. But yet I’m a troll because I’m English and happily married. Why does saying this make me a troll. My husband married an independent healthy woman. Now he’s looking after a cripple ( that me) he did not expect to have to most things for me. I’ve just been discharged for ?? a Cardiac event. Although I’ve not had a major heart attack there’s damage to my heart. I try to look at the two sides of an argument before I post an opinion. I’ve never attacked anyone in this site except trolls but now I’m one of those trolls. Please can you point out where I’ve attacked anyone where I’ve attacked Rain on any of my previous posts. Where have I attacked you!! I joined this site because of you, Rain, Suze, Real Sandy Miss Bea, Michelle and all the others but there again the camaraderie I thought was present on this site was false. Thank you again Go ahead and remove this post as well.

      1. You’re a creeper. A TROLL. You may fool more tender hearted unsuspecting sweethearts such as Rain, which is why you play on her sympathy and seek her out under dozens of aliases. You’ve been doing this for months and months now. And I’m finally DONE.

        I want you to know what I intend to do and everybody else reading this. I’m making it my MISSION to track your path, to continue to follow you around on the internet. I’m going to get in touch with my local sheriffs dept. to find out how I can actually be enlisted officially in helping them seek out serial offending trolls such as yourself. I want more than anything else in this world to get justice for me and those who are victimized by predators like you.

        The people who are legit on this site and have found private friendship have taken the measures behind the scenes to befriend one another. Nothing has been stopping you from going to the site owner and asking her to give your address to whomever if you wanted to make contact. But you knew that already. And you haven’t because…….?


        I’m following every alias that I believe you use or have used and I’m going to follow you on your path and keep you tracked to the best of my ability. You sir have crossed a serious line by your stalking, specifically Suse on this forum. You should never ever have taken on a defenseless sweet loving woman with ill health. I’ve taken it very personally. You’re threatening to everyone’s peace of mind and have been for too long and now I’m going to help do whatever I can to be rid of you. You’re just not clever enough to NOT be caught eventually.

        You haven’t yet, but you will.

  28. So glad you got the message! Please take good care, I wish there would be a site to go to and share opinions nicely, but don’t know any. Keep your chin up, and be well.
    I’m off now to take care of my mother now, the one with dementia that I was accused of making up, that was the capper for me.
    Stay well.❤

    1. All talk blah blah blah you dumb cow!!! I’m here, where’s your bitch ass!!! Good night at the glory hole with your mom ?

      1. You don’t understand that I’ve exposed you with your own words.
        Every person on this site now knows your’re a sick transsexual posing as a woman.

          1. Somehow you think your own obsessions are insults to me.
            Thank you for revealing your inner self.
            Down with gay marriage. Down with transsexual acceptance.
            Please keep posting.
            You’re the best advertisement for anti-gay reality.
            Keep posting….

    1. It seems as though someone has got me blocked and most of my posts are being removed from site. I’ve sent a message to the website but wait u till they reply. Interesting my responses have been removed but not the offensive ones calling me a troll with the most horrible photographs. If you want to respond personally than you can use another email address that I will close down nxt week. It’s

  29. Thank you Asher, and take care. I don’t know what to say about your missing posts, the one is saw this morning was on very briefly, and I tried to respond twice. I wish you all good things. For the most part I’m just an old hippie, hate to see human or animals in painful situations, and at some point it is easier to disengage, imo.
    Be well.❤

  30. Please quit posting that awful picture. I love you but that guy is likely very ill and unhappy already. It is not like you to be this way, Baker Chick. Please delete them if you can, I don’t want to have to leave this blog because of huge awful photos. I made myself sick thinking about whether to say anything, but I don’t want to see that anymore, it is not………..

    1. 3D’s please, you owe no one an apology, I honestly have no idea what went on here. I was asked questions and did not respond properly evidently, and then the gates of hell opened complete with nasty pics! Ha! Please don’t worry about me, I have a full good life. I wish however that you could find a way to speak with Asher, she is terribly hurt. No way is she a troll,won’t and don’t believe it, any more than I am, I’m 64 almost for goodness sakes! Take good care, bless you for your heart❤

  31. You said you were in Lancashire. In my spare time…and I have a lot of that, I research some genealogy, and my husband’s family has been easier to track than my own. His paternal roots (three generations back) are from Oldham, Lancashire. I am sure there are other towns there too. I love reading about the occupations back then too. His family had masons (bricklayers) and some were in the weaving industry which was very big in that region.
    His maternal roots are amazing too…like a history book.

  32. Asher, I have to find that out myself. I know Nicki runs All Things, and she has given email addresses to others when they asked. I guess if we both wrote to her and said we wanted to exchange email addresses, she would do it, since you don’t need to put that online here for all to see. I would enjoy email with you too.

    Someone did write how to do that. I have to see where it was. Maybe someone will see this and write it to us how. I will try to find out. You can have mine.

    Thanks Asher. XO

    Oh, and I was stuck when finding out more about the spouse’s family, since he has a great grandfather who had a very common first name as well..even his wife, so there are more than one with that name at that point in time.

  33. A lot of the nurses are perpetual students, and it is good…to a point, but when a nurse supervisor (promoted merely due to advanced degrees) has never actually taken time out to actually work as a nurse his or herself, but tells someone (who is a very competent nurse) she is wrong…when she is right, that is unbelievable. I have seen it.
    Today online courses make it easier to advance as well.

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