Erika Girardi is Actually Glad She Exploded in Hong Kong

We were shocked when we found out that Eileen Davidson was the one who caused Erika Jayne to ugly cry while the ladies were in Hong Kong, but in a new interview, Erika is saying she is glad she had this moment with her friend.

“It’s great that it’s Eileen that I exploded on, quite honestly, because the others would’ve held it over my head and used it. Seriously,” Erika recently revealed to E! News. “Fortunately for me, we have that kind of friendship where she said, ‘Listen, I understand it was not directed toward me. You were frustrated.’ And I took it out on her.”

Erika admits it was very hard to watch this moment back on TV. “It was terrible. I knew this was coming. When it happened, I was very disappointed, not only in myself because I snapped at Eileen, who’s been nothing but a good friend, and it was very hard for me to watch all of that back. It’s kind of opening up old wounds,” Erika explained. “I’m human, what can I say? And I was pushed to a point where, unfortunately, I exploded. And that’s what happens. It is what it is.”

And luckily the drama between Eileen and Erika didn’t last long. “I would never hurt Eileen Davidson,” Erika said. “I did the wrong thing and I’ve taken accountability for it and I’ve apologized a million times.”

However, Erika hasn’t been able to achieve peace with Dorit and PK Kemsley who called her “inherently cold” in next week’s season finale of RHOBH. “I mean, he has a lot of opinions of me, as does Dorit,” Erika said. “They’ve made it very clear this year that I was their favorite thing to talk about. You have to take people’s opinions of you and consider the source. They don’t know me.”

Erika also teased the reunion, saying, “At the reunion, things are always explosive, and I don’t think this one disappoints,” she teased, adding that she “walked out feeling great” because she was so focused on her preparation for Dancing with the Stars.

Photo Credit: Bravo


111 Replies to “Erika Girardi is Actually Glad She Exploded in Hong Kong”

  1. This seems a bit contradictory. She says she is glad she exploded in Hong Kong, but the article says she is glad it was Eileen because Eileen understood where she was coming from, and she, herself, dreaded that scene, disappointed in herself. She said she was glad she had that moment with Eileen? So that sounds like she is a bit regretful and she even said she has apologized. She is saying she was right but apologized…Why not just say I was wrong to take it so far and say that Eileen was nice enough to understand how she struck a nerve, and I was unable to let it slide at that moment but maybe should have reined it in a bit…especially in Hong Kong.

    1. I agree. I hate when any of the Housewifes (in any franchise) give each other these backhanded apologies.
      It just urks me. If, Eileen wasn’t such a loyal friend to Erika and let it slide? Perhaps, Erika knew it and took advantage of me.
      “I am sorry but you know who I am”
      Seriously? I guess I don’t have superficial plastic friends because first of all my Friends although we are decades younger have more respect for each other & apparently better manners..

  2. sorry but I think this is all planned on Erika’s part… I have never blasted a friend like that so to call Eileen her friend and glad it was her she lost her poop on….well something is off here. Erika worked hard to keep the pantygate going… it bummed me cuz I thought she was above that. This last episode was ugly.

    1. Huh? The first half of this season overwhelmingly demonstrates the Pantygate storyline was of PK & Dorit’s invention, and that they kept volleying it for a clear shot into final edits. The assertion that Erika worked hard to keep Pantygate going is shakey at best. As the wife of an attorney as powerful and respected as Tom Girardi, what does she gain from looking like she intentionally went commando in public to create a storyline, and possibly be painted as town seductress in the process? Dressing onstage in those Vegas unitards to the delight of sparkly gay audiences is one thing, and not the same at all as purposely painting yourself as a wanton woman out to draw the eyes of married men to your snatch.

      Erika is utilizing this platform to expand an already successful dance music career- the mainstream strides she’s made thus far as a result of her being on the show are because of the POSITIVE place she held on the show. Vogue and Cosmo are very persnikity about who they align themselves with – and I guarantee these kinds of entertainment and media deals she’s attained recently would have actually been negotiated long before these episodes even aired. She’s in a very good place and stands to lose if she doesn’t order her steps just right. Having an attorney as astute as Tom Girardi by her side for nearly 20 years and traveling the circles that they have, a woman in her position knows this better than anyone.

      The KEMSLEYS on the other hand, have a lot more to gain by getting right in the thick of all these media cycles by any means necessary, and this very idea is substantiated by PK’s own recent interview clips in which he admits no one knew who they were in LA when they arrived from New York, outside of Lisa & Ken. Also keep in mind that Dorit and her fake accent & fake lips currently don’t have any of her swimwear designs anywhere in the market. Her last collection was four years ago. Metaphorically speaking, she might as well be off the face of the earth. The fashion industry is one where if you are quiet and inactive for too long, people forget you, and after a certain age it is very difficult to bounce back into a place of power and authority when you take extended breaks. Additionally, they are now living outside of the industry’s main sphere of influence, on the west coast. Dorit Kemsley needs a springboard and needs it something bad.

      As far as I’m concerned, this lack of panties malarkey was created by PK (as a fashion professional I still contend he’s lying). That meaty little gossip bone was carried & tossed ad nauseam by Dorit to frame it as a hot topic of interest, with Dorit dropping the gossip at the feet of anyone who would listen- clearly for group support at worst, or trying to prevent shock factor on their behalf at best once she made her move. Dorit’s blindsiding Erika with those panties with the girls was neither fun nor lighthearted, and clearly an embarrassing moment for Giradi, and her taunts were not humorous, they were designed to malign . Also don’t forget Dorit initially took this story to EVERYONE except Erika, gathering scene after scene along the way. And why??? What did she want to accomplish with this? Did I mention she gathered scene after scene along the way?

      I hold that intention is everything, and judging from all her previous digs at Erika it was clear Dorit’s intention with her comments and “gift” was to embarrass Erika & make a “joke” at someone else’s expense. In that moment, Erika was clearly mortified, but graciously accepted the gift anyway. Mature enough. But then Dorit continues to poke and indirectly accuse her of wanting the attention in a reprimanding way… saying ” Really Erika…how could you NOT see??” This is the moment there was a shift in tone because what started as “haha look at my cheeky little gift” descended into, ‘let me make this into a moment to make you squirm’. It worked.. for a minute. Erika tried to explain why she couldn’t wear undies with that particular dress. But Dorit just kept pushing and questioning until she was finally told in no uncertain terms:

      “Let me give you a word of advice being in this group: the more you talk about sh*t, the worse it gets”.

      Fine. That was clear warning enough for Dorit to shut her trap about allegedly seeing Erika’s vagina. They agreed to squash it. But what Dorit THEN did AFER THAT, was CONTINUALLY come for Erika by taking digs at her clothing choices, her singing career, her personality, passively aggressively insulting her to her face (eg.,”This outfit is a step up from the last time I saw you, Erika”) again and again, then lying about how Erika never compliments her (like really? are you seriously laying in wait to count every time she throws a compliment your way?). Then we see last episode with that castrato wannabe spouse of hers even attacking Erika’s marriage. Even though that was a private moment with between Kemsleys, all the things Dorit has said directly to Erika were enough for anyone to see that she’s full of sh**, and after having to shoo her away like an annoying gnat for all this time, it’s also easy to see why someone would get so fed up with her BS they would just call her out on her machinations & finally just flat out SWAT the B**** in Hong Kong.

      I have the grave misfortune of having to work around people like PK and Dorit who try to pull the same crap in group dynamics. It’s a sport for them, & all about using mindf***ing tactics to jockey for position as the glib, popular entity in the group, and ALWAYS at another’s expense. In my real time life I have a zero tolerance policy for this behavior as well- and generally zone these types of people out as much as possible…until they poke too much, and then they, as Dorit did and Erika said, finally get the attention they were dying for…and no it’s never pretty…for them.

      …but before I close, PK has already revealed in taped interview clips that it was HIS idea & desire for his wife to do this show – for people to get to know her and her many talents, and he was “participating” to give her the support she “deserves” (code for scenes that make the film edits, eh?). The Kemsleys have clearly entered this arena wanting to make a media splash, and they did indeed.. by going after the people on LVP’s opponent list, and amassing a mainstream pop culture fanbase along the way they would NEVER have if they hadn’t publicly aligned themselves with LisaV, and against the cast members in question.

      1. Days, ( May I call you Days? ), it’s a beautiful shortened version IMO, and a compliment from my side. DOWR is hard for me to align with your talent for writing and intuition. As I said also many times, creePK, didn’t see her “vagina.” I’d bet a mortgage payment on that.
        After all of that, what you just so beautifully laid out for us, even on the boat, ( or at the dinner ) Dorit STILL said something to the effect of, “anyone wearing a short dress without…..” where she was interrupted, proves she still believes Erika, what is it 5 months later, purposely didn’t wear underwear. In the 1800’s and earlier, women didn’t wear panties at all, just petticoats, no bra’s, just corsets that came to right under the nipple. Erika’s knees were closed in the most ladylike fashion possible, with a large cloth napkin over her lap. The words at the Escape Game Erika set up for them, and the “gift” that supposedly was to lighten things up was also a farce of nastiness. “Now that we’ve ALL seen your pretty little puss” Wow. How was Erika supposed to respond beyond total humiliation in that public place, where all the women were along with the men and women working there that day? Not that it hasn’t been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt, once again, money can not buy class.

      2. geezz…. didn’t mean to set you off in such a huge way. I was stating my opinion and was not trying to offend anyone’s sensibilities. Many of us have high powered successful husbands … very successful lives…. highly educated. I count myself one of them. For me…. this blog is for fun and there are times I may step over the line and get a bit judgmental but all in all I’m here for good conversation. When I do step over the line – I own it.

          1. Clearly he did not read her comment in its entirety, since he thought she herself had a successful attorney for a husband, when she was writing about Erika’s husband, Tom. That would be either reading comprehension difficulty or just someone too lazy to actually read it all who just extracted words out of context and ran with it.
            The people (or trolls) that complain the most about well written longer posts here are the ones who may actually have difficulty reading and probably have never actually read a book in their lives. Then they make fun of the site, when in essence, the writers are writing above their level of comprehension.
            Perhaps a remedial reading site would best suit them, rather than here.

            1. Real Sandy,
              I realize I have not been posting long, but I ADORE you!
              You and 3D’s coaxed me back, I am so grateful.
              You are wit and fun and snark rolled up in one enlightened lady. Even though I’m older, when I grow up I want to be JUST LIKE YOU! ❤

              1. I really was one of the posters who had a hand in keeping you here? Oh‼️I am so happy today. My kitty’s eye is well, and I am partially responsible for the pleasure of reading your always interesting posts. They are also very unique, which is one reason I like it here. I hear opinions with a caveat that I had not thought of. Very enlightening. I am “older” too. I also won’t say here in case some dog is waiting to judge us. What cracks me up is when someone calls anyone old. I would like to meet the person who can stop the Sun from rising, and the Moon from Waning. I am pretty d**n sure no one can stop time. So, maybe, just maybe when they get “old” they will realize this. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

        1. Clearly you have me confused with someone else, as I’ve never stated my husband was an attorney…but if you’re equating the level of one’s professional success with the blogs they read, or the comment forums they participate in… what you’ve just written above? We could just as easily pose the same question to YOU, Dear.

          However, unlike what you’ve just demonstrated via your post above, I’m not interested in anything about you or YOUR at all.

          So with that, perhaps you might want to skidaddle back over to your usual stomping grounds since this place is too low grade for you.

        2. Low grade because??? Let’s see, everyone speaks with respect? No one is judging others as if they were God Himself? Hmmmmmm….Cracks me up, Dog, that you actually believe that typing on a peaceful blog equates us with some kind of aliens with no life. If you weren’t so full of yourself, and your dog breath, maybe you could realize it is you who has no beauty in life. Pity that.

      3. Wow, you’ve got some serious time on your hands and are WAY TO INVOLVED in RHOBH. Might want to take a couple of steps backward. haha

        1. She’s fine. You may want to not come to this blog and attack people . ‘Karol’ or whatever fucking troll name you have today

          1. Hey Rain, I already saw you tried to pick a fight with several on this blog. Why don’t you go out and get yourself a real life! GRow up asshole!

              1. Rain,
                Oops! Didn’t see this post before I responded. Of course yours is what I love about you, live with passion.❤️

        2. Not really, I’m just a pretty quick writer, it comes with the territory of what I do. But as for your assessment on my time and how I spend it:

          However, for future reference, if you’d like to consider what one “might” want to do, perhaps “you might want to” try tending to your own business & staying out of mine. In fact, allow me to help you with that… in FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO…

  3. Hello All, Erika hit a wall. She had enough of Dorito poking her and she lost it. She never told Dorito how she was feeling and it came out; not in the best of ways. I have gotten angry, in front of others, with my best friend. She said something in a crowd of people that was hurtful and unnecessary, I laid into her. After, I apologized and explained how it made me feel and even worse, she hurt her SIL too. Yes I’m glad it was my bestie, because she knows me inside/out, good, bad, ugly. She can take it and let it slide off her back. That’s what friends do. Shit happens and can anyone really explain their reactions sometimes. She sincerely apologized to Eileen and their good. I thought Erika did well on DWS and she looked so pretty, as usual. Still love Erika, she’s very real. Peace and Love

    1. I agree. Dorit and creePK, spoke about the supposed “flashing” incident in the most foul way. If my husband spoke like that….well, he wouldn’t have become my husband of 32 years now if he ever had. I still don’t believe that creePK, saw anything but maybe a little skin when Lisa wrongly ( I am so disappointed in her ) reached up her dress. Probably not even as much skin as would be seen in a bikini. He didn’t see her “pretty little puss” at all, IMO. I don’t care if he “promotes” boy George, or what he does for a living. Their travels “around the world” certainly didn’t teach them any manners. And at the escape game day when Dorit said “now that we’ve ALL seen your pretty little puss” well, I am not a prude, as anyone who read my foul remarks to the troll with the halloween mask can see, but that was crude and vulgar, no matter how pretty the bow on the box was.
      I am also happy you and your best friend love one another enough to be able to allow the other to see the worst of you, that part all of us imperfect humans have. Love and trust are crucial in a best friend, yay, sincerely, for you and her.

  4. Is is me or does anyone else think that Erika is not a Judge Favorite on DWTS?
    I don’t know, I think Erika should evaluate her Friendship with Rinna.
    Rinna just makes Erika look as ridiculous as she is.
    I don’t get Erika. Or more specifically, her choice of Friends. I don’t get Eden either.
    Erika, talking about credability and considering the source?
    How can a Friendship with shyte stirring LR, (who does her bidding for her) make her look like a reliable source?
    Also, I am bored with all of their Public Arguments.
    Maybe, I am alone in this but their Public Arguments?
    Poor taste.
    It is rather embarrassing to watch Successful Older Women yelling at each other in lovely establishments, especially in Foreign Countries..

    1. You know, it makes me wonder when table conversations became the defacto opportunity for escalating conflict on these shows? I’ve seen nearly all of the Housewives franchises from around the world except Dublin and Cheshire, and a few other reality shows centered around female casts: it really has become a plot formula that these women must bring things to a boiling point while dining. In the case of the Housewives, I do like to imagine NBC Universal/Bravo has large enough tentacles that those in charge of the establishments where these women are acting out have somewhat of a clue beforehand that things may get testy. That’s why we see a lot restaurant scenes are taped at extra late hours, in private rooms, or in an area separate from larger groups of patrons, or in a totally secluded outdoor location.

      Also, in many cases where we see the women dining amongst other patrons, those people are often PAs and stray crew members seated as extras (although they do get a moderate budget to order food and look busy at their respective tables). On top of whatever is being spent on food, location fees for filming at some of these places are exhorbitant, and carry huge certificates of insurance to protect against damages -so to some degree I do have the feeling that many of these establishments have an idea that “a television drama” of some kind is being filmed on their premises, and they accommodate the nonsense accordingly. I’ve also noticed in the last 3 years or so that Housewives franchises are getting “2-for-1” deals at some of these travel destinations: bringing in one Housewives production from the US to film and then one of the international editions of the show, sometimes even shooting simultaneously. There’s definitely a lot of finessing going on between Location Managers in Production and the establishments that open their doors to these crazy women, and often the environment is manipulated a bit to keep their crazy contained away innocent civilians, lol.

      1. I would be ashamed of myself if I ever ruined a trip overseas, and acted like that in the presence of the welcoming people that live there. When I went to France, I saw why we are sometimes called “Ugly Americans.” My sister and I were sitting in a coffee house, we had both studied up enough to order food, and practiced saying the niceties of polite society when this big ugly guy comes marching in and loudly says “Does ANYONE in this place ( he almost spit the word ‘place ) speak English?” MY sister said, really loud, “Yes, we do, but we are in France you moron, why would they speak English just for idiots like you who apparently can’t read.” I was very proud of her, and the fact was that no matter how much I messed up the accent, every single Parisian I spoke to was politeness itself. They appreciated so much the effort. Many of the waiters there spoke English, but none of them spoke to the ugly guy. That was a good day. I spent my 40th BD there.

  5. No Erika your frustrations were directed at Eileen. Erika is nuts. She said to Eileen ” I would never do that” , but she did. And now she was “frustrated” and “didn’t direct it at Eileen”….but she did.

    1. I think that the edit isn’t always good, and much more was likely said at the lunch. Sometimes, as friends we need to read between the lines and give people a break. You know, let them off the hook. What I think she might have actually said that was edited out, was that in a normal frame of mind she wouldn’t say that to her. I mean, she was almost hysterical with fatigue and worry over her son in the LA streets. A dangerous place that. I don’t think it has to do with being on Y&R as much as that Eileen went through the trouble to get her on as a BD gift. Eileen might have some power on Y&R, but she doesn’t decide who stays and who goes. The ratings, the EP and maybe the director have the say.

        1. Let me give you a piece id advice KAROLINE! You don’t fuckign know me so SO NOT COME AT ME!!!! Or I’m gonna be on you

          1. Oh wow. So sorry. I really didn’t think I was coming at anybody. Seriously just gave my opinion. I take your threat and I’m out. Never meant that to happen.

            1. I don’t know what site you came from but on this site we don’t sass others till we know them . Zero tolerance for trolling.

              Good luck dude

              1. You sass everyone who doesn’t agree with you. You threatened me. It’s silly. I meant no personal harm. I apologized for the misunderstanding, and you still continue.

                  1. Good. Thank you, I don’t like these things to go that way. I can get riled up too. Even though we don’t always agree I still can enjoy your snark. And a side note; none of these housewives deserve any type of worship. That we agree on.

              2. And you know what site.You troll there occasionally. Its usually about Lvp ” worshippers” when the article isn’t even about her. Just saying.

              3. Rain honey, Dont allow anyone to reduce you to their level. Just ignore, no one should take away your peace, not worth it. Love, prayers, blessings.

  6. Erika Giradi has a borderline personality.
    I believe years ago the LA Times reported that Harry Hamlin physically abused his significant other.

  7. I meant every word, and have enjoyed the posting this week so much. Today it struck me how easily I could have left and never come back, Asher as well, save but some brave kind souls who stood up. I read your posts this morning, and recognized your grace. Grace and the ability to keep things fun, that’s mad talent.
    Hoping 3D’s cat is ok, and that Asher is too. ❤

    1. Dear Sunshine, Asher, skeptical, err the sadistic Samael, You’ve ruined the other blog. Leave these good people alone. You are too obvious, and all of your aliases will catch up with you. Sicko!

      1. Whoever YOU are, you are mistaken. What blog are you even referring to, I’m on this blog and this blog only.
        I know the Asher that posts here, she’s no troll, either.
        I’m not going to be responding over and over again to unfounded accusations and nonsense.
        Knock it off.

        1. Ok. Good. I’m sorry, as I saw some uncanny common lingo and MO that someone else does. I respect this blog so very much, as it is the place where my friend found a “home”. Many know whom I am referring to, as she is well loved. My only prerogative was to protect this blog, although I never post here. Someone tries to “get in” here, and other places, including changing alias’ on Twiterr to celebrities. it’s disgusting. I won’t be bothering you anymore. Carry on.

          1. *Twitter–which I’m not even on, but every time I look at the HW tweets whilst watching (less frequently these days–HW) can see as plain as day the same lingo from a liar, a poseur and someone that hurt and betrayed me. Again, carry on, but don’t think that I can’t tell that some names here are fake as *F.

            1. Hmm,
              I’m not sure that really sounds like an apology!
              Anyway, I’m not on Twitter.
              My name is my nickname for decades.
              I can’t change my manner of speaking, it’s my true manner of speaking.
              I am not on other blogs.
              Someone else accused me of heinous stuff on this site just last week, so there must be a common thread here, but it’s not me.
              I understand protecting a friend, but please read my posts, I’m not your troll.
              I’m not angry with you, either, it’s just annoying.

              1. I am very sorry. I don’t know your history here, as I’m rarely on blogs (due in part by the inferred person, and bc of life too busy). I know what it is like to be accused of another name. It sucks. Why I’m apologizing. I think you and some of my friend’s buddies here need to be careful of trusting someone that is up to no good. I let our mutual friend know such, and obviously, she doesn’t feel well and hardly cares about the BS. I do, in that I have been loyal and burned on and over another blog. Don’t want you all to experience the same here. Our friend spoke with others here, on my behalf. Have a good day. Again I’m sorry for muddying your name in conjunction with others.

                1. Dear,
                  That is very kind of you to apologize in this way.
                  I wish you and your friend well.
                  Take care, and thank you again.

  8. Me too, Rain. Just now, when I typed your name, I felt as though the sweet rain washed away the odor of our words, even though I believe they were warranted. Yours and Starr of the Skye’s names, and now Sunshine’s, make me feel so blessed, not just the names, but the hearts and souls who have them. This last troll, with the halloween mask was so foul, that my training in self defense came out with my words. I will have to simply contact our lovely administrator, and not read what the hate filled, tortured things say to us.
    That masked ….. was a particularly heinous, unclean & indecent soul. I try to pity them, as no one with any beauty in their life could possibly come to a peaceful place where mostly women ( no insult to the men here ) are discussing things. It is so much more than what the housewives do on the show, it brings up the similar real morals and values that make up civilization.
    All of the wonderful, unique people here, Suze, Real Sandy, Days, Mary Boston, Baker Chick, Cin, I could go back to find all the people, including Jay? I’m sorry, I am tired, my Kitty, Maybe is his name, his sister is Merry…. had something wrong with his eye yesterday morning, and I sterilized a medicine dropper, and boiled water and cooled it, we then wrapped him in a towel, Jim held him, almost had to lay on him here on my operating table… Hahaha
    ( my bar ) so I could hold his eye open and wash it out. I compressed it several times also, and it is well this morning. The relief is so much that I am that kind of tired I am sure you all understand. So, all the great posters I left out, my brain will not get up to speed.
    Oh S**T, I see below we have ANOTHER judgmental person assuming who we are, what we do, how empty our lives MUST be, when it really is sad that they don’t even have the depth to grasp that it isn’t even the HW themselves we are speaking of entirely. Well, I will go have a look. It really is sad when a person is so obnoxious as to believe that THEY, ONLY THEY, have the knowledge of who we are. PPPfffffffffftttttt.
    ( That was what Suze taught me to say when someone is so beneath notice, Pffffft )

  9. I miss a lot too, Days. I am in the Pacific Western time zone. And, my animals have to be taken care of first off, then I can not think, much less type without at least my first espresso in me.

  10. You are all idiots and boring . This is a housewife blog not a journal. Rain, you sicken me, you’re just trash .. LVP is million times better than you .. and sunshine, Asher and Realsarah , all boring old ladies with boring lives

    1. Wow, I wonder if your other 3 comments in totality are as obnoxious as to believe you have the brains or the right to judge others. You must have so little life, pity is what I feel for you. You aren’t even able to enjoy the spirit of a conversation. Many, many other blogs have the nastiness you’re searching for. Go there.

    2. Oh, I forgot, being so old and all. You got one of the names wrong. If you can keep the Sun from rising and the Moon from waning, do tell. Time marches on without your permission, so you have the choice to live long or die young.

    1. Now THAT was funny. I love it when someone is so obnoxious as to believe that they and only they know who we are, what we do, what our lives are. How sad for them to have no life of their own so that they must show hatred to such beauty. Exponential jealousy.

  11. In Outlander they do‼️I have read probably thousands of books, but the Outlander series is the best book I have ever read. One reason is that it is about 12,000 pages long. So, that feeling when a book is so good you really don’t want it to end doesn’t happen for a long, long time.
    Funny is that I thought I should read some “classics” like “Crime and Punishment” and I thought it was absolute crap. I read a bunch of them, my S-Daughter insists it’s the translation from Russian or whatever language they were originally written in, but I don’t want to learn to speak Russian.
    They wear kilts in Outlander, and their Plaids have their clan patterns which I think is so cool, I am there with them when I read Diana Gabaldon.
    I have to agree with Asher where Lisa is concerned, and Rinna. I have always believed Rinna is on some kind of meds. “Listen with your heart” She should listen with her ears and STFU.

  12. 3D…. my daughter’s cat has eye problems… One was removed and she is going blind in the other. Thank goodness for my daughter and for you. Others might throw in the towel or not get them the medical attention the kitties need. Animal lovers are good people.

    1. Cin,
      Good morning❤️
      Not to butt in, I wanted you to know there is a blind cat at my vets office, she’s been there over ten years, and does wonderfully.
      Animals are lucky to have heightened senses.
      Your daughter has to be such a loving and caring person, and she and her pet are blessed to have each other.

      1. you’re not butting in – I always welcome positive feedback!!! My family are animal lovers – all animals – even humans…. lol….

  13. At the moment I’m dealing with my little dog having a scratch on his eye, We’ve been the the vet twice. I could not get an appointment with the specialist until mid April and on waiting list. Worries me and makes me sad for him.

    1. I just now saw this, Cin. I hope you see this, but if not I will find you elsewhere here. I washed out Maybe’s eye with sterile water, not distilled, tap water I boiled and used a medicine dropper, as it is large after sanitizing it and just kept that up. Warm compresses too, just like a human, he liked that, not the flushing part tho. That’s why we wrapped him in a towel, so we wouldn’t get clawed. I hope you can try this, it might help and it can’t hurt.

  14. Glad to hear that, Rain! Sundays are sketchy, my mom has dementia, spend Sunday doing her cooking and cleaning, at this point she is still in her home, and I share responsibilities with my siblings. We may have a long haul, my grandmother’s baby sister is still alive, in her home with my cousin, almost 100.

    1. Today will be a great day, there is good weather, and what a great night: NYC, Southern Charm, Dancing with the Stars!!!!!

  15. Really hope so!
    I love you for your strength and the ability to see yourself in an unvarnished light. If you mess up, you own it. That’s rare.
    You are a gem, brilliant and multi faceted.

  16. For Suze to think for one minute that I am a troll gives me a very heavy heart indeed. Last week I as well as others were accused of stalking her by someone that loves her very much and was trying to be protective. I forgave that person in my heart, and another person who was accused and is not in the best of health did also.
    In very trying times things can become complicated.
    I wish you and Suze all good things, and appreciate your honesty. Take good care❤

    1. She has never spoken to me about you or anyone else. She rolls her eyes or addresses the owner of my theories. I’m not here to disrupt the peace. I just want to make sure the person that caused havoc and controls, in part another blog, isn’t trying to infiltrate here, or on FB. I still think someone here is that said Person. Suze will never confirm nor deny. She has priorities elsewhere, as she should, and again, she would never judge you, unless she agreed with me. Have fun here. Again, I’m sorry to intrude. You all have algae the person troll here in past.

      1. Lara, love you Sweetie but please don’t mention my name again on here, my friends here don’t and I would very grateful if you didn’t either. You know why! I only read this because of your email.

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