Erika Girardi is Actually Glad She Exploded in Hong Kong

We were shocked when we found out that Eileen Davidson was the one who caused Erika Jayne to ugly cry while the ladies were in Hong Kong, but in a new interview, Erika is saying she is glad she had this moment with her friend.

“It’s great that it’s Eileen that I exploded on, quite honestly, because the others would’ve held it over my head and used it. Seriously,” Erika recently revealed to E! News. “Fortunately for me, we have that kind of friendship where she said, ‘Listen, I understand it was not directed toward me. You were frustrated.’ And I took it out on her.”

Erika admits it was very hard to watch this moment back on TV. “It was terrible. I knew this was coming. When it happened, I was very disappointed, not only in myself because I snapped at Eileen, who’s been nothing but a good friend, and it was very hard for me to watch all of that back. It’s kind of opening up old wounds,” Erika explained. “I’m human, what can I say? And I was pushed to a point where, unfortunately, I exploded. And that’s what happens. It is what it is.”

And luckily the drama between Eileen and Erika didn’t last long. “I would never hurt Eileen Davidson,” Erika said. “I did the wrong thing and I’ve taken accountability for it and I’ve apologized a million times.”

However, Erika hasn’t been able to achieve peace with Dorit and PK Kemsley who called her “inherently cold” in next week’s season finale of RHOBH. “I mean, he has a lot of opinions of me, as does Dorit,” Erika said. “They’ve made it very clear this year that I was their favorite thing to talk about. You have to take people’s opinions of you and consider the source. They don’t know me.”

Erika also teased the reunion, saying, “At the reunion, things are always explosive, and I don’t think this one disappoints,” she teased, adding that she “walked out feeling great” because she was so focused on her preparation for Dancing with the Stars.

Photo Credit: Bravo