Entire RHOA Cast Returning For Season 6!


Get ready for The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6, because ALL of the women are returning for another Season! “All the ladies have already signed their contracts for the next season,” a source close to production tells RadarOnline. Any questions that NeNe Leakes wouldn’t return for another Season have been answered! “NeNe is definitely going to be back because of course she’s the star and even though she has other jobs RHOA wouldn’t be the same without her!” the source reveals.

Along with NeNe Leakes, Phaedra Parks, Kenya Moore, Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Burruss and Porsha Stewart have all signed their contracts for Season 6!  “The show has huge ratings, and Bravo knows that so they wanted to make sure everyone would come back for another crazy, high drama season,” the insider says. “All of the ladies brought their best game forward this season, and the production team knows how valuable they all are.”

“These ladies could find things to fight about in the dark with no lights on and even if they were all asleep! They know what viewers want and they’re happy to make it happen,” the source concludes.

Tell Us- Are YOU happy the entire cast is returning?

Photo Credit: Bravo

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Why are they bringing Kenya Moore back to the show? She has a new job now selling her Ass!

There would have been nothing to talk about this season without Kenya. With Kim gone and Nene being in hollywood half the time, they’re dynamic good, or bad is completely gone so really Kenya saved this show from what otherwise would have been an excrutiatingly boring season.

ugh please no more cray cray Kenya 🙁

Not happy about Kenya coming back. She’s just a mean, mean girl. Period. No show needs a witch like that. The regulars are mean enough.

Miss Kray Kray USA is someone I could do without watching.

Why Why this make no sense Kenya coming back……DRAMA

So Nene officially just became the third originally cast Housewife in any franchise to make it to season 6 (Vicki and Ramona being the first two), Fun facts!

If Nene wasn’t going to be on it I wouldn’t watch it without Kenya.

As much as I hate it Kenya, needs to come back so we can see how mean she is and IF her REAL man is coming on the show. As for Porsha we wnat to see her grow and take on Kenya and Cynthia and show them she was a force to be recking with. Nene needs to be there so Kandi can become the queen bee of RHOA, and take the seat from Nene she has ran the roll long enough. Cynthia needs to be there so she can run and tell the talls what the shorts are saying… Read more »

This has got to be one of the worst cast of House wives out there. These woman are so full of themselves.

Stfu dnt watch then.!


Cynthia is cold. Cold cold cold. Kendra is a wanna be husband stealer which is gross. Kandi is real, as is Porsha. NeNe is finally becoming real. Phaedra, PLEASE SPEAK UP. Defend yourself for us; put that woman in her place. Her comment about you getting an AIDS test tonight was ignorant and disgusting (as you know). It is also amazingly stupid for Kenya to make coments about the way you supposedly “disrespect” her when she has done so many disrespectful things to you and others, i.e. literally HIT ON YOUR HUSBAND, VERBALLY ASSAULT YOU and threaten to PHYSICALY ASSAULT… Read more »
The show needs Kenya because actually Kandi and Cynthia are boring. Both talented and Cynthia is beautiful and makes the essential wife in all her loveliness. Yet even with her and Jandi being the voice of reason when they show both of them i usually go grab a bite to eat, unless they are in a scene with Kenya, nene, or Phaedra. They are the two nicest women but their story line is so ordinary that iy is actually boring. Nene, Phaedra, Kenya, and Porsha bringthe excitement. I wish they would leave the husbands behind becuase the black men on… Read more »

Kenya really made this season. Without her the show would have been boring. Let’s fcae it Kandi was same old boring flip/flop ways; I do like her . This season has been the most interesting Pahedra has been thanks to Kenya. Nene always a start. Cynthia is lovely but she too would have been voring if it were not for the scenes with Kenya.

The only reason to watch Kenya is to wait for someone to put her in her lonely , bad skin having, twirling butt in her place. Hope we get to see Pahedra’s new baby.

I hope that Kim does not come back to rhoa. It is do annoying to hear her call,”Sweetie”. Rhoa is so much better without Kim. Maybe bravo can create a” has been rhoa with Kim, Sherrie, and whoever else