Entire Cast Of RHONY To Be Fired?


The fate of The Real Housewives of New York is being questioned again, after a new report from RadarOnline claims the entire cast is being fired except for one lady… Ramona Singer. The site reports that auditions for new Housewives have already begun.

“Bravo doesn’t want to cancel the series because New York is the unofficial capital of the United States,” an insider tells the site. “The amount of wealth concentrated into such a small area makes it a major draw.”

But because the series continues to drop in ratings, “The entire current cast, including Sonja Morgan, Heather Thomas, Luann de Lesseps, and Carole Radzwill are all expected to get pinks slips,” the source said. “Ramona will most likely be offered a contract to come back and Aviva Drescher could be offered a much smaller role, of series guest star.”

As for what we should expect in the new ladies? “Expect them to be over-the-top wealthy and very charismatic with multiple estates,” the insider says.

Photo Credit: Bravo



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  • Housewife Fan

    Not sure why they’d keep Ramona? I think they should start completely over. They need to maybe hire some younger women to spice things up. I dunno, whatever they are doing isn’t working.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed ↑ Ramona sucks I’m sick of her what in the world does she had that’s so great Lil money well she sure have story’s line or class ssh is BORING

  • Andrea

    I agree with you. I think they need a completely new cast, including firing Ramona.

  • Kat

    I have to agree, recast this group. If nothing else, get rid of Ramona. She is SO immature and just tired.

  • Harry

    I don’t believe this for one second. Whenever the majority of these sort of comments come out, Andy is very swift in debunking them as false. I don’t know why Andy would do this, he says he loves the NYC ‘Wives as a franchise and as people themselves, he knew Carole socially, has stated that if he had to go to dinner with any housewife it’d be Heather Thomson and I’m sure he still enjoys the antics of Ramonja. I feel that if any of the women were to be axed it’d be Aviva and Kristen first. I don’t believe that they would keep one housewife and recast the rest.

    • Anonymous

      Andy isn’t in charge anymore and regardless of who he’s friends with- the ratings suck. Bottom line.

  • samm

    If this is true, which I’d highly doubt, don’t Bravo realize siding with Ramona bit them in the ass the last time?! I’d say bring back Luann full-time, get all new housewives but add Jill again.

  • Ann

    Luann is the one with the ass and it’s name is pompus. I say bye to Kristen, Luann and Aviva.

  • Frances

    I have actually enjoyed most of the RHONY this season. Ramona and Sonja are driving me a little nuts and they could go. Loving LuAnn interacting with the other ladies. Keep them and get rid of the Bobsey Twins!

  • Aunt Bee

    I think they should do away with the show period. So boring and stupid.

  • Lea

    The first ever housewives I watched was new york (in the uk) it had me hooked on all housewives but now its boring! I looovvved Jill 🙂

  • Cin

    smart move…..

  • DrewH

    I find it hard to believe Andy would fire carole. They’re friends. I see her staying over Ramona.

  • imaroyce

    seriously ramona ! are you sh*****g me ! I will be done with it. good for me to be losing reality tv lol , first was the rhoa- aka the nene show, then rhonj- aka the teresa show and now rhony- the romano show … i enjoyed the shows while they lasted.

  • One Rotten Egg

    aren’t there some hasbeen once upon a time great Broadway star, or eccentric wealthy socialite, not the fake ones like Sonja Morgan who would be willing to do show not to promote product or branding?

  • funkypink

    Firing all cast EXCEPT Ramona?!? This HAS TO BE A LIE. Ramona should be the one getting fired alongside with SONJA! Aviva absolutely brings nothing to the table, get rid of her for sure. I can see the others staying, Kristen should be demoted, she too brings absolutely nothing of interest.

    Bring in younger fabulous super wealthy women!!! We’re tired of the same ole, same ole!

  • Kimberly

    The netowrk totally bombed with the current cast. I don’t even have any sound advice on what they should do to keep the series going because it’s so boring I can’t watch it anymore.

    I will say I agree it’s way past time and Ramona needs to go.

  • Aunt Bee

    This season is so predictable. You always know Ramona will get drunk and complain constantly, Sonya will act crazy and lech after any male in sight, Lu will spout something pretentious, Carole will be the reasonable one and Kristen will cry. The only surprise this week was Heather not doing her very best the be calm and cool. B O R I N G.

  • Lola

    Keep Ramona. I agree get rid of everyone else. Luann has already spoiled the season and told us she is besties with all the girls except Sonya and Ramona. Ramona has always kept things interesting and I get the sense she is tired of being the only one to stir the pot and is purposely sitting it out and forcing others too. What we get is an apparently two episode quickly resolved spat between Heather and the new blonde and a forced spat between Luann and Sonya. You can tell it’s forced because Luann is doing it to stay relevant. I say keep Aviva as well. She like Ramona keeps it interesting and is not worried what people will think about her like the rest of them.

  • joAnn

    I love Heather and LuAnn, they say it like it is and are pretty much the most normal. And of corse Ramona must stay, heavens what would they do without her? Hope its not true, all are getting fired.

  • Becky gard

    Bring back Jill bring back Kelly keep Sonja and even bring back that bad hair cray who is married to that gay man Alex??? Ramona should have been the first to go. Real talk she is rude, self absorbed, and just an embarrassment to herself. Miss u Jill zarin xoxo the ONLY reason to keep Ramona is to get a good laugh and watch her gravel to Jill once we see those ratings go back up. I swore if quit watching rhony when they cut the real stars and looks like I wasn’t alone bahahahaha